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Janice’s Journal: Justice an Important Pillar

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day, it is important to remember that an essential pillar of his civil rights platform was Justice. ACSOL which is a civil rights organization has, in fact, adopted and advanced one of Dr. King’s best-known sayings about justice: “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” in our lobbying efforts in the state capitol.

We credit the wisdom of Dr. King, as expressed in the saying above, as we recognize and celebrate that our efforts of 6 ½ years, as well as the efforts of others, resulted in the legislature’s passage of the state’s first Tiered Registry in 2017. We also credit the wisdom of Dr. King, as expressed in the saying above, as we prepare to lobby state legislators on February 5 for necessary changes to the Tiered Registry Law before it takes effect in 2021.

This is a steep legislative mountain to climb. For we are asking the legislature to change a law that has not yet been implemented, an argument that is certain to be used against us.

And yet how can we stay silent when there are major problems embedded in the Tiered Registry Law? For example, how can we ignore the fact that those convicted of a non-contact, non-violent offense such as possession of under-age pornography will continue to be required to register for life? How can we ignore the fact that the Tiered Registry Law fails to provide judges with discretion to allow a registrant to leave the registry if he has not re-offended for 30 years?

ACSOL’s attempt to modify the Tiered Registry Law has already been threatened. A professional lobbyist who supported an earlier version of that law recently told an ACSOL representative that if the organization attempts to modify the law, “We Will Crush You.” The threat seemed so real that the representative feared for her physical safety while in the lobbyist’s office.

The full meaning of the threat, “We Will Crush You,” is yet to be made apparent. We can expect, however, at least some resistance during this year’s Lobby Day.

As we prepare for that day, we can turn to another well-known saying from Dr. King: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ACSOL will act in faith on February 5 by taking the first step toward the staircase of improving the Tiered Registry Law.

Please join us so that we can work together to improve the Tiered Registry Law as well as the lives of all registrants and their loved ones.


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  1. RegistrantNotAnOffender

    The key to legislation is baby steps, I know everyone wants the Supreme Court to just declare tomorrow but the registry is unconstitutional but the tiered registry is a good step in that direction.

    I do realize that a tiered registry isn’t going to benefit everyone but I can say it’s a good start, in Washington tier 1 is not public and once you have served your probation there are no proximity restrictions some individual cities have residency restrictions but most of them fall under one foot 500 feet. Having some people off of Megan’s Law website will allow them opportunities and hopefully they give back to other offenders by providing jobs and support

    The civil rights act wasn’t actually passed until after Doctor King died but a lot of the groundwork was laid before then.

    • Tim the petitioner

      A petition to remove the chief justice of SCOTUS????

      After all the registration was supported by him and he convinced the court to abandon their obligation to reject congressional use of plain identifiable ” is in prison for. ”
      Normal difference need not apply upon prima fascia evidence.
      A tenant
      Basics of criminal law. So who’s also a criminal?
      While we’re at it demand his financial records and see if there is any benefit derived by this non elected man. I used the term ‘man’ in the lowest sense.
      Call me in on that effort. A real move!

      • RegistrantNotAnOffender

        You know his appointment is for life and the only way he will come off is death. Just pray RGB lives and her replacement finds smith v. Does unconstitutional just like she did.

        • Timothy D.A. Lawver

          Yes, The man was REWARDED FOR HIS NEGLECT with the assignment to the big seat. He sets the courts agenda. I will point this out in my opening statement in this year’s FTR case. I always opt for trial by a jury. Here in Rock County, Wisconsin that means 12 jurors. Fortunately this time around I’ll have an easier time in vior, as TRUMPets will fit the bill well enough. This jury will consider corruption as a role in the states very bad choice to include an innocent man on the regisrty. I plead not guilty, did not enter into waiver! 1 single case. Doing so also made me a very dangerous man to them.that run it AND then that own this plantation.

          What FTR case registrants forget is that a man facing felony indictments gets to call relevant witnesses. Since registrants are accused of ” not doing” rather than ” doing” the question of law becomes something else entirely. This is especially so for those without waiver, because no man actually not guilty or innocent would plea and admit it to that which he would not do or did not do. One reason why plea is used is that by default protects the political class from bearing compelled witness in cases of acknowledged guilt. Any man can lay claim to suffrage but few can actually prove it when it comes to constitutional discipline. Only the most ‘just’ would survive.

          As far as your opinion of a fine judge’s future. Ok but she’s far from her prime and her holding on has to do with ego. There is no telling concerning her replacement. Yes the jews recognized the obvious, ” Was in prison for”‘ language and rightly rejected the ” civil” determination. My earlier post said why but this device altered the word deference to difference. A case where human error is exacerbated via database error. Then folks who say electronic reduces the effects of human error, in fact error themselves. IMHO we need another J.J.S.; his perhaps the greatest liberal legal mind in two centuries. He understood SOR was in fact a punishment and plain indentured servitude, and not a “new dress? nah same old one.”

        • AJ

          “You know his appointment is for life and the only way he will come off is death.”
          Well technically he can be removed, but yeah, effectively until death. Under the checks and balances of the Constitution, a judge can be impeached and removed by Congress. Good luck with that happening, though. In the history of the republic, there have only been 13 federal judicial impeachments, resulting in 8 removals. Only one SCOTUS justice has ever been impeached, and he was a Washington appointee and a political enemy of Jefferson, who sought his removal. (Yes, our Founding Fathers were human and scoundrels at times, too.)

    • Will Allen

      Tiering is not good because:

      1. It gives an impression that Registries are useful. Gives the impression that they could be “fixed” to be better.

      2. It is not acceptable to sacrifice some people and let others be “free”. Personally, I don’t have any restrictions. That is not acceptable.

      Once people think Registries are only listing the 50,000 “worst of the worst”, most people will be fine with it. Most people will be just like that d-bag who recently posted on here that Registries are no big deal, he’ll be free of them in a few years, and then he’ll just get on with enjoying life. That is what most people will do.

      Personally, I think Registries should go the opposite way. There needs to be millions listed. And it absolutely is not acceptable that Gun Offenders are not Registered. Career criminals, etc.

      • RegistrantNotAnOffender

        I get it you think if one should suffer, all should but we have to remember we need offenders who can be successful. The ones publicly listed often share here they lose every opportunity they can get once people find out they are on the reg.

        Theres a guy in my state who runs a used car dealership, he takes pride in hiring ex offenders as he is one too. I doubt anyone would patronize him if he was on ML sites.

        • Will Allen

          I’ll admit that Tiering seems reasonable and thoughtful. And it SURELY makes more sense to take about 500,000 off of the $EX Offender Registries ($ORs) and put probably about that many on a Gun Offender Registry. If the $ORs actually worked or were for public safety or protecting children, that would have been done over a decade ago. But we know the $ORs are for harassment.

          I really don’t think the Registries are going much of anywhere. People are simply going to have to accept being listed on them. Unless Amerika all of a sudden gets a brain somehow, but that surely isn’t going to happen.

          Personally, I stopped worrying about getting off the Registries well over a decade ago. I could petition right now to get off of them and I will do that soon. But I’m not waiting around for the criminal regimes to suddenly get moral or something.

          No, I decided after just a few short years of being listed that I was going to be successful and have a good life, regardless of how many immoral scumbags tried to stop me or interfere with it. I really think it helped me to adopt a mindset that most people living in Amerika are a mortal enemy of my family’s. I see most other people as criminals that need to be defeated. It helps.

          People need to get over being listed and do everything they need to in order to crush anyone who stands in the way of their good life. I’ve succeeded in SPITE of the Registries. They aren’t going to defeat me and they are going to pay for every single transgression.

          Regarding your car dealership guy – do you think people who are trying to buy a car would really give a flip about someone listed on the hit lists? Maybe some idiots would but I can’t imagine most people would. And there needs to be more people like me who use the Registries to find vendors of services. I purposely find vendors who hire listed people and then give my business only to them. I’ve spent a fortune like that, literally.

          And also, why couldn’t the car dealership guy create a holding company for his car dealership and everything else? Be a W2 employee of the holding company. That would be his obvious employer and the connection to the car dealership could be completely hidden. Personally, I list a number of employers, including my own company right at my house. That company does anything that I want it to. I do have to report my “vocations” to the criminal regime where I live but I just have a pile of things listed. You don’t have to do much to call it a vocation. Especially if you own the company. For example, I could start a welding company just by saying so and welding 2 sticks together.

        • RegistrantNotAnOffender

          You love to say that but most companies don’t need the patronizing of a sex offender to be successful. McDonalds isn’t going to lose any money bc you shop at burger king because they hire offenders.

        • Will Allen

          RegistrantNotAnOffender (January 23, 2019):

          What is all this blabbing about “a $EX offender” and “offenders”? I am not talking about that. I am talking about people who are Registered. You know – people who are listed on the big government hit lists.

          But anyway, it sounds as if you think people should just ignore which companies will hire (etc.) Registrants and which won’t. I don’t think that is right. I think Registrants should pay attention and they should strive to influence 100 other people, via whatever ways work. It is probably hard to affect the huge, multi-national corporation itself, but individual McDonalds owners care if people give them business or not. And if you can convince, likely/surely by some non-Registrant-related issue, 100 other people to not do business there, then it matters and owners do care. You can tell them what is happening and why. At the very least, they’ll think. I know people who own such businesses and I promise you they care if negative reviews about the cleanliness of the place show up online and they think it will keep 100 people away. Absolutely care.

          But instead of hamburgers and huge corporations, I was thinking much larger transactions and much smaller companies. I avoid large companies as much as possible (their profit margins are usually too high). I’m talking about buying cars from small, local businesses, paying $50+K for HVAC systems, contracting piles of money to construct buildings, etc. For those types of transactions, I think Registrants should go out of their way to find businesses that are owned by, or support, Registrants. Then tell them why you are doing business with them.

          I hear people all the time complain they can’t get a job, no one will give them a break, etc. So F people who pay attention to the Registries. We need to run society without them. Ignore them, skip them, ostracize them. There are enough of us, our families, friends, and people with sense.

          Maybe it’s not all big stuff but I feel like people should pay attention to it every day. And affect how other people think. One of the coolest things that I’ve found is that I raised my children to not trust or support law enforcement or anyone who likes Registries. Today, they are all very successful. They aren’t Registered so they are all “pillars” of the community. You know, some of the “good”, “normal” people. But the great part is that today they are teaching their children to not trust or support law enforcement or anyone who likes the Registries. It is multi-generational and I don’t see it stopping. There are millions of people who are doing that. There is no doubt it has real effect.

          People should not think just because they are a single person that they should not be acting. That is a reason why some people don’t vote.

          I only see the Registries going away once enough people have been programmed to believe that they are nonsense and only backwards rubes want them. The Registries have to become non-PC and uncool. I think the way to get that done is to have millions of people chipping away at it every day.

          Lastly, I’ve dreamed for a long time of creating a national, public Registry of scumbags who support the Registries. It would be easy enough to simply emulate the Registries except list scumbags in there. Could easily include companies. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put an address into a website and see a map of all the dangerous scumbags near you? I haven’t done anything to do that so I can’t cry much about it not existing.

    • Chris f

      I’ll have to disagree with baby steps.

      The more the registry can be shown to be more like back in Smith v doe 2003, the less likely the underlying unconstitional issues will be addressed.

      With how absurd the current registry is, it is easier to argue that there is a lack of substantive and procedural due process to being put on the registry in the first place.

      It is also easier now to point out how the legislature has both over ridden the judiciary role to punish, rehabilitate, and protect the public as well as created a burden equal to probation and parole that exceeds the time the judiciary determined for government supervision to occur.

  2. E

    Janice, you are a Saint. While your canonization may be a ways off, we know you are working hard for miracles. And we’ve seen some already. Thank you for your leadership on an enormous civil rights issue, THE civil rights issue of our day. Many of us are praying for you, and thanking God you have been called to this task at this time… and you have answered the call. THANK YOU.

  3. Tim lawver

    Honest lady they wissor form demand an email but admits no desire for comm. Ask for FB that which I cannot produce. So I made one up just for them, easy enough can make another tomorrow then the day after that….
    Fed shut down ,who needs a gov when you got databases just squeeze whoever got in your way. Macro econ 204, in that BigK preferred over little k, by businessman. But a gov “of for and by the machine????????” Well we will see. Best of luck in 19.

  4. Eric

    So sorry to hear about the brute lobbyist who threatened you, but that absolutely confirms MLK’s statement that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice. The lobbyist is threatening implied violence or some form of retribution simply because they don’t want justice to prevail. I am going on twelve years without a re-offense. I am a walking, living proof that the stats and fear mongers are wrong and the registry hurts some well intentioned people.

    • Tim

      The private army is not a new concept.
      King George with a database x 5000.
      Billionaire buys Dem. seat in congress.
      Just one more thing a billionaire can buy.
      Then that own the plantation have figured out how to dispel them that run it.
      Precisely because of them that run its New electronic ability to worldly delve into their private lives.
      Gov intrusion in to the peasants lives not a prob, but kings will not stand by.and let them be unseated, by them that run it.

  5. j

    compliance check this past Friday, out of memory, they are checking every 3 years, Los Angeles california

  6. RegistrantNotAnOffender

    I think the biggest tie in to MLK is his letter to the Birmingham Jail. He called out 8 moderate white preachers who didn’t approve of segregation but thought he was being too progressive in standing up for it. He believed that those who are against segregation but refused to stand up to it were worse than those who simply approve the segregation.

    People should not be passive against the registry, they need to see the evil that it is and speak out against it.

    • Timothy D.A. Lawver

      You people have few real options.

      Bitch to Fed courts- Thanks Janice!
      Bitch to a jury – what I do!
      Bitch in mass in D.C. What women do way more often than men!
      Petition to remove J.G.R. What’s never been done. I think every felon would sign!

      Control the sex
      Control the people.

      If you know your innocent demand trial!
      I prefer self representation in FTR.

  7. Gralphr

    I think the biggest problem with the registry is the blanket “you’re on it for life” attitude many have. It pretty much amounts to lifetime parole, and mind you, you can be put on it for life for one crime due to the age of the victim. Not only that, the use of labels such as “sexuality violent Predator” which makes one imagine someone violently kidnapping and raping multiple people. (Which one automatically gets said label in many states is the victim was under 13). People are given these labels and the government in most states have made it all but impossible to have them removed. People look on the registry and see these guys with said labels, and think they’re dangerous, not understanding the 50 year old man in the picture committed his crime when he was 19 and has been crime free ever since. There must be a fight for registry limits on all tiers without bogus tests to prove you’re not a threat. If you’ve been out 10+ years, its asinine for them to keep saying you’re a threat to society.

  8. USA

    Thank you Janice. I can’t even imagine how Ca would be if it wasn’t for you? No registries? Great idea, but that’s not going to happen for a while! The Tiered Registry certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s a start. As I’ve already noted, we probably have the most liberal newly elected Governor in the World! If he won’t assist in making changes, no one will!!! Millions on the registry comment? I think the tiered registry is a bad idea? It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s a start. Nothing gets done in a day. The race isn’t always won by the swiftest or fastest, but by those who keep running! Thank you again Janice!

  9. Harry

    As for me, I almost lost hope what is being done for RCs. I know Janise and team have done somethings, especially in California, that are appreciated, however, it is just chopping off some limbs of a wicked tree. Unless the roots of lies and hatred is not dealt with the tree grow more uglier. I see no one going after the roots.

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      We know that she is fighting on our behalf unfortunately there is a group of offenders who just like to go online and complain that not enough is being done, are you donating to the cause? are you fighting on our behalf or you just complaining?

    • AJ

      I get your frustration. Unfortunately, the regis-tree (like what I did there? 😀 ) will not come down with a few blows of an ax. Sometimes you kill a tree by repeatedly hacking away at its branches and leaves, at which point it dies from within from rot. That seems to be the (even marginally) effective route right now. The only way it will come down faster is if the sower of it, Johnny G. Roberts Appleseed, and his gang take swings at it. So far, they’ve declined.

    • Timothy

      IMHO the leader of the group defends HUMANITY ITSELF.
      We must never let our government become.
      ‘Of by and for the database”
      Plain Treason to do so!
      Electronic poll tabulation ANYONE???

      If SORNA, notifies world wide why bother with IML, which serves the EXACT same purpose NOTIFICATION ACT.

      Where is Angel Watch Housed = Who’s great idea was SORNA .
      Who believes SEX in anyway outside of ordained marriage.
      Who got the man where he is based on Catholic Shame of their own house exploited for their own unfettered use. Maybe I’ll get out my paintbrush for the Jury of 12.

      FACT: FED $ influenced WI established “sanctioning cops for posting unlawfully, with out process.” Most locals do it as you per dept\muni. To the FIAT “sanctioning for not”.I’m currently in Norma Grace Constanteneau’s spot exactly, but how to use it to full effect?????????????

      • Timothy

        I citizen had absolutely no idea I would eventually swallow Norma Grace Constanteneau’s
        FLY IN THE DOE SOUP in 92. I guess I can thank the good minority for that. Kind left some crumbs for me to settle my constitution from that fly that’s been waiting to whatever! Buzz,buzz,buzz.

        The guy upstairs is a real jerk!

  10. USA

    Well stated Harry! Maybe we should fire Janice? Oh, I forgot she is doing this voluntarily? I might recommend volunteering yourself, donating to the cause and becoming involved! Or, start your own website? Maybe it would be better if we where still banned from parks and beaches! Harry, I’m embarrassed!

  11. mike r

    Tiered registry bill is unconstitutional as written. It is offense based. They are trying to pass it off as risk based but it is not….

    • AO

      Yup. The only parts that are “risk” based that I can recall, is being T3 automatically based on getting a 6+ on the Static-99, and leaving it up to a judge if someone from out of state comes in and doesn’t have an equivalent CA penal code to match them to. But 99.99% of people will be placed solely based on their conviction codes, even if said conviction is set aside (1203.4). So you can have a total psycho be T1 and someone who’s been Jesus for 30+ years still a T3.

      • Joe

        As with so many things, the Tiered Registry Bill (SB 384) got worse with each iteration. It is now a hot, nonsensical mess.


        – offenders with a Static-99 score of 6+ are put in Tier 3 / Lifetime when the Static-99 specifically states it only predicts risk for up to 10 years

        – having actual intercourse with a 10 year old (an infant before introduction of PC 288.7 in 2010) is Tier 2, while talking about having sex with or going to meet a 17 year old is Tier 3.

        – having a photo of 16 year old engaged in sexual conduct is Tier 3, when engaging in the actual offending conduct depicted is very likely Tier 1.

        Then again, getting a bj from your 17 year old girlfriend comes with mandatory registration, beating to death an infant – not so much. Taking a photo zoomed in on the fully clothed groin of a 5 year old comes with mandatory registration, chaining the same 5 year old to your radiator and feeding her dog feces – not so much.

        Time to scrap the entire registry.

  12. USA

    Yup! Why are you talking about out of state? If your plea is reduced and expunged here in Ca, you will be sitting pretty

  13. Tim Moore

    I am going to Sacramento to help lobby to get CP offenses down to tier 1 or 2 and a couple other things that won’t impact me at all. My offense was a contact one, but I feel we have to make a habit of helping one another. That I believe is our only long term winning strategy.

  14. Tim Moore

    “We will crush you”. That’s funny. As if we are not being crushed now.

  15. USA

    Tim, really good comment. We need Action rather than Reaction! I completely see the others views, but some of your comments aren’t well taken. This is the time to make changes to the tierd system and we have 2 years! Best of luck!

    • Tim

      That is why I opt for trial. It’s something! Not for everyone though only the most sincere.
      Keep faith.

  16. Tim

    Just because it has not been declared yet does not mean we are not in one.
    Information war is a real thing and is exacerbated by electronic media.
    SORNA collateralized ” gov use of a DATABASE. ”
    The people unwittingly gave the feds unfettered use. It’s unconstitutional use in DOE paved the path for every potential use, against the people, and the dignity in individual treatment. We know who became the appointed leader of that group. He sets that courts agenda. The#ing federalist was rewarded for advancing the use of ex POST language AND unfettered use.
    In my state, posting before due process forbidden, unless you’re a federalist, then OK!
    Hell No! All fifty embraced the expost! Treason by means of database.The minority in DOE spotted a fly in the soup with Norma C’s case 400US430. I’ll be canned if I’m the guy who swallowed it accidentally in1992, Rock County WI, home of P.Ryan former speaker. No shit! his backside will be called to defense after I finish making hamburger out of Agent. I did not plea in that case! Right to contest knowingly was waived for me by caprice.THX!I

    I’m sure they thought No one would step up, but guess what I WILL!
    AGENT: You request e-mail addresses but the DOC has no intention to communicate?
    Agent: If not to communicate back and forth then why?

    Facebook keeps the email address I made specifically for DOC and I’ve never tried to use suckerburgs website. Like marten to feathered snare. FB is no different from the street. Keep your kids out of the steet! Common sense.

    Common sense not to embrace ex post. Same for electronic indentured servitude, administrative or else.

    • Tim

      With a petition we only” ask” Politely & Peaceable, but it IS enough. If??

      It must be by hand. Hand written and signed for and by all men.
      “For in and by humans”
      “For and by liberty.”
      A simple request. HN > MN = null. (Asimov)
      They thought he was insane, or entertain.

      Kiddy’s are on the databases.
      But Justice says inverse by JGR. HN < MN = null, in my case w\o processes due.
      Sure SOME humans prefer that.

      Have I mentioned ifurcated cancer growth theory. Look it up!
      I'm on a mission cause I got twin bros. In Cali 1 north;) 1 near Bakersfi..

      SORNA & ANGEL WATCH serves the same master and purpose. World wide NOTIFICATION.
      State and fed both do same job. lol

    • Will Allen

      War has been declared. War is being conducted. Every day. People who support the Registries are losing and paying. Big government is certainly losing.

      That is the beauty of war – YOU can declare it today! You do not need permission from the other side to declare war on them. So I would recommend it. Launch the biggest offensive attack possible. Just about ANYONE can do a lot more than they think they can.

      • Tim grandson of John Baptist

        I have 1 fish. From a sea of many. Ok I’ll cook one and fed the masses, he willing.

  17. USA

    Thank you again Janice. I think the way Ca is going, the next 4 – 8 years should provide a vast number of opportunities of change for us! Negativity will get you no where! I do have a question. I’ve not seen this addressed. This is in regards to SB 384! How will getting your charge (ie: 17 B) affect your tier? A felony to misdemeanor sexual battery? Furthermore, what if your felony or misdemeanor is expunged? Thanks

  18. Don’t tread on me

    This is justice….
    I wonder what all of the parents of children killed by drunk drivers will think of mister high and mighty?

    • AO

      Thanks for the good news! This totally made my morning. I wish the judge would throw the book at him, but it’ll likely be swept under the rug and nothing will come of it.

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