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Untouchable (Film) Available for Streaming on January 15

FACT: More people are now listed on sex-offender registries than are currently in jail in the US. It’s an amazing statistic that illuminates one of the darkest corners of our criminal justice system: our fear-based approach to dealing with sex offenders.

So why do we have these massive lists? Are they fair? Do they keep us safe?

Untouchable, the award-winning documentary that takes an unflinching look at sex offenders, the laws used to punish them, and the people behind the making of those laws, will be available for personal streaming January 15th, on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Look for it also at your public or institutional library that subscribes to Kanopy.

This award-winning documentary (Tribeca Film Festival – Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award) explodes conventional thinking on this topic with data showing that current sex-offender laws and systems of punishment aren’t making us any safer.

It’s the first documentary to challenge deeply help public perceptions with new and compelling social science research. A few of the facts it reveals:

  • Our system of punishing sex offenders through forced isolation and extreme stigmatizing doesn’t make us or our children any safer.
  • More than three quarters of a million people are on sex offender registries. In Oregon, 1 in every 88 adult men is a registered sex offender.
  • Contrary to public perception, only a tiny percentage of sex offenders are likely to reoffend. Actual same-crime recidivism numbers for sex offenders is in the low single digits.
  • Once released from prison, registrants can be subject to over 100 separate conditions.
    Over 90 percent of sex offenders are returned to prison not because they committed another sex crime, but rather because of a technical parole or probation violation.
  • While passing extremely punitive laws can make lawmakers appear tough on crime, many of these laws create inhumane living situations for those being punished, and fail to make us safer.
  • Some of the people who have been most profoundly hurt by sexual predators actually support a more evidence-based system of treatment rather than severe punishment

What drives these laws? And what benefits do they really provide? Untouchable takes you deep into our criminal justice system to reveal the complicated truth behind the explosive growth of what has become one of America’s largest punishment systems.

Film Website

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  1. Registered notoffender

    Makes me feel for my brothers in Florida. While L Book was abused and that is awful her father isnt about protecting children, all he wants to do is punish offenders which does little to prevent future abuse.

    As we have learned with the death penalty, these deterrents do not work.

    • Tim

      Watch the trailer at 00:55. He is Punishing registered citizens who are parents by taking away their parental rights to their own children which was a bill that went into effect back in July of 2014. upon conviction after that effective date, you lose your children. That is just sickening and the Florida Dept of children and families is like a damn mob. They’ll take away your kids with impunity. I’ve heard of some officers even leaving that dept because some parents(in general not registered citizens) fight back by getting physically violent with them when they are about to take their kids away. Even some throwing rocks at the officers when arriving at the house.

      • JW

        at 00:09 – the Julia Tuttle cause way -aka- the 1st Bookville. Horrible living experience there. I can’t even look at it or drive on it anymore :*(

  2. Eric

    Ron Book is a very sick man, I can kind of understand his guilt for not protecting his daughter. She was abused by a Nanny from 11 on for several years and he must feel pretty bad for not catching it. But first off, A registry would not have helped. The nanny had no priors. Secondly, why would you want to punish everyone, even those who did no hands on offenses? That is not rationale, that is resentment. Thirdly, they had the means to punish the perpetrator, isn’t that sufficient? Why punish all people even remotely related, those they know nothing about? so many unanswered questions. This family is about using there power to abuse people and take out vigilante justice. Why would Lauren be so vindictive against all people? Sure, her perpetrator, but all SO’s? This is about a family that has guilt and resentment that they are taking out on others, and there is an extreme conflict of interest as Lauren is the state senator and is doing her fathers vindictive biding to harm thousands. Something is not right, they are going to make a mistake and it will all come out.

  3. Don’t tread on me

    I completely understand Ron Book’s rage. As a father I get it yet legislating on anger or fear makes poor laws. Ultimately all that he has accomplished will be for nothing. Eventually it will become recognized that all of the political grand standing is unconstitutional and will be rolled back. Good luck Ron Book with the stroke I am sure it will cause you.

  4. R M

    I watched this documentary today. While I have lots of feelings and emotions right now, a few things stuck out from near the end.

    Lauren Book seems to be changing her mind about how her dad thinks. Lauren states “What can we do to create smart policy to again do what, not be punitive, to keep kids and communities safe?” Itruly hope she is sincere about that statement.

    Ron Book also goes back on the laws he has helped pass by answering the question of “which of these laws would have been most effective in protecting your daughter?” Ron states “Ya know, most of the laws that we have passed were likely to have done nothing to protect my daughter.” Really Ron?… then why are the useless and punitive laws?

    Ron went on to say, “But I believe had we properly educated my daughter on how to be safe, had properly trained her on safe touch and unsafe touch, had we properly trained her about secrets, and that no secret is forever, I am absolutely convinced the abuse would have been short lived”. Who’s to blame for that Ron? You? Society? The Nanny?

    • R M

      Hey. I made this comment after watching the film. I am astonished no one has replied to it as I state that the Book’s may be changing their minds. Today, I looked at the comments on the film and found one from Derek Logue which addressed that Ron Book has a criminal past (one link I found here: ) in this video and looked further. He, himself is a criminal, yet he states because they committed a crime, they lose all rights. WTF Ron?

    • Will Allen

      I haven’t been following the latest thinking of the Books/Crooks. I do feel bad when people have been victimized BUT … I always think that people who support the Registries deserve to die. So, I’m really conflicted about the Crooks. I also kind of think the concept of “paying it forward” might exist where people who are destined to be scumbags later in life are victimized early. It is like they deserved it and are merely paying in advance. Which is why I’m not really worried about people who were victimized in the past if they are scumbags today.

      Regarding your questions about who is to blame though – the nanny is to blame. Beyond that, I expect that Ron was too busy chasing money, like so many people living in Amerika are, to worry about really learning about how to keep his children safe. So he does share blame for that. But ultimately the nanny is the problem.

      Having said that, I know that there are people who might try to molest my children and that I should keep that from happening. If it happened to my children, I would feel like I was likely partially to blame and that I had failed. But luckily I am a good parent.

      And obviously the after-the-fact “$EX offender” Registries would not have helped the Crooks. But, it does make complete sense that they would help prevent future victims. I mean, why not Register the nanny for all future people? We all know why. Because a key problem with that is that in the future, the Registries will cause people like the Crooks to hire a nanny who is not listed on the Registries and they will feel that they done a great job to keep their children safe. And afterward they will completely ignore their nanny molesting their children. That is exactly what the Registries provide and it’s happening.

      Further, if the Registered nanny wants to abuse someone, he/she will just find the situation that they need and do it. It is trivial to go around the Registries. And the Registries can’t even provide as much as a simple background check can. Or, are there really people hiring a nanny who will look at the Registries and not do a background check?! That would be pretty stupid.

      Lastly, I think that almost any person who is listed on the Registries loses a large amount of empathy and stops worrying about other people as much. They definitely lose their need to be a contributing citizen. Some clearly and actively attempt to harm other people in retaliation. All of that is much, much more damaging than I think most people realize.

      The real question is how to get the Crooks out of the public coffers. They are stealing from ALL U.S. citizens, even the ones who do not live in Floriduh.

  5. AJ

    Huh. In 2009 Book claimed to be working to solve the RC homeless problem. You gotta at least give him credit for thrice saying on the record, “I was wrong.”

    Either he’s a wholly ineffective lobbyist when it comes to this topic, or he was blowing smoke up Newsweek’s arse. His walk certainly isn’t matching his talk.

    P.S. If anyone else, like I, was wondering why he looked so puffy in the movie, I suspect it was due to prostate cancer treatment. He had “an aggressive tumor.” That had to really boil his butt since he doesn’t like competition…

    • Josh

      Ron Book is nobody’s fool….he’s the 4th or 5th largest donor for Florida’s new republican Governor while his little princess state senator is unopposed as a Democrat in the Broward county area…he doesn’t play partisan he plays money…in the last year alone he was caught lobbying both sides of the same cause…he has also killed sex offender legislation proposed by his daughter in the last couple of years because it would hit his clients in their wallets…Florida’s registry for life as visitor/vacationer after 48hrs is a direct result of OnceFallen’s Derek Logue having the temerity to protest at their annual charity walk across Florida….these people are pit bulls….just for fun, look and see if you can find the candid picture taken of Ron & ex sheriff Scott Israel sitting together at a dinner table….hilarious! Why the FBI or DOJ hasn’t looked into this criminal is unfathomable…

      • Frustrated

        I send this Book an email every couple of weeks. It just says ,” This is a reminder that all of America thinks you are an A-Hole!”
        I just change the email every time so if he blocks it, the next one will go through! Must be irritating for him.

        • AJ

          LOL, too funny! Maybe you can spoof a few to show they’re coming from his precious princess? 🙂

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      I’m broken-up over his aggressive prostate cancer diagnosis. Also, he’s allowed to change his grandkid’s diapers?

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      It sickens me his daughter who was actually abused has more sense when it comes to this then he does.

      For all of you who haven’t seen this the reason he gets away with it is attorneys admit to being scared of him. He has that much power in Florida. He brags about having people in Honduras who will take her out when she gets out

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