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FL: Powerful lobbyist Ron Book arrested on DUI charges

[ – 2/25/19]

Ron Book, one of Florida’s most influential lobbyists who also represents the city of Tallahassee, has been arrested on DUI-related charges in Broward County, several South Florida news outlets have reported.

Book, 66, was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol Sunday after crashing his Lamborghini near his house, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He was charged with a first-time DUI, refusing to submit to a DUI test and DUI with damage to a person or property, the paper reported.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Book was released this afternoon on a $1,500 bond.

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  1. Lovewillprevail


  2. Worried in Wisconsin

    Guess they need a registry for that too, complete with restrictions on living too close to bars and liquor stores. And probably would be a good idea to mark his license plate so drivers around him know to steer clear.

    • TS

      @Worried in WI

      You know, that license plate idea sounds vaguely familiar to Ohio’s line of thinking…

  3. NY won’t let go

    Not to sound mean but I kinda wish his lambo exploded when he crashed it.

    The guy is gonna come off squeaky clean and this probably isn’t the first time he has driven drunk, the repeat offense rates for drunk drivers are extreme and frighteningly high 😂

    I have a dark place in my heart and a warm place in hell for people who drive drunk as they have killed many family members and friends with their cars.

  4. Steve D

    Cue the laugh track. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  5. AO

    Isn’t refusing to submit to a DUI test just about automatically means it’s a felony? I just hope this isn’t dismissed through some “loophole”. And I very much hope this is brought up 100% of the time he’s on one of his crusades for the registry.

    • TR

      Yes, in Florida it can be bumped automatically to a felony if you refuse to blow your breath on the test pipe.

    • Lake County

      In CA, if you refuse you’ll be fined, lose your license, and face jail time if convicted of a DUI. The officer must also explain you don’t have the right to speak to an attorney prior to taking the test and that a test refusal can be used against you in court. I imagine if you wreck your car and the officer smells alcohol, that may just be enough to get you convicted. But then, he does have friends in high places.

  6. Tm

    Some of the comments on FAC are pure gold ! Lol…No sympathy whatsoever and justifiably so.

  7. Gralphr

    I actually wish it had been worse……..a sex charge would have made my day.

  8. Gerald Truman

    He should not be allowed to drive or reside anywhere near children playing close to a street. If just one innocent child is saved….

  9. Will Allen

    I posted a nice, supportive comment at the source article.

  10. TS

    Here is your data drop folks with percentages and the whole bit for your reading leisure on DWI recidivism (with FLA mentioned). There will not be a quiz later though (I know you are disappointed).

    DOT HS 811 991
    March 2014
    DWI Recidivism in the United States: An Examination of State-Level Driver Data and the Effect of Look-Back Periods on Recidivism Prevalence

    • Eric

      Wow! I looked these over and these stats for drunk drivers are indeed “frightening and high.”

      • TS

        That’s profound @Eric! Where did you ever hear that before?!😁

        Actually, down right scary all things considered when you do a % comparison and given the driving history data mentioned here on him, this is too much.

    • AJ

      Who was it on here who drops Ronnie an email a week using new, temp addresses? Perhaps a quick primer on the recidivism of, and the injury and death rates by, DUI offenders should be dropped in his lap.

      Just think of the harm and carnage if he’d swerved off the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Oh wait, never mind…there’s nobody allowed there anymore.

      Color me guilty of schadenfreude (aka epicaricacy). I’m more torn up about the loss of the Lambo than anything else.

      • TS

        Be sure to copy Lauren on that too at her Tallahassee office and district office of which is sent to her dad. Maybe the “guvnah” also since lobbyists are hip pocket friends to elected officials.

        • R M

          Short and sweet email to Lauren sent:

          Senator Book,
          I am sorry for your abuse as a child by your nanny; where was your dad during those years? It appears now your dad committed a dwi involving another vehicle. Hopefully there were no children involved.

          Is his Lambo ok, did he buy you one with our money yet?


  11. KM

    As a sympathizer and not a registrant myself, I have to say, drunk drivers are more dangerous than downloaders of illegal pictures. Whens the last time a kid died from a drunk driver? Can you name one time a kid died due to a download?

  12. Gwen

    How would Ron, his daughter and any person in his camp defend Ron’s staunch position on protecting and saving children, from those listed on the registry, if he had hit and injured or perhaps killed a minor under 18 years of age while driving drunk?

    • FL registrant

      If he would have killed someone while drunk driving adult or child, he would have been done. South Florida, particularly Dade and Broward take traffic homicide very seriously. Never seen or heard anyone not do some serious prison time for traffic homicide and my defense attorney used to be a former chief prosecutor in their traffic homicide division. She would put all of them away.

      • Will Allen

        In the state where I live, I believe the average sentence for drunk driving murder was around 7 years (like 15 years ago, not sure now). That seems a lot less than for just having bad pictures. And then in someone’s tiny little brain, the picture viewer is more dangerous than a drunk driver!!! It is ridiculous and outrageous. It’s offensive to anyone with any sense. And simply very solid proof that the $EX Offender Registries aren’t REALLY for public safety, protecting children, or the rest of their lies.

  13. Eric

    My brother was killed by a drunk driver when I was thirteen and he was eighteen. I can’t tell you what that did to our family. It destroyed my parents. They were never the same. The got a call about 4:00 AM and had to go down and identify the body of their first child. That was a very long time ago and I will never forget the moment they came in the door and told me and my sister that our brother was killed in a traffic accident. The months following were surreal. You will never imagine what a man like Ron Book does to a family. My parents aged considerably and retreated into the bottle, my sister ran away from home, I who was an outstanding student got straight D’s and F’s, surely from repressed anger. Till this day it baffles me how people like Ron book can get multiple offenses and not do jail time, how they can easily have them expunged from their driving record. Oh, and a side note for mister Book and his senator daughter, 12,000 children were killed by people like him last year–Drunk drivers are the leading cause of death among children. Cheers Ron, have your next one on me. Perhaps this is the secret you have been hiding with your hate and retribution towards people you don’t even know.

    • TS


      I’m sorry for your loss. Your statement here would be very helpful at sentencing if he gets that far to ensure he is fully aware of what he did and the ramifications that are needed to be felt and levied upon him by the state of FLA. Maybe a copy to Lauren Book would not hurt either.

  14. Harry

    The wolf is beginning to show through his sheep skin. There could be more, coming.

  15. Bob


    So, is he on yet? I wonder what is bac was at the time. He was obviously belligerent enough to refuse a test.

    • Nicholas Maietta

      I don’t think he will ever appear on In my past work to uncover and other websites, it appears that there is a connection between Ron Book and

      3 out of the 4 players of was I believe in the same neck of the woods as Ron Book and certain friends and associates of the operators of mugshots are also connected to Mr. Book, at least so far in my investigative work.

  16. Gini Aland

    There are a couple of other little things that should be considered:

    In the last 10 years, Book has received several traffic citations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, but has been convicted on only four: speeding by going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone; not using a turn signal; not wearing a seat belt; and going 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. His fines paid total $783.
    And we know that he is on medication to treat his cancer.

    What are the chances a child will die by means other than being abducted and killed by a sex offender?
    Our children are:
    16,770% more likely to hang themselves
    18,090% more likely to shoot themselves
    38,880% more likely to be murdered by a firearm
    47,520% more likely to be stabbed, strangled, burned alive, or poisoned
    183,960% more likely to be killed in an auto accident*
    than to be abducted and killed by a sex offender
    *Of the children killed in auto accidents, 68% were riding in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. Over 50% of those drunk drivers were a parent of the child.

    Ron Book needs to learn how to practice what he preaches, he is always pushing that “If it saves just one child!” line.

    • Will Allen

      Interesting. We should encourage Ron Book/Crook to not wear a seat belt.

      As a parent, I have a right to know when a criminal like Crook is near me or my family. No way he should be near where my children go.

  17. David

    I enjoyed the Miami Herald pic from when he was “Booked”.

  18. Lake County

    It’s hard not to feel like this is karma. I do feel sorry for the Lamborghini though. It’s amazing he survived a crash in that type of car. This will definitely take away some of his political clout. It seems that the ones that judge others the most, always get their just reward.

  19. Matt

    I usually take the high road…but not this time. I sent this to Lauren Book..

    I am not from your state, but the policies, you and your drunken father are part of, affect each and every one of us ex-offenders in the US. You are seeing first hand the ” frightening and high” recidivism of your alcoholic father. Time to get these low class drunken drivers off the street before they maim and possibly kill more children…..remember, ” if it saves one child”. Time for a registry to help parents recognize these dangerous offenders and give them the weapons they need to protect their families. These people belong in prison for life so they cannot have the opportunity to harm again. He needs to be off the street where children play and kept from living within 2000′ of any liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, parks, stadiums and restaurants where liquor is served. He needs to where an ankle bracelet that lets law enforcement know his every move and most importantly a marked driver’s license and a pink plate so other drivers can be safe from this drunken monster. He needs to check in with every law enforcement agency in every town or city he travels in, so they are aware that an alcoholic that can’t control his urges, is in their town…..and no travel out of the country! Too many drunks travel to other countries to indulge in their drinking habits and the last thing we want is for him to be around unsuspecting children. Sound stupid????? So is the SOR. Karma sucks….doesn’t it?

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device

    • Eric

      Sounds rather harsh, but the truth is you are just basically giving the facts as they are: unrelenting punishment with no chance of forgiveness. That is what she and her alcoholic father have pushed on us.

    • Yeah!

      Damn, I felt that slap all the way over here! Too bad it won’t sting since she has no felling!

    • Carl

      Ever get a reply?? 😂😂

    • Retta

      I absolutely love your email, wish I had thought of it. I sent one to the mayor(?) of Miami-date, but it wasn’t anywhere near this good.

    • C


  20. Timothy

    If you want to talk recidivism in my state of Wisconsin we can definitely talk DUI. I have made side cash delivering drunks to and from the tavern! Including those with breathalyzer installed on their vehicles. Do a Craig’s list post and you can do it too. A fine way to keep streets safe as there’s regulars to serve. Our Tavern league has a lobby in Madison and they got fed up with cops stinging them with underage serving of minors ( college age)sometime encouraged by cops to attempt to buy from a bartender. The result being fines and loss of ” bartenders licences “.

    As remedy the Tavern League had a law passed whereby the taverns could file civil suits against the college goers who attempted to buy. Ironically the same demographic were also likely soon to be customers. Who in their right mind would prepare to sue a “potential future” client?

    Only those suffering protection rackets.

  21. Will Allen

    We are all, myself included, jumping to the conclusion that Ron Book/Crook is guilty. He is innocent until proven guilty.

    Ha ha, just kidding. I’ll always call him guilty whether he is or not. If he is not convicted then it is because his friends let him free or he bought his way out.

    I do think that 100,000+ people should contact the prosecutors and make sure they know that Crook should not get any special treatment because they love him so much. He should not be able to buy his way out either, as I’m sure he’d love. Nope, he should be made an example of because he is a person that was trusted and part of the big government machine. So he should be held to a higher level of account.

    Further, just as he likes to do, he should be held responsible for the crimes of the worst of the worst who committed the same crime as he did. He is guilty by association. So he should be held accountable for the murders that the others have committed. Once a drunk driver, always a drunk driver. It is only a matter of time before he does it again.

    And certainly there ought to be a Drunk Drivers Registry. Why would we want THOSE people living near schools?! Outrageous.

    If Crook ever gets in front of a judge, then we need to let the judge know all of this in advance as well.

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      Ron loves to claim he is a republican but he is a nanny registry lover and clearly in love with Government

    • Really? Not guilty?

      The guy caused another car to flip over by rear ending it. He then failed a field sobriety test! He might not have been completely wiped, but he was definitely impaired. I have no problem with calling him out.

  22. G4Change

    I’m glad this D. Bag is finally tasting some Karma. Buckle up, Ron, this is only the beginning!

  23. AO

    There are several articles now on this arrest. This one seems to have zero love for him and shows how he’s broken the law multiple times over the years. Book is just a terrible person in every aspect.

    • TS


      This pub is from the Village Voice Media Group which has several pubs like this, including two in the FLA area, and is usually the one that is not afraid to hit people hard, e.g. when Millard’s decision hit in Denver, CO and Judge Matsch’s decision was known, it was the Denver Westworld that got the word out from a rational view. These pub folks would be on J. Edgar’s list to watch back in the day.

    • Tim

      5 to 6 pages full of articles of his arrest with a google search. lol

    • R M

      A roll over occurred? Who was the 2nd involved person?

  24. DD

    I would love it if they found him to be in possession of cp. That would really be the icing on the cake. The man upstairs somehow always has his way of teaching each person their lesson.

    • NY won’t let go

      I’d like to see him turn out to be the real owner of that massage parlor the patriots owner got busted in.

  25. Anonymous

    I hope his experience going through the system brings him some kind of perspective, compassion, and clarify to this man who has caused so much suffering to so many people.

    Probably a fool’s hope.

  26. American Detained in America

    Drunk drivers destroy far more lives than those of us convicted of sex offenses, the recidivism rate is around 25% across the board, and it’s a crime that happens far more than even the most exaggerated claims about sex crimes.

  27. Agamemnon

    He could have killed someone

  28. B.Wat

    It seems to me like trouble comes in bunches, at least in my life it has. I just hope this is the beginning of a very long run of bad luck for Book. Karma’s a bitch Book, I hope it comes a takes a huge shit on you, you bastard!

    • C

      Indeed, let’s all enjoy the show as he circles the drain.

      I’m wondering the best way to send him some personal words of “support.”

  29. TS

    Ron’s Dash Cam video is released and seen here if you are interested (comments are exceptional too):

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