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Action Alert: AB 884 and SB 145 hearing on April 9 [4/8 UPDATE]

4/9/19 UPDATE: the Assembly Public Safety Committee–which will still be hearing AB 884 at 10:00 am on 4/9–announced they are changing the room number to Room 4202.

4/4/19 UPDATE: the Senate Public Safety Committee–which will be hearing SB 145–announced they are meeting at 8:30 am. That means we will meet at Starbucks from 7:30 am to 8:00 and walk over at 8:00.

Both the SB 145 and AB 884 hearings are still meeting on April 9. The Assembly Public Safety Committee–which will be hearing AB 884–is still after 10:00 am.

We have a new service that you will love! Tell us you are planning on showing up by sending an email with your name and phone to, then we will call you on your phone if any last-minute rescheduling occurs.


This is the biggest battle of the year! Since AB 884 was just rescheduled for April 9, that means we will be fighting AB 884 the same day we are supporting SB 145!

We have all felt the inconvenience and frustration of broken plans as these bills have been rescheduled.

BUT this is normal for how bills are made. If we want positive change, we must be willing to sacrifice and be inconvenienced. The alternative is terrible indeed.

PLEASE SHOW UP ON APRIL 9. Yes, that means YOU: registrants, family members, and other support. I cannot overstress how vital your participation is. Don’t assume others will show up. Out of the over 110,000 on the registry, only a small number will show up. That is you and the rest of us who want change!

Hiding, denial, and refusing to break our routines could result in over 40,000 registrants serving a life sentence on the registry if AB 884 passes!

Even if you are not affected by these bills, we need you to be willing to be inconvenienced for our fellow registrants, knowing that they will support our issues when the time comes!

For maximum impact to fight AB 884 and support SB 145, we need over 100 people to show up!

SB 145 will be heard after 8:30 am [ON 4/4 THEY MOVED IT 1/2 HOUR EARLIER–ORIGINALLY 9AM]
Senate Public Safety Committee
Room 3191
California State Capitol building, NEW wing

We will meet at Starbucks, 1123 12th St, Sacramento, from 7:30 am to 8:00 am. Then we will walk across the street at 8:00 and be seated in Room 3191 by 8:30.

PARKING: There is a parking garage next to Starbucks in the same Hyatt Regency building. Enter on 12th Street.

The hearing for AB 884 will be after 10:00 am:
Assembly Public Safety Committee
Room 4202 [changed on 4/8/19]
California State Capitol building, NEW wing

We will be monitoring the status of AB 884 as we sit in the SB 145 hearing. We will change rooms as needed.

We have a new service that you will love! Tell us you are planning on showing up by sending an email with your name and phone to, then we will call you on your phone if any last-minute rescheduling occurs.

CARPOOLS AND HOUSING SERVICE: To help those who will be hit financially by sacrificing to come for the hearing, click here to find out how to get carpools and free motel rooms.

Keep calling and writing. It makes a big difference. They count your calls and letters, as you noticed in the bill.


We will call you at your phone number if the bill is delayed! To take advantage of this very cool service, all you have to do is send an email to the following email address to let us know your name and phone number:

Be sure to sign up for our Action Alert emails or texts so that we can notify you of any last-minute changes!

If you plan to fly or take a hotel, please buy insurance so that you are covered if they change the date.

Please don’t blame ACSOL if a change is made. We don’t control the committees. We don’t control the author of the bill.

Before you start out on your trip, check your email or text to see if we sent an alert about the date changing! You can also to see if the bill is delayed by going to this website and clicking the History tab:



Click here to find out how to call and write to OPPOSE AB 884

Click here to find out how to call and write to SUPPORT SB 145


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  1. matthew

    could this be a way to split crowds? Even though the timing may be good in some perspectives, could it be hard to be at both places at once if input is at the same time.

  2. Nicholas Maietta

    Once my van is up and running, perhaps I will live in a town along the Interstate 5 corridor, somewhere between LA and Sacramento. Anyone with a suggestion of a good town or location for me to stay in my custom high top conversion van (Class B), i’d be interested to know. I need to make myself available for these situations.

    • R M

      @Nicholas Maietta: I’m sure you’ve probably done this but there are tons of videos on youtube of people traveling/mobile/living in their vehicle. Many have been doing it for years, traveling from state to state or job to job; although I do not know of any having to abide by registration lengths (#of days per city/state before having to reg). Be aware of overnight parking per city ordinances; I’d hate for you to have to id for something stupid like parking after a certain time, or a certain length, etc, etc, etc. and then get stung with a bs reg law. BTW, my van (bed, sink, cooler, fan, solar power, etc) is for sale.

  3. steve @Tim Moore

    If you want a ride and share a room which I will cover let me know. I’ll help you get to SFV and back.

    • Tim Moore

      A belated thanks to you, Steve for the offer. Had I seen this before, I would have taken you up on it. I stopped regularly visiting this site and nearly missed seeing the rescheduling of the hearing. Would like to share contact info for future trips. I think it would be helpful if a few of us developed a network in our own areas. Indeed it would be good of ACSOL could facilitate building some kind of network. All disfavored groups besides us develop communities of support, don’t have to rely always on a head organization to take action. I gues it just needs time to develop.

  4. Mark Judkins

    I have booked my flight to be there and hope to see many others. This is a great opportunity to support one bill (SB 145) and see another one die in Committee (AB 884). It can’t happen without people being there. Assembly Member Melendez has jerked us around on the hearings for her bill; twice cancelled. She can’t do it again for this bill, or it automatically is dead. But to have it end at this hearing requires us to be there in mass. Senator Weiner’s bill also needs support to pass. We can help those people affected by these laws regain some hope. SB 145 helps remove people from the registry, and the death of AB 884 helps keep some from being kept on the registry for life. These may or may not be you, but I am all for getting a double hitter on April 9th. It is one step in the right direction. We matter, but only if we are there to be heard in numbers. It would be great if we had a 100 people show up to say they oppose 884 and to say they support 145. If you made plans to be at one of the other two hearings, and had them cancelled like I did, and you really would like to seek a little revenge for Assembly Member Melendez cancelling those plans, help her bill to fail, by showing up, standing up, and speaking out.

    • TS

      That is interesting Mark that you say she has been jerking folks around on her bill. Wonder if she has eyes on this website and sees the interest from the masses (those going in person and those sending in messages as requested). If she does, then maybe she is trying to work it so the less people in person to voice their opposition is had the better. Just a thought since it has been wondered here before about “others” watching this website.

      • DavidH

        I’m thinking she needed time to do some arm-twisting and has been obviously successful–scary!

  5. Sabrina S.

    Show up!!! Gather as many people as you can. I know it can seem very frustrating with all of these date changes but we must be flexible. We have to show them that no matter what we will be there to fight. We will keep coming back. Rescheduling of a hearing will not keep us silent. It means we can rally more people. I’ve been to Sacramento a few times for hearings. I never knew how powerful my voice could be. Now imagine our voices together. We need as many people as possible. Let’s be lined up out the door and down the hall, ready to walk up to that podium and say our name!! Together we can do this!!! Please, please, please SHOW UP!!!

  6. James

    I sent my letter again by fax and mail to the Chair, Vice Chair, and all of the other PSC members, which is more than what I did last time before the hearing got postponed and rescheduled again. I even contacted a legislative lobbying firm, California Advocates, to get more tips on how to voice my support/opposition. The lady who answered my phone was very pleasant and gave me a lot of good tips and suggestions regarding how to get my voice heard as a constituent should the results of these hearings become undesirable. If need be, I will request facetime with my reps. I’ve never been this involved before in the political process, but I kind of enjoy it. As far as making it up there, I am looking for ways to be there without actually being there.

  7. AC

    I must ask: during the process of postponement, did some of the letters and phone call records get discarded?

    • AC

      Where I’m going with this: I’m guessing Assembly Melendez is trying to void those letters that haven’t been read yet and was sent before the postponement. Once the bill is resurfaced for april 9th, she can somehow cleverly ignore those that were sent for april 2nd.

      I feel like she (Melendez) is up to no good. She knows most no one likes her bill and knows she needs to please a “pedo”-fearing public to win their favor. So, I’m guessing whatever record of opposition she can lose will help her misguided agenda.

      • Janice Bellucci

        @AC – It is the Committee, not the author of the bill, that collects letters. And it is each office of the Committee members, not the author of the bill, that keeps track of phone calls. Finally, because the author of the bill is not a member of the Committee she does not have a vote to cast when the bill is considered.

        • AC

          Ah, thank you for the clarification, Janice.

          I’m glad to know that my phone calls and letters are still in place. For some reason or other (and due to a misunderstanding), I was under some suspicion that letters and phone call records can somehow be deleted; and that Melendez was somehow trying to do this. But, I guess I was wrong.

          Additionally, taking responsibility where I must, it was wrong of me to accuse Melendez on where she had no control. My horrible bad.

        • AC

          I’m sure some of her efforts are benign: her intention is only to protect the public; even if her ‘love’ is misplaced and ill-advised.

        • e

          Thank you for explaining the process. I did write and made a couple of calls. Attending for me is not an option, since, unfortunately, income must be my priority these days.
          I do recognize the attatchment this bill has to the overall tier system. If they can divert lesser offenses to the upper tier, then the entire system becomes useless for the most part and keeps the vast majority on a life sentence.
          Legal opinion has little to do with it. This woman and others like her use public opinion and ignorance to advance their agenda. How do we fight that! In my experience, the majority of humanity is nothing more than lemmings that follow the brightest light or loudest noise. It’s akin to being an astrophysicist in a class for special ed. Very frustrating!

  8. MLG

    Mrs. Melissa Melendez is as hard up, bible thumping, right wing advocate as they come. Been reading her twitter account lately and found her gun AB bill was defeated last week. From a prior tweet it appears her mother was a victim of domestic violence and she had access to her gun to control the situation. She loves to comment on all the child murders, abductions, every old crime you can think of. We are dealing with another fear probing public politition that focuses on the ugliest types of criminals and their crimes, then nicely blends them to match all other sex offenders. If your smart Mrs. Melendez, you would know this is not true. She obviously is blowing off the Ca Sex Management Boards facts about this bill and just gunning for the fear vote again. People, rise up! 78 letters was pathetic. It takes you 3 minutes to write a Letter from your heart. Janice bleeds for all of us, stand up and show this woman how much you appreciate her endless hard work, that many of us don’t pay a dime for!! Better yet, stand up to these legislative bullies and fear probing liars and prove to them that many registrants are one time offenders over decades without another offense! Stop hiding!! Stand tall and proud!

    • Judith


      Your commment is exactly that I want to tell, but I am feeling helpless how to speak out properly in a second language, I understand though. People show on the court at the day is not only giving their voices, not only should show support , thankful and respect to that Janice and her whole team have been working so hard for registrants, further important I see, this could be a pactice these hiding people will find out there is nothing that fear, and shame you could have thought, and in their mind. I am looking for things will change from here.
      My loved one is a registerant, I feel about all of you as I come to understand what a hard life this group of people living, wordless heartbroken. I am from China, which belongs the third
      world country, I maybe have no real right to vote, however we people see thing with common sense, this is all about. what could people really change by your vote? Politic is politic, right?

  9. Deborah

    I did go to Sacramento to oppose 884 on the 2nd (too late to cancel travel arrangements) and will be there on the 9th. Caution: I did purchase airline insurance for the 2nd — American Airlines — but was informed it was only good for illness with a doctor’s note! Perhaps I did not check the policy carefully enough.

    It is crucial that you call and write your opposition to AB-884, even a one-line faxed letter: “Hello, I oppose AB-884.” Call: “I request the senator to oppose AB-884.” They will ask you your name and zip code, address, etc. If you do not have a permanent residence, or do not want to share your personal info, they can use your name and/or a phone number if possible. (I got this information from Senator Skinner’s office.) They say, “Thank you for calling.” That’s it. Takes about 30 seconds a call. Do not be afraid to call. You can fax letters from Fed Ex or UPS for approximately $1.50 per page. You can fax from a computer for free from Please also call and write to support AB 145.

    Lastly, Assemblyperson Melendez has withdrawn this bill twice now; it is obviously teetering and ill-advised. We need to show up. If you can’t make it, send someone in your place. Send a loved one, a trusted friend, donate $5. If you are just frozen and can’t do anything, I will be there for you. You are not alone.

    • Warren

      Southwest has a no change fee, reusable funds for up to 12 months if you have that option. But I also got stung for an hotel charge even though Best Western has a generous cancellation policy (24 hrs). That last minute cancellation by Melendez hurt. But I will be there on the 9th to oppose AB-884.

      • Janice Bellucci

        Thank you for your tenacity, Warren! We truly appreciate your commitment to stop AB 884. It’s important for everyone to check their emails, text messages and this website on Monday morning as it is possible that Melendez could withdraw her bill for the third and last time. If that happens, it’s a decision beyond our control, however, we will be sure to notify people as soon as we know. If you don’t get an email or text and there is no news on the website, be sure to join us on April 9 so that we can put an end to this dangerous bill.

      • AJ

        If you’re inside the cancellation period but still ahead of check-in time, it’s sometimes helpful to call the hotel directly and explain the situation. They may be able to waive the fee and re-book your room. I’ve had it work sometimes, and not other times…but what do you have to lose? The sooner you can make the call ahead of check-in the better.

        Simply tell them you were going to be in town for some State business in support of someone in your family on [date X], but it was changed at the very last moment to [date Y] and you’d really like to stay at their fine property. If they for some reason ask why you didn’t book a government-rate room (which are sometimes penalty free until hours before check-in), tell them you’re not a government employee, just an interested and invested citizen.

        • TS

          To tag on to what @AJ said here to @Warren, if you are a member of the frequent traveler program for the hotel or an associated program, calling the main membership reservation line (not the reserving website such as PL or Expedia) or the hotel directly could help you make a no fee change. They like to keep their members happy and coming back. My experience is w/the main membership office with positive results since many of the hotels themselves are franchises. If you become a member for this one and only trip, and things change, you may still get the same positive treatment. Everyone’s experiences may vary.

        • Will Allen

          “government-rate room”?? Those must cost what, 10x what a normal room would cost? Since big government has unlimited funds with which to harass its citizens.

        • TS


          No, Govt rate rooms are cheaper by far and usually with a no canx fee policy.

        • Will Allen

          TS (April 5, 2019):

          Yeah, I assumed they were cheaper, at least just because of the volume of business and to entice the big government people to go there. I was being facetious just based on the fact that big government people often don’t worry much about wasting taxpayer money, especially when it’s for stupid (e.g. Registries). Remember their $600+ toilets? Or maybe they were a lot more than that, I don’t keep up with their scandals all that much.

        • AJ

          @Will Allen:
          @TS is correct, G-rate rooms are usually comparable to, or better than, publicly available ones. There are also G-rate airfares that are typically better priced and are fully refundable. Lastly, there are G-rate car rentals. For car rentals, the Feds get charged a token fee for something or other, but the car is fully insured (the Fed self-insures) and anyone on that same Official Business trip is automatically an eligible driver. In fact, a rented car becomes a de facto GSA-issued Official Vehicle and the employee is subject to the same use requirements and disciplinary action. (State and local government is probably different.) Travel seems to be about the only place government manages to get a deal/break. This is all probably waaayy more than you wanted to know. 🙂

        • Lake County

          I use the government rate for hotels all the time (back when I traveled more). I just go up to the counter and ask for government rate. Most time no one asks for ID. Or if possible I make my reservation stating I want the government rate and no one ever asks for proof once the rate is reserved in their computer. This works especially good in Sacramento, but I find almost all nice hotels/motels offer this rate anywhere. Another trick for a good price is to look at the posted schedule of events at the hotel. Just say you’re attending the largest event there and they’ll usually give their discounted price. A couple of times I was asked for ID and I said it was in my luggage, so they said don’t bother to get it and gave me the rate. Generally, the counter staff really doesn’t care if someone deserves a discount rate or not. They get paid the same regardless.

    • R M

      “I did purchase airline insurance for the 2nd — American Airlines — but was informed it was only good for illness with a doctor’s note!”

      Explain it to your primary care physician and request a note or you find another dr…. just saying. Business competition is prevalent.

      • Lake County

        R M
        “or you find another dr…. just saying. Business competition is prevalent.”

        Unless you live in a small community where it takes at least 4 months for a doctor appointment. I’ve had 5 doctors in 5 years because they always move on to better places.

  10. G4Change

    Interesting. They keep changing the dates and times of these hearings. While the constant changes are very inconvenient, I think they mean one thing: They Fear Us. And this is a good thing!

    • Will Allen

      I think it more likely means that they are incompetent and can’t get their sh*t together.

      Maybe it means that Ass. Melissa Melendez thinks the votes won’t work out for her if they proceed as scheduled. But I think most politicians are too stupid to feel fear unless they think it will get them elected out of their job.

  11. Bay Area RSO

    Hello, in case I miss the group, can someone give me a rundown of which side is the ‘New wing’ and ‘Old wing’ of the Capitol bldg. Thank you.

    For newbies like me, this is my very first time going to the Capitol and if you want to do something for the first time and make a huge impact, this is it. I hope to see hundreds of you there.

  12. Lake County

    Anyone know if these hearings will be live on the internet?

  13. Janice Bellucci

    The purpose of this comment is to confirm that the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee will consider Assembly Bill 884 tomorrow (April 9). The committee hearing will be held in Room 4202 (new room) and begin on a different bill. Consideration of the other bill is expected between 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. We will meet at Starbucks (corner of 12th and L) at 7:30 a.m. and walk across to the Capitol at 8 a.m. We will start at the Senate’s Public Safety Committee hearing to support Senate Bill 145 and then move to the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee hearing.

    • E

      Thanks Janice! You’re awesome. Rooting for you all. Best wishes from halfway across the country.

  14. e

    I made calls, but somehow feel impotent in that I can’t be there. This bill has nothing to do with me directly, but either the wall will crumble, or the slope will become more slippery. I hope for the former, but fear the later.

  15. Bay Area RSO

    I’m currently in line for AB884, just heard that it might get pushed out to this afternoon as there is another controversial bill in session that will take awhile as plenty showed up for that as well.

  16. Webcast of AB 884

    As of this writing, it has not yet begun. Here’s the webcast for those who want to tune in.

  17. Bay Area RSO

    I’m in line for AB 884 and just overheard that it might get pushed out to this afternoon. As there is another controversial bill ahead of us in session and plenty of people showed up for that.

  18. steve

    I just left after the Sb 145 hearing even though 884 affects me, I have an appt at 7:30p tonight and need to get home, but wow impressive to see an entire hearing room stand up and support 145. It’s was good to meet a few people and see how the process works live. Fingers crossed on 884.

  19. ElizabethD

    Can anyone tell me the outcome to AB 884 yet? Very anxious to hear how this outcome will affect my family as well as many others families.

    • @ElizabethD AB 884

      writing at 2:44pm. It’s “on call”. Right now the vote is split. I counted 88 people approaching to give their no votes.

    • James

      Yes, I also would like to know the outcome of the vote. I was watching this live, and thanks to people that posted the link, but voting was quick….and I didn’t count them very well.

      While I wrote and sent several letters regarding 884, I cannot say how proud I was to see all the people step up to the microphone and voice their opposition. Kudos to all of these people that deserve our real thanks.

      But still, I’d like to know the outcome of the vote.

      Best Wishes, James

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      I couldn’t hear the final vote. It seemed to not pass. Anyone? Also, there were an ASTOUNDING number of people from our side standing against the bill. What a fantastic show of force!

    • jesse

      AB 884 just wrapped up (2:45). I got a bit lost in the shuffle at the end but I think (think) this was put on hold for absent committee members to vote, with 3:2 in favor at this point. Don’t quote me on this. I am a bit confused how these committee members can register a vote without hearing testimony and discussion in person. Strange process.

      I counted 82 people register their opposition. Including one lady who held up a photo of her son, called him a victim too, and told Assm. Melendez to roll her eyes if she wished – before she got cut off. Priceless!

      Assm. Melendez started very glib with her opening statements spouting the same rhetoric (J.A. Gardner, underreported, etc) but was visibly rattled after the public testimony and launched into more of her tired old myths while gathering herself.

      She also stated – on video and the record – that sex offender registration is indeed punishment. She said – and here I paraphrase until I can review the video – that under the current tiered registry language a person who molests a 15 year old is being punished harsher than a person who molests a young child.

      Thanks a bunch, Assemblywoman Melendez! (I am sure you are reading this at some point).

      • AC

        I’ve been very curious about just this point: where exactly is Assembly Melendez getting her claim that a 288 convict against a child is currently required less registration than those 288’s who molested 14/15-year-olds?

        At any rate, I wanted to see the recording for the AB 884 bill. I’m assuming 3:2 is not a good thing for us. Am I correct on this?

    • James

      I watched the live hearing via the assembly website link. Votes were 4 nays and 3 ayes. The chair voted no. Vice chair (Lackey) voted yes. The chair basically said, let’s wait and see before we start to “water down” the tiered registry and spoke a lot about the risk assessment tool from the new bail law. Thank you for all that showed up, wrote letters, and made calls! I especially thank the lady who told Ass. Melendez that she was “rolling her eyes.”

  20. Crami

    Watched the vote on the feed thank you to Janice and everyone who showed up to oppose this bill. Where did Melendez get her research from? It all seemed incredibly false and on one extreme

  21. Lake County

    AB 884 It did not pass.

    • Lake County

      I guess I spoke too soon. It had sounded like there weren’t enough votes to pass. But I didn’t realize they could still accept votes on this later. It doesn’t seem right that they can later make a vote when they weren’t there for the public input.

  22. Jun

    One thing I can say about this is: Melendez did NOT see this coming.

  23. steve

    How the hell is she allowed to lie..the average child molester has 200 hundred victims? I don’t condone violence or hitting women but I would love to punch her in the mouth.

    • Jun

      If you haven’t, you should watch what happened even for her second bill. They got upset and tired of her for her “lack of evidence” today. She even got told not to talk further and stop it with her “righteous indignation”. They’re onto her crap! She got so mad she couldn’t continue further with her bad arguments. It was awesome to watch.

      • steve

        I was watching it driving back from Sacramento. I couldn’t stand to listen to her anymore.

    • e

      She took the “Lie out of both sides of your mouth 101” at Trump University.

    • e

      She got that false info from a report done by some shady therapist. I read it a while back. A lot of these statistics are based on extrapolation from a small group of inmates convicted of violent crimes. As usual, they take the worst of the worst, then by fudging hypothetical numbers, come up with this B.S. Then politicians can use them without accountability. Remember, selling fear goes a lot farther than pushing hope. I do find it interesting that people will believe falsehoods without evidence, but deny truth even with all the proof in the world. People want to hate, it has always been the American way.

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        e, one thing though, we need to stop parroting their line “the worst of the worst.” Many prison statistics were based on nothing at all and were produced by programs which rewarded inmates who inflated their crimes. Many of those inmates were no different than most of us, just more desperate to get out.

  24. HopingForHope

    I thought I counted 3 to 2 in favor of passing. Two were absent? When do those votes occur?
    Came away a little confused.

    • NPS

      The chairman voted no (the first of the 3 no votes).

      @Jun. Yes! I saw that. I loved how the chairman shot her down. (No pun intended as the second bill was about guns.)

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        So, what’s the resolution? Is it dead? Are they going to schedule another vote?

        • steve

          That last I saw was 3-2 for. They needed to get the other members votes. Not sure where people are getting it’s dead from.

  25. steve

    Hopefully the committee members who haven’t voted yet were part of the original bill getting passed. The one democratic woman who voted yes is a name I don’t recognize.

  26. lil gee

    today’s hearing is still not and has never been listed on the calendar for ab 884. why this secrecy? how can i be expected to participate in the democratic process??? is that reason to dismiss it?

  27. mike r

    Man if this is true, “the average child molester has 200 hundred victims?” then their policies are incredible miserable failures. That is what needs to be stated when they mouth stats like this with no empirical evidence.

    Should state, “so if your laws are so effective why would this rate be that high? How are these laws that you have been pushing and which many nave been in place for decades now, not reducing or preventing these 200/offender kids from being victims. Let us see, if there are 1 million people on the reg and at least half or more are convicted “child molesters” then damn that means that 100 million kids are becoming victims from these offenders. I highly doubt it and it seems totally insane that you re claiming that 100 million kids have been molested no matter how far you stretch your numbers. Is that number for the US? Hmmm our population is 330 million approx. Man that means that a third of the populace has been molested? All this with extreme and harsh sex offenders laws in place for decades and only getting more harsh. Interesting theory Miss Melendez” or what ever her name is.

  28. mike r

    “being punished harsher than a person who molests a young child.”
    Man I need a citation or evidence of this statement and if there are any more out there from CA politicians.

    • steve

      I would think that statement could be used against her if this ever needs a judicial ruling. It will show her intent was to punish a group more harshly plain and simple.

    • steve

      Someone needs to find that and record it with a cell or something

  29. Janice Bellucci

    The Assembly’s Public Safety Committee reconvened its hearing about 6 p.m. We are expecting the Committee to complete voting on all bills that have incomplete votes such as AB 884 before they adjourn tonight. In order to pass, a total of 5 members of the Committee must vote in favor of that bill. So far, 3 members have voted in favor and 2 have voted in opposition. There are 3 more votes that must still be cast. Although it is not a guarantee, the fact that the Committee Chairman, a Democrat, voted against the bill, it is more likely than not that the remaining members who are all Democrats will also vote against the bill. We will continue to follow the hearing and to report the outcome via email, text and website as soon as we have that information.

    • James

      Dearest Janice:

      I know this is selfish of me…but please stay on site if possible and lobby the remaining votes to a, “No.”

      I would like to understand this process better…are you saying that if the remaining three votes simply abstained this would NOT get out of committee and so and therefore not move forward? (there would not be 5 affirmative votes were this to happen).

      We are all so thankful for you…regardless of outcome…but please make this bill be defeated.

      Thanks so much, James

  30. Crami

    Ab 884 fails, great job everyone

  31. jesse

    6:53 pm. Measure fails 3:4 – one person not voting. Written reconsideration granted by unanimous consent. What does that mean?

    This is like a bad Stephen King Movie with the rabid St. Bernard refusing to die…

    • Rich

      My thoughts exactly. Guess we’ll be doing this dance again…

    • HopingForHope

      As I understand it, it means the author of the bill will get a second shot at passage, essentially. This is where “back room deals” get made, and the problem is that no one can testify when it comes up for the reconsidered vote. There are rules relating to when the vote has to occur, but the author now has the opportunity to try to convert the no’s to yeses, so we are definitely not out of the woods.

      • Janice Bellucci

        @Jesse – Although it is technically possible that the author’s bill can be reconsidered, it is highly unlikely that this author will do so. She is not known as a person who is willing to modify a bill so that it will actually get passed. Instead, she continues with language that can’t or won’t be passed perhaps so that she can tell her constituents she tried but that others (Democrats) thwarted her efforts.

        • jesse

          @Janice Bellucci – thank you for the explanation and thank you for everything. God bless!

          Not wanting to sound ungrateful, however, I wish to reiterate my claim that PC 290, as it will be effective in 2021, is a terrible piece of legislation.

          Beyond the issue with PC 288(c) – as mentioned in today’s hearing – it is riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions. It is a fustercluck of epic proportions.

          The biggest being that a convicted murderer – a crime that is actually and literally life ending as mentioned today – does not have to register for a second (ha ha). But that is a different discussion for a different day….

          With every group of people let off the registry (punishment in Assm. Melendez’s own words) this makes complete abolishment of the whole thing ever so more remote.

          AB 884 did not affect me either way, and while I get that people need to get off this rollercoaster – what about those who remain on this ride from hell forever?

  32. NPS

    Yes!!!! It failed!!! Thank you to everyone who attended, wrote letters and made phone calls.

  33. mike r

    You people do realize that people can comment straight at the author of the bill right?

    It appears she has no co-authors at all and this is all Melendez’s push.

  34. Popeye

    What an honor to be with you all today. I was so proud of the people stepping up to the microphone.
    Thanks to Roger who held the ACSOL sign most of the day and was engaging and informative.
    What a quaint legislative process!

    • Jun

      It was certainly inspirational watching all of you. You’re bold and heroic. This can only inspire rest of country to deliver same as all of you did today.

      And on another note: The families showing up is also highly impacting. It humanizes registrants in the eyes of people. You all made Melendez look like a fool and a psychopath in front of everyone. Much thanks to you all.

  35. Harry

    Now we have get ready for Ms. Melendez’s wave, again, next year. Congratulation, this time.

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