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LA: After admitting sex with 3 boys, substitute teacher spared jail and barred from class only two years

[ – 4/5/19]


After pleading guilty to having sex with three underage teenagers and sending lewd messages, a substitute teacher in Louisiana was spared jail and could even be headed back to the classroom, New Orlean’s station WDSU reports.

As part of a plea deal, 34-year-old ______ pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. When she was arrested in 2016, the Terrebonne Parish instructor faced three felony charges, according to the report.

A district judge then suspended ____’s six-month jail term and sentenced the substitute teacher and teacher’s aide to two years of unsupervised probation and ordered her to pay $900 in fines, Houma Today reports. She did not have to register as a sex offender.

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Former Teacher Gets 18 Months For Sex Crime [ – 4/6/19]


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  1. Gralphr

    When I saw the headline, I knew instantly it must have been a female. Theres clearly double standards, especially if the female is attractive. Men however do NOT get such treatment 99.9% of the time, and when they do, it always seems to be a Jefferey Dahmer type that really makes the public voice their opinion that all male offenders deserve life in prison…….

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Yes, there’s a raging, throbbing (and thrusting) disparity in full view there. But I’m sure you’ll agree that our strong preference would be in making men’s sentences commensurate with women’s, not women’s sentences commensurate with men’s. Rather than envying them, we must demand that we be treated exactly as they are, as their equals. We simply won’t tolerate this blatant sexism!

  2. troy

    total b/s

  3. Minor American

    Of course , females who actually perform the whole raunchy act and know what they are doing are considered not to be deviant ???? and no danger to kids ??? BUT>>>>>MEN !!!!!!!!!>>WELL OF COURSE THE HAVE A WINNIE AND 2 HANGERS so …..THAT TESTOSTERONE !!!!!! does anyone in the WHOLE UNITED STATES have sense enough to review cases brought to trial and prosecuted/convicted to see if fair and unbiased excessive punishments were imposed at sentencing allowing mandatory REGISTRATION to do continual DAMAGE TO THE LIVES OF THESE INDIVIDUALS and need to be investigated for injustice and reviewed for retrial on the basis of individual assesments and consideration of other merits not exercised due to failed defense lawyers and plea deals and why is it accepted to this day when it should be clearly appraised as a wrong and unenforcible ????

  4. Dustin

    I don’t believe the sentence was lenient. My problem is that, as stated above, the outcome is entirely different and disproportionate when the genders of the participants in similar situations is reversed. Personally, I think all sentences under these circumstances should be similar if the sexual contact was consensual.

    Teenagers are horny as hell. Always have been, always will be. Very few would pass on a chance to indulge in their crushes on adults. For those that do, the argument that they are “emotionally scarred for life” is a very thin one at best. They might be heartbroken when the relationship ends, but that’s a pretty far cry from the trauma that the victim industry portrays as typical. To say that the teens are basically too stupid to know if they want to have sex or not is an adequate substitute for lack of consent is nonsensical, particularly in districts where DAs want to try minors as adults in other crimes. Nature decided when the human body is ready for sex – puberty.

    I’m not saying sex between adults and teenagers shouldn’t be illegal or punished when discovered. I’m only saying that the adults in these circumstances are normally guilty only of poor judgment, not raging pedophile perverts, regardless of the gender of the adult or the teenager. I join the segment of society that wants to string up actual rape and sexual assailants against non-consenting victims of any age or gender, or those that prey on prepubescents. But considering all adults who have had sex with teenagers regardless of circumstance follows the same reasoning as considering all black people Crips or Bloods.

    • JACK

      @ Dustin well that line of reasoning is the way most other countries seem to think. Hence why the age of consent in most of the world hovers around 14 to 16 instead of 18.

    • anonymouse

      “I’m not saying sex between adults and teenagers shouldn’t be illegal or punished when discovered” well hang on to your hat here because in 80% of the states in this country and pretty much everywhere in civilized world it is perfectly legal.

      Of course the student / teacher relationship makes this inappropriate and illegal, and rightfully so, but pleeeease. Teenagers are held accountable for every single one of their decisions in this country (at 10 or younger) and easily as adults at 14, but a high school student cannot be expected to decline to have sex with the teacher, or a person old enough to drive a car and hold a job cannot sleep with whom they want?

      The notion that teenage girls spend their days playing with their Barbie Dolls or teenage boys spend all their time playing sports is ludicrous. The notion that you can have a relationship with a Marine on active duty and commit a child sex crime is preposterous.

      This was a weak case. The prosecutor was so unsure of it they did not even attempt to go with a felony – which would have been registerable – man or woman.

  5. someone who cares

    This has to be a joke. How stupid and ignorant can people really be? And I thought, I heard it all. She is not only violating these kids, she IS IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY! 2 years unsupervised probation, no sex offender registration? And, she is in a Bible State. So screwed up!!!!

    • anonymouse

      No joke. She pleaded guilty to a non-registerable misdemeanor. Offered by the prosecutor and approved by the judge. She had an inappropriate – biologically appropriate – relationship with people old enough to be charged and prosecuted and sentenced as adults. She was a substitute teacher. She hardly “violated” anyone and was hardly in a position of authority. Her teaching career is ruined and she got two years probation. If that is joke it is not a good one.

      What more do you want? Would it make you feel better if she got prison time and registration? Instead of being angry at this woman perhaps you or your loved one should have not been convicted of a registerable sex crime.

  6. Harry

    If, this was a male teacher having sex with boys or girls he would in prison for a long, long, time.

    • TS

      Probably Angola Prison, LA State Pen, the worst one in the country.

  7. Steveo

    So what is this? I do agree that if it were a male teacher that it would have been viewed differently, but the fact that it is in the bible belt, could this be signs of a slight shift in public opinion?

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      “the fact that it is in the bible belt, could this be signs of a slight shift in public opinion?” No, it’s the sign that women can have underage sex and most men will be turned on by it and most women will think that women should not be the target of draconian laws. You can bet if this had been a male teacher having sex with underage male students the reactions would have been violently reversed. This makes sense when you understand the psychology of the mob.

  8. America's Most Hated

    So, in my case I clicked on some teenager photos 16 years ago and never chatted with anyone, and no one even would have known except for government hackers tracing IP addresses from Ukraine. But now my life is destroyed the rest of my existence yet this triple rapist gets off with nothing. I see why Americans are so proud of their Land of Freedom and Justice for All.

    • anonymouse

      “triple rapist”? “nothing”? Are you insane? This woman at worst had a relationship with willing teenagers – 17 or 16 years old. She was convicted of this misdemeanor crime and got probation. She is neither a triple rapist nor got nothing.

      I fail to see how that has anything to do with you accessing child porn in Ukraine. For all you know the teenagers you clicked on were forced into a life of depravity and you supported that with your click.

      The fact that the US Government delights in ruining people’s lives over this fake concern for children when it is so easy to prosecute that a monkey could do it, and they are applauded by pretty much anyone who is not on the list or knows someone on the list hardly makes this woman a rapist or got away with nothing.

      • norman

        “and you supported that with your click.”

        Please explain to me how he supported that with an anonymous click

        • anonymouse

          Gladly. Please don’t take my words out of context. I wrote

          “For all you know the teenagers you clicked on were forced into a life of depravity and you supported that with your click.”

          clearly suggesting these victims! may have been forced against their will to participate in an operation that exists for exchange of something valuable – be that web site traffic, advertising, or some other exchange of value.

          Now, I certainly do not see how such any such click of any extent or intent should “destroy the rest of anyone’s existence”. This is why I support this organization.

          But, assuming that such a click is the source of @AMH’s predicament, this convicted Child Pornographer’s reference to this woman as a “triple rapist” – when she was never charged with and certainly not convicted of Rape (it does exist in the LA Statutes) – is rich.

          I am not a fan of minimizing one’s own misdeeds pointing fingers at others AND slandering them in the process.

      • Notoriously Naked Emperor

        “Eeek! How dare you say I have no clothes! As anyone can plainly see, I have only the finest attire to dazzle your senses that I may make you meek and compliant.”

        • norman


          clicking on a p**r to p**r network and downloading (from what I understand is how the majority get their i***gal porn) is anonymous to the victim (and future victims) at best unless, you are sharing. That would be distribution as well as possession. That indeed does encourage and victimize. But thats not what he said, I highly doubt he clicked on a web based porn site and got busted unless he was uploading underage photos on it (which would quickly be taken down). That would be distribution.

          I liken his scenario to me watching the nightly news and viewing a U.S. military smart bomb being dropped on an afghan village, and then being shown photos and video of dead and maimed men, women and children. Would I be guilty of remurdering or maiming or victimizing the men, women and children for what I saw?

          Don’t get me wrong, I do not support the viewing of underage porn as I also don’t support the viewing of murdered and maimed children.

      • America's Most Hated

        So “for all you know” I supported a life of depravity for victims of sexual servitude by clicking on photos that someone else put online? Who now is putting blame on someone here? You know nothing of the case, yet now “for all you know” I am some sinister predator trying to look at poor girls that live in depravity. You gonna stretch this presumption out more about me or do you want me to tell you so you can stop blaming me for being such a child molester? Lol

        The case out of Belarus and Ukraine involved teenage models that voluntarily posed nude for money and were accompanied by their parents during the modeling. No one over there went to jail because it was not illegal for teenage girls to be paid to model nude on the internet.

        So, if you are saying that these teenage boys were volunteers to the sex with the teacher, therefore there is no victim, then how is there a victim when the teen models I saw nude went voluntarily for payment and were accompanied by their parents?

        This case was open in the early 2000’s if you wish to verify. I am not going to google the news articles for you because I am not typing those keywords into a search engine.

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      Sex offenders judging other offenders, shame on you @americaz most hated

  9. anonymouse

    Why is this even on here? This woman pleaded guilty to a non-registerable misdemeanor. Why should she be in prison? Why should she register? Would that make anyone’s situation any better?

    Another article cited the prosecutor stating that this case was so weak, that this was the best they could hope for. The prosecutor offered the deal. The judge approved it. End of story. That should tell us something.

    And just to even things out…. here is a woman teacher who got to register and go to prison for a year and a half…. for a relationship with an 18 year old child… errr victim…. errr student…. errr adult.

    THAT should be an article on this site.

    • TS

      This Ohio teacher got lucky. She could’ve gotten providing alcohol to a minor (under 21) and DUI charges added on (or should’ve). Maybe he got minor in consumption or not considering he was harmed (whatever). They probably dealed and gave her this one for emphasis while dropping the others. Never know. She’ll leave teaching and find something that will work for her without an issue on this conviction by others who may see it as trivial.

      I think the school district is wrong though. They are there to educate, not develop the people, which needs to be done by the parents. If it’s a finishing school, then develop, but they aren’t.

      • anonymouse

        Lucky? Sure, as lucky as anyone here is who got min. 5 years in prison for having an inappropriate photo. And a minimum of 10 years on this list (easily extended with one misstep or one action by the legislature or a move to a different state) with all its life-crushing consequences. If she is lucky – what is anyone here complaining about?

        “She’ll leave teaching and find something that will work for her without an issue on this conviction by others who may see it as trivial.” – the things you know!

        Just like anyone here who sees their career obliterated but will find something that works for them without an issue on this conviction by others who may see it as trivial. Like a photo, or a conversation, or a slap on someone’s butt in a bar. Bizarre….

  10. USA

    Ohhhh. I guess we know why Dustin is here. It’s the teenagers fault. I’m the parent of 2 teenagers and they aren’t responsible. A teacher is a person of authority, it’s one thing for her to have an interlude with one person, but 3? Really? People should be outraged. If this where a man, he might be facing life. Very disgusting

    • anonymouse

      Of course a teenager is responsible for their own conduct. It is the legislature that says they cannot be held accountable – for some reason a 17 year old sees their decision making reduced to a 7 year old. In this context and this context alone. I don’t get that.

      Had any one of these students driven this teacher to a bank and sat in the parking lot while the teacher killed someone in the course of a bank robbery – the student , the child!, would not only be responsible for his own conduct, but also for the conduct of the person inside the bank – and would be prosecuted as an adult for the actions of someone else in addition to his own. When the same student cannot be expected to know it is illegal to sleep with the teacher. I don’t get that.

      Again – any such conduct by a teacher is inappropriate and unprofessional and illegal for a reason, and I am not excusing it. But let’s get a grip here and keep things in perspective!

      And a substitute teacher is a “person of authority”? That is rich. All a student has to do these days is whisper the faintest hint of sexual (no other!?!?) misconduct and the entire school will go into mandatory reporter mode, immediately remove the accused – no questions asked – and shelter and support the accuser. Regardless of age or believability.

      And ohhh, we all know why you are here. You have told us often enough. What was it again? Misdemeanor Battery – as you have stated repeatedly. No wait, in reality it was Felony Sexual Battery!

      My niece is a masseuse. There are people who sexually assault women like my niece (because, working in a massage parlor they must be asking for it), get away with probation, see their felony reduced and expunged AND will get to stop registering as a sex offender in the near future. Very disgusting. People should be outraged!

  11. USA

    Lol. We know why anonymous is here. It’s not uncommon for individuals to blame the victims (ie: clothing, she was flirting, she/he shouldn’t have/they are all hit you, so what’s the difference?). It’s their fault! Wow. This is text book at its best. I guess it’s okay for substitute teachers to have sex with his/her students because they are all horny per Dustin. Anonymous, your as narcistic as they come. It’s everyones fault. If your an underage victim, it’s your fault. Nobody with any intellectual capital and (your clearly related for a child related offense as well) Ttylll

    PS: I won’t respond back. Your too far gone troll

  12. mike r

    @ USA at it again,
    “Anonymous, your as narcistic as they come. It’s everyones fault. If your an underage victim, it’s your fault. Nobody with any intellectual capital and (your clearly related for a child related offense as well)”

    Still attacking people and still with so called 4 degrees and cannot spell narcissistic or punctuate everyone’s properly.

    “And ohhh, we all know why you are here. You have told us often enough. What was it again? Misdemeanor Battery – as you have stated repeatedly. No wait, in reality it was Felony Sexual Battery!”

    This is exactly right. And he was even blaming it on the victim if I remember right. That felony sexual assault is a violent offense. I have no idea how the dude pleaded out of that to where he was eventually able to get it expunged reduced.
    (a) Any person who touches an intimate part of another person while that person is unlawfully restrained by the accused or an accomplice, and if the touching is against the will of the person touched and is for the purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse, is guilty of sexual battery. A violation of this subdivision is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, and by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000); or by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, and by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

    That is BS to the highest degree. Most of us have never even had any physical contact with anyone but yet this guy that restrains someone and starts touching them against their will for sexual gratification does not even do prison time and is able to get the shit reduced. Absolutely insane and of course, it is the system so I should not be surprised.

    And USA call me a pedo and a repeat child molester and whatever you want, you are the one that stated you have not re-offended because of the registry so I think the registry is exactly for people like you that are still dangerous and skated on a serious I would say violent offense offense. Force yourself on anyone you should get some prison.

  13. USA

    You guys are embarrassing and very defensive. Do you feel better? You can’t offend me.

  14. Seth

    Find me just one male teacher charged with sleeping with just one female student and received just a slap on the wrist.

    • NPS

      I, personally, know one male teacher (he was in his 40s and married) who got his 17-year-old female student pregnant. He got a slap on the wrist. The only thing that surprised me was that his case did NOT make the news, and this happened in Orange County.

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