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Epstein might not have been killed, but sex offenders’ prison deaths often are ‘choreographed’ | Opinion

[ – 8/12/19]

Many people aren’t buying the official “suicide” story from the Manhattan Correctional Complex that housed financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on suicide watch until late July. Theories that Epstein was murdered to protect any number of political cabals are widespread on social media. President Trump has suggested that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved and the Resistance is convinced that someone offed Epstein to protect the president.

That dead men tell no tales is a seductive explanation for Epstein’s expiration, but it ignores correctional reality. Epstein was vulnerable for reasons that have nothing to do with the ostensible secrets he might have kept on powerful people. Because he was convicted of sex crimes against children, Epstein was one of the most likely prison targets.

As former prisoners ourselves, we know violence and abuse in prisons aren’t always the result of supervisory vacuums. In fact, deaths of people accused of sex offenses are rarely accidental; they’re highly choreographed and implicitly endorsed executions.

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  1. Doug

    I believe Most of us who set in a jail cell , considered suicide. I also believe the jailers , did nothing to stop it , Some may have ,let him know the most effective method , or allowed another inmate to show him. Many are more than eager to show you . If not to help tie the knot. Jail for a sex offender is a brutal place.

    Then there are the people who were getting their jollys , watching this guy go thru hell . Now they feel cheated out of their fun . His Dying is not enough for them . They liked seeing him tortured.

    These are the same people , or ones like it, who liked calling me sick .

    I’m not saying Epstein , Wasn’t guilty and had his punishment coming ,

    Its the fun many people have doing him , and many of us that I think should be pointed out as sick.

  2. Anonymous

    While in prison I had no way to hang myself. The prisons remove the means.

  3. Thoughtasweak

    I know in CA guards love to set people up to be killed in prison by purposely putting them in a cell with someone who will kill them.
    I know one person was placed in a cell with a member of the Mexican Mafia, who’s known for hurting or killing people convicted of sex offenses.

    Luckily that gang member was trying to turn his life around and didn’t attack, to much of the guards’ disappointment. AND this was on a SNY yard. With prisons integrating main line & SNY yards, this will only get worse.

  4. FinallyOffTheReg

    Good Day Everyone:

    The optics on this are terrible.

    There are several factors to seriously consider and use almost in a way as a “Logic Tool”; akin to Occam’s Razor.

    1) For those of us who have come through the System, I feel strongly that one must pause for a moment and think with some real experiential-based mindfulness. This Epstein death stinks from the top on down. Now, I shall not wade into the variety of possibilities here regarding what has happened. But, I will say this: Something is NOT Right. I have my own private conclusions.

    2) I have always fought the verbal fight regarding the acceptance in prison of a person charged with selling an overdose of heroin/fentanyl to a minor causing death, and an allegation of improper #exual misconduct allegation. The former never seems to be cast in a negative light. So, a death of a minor at the hands of a “pimp” or a trafficker (alleged) through forced addiction slavery seems not to draw the same ire, because it’s charged totally different. It’s not a S*X offense. But a minor has died. It boggles my mind.

    3) I think if we unpack this for a moment, two conclusions can be drawn. The first is that the involvement of Guards in this horrible story is critical. For example, there is a Federal Detention Center in Rhode Island whose Guards totally enjoy outing to detainees those that are being detained for alleged similar offense such as Epstein. So, is it beyond imagination that perhaps there was gross and purposeful malfeasance by guards? NO. The second is that perhaps Mr. Epstein facing what could have been, and despite having the financial means to fight vigorously, finding himself in solitary confinement at MCC finally decided to take matters into his own hands. It’s not unheard of, so sage readers should not reject this idea.

    4) THIS is not over. I fear that for a long time to come, the prison system will “laud” the death of Mr. Epstein. That his passing, but his hand or by a consortium of “others” will give rise to a new and increased outing and identification of those summarily situated, increasing the opportunity for their harm, without any ramifications.

    OF NOTE: I think the article in the paper got it right. But, I also think that We have a duty and obligation too as well to defend ourselves in all matters and FIGHT. I think too that the Epstein case is one that is so ugly and so fraught with deadly minefields. Finally, I would say in my own analysis, whatever or whomever Jeffrey Epstein was as a person is gone. It seems he had no family other than a Brother. Despite all his wealth, for all observations he was in the end, ALONE.

    A Coda: These are just my own first blush thoughts. Perhaps a bit raw and perhaps a bit non-investigational. I am open to opposing ideas.

    Be well and fight the good fight to everyone.

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