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Malaysia: Applications to use sex offender registry still low – Hannah Yeoh

[ – 8/6/19]

Only 92 applications to check 1,497 names have been received for the sex offenders registry (e-DKK) which was launched by the Women. Family and Community Development Ministry in March.

Its deputy minister Hannah Yeoh (photo, above) said the number of applicants using the registry from April to July was still low due to the lack of awareness in society, especially nursery operators when hiring caregivers or new workers.

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  1. Cool CA RC

    maybe we can use this to point out that it cost too much to run Megan’s website in California.

    • Will Allen

      I’m not sure I get the correlation but it doesn’t matter.

      If the Registries save one child, they are worth billions of dollars a year. Never mind the fact that they literally harm millions of children a year. And get some murdered. It’s worth it to make the fake moralists feel a tiny bit better about themselves.

  2. Will Allen

    I truly don’t get this obsession with $EX. Do people who run “nurseries” (as these fruitloops call them) not care if people only got drunk, drove some neighbor’s children in a vehicle, and “accidentally” got them murdered? Or how about someone who got really angry at a neighbor’s child and smashed his/her face in with a shovel? That is not nearly as dangerous as looking at pictures!

    Are those people put on their “sex offender registry”? How about people who’ve only been convicted multiple times of beating a spouse nearly to death? Stabbing someone while robbing them? Pointing a gun in someone’s face? Or perhaps they can just use the nursery to hide their meth? Doesn’t seem dangerous to me.

    So what is this idiotic obsession with $EX?! Wouldn’t a person running a “nursery” want to do full background checks on any employee? Why in the world would anyone have any need for some extra Registry? I really don’t get it.

    But the great thing about it all is that they can check their BS Registries and run background checks all they want and it will do nothing significantly useful. They will still have the number of problems that they would’ve had if they had done nothing. Probably more. I can’t feel sorry for them.

    • NY won’t let go

      “How about people who’ve only been convicted multiple times of beating a spouse nearly to death?”

      They are caned 12 times and permanently crippled for life after the 20 years in prison

      “Stabbing someone while robbing them? “

      Death penalty because it’s attempted murder in some states they cut off the hands as well.

      “Pointing a gun in someone’s face?”

      Again death penalty guns aren’t legal to the public unless employed in a certain field and have a military background

      “Or perhaps they can just use the nursery to hide their meth?”

      Meth is another death penalty in Malaysia

      The registry in Malaysia is just to make sure you aren’t hiring someone with a history of raping children. It’s not public and can only be searched by those institutions and police…

      • Will Allen

        That is all very interesting, not sure what to think about it. I know very little about criminal justice and what is effective or not. The U.S. imprisons people for very, very long durations. Too long. And a much higher percentage of its population than the rest of the world. I wonder if removing a person’s freedom is more effective at preventing crime than is torturing and maiming someone? One person is locked away and unable to commit a crime. The other is maimed, free, and possibly a little agitated.

        And using drugs is a death penalty? Seems 100% immoral to me. Some countries obviously intend to force people to live exactly as they will allow them. Even the U.S. is out of control with that and I’m not at all interested in living around people who think that is okay. I’d rather kill them than live around them.

        All that aside, my point is completely valid. There is no need to have some separate “Registry” when in reality, all backgrounds need the same type of (useless) checking. At least they are smart enough to not make their Registry public.

        Businesses will not hire people who have committed a crime in the past, have been punished, and who have no interest in doing any of that again. They will hire people who have not committed a crime in the past who will after being hired. Personally, I’m just going to keep an eye on everyone I hire because I’m old and wise enough to know that anyone may do anything. 100% prevention is the only thing that works.

        • Moderator

          REMINDER: Please refrain from making statements that include calls to violence or references to violent actions. ***Moderator***

        • Will Allen


          I hear you. I totally understand not wanting people to make your forums an ugly, violent place. Or certainly not contributing to anything illegal. You don’t need to be 8chan. And as our glorious “leader” said, “The perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and they will not be ignored.” So we can expect big government to grow by perhaps 10,000 new employees whose only task will be to police the internet and find people who need their attention and “help” from big government. There is no problem they cannot make worse.

          But the “references to violent actions” is a fine line, no? We should not talk about violence that has occurred or might? It’s your forum but I feel like if such things are censored, people don’t see actual reality. They see the approved, censored, biased reality. So people don’t know reality. Registry Supporters constantly try to project a fake reality. They want people to think Registries are perfect. But it’s all wrong.

          Anyway, I’m sure there are forums where people can say exactly what they mean and think. Brutal honesty is good often.

      • CR

        Hmmm. Sounds like Malaysia may have a better handle on dealing with violent crime than we do.

  3. mike r

    “not care if people only got drunk, drove some neighbor’s children in a vehicle, and “accidentally” got them murdered? Or how about someone who got really angry at a neighbor’s child and smashed his/her face in with a shovel? That is not nearly as dangerous as looking at pictures!”

    I know this seems a relevant question, especially to us, but it is a losing argument and muddies the waters when attacking the registry. Just because some other circumstances may call for the same treatment, if they want to be consistent and half ass appear to be rational, does not necessarily lessen the perceived need for what is already in place. It certainly points to the irrational part, but once again just because it is irrational to apply something to one group and not the other is a losing argument.
    And believe me, I am the farthest one from accepting and rationalizing any registry. I just hear this argument a lot and feel it needs to be said.

    • Will Allen

      Thanks for the valuable feedback, really appreciate it. I agree that the argument “does not necessarily lessen the perceived need for what is already in place.” But that is not the point. In fact, it is easy to see that people could love the $EX Offender Registries ($ORs) and then think, “Yes, you are right, we do need all of those other Registries.”

      But the main point is to show obvious proof that the point of the $ORs is not public safety or protecting anyone. That is the main point. The $ORs exist for illegitimate reasons that only real scumbags could support.

      Another point of it is to show that justice is not being delivered fairly or factually. And that is a HUGE problem. If a government administering punishment loses the moral high road, then they are a criminal operation. They simply have to stay on the moral high road. Criminals are going to cheat and commit crimes. Legitimate government can’t. Or they get revolt, as they should.

      Lastly, if $ORs are going to continue to exist, then we really do need to get all of the rest of the Registries created. Millions more people need to be Registered. So let these pathetic criminal regimes get on with it and then they’ll have to deal with an even bigger disaster than they’ve already got. Will serve them right. I want to see them suffer because of their harassment and they would.

  4. NY won’t let go

    Just saw this topic pop back up in the news. The registry only applies to those convicted after 2017. And recently a person convicted in the UK who served 9 months went back to MY to get a scholarship for a doctorate.

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