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CA: Democrats incur LGBTQ wrath over sex offender registry bill SB 145

[ – 9/6/19]

During a week of flurry before Labor Day, the California Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees determined which final legislation to pass to the floor for votes and which to suspend for this session. At the end of the day on Friday, Aug. 30, one bill superseded the usual drama to create a pall over California Democratic unity as LGBTQ legislators and advocates expressed outrage that purported supporters used anti-LGBTQ messaging to woo electoral votes in 2020.

However, in a move that infuriated LGBTQ advocates and law enforcement allies, Assembly Appropriation Chair Lorena Gonzalez suspended Wiener’s SB 145 that would fix the current discriminatory sex offender registry law written before homosexuality was decriminalized.

Equality California was among the fairness and equality advocates angry that Gonzalez seemed to substitute her own judgement over that of law enforcement and LGBTQ and allied civil rights groups and placed SB 145 on suspension to now become a two-year bill, eligible for consideration in 2020.

The move was cheered by anti-LGBTQ Christians. “A California bill that could have prevented homosexuals from having to register as sex offenders for having sex with consenting minors has been blocked,” Christian Action Network reported Sept. 3.

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  1. Gralphr

    If it’s one thing people within the LGBT community need to understand, its that agreeing with registries Is still agreeing with them being singled out for abuse. After all, the topic of homosexuality is still taboo just like sex offenders. Yes, you may have some PC people who say nice things in public, but being closed doors they consider them and sex offenders one of the same……

  2. matthew

    Christians huh? While that is some people’s view, not all. What a bs posting. Kind of like how we do not want to be under the same umbrella, do not people their religious beliefs in a post like this.

    • P

      Perhaps I should have been more circumspect and precise. Evangelicals are asshole hypocrites. The right-wing bible thumpers are the worst. They condemn people, label them, make excuses for gun-ownership, capital punishment, walls at borders, racism, etc. Evangelicals are a science-denying bunch of blind sheeple who will stare at evidence-based treatment, empirical facts, such as low recidivism rates and still ignore the truth. Now many of you who went to the chapel in prison found solace and perhaps some comfort during your darkest days, but let me tell you, right-wing christians are the main obstacle to registered sex offenders ever being accepted in society. wake-up to that reality. This woman in the article is just one case in point! Left-leaning christians all seem to be forgiving and inclusive but they are in the minority because most of those people abandoned the church long ago. Big organized evangelical religious groups are all run by bull-shitters passing the plate and labeling people.

      • TS


        Piss off, preferably into the wind. I identify most closely with the non-denominational evangelicals you demean here while understanding the science and don’t relate to things you list.

        So, you may want to slice your pie again now with more researched information before you run your mouth again under the First Amendment rights many of us fought for you are using here.

    • Facts should matter

      “That’s why I’m supporting Mani Grewal for Senate. He will continue to protect our children.”

      Once again, the invoking of “our children” as an intentional fear mongering mechanism to garner cheap votes from the fleeced sheep. Such toxic and arrogant virtue-signaling. When you have nothing substantial to run on, you have to resort to attack ads using the “children in peril” card. Their ignorant base falls for it every time.

      Critical thinking and religion goes together like water and oil.

      • P

        Agreed. Self-righteous assholes pandering for votes from low IQ christian schmucks. It’s a toxic problem

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          P, now, now, we godless wouldn’t want to be thought churlish, would we? Let’s get our points across without aggression which is – from experience – not terribly persuasive anyway.

  3. P

    Christians are a real pain in the ass. Hypocrite assholes.

    • Harry

      Thank you for attacking me, I am a Christian.

      • Will Allen

        Well, the bad 90% give the rest of you a bad name. It’s unfortunate but it does seem to me that Christians (just the 90%) are some of the most awful people around. Just like most law enforcement.

      • Tim in WI

        No need IMO to fret P as P knows in his heart the story of JC instructed the disciples in washing the feet of prostitutes and the unclean is truth. JC ate routinely with sinners and tax collectors and they were rarely pegans, they were Jews. Malcontents like myself & P grumble for social war ( mass FTR) and won’t be waiting on the Pharisees cause we think like Apostles fomenting for Roman blood.

        • P


          This is what I know in my heart. Jesus Christ as the son of god is a myth. He did not perform miracles and there is no heaven as you know it. Religion is a vast hoax with zero evidence of its existence. Religion is the refuge of people who are afraid to simply die and cease to exist, like every other animal and plant on earth. The idea that a “god” somehow favors humans – embuing humans some special status – over other animal or plant life is just a bizarre fantasy. some ego-inflated human being thought this up 2,000 years ago as a “rational” explanation for things. just like the Romans believed that Zeus and the other “god’s” lived on Mt. Olympus and conducted their business to affect mere mortals on earth. Nonesense.

          Did ‘god’ favor dinosaurs over other animal life 175 million years ago? Given dinosaurs relative dominance over other species (such as humans more recently) and place on the food chain, that would seem to be god’s modus operendi. And then the dinosaurs went extinct. Poof. maybe god fucked-up and wanted to start over, sort of. who knows?

          Speaking of dinosaurs, some christians believe that the earth is 7,000 years old, and that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. That was written somewhere in the old testament, and now interpreted as “gospel” by many people. These christian people will be presented a vast amount of science-based evidence to the contrary and still refuse to believe the truth. This is known as cognitive dissonance. Confirmation bias occurs when these christians are presented overwhelming evidence of science based truth and still point to the bible and interpret history through a lens that aligns with their belief system.

          Religion is a form of indoctrination. There is a very high degree of correlation between one’s religious beliefs and your family or local communities’ beliefs. Muslims have been indoctrinated in the other parts of the world just as christians have been in the united states. so which religion is correct? that largely depends on who you talk to and where you were born now doesn’t it?

          christians have been sold a bill of goods by their parents and that nice pastor down at the church. It makes themselves feel better and it sort of makes sense if you don’t really think about it too much, but it’s all bullshit. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          Other beliefs that evangelical christians have are that sex offenders are bad people who will continue to re-offend. I could go on.

          My point here is that right wing evangelical, fire and brimstone, church-loving, science-denying, gun-owning, xenophobic, average-IQ, bible-thumpers with low-self esteem are afraid that their pathetic existence in their double-wide is all they will ever have until Jesus calls them to the pearly gates. These are the people who believe everything Sean Hannity tells them. These are the people who vote for “conservative” politicians because conservative politicians validate their beliefs and are looking to get re-elected by lying to these dumbass christians who will believe anything they are told. See above.
          These are the people who want to identify a class of people lower on the social hierarchy than they are.

          These are the people who believe in a heaven and that god will save them, but until that happens they need to write checks to their church, hate faggots and brown skinned people and sex offenders. Amen.

    • General Bean

      Perhaps you’d prefer to live in a predominantly Muslim country, say, Iran. Go be gay there and let us know how much less hypocritical they are toward gays. Indeed I’ll bet you find much less hypocrisy. When they say they’re going to publicly hang you for being gay, they’re actually going to hang you for being gay. I’m sure you’d prefer that over having to tolerate a bunch of a-hole Christians who could you so oppressed.

      • P

        I have no idea what your point is. I will stipulate Iran is worse the the US. I will also point out that the majority of European countries are far more forgiving and tolerant of “sex offenders”. No public registries for one thing. Note: fewer people identify as christians in Europe than in US. There is another data point to consider for all the Christian apologists.

      • Tim in WI

        G. B.,
        In a Muslim world where traditional women are covered ( with good intent as men are visually instinctive) we’d all be put to death.I’m Guilty of not. P seems to forget his beliefs are his and not of others. He has right to FTR same as all of us AND THAT made our founders geniuses.
        It matters not if America believes we’ve engaged in religious war that counts or matters; rather it is the belief of the adversarial party that counts, because they alone believe. Romans rarely attributed their wars to religion. They were capitalist warriors who prayed to multiple ” Christian ” gods, which ever suited them best.

    • Mike

      Well actually true Christians will forgive and pray with you and for you
      Real Christians that is. The definition of Christian is ” to be Christ-like”. So if they claim to be Christians and dont forgive,love,pray,help, ect… All people then they are not Real Christians or i should say “Followers of Christ”. One thing i almost forgot to mention is why would the lgbtq need a law to not get punished for having consensual sex with a underage minor, that’s already illegal no matter how you look at.

      • Mike

        I forgot to mention, that article said the bill would make it to where the lgbtq won’t get in trouble for having consensual sex with underage minor, that is illegal already no matter how how you look at it, if thats the case and it does pass, “ooh ooh i forgot to tell you judge im gay and belong to LGBTQ community” even though i am actually innocent for real and i found out there’s alot of innocent people and even people who’s crime have nothing to do with sex of ant nature on the registry. Like I’ve said ” this is all part of a bigger plan to control all Americans, just look how there try to take guns away. The second amendment is there so if an when the government tries to run ramant and no regards to the people we can revolt and take our country back, no guns=no fight.

  4. DPH

    I KNEW AS SOON AS I SAW that bitch Gonzalez listed there in Appro Comm that she would shit on us.
    Not only does she personally vendetta 290s she doesnt trust LGBTQI’s and when I noted she was Chair.
    I knew that she would squash or WHATever she could do to stop or dissapear Sen Wiener’s Bill she would.
    Had a GUT FEELING of illness today when we prep for Oak’s Pride Day, that there was an update here.
    Sure enough, and being the 1st to reply, found it to be true.
    Powered she does NOT deserve nor Earn to take PERSONAL Attacks to the Comm before all of the one’s against.
    Gonzalez needs to step down and does NOT believe in Equality. Gonzalez has always had HATRED for RC’s.
    And goes out of her way and had the Right Wing over done Ck a Fil group show up at their committee.
    I would of been handcuffed for speaking out and getting in that groups face post session with their ugly comments and her fasheded statements of neglect and her Political realm.
    MAKES ME SICK to my stomach.

  5. James I

    I’m sorry, I know that Janice, Chase, Senator Wiener and many people supported SB145….yes, current laws are discriminatory.

    But how about doing something really important….like a real concerted effort to throw Lorena Gonzalez out of office. I mean strategy sessions on the best means, I mean contributing some funds to whoever opposed this ( witch–insert very bad word here).

    I will further apologize but we don’t need SB145…we need a complete repeal of the entire rickety monstrosity that is the Registering of Human beings…after sentencing….for anything.

    What Wiener needs to submit is a bill that rips out the RSO laws root and branch.

    I will of course follow and respect and will do anything Janice asks me to do…but I will not weep for the loss of this bill…my fervent wish is that this militantizes the LGBTQ community…not against Democrats, but rather where the wrath belongs…against Lorena Gonzalez and/or the whole damned RSO evil scheme.

    Good Luck to all of us, James I

    • Janice Bellucci

      @James – It was and continues to be important that ACSOL support SB 145 for several reasons. First, the author of SB 145 was also the author of the Tiered Registry Bill. He saved the Tiered Registry from doom after its first author dumped the bill so that he could run for state wide office. Second, many of the people on the registry are members of the LGBTQ community and we want to show our support for them. Third, we want to prevent people from being convicted of a sex offense that requires registration. Fourth, it’s the right thing to do in that it is a matter of equality. That is, gay couples should not face harsher penalties than straight couples.

      • NPS

        Except that straight couples ARE facing harsh penalties. I’m heterosexual, and what I was convicted of does NOT require registration but I was still forced to register under 290.006. It’s already an expunged misdemeanor yet I’m STILL forced to register. Like James, I, too, am not weeping for this bill.

      • Tired Old Man

        @Janice Bellucci
        doesn’t the scam 99 do the same to LGBTQ where it puts you in a higher bracket? maybe also attack the scam 99 also

      • American Detained in America

        Sorry, but while it helps some, I still maintain that the tiered registry is almost worthless. I have no victim, yet I was one of many who were moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3 at the last minute before it was passed. I don’t consider Wiener to be even close to being on our side when he did that. I can only hope that I’m able to get a CoR before this crapstorm that is the tiered registry kicks in.

        • Will Allen

          “almost worthless”?? A tiered or un-tiered Registry is worthless. Is either less worthless than the other?

          What is your definition of “worthless” in your comment? If Registry A lists N people and Registry B lists .9N, seems you are saying Registry B “is almost worthless”. I don’t see how that definition would be affected by whether or not you personally are listed on it (or the circumstances around that).

          But very good luck to you getting off of the nonsense Registries ASAP, by any means. Not one person should be listed.

          Regarding anyone “being on our side”, I feel we ought to not call it “our side” and should instead call it the “moral side” or “American side”. I don’t see this as an us vs. them. I see it as right, moral, and American vs. wrong, immoral, and anti-American. If people see “our side” as a bunch of “$EX offenders”, I don’t think they want to be included. I think it needs to be framed as the intelligent, good, right, moral, American side. And the other side isn’t.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      James, “What Wiener needs to submit is a bill that rips out the RSO laws root and branch.”

      Why not do both, James? I don’t see it as an “either-or” choice.

      This is an issue where homosexual relations are clearly disadvantaged relative to heterosexual ones. That should be enough for us to identify the law as being discriminatory and unjust in that area, alone.

      There is an argument, frustrating as it is for those of us on this registry b.s. to accept, that the only way to attack the registry is gradually, trimming it back a little at a time. I would much prefer the “root-and-branch” method, of course, but it is pretty apparent that we aren’t getting rid of the registry that quickly.

      So, we have a choice: we can attack the registry as a whole and almost certainly fail or we can erode it one piece at a time and probably win modest victories while waiting for the right time to deal the whole thing a death blow. Or, given the resources, we can do both, at the same time and compare which works better.

  6. Tim in WI

    Why the gay community would hitch their sled to the Democratic Socialists in the first place is beyond me. The gay communities plight here is an example of how fast those folks would throw gays ( or any group) under the bus.

    The D’s are organized unions and lobby and their corporate accountants and lawyers. The reason IMHO D’s are bailing on you is the issue of ” marriage. That is identified by the general population as a bridge to far. The SCOTUS ruling on the issue has fomented a reaction not merely from the far right evangelical but also the humanists and agnostic middle left.

  7. Sunny

    LGBT people are 3-5 times more likely to be prosecuted for sex offenses than their heterosexual peers for the same behavior.

    In March of 2019 I submitted a Public Records Request to the State of California, asking for information regarding the sexual orientation of registrants on Megan’s Law. Although they do not keep records of registrant sexual orientation per se, they do maintain records regarding gender. The state wrote:

    “As of March 27, 2019, of the 27,902 sex offender registration records with victim information in the registry’s database, the following offender-victim totals were identified:

    24,346 offenses involved opposite sex offenses
    3,692 offenses involved same-sex offenses
    6,651 offenses occurred against victims with an unknown gender
    9 of the sex offender registration records involved a transgender offender for which no victim typology was reported”

    Basic math shows that same-sex offenses make up over 13% of the registrants in this data set (3,692 / 27,902), yet UCLA and Gallup polls estimate the number of LGBT Americans as being between 3 and 4.5% of the population. That means that even in California, LGBT people are 3-4 times more likely to end up on the registry than are heterosexual individuals.

    I also have personal experience with this. I was convicted of engaging in a sexual act with a minor who was 6 weeks from the age of consent. When I moved to California from out of state, I was required to register pursuant to Megan’s Law even though another individual who was convicted of an identical out of state offense as me (down to the sub-sub-paragraph of the statute) was NOT required to register in California (the state of conviction does not make distinctions about different kinds of sexual acts – everything is under the blanket term of “sexual act.”). I obtained a copy of his docket record. We are the same age, our offenses were committed within one year of each other, and we were convicted in the same courthouse by the same judge. The only difference is that his victim was female and mine was male. When I challenged my requirement on this basis, the DOJ wrote back to me stating that, “…offenses which do not involve vaginal intercourse are thus not substantially similar for purposes of equal protection.”

    My conviction resulted in years continuing harassment and stalking from anti-LGBT hate groups that try to promote the idea all gay men are pedophiles. This is a common narrative among anti-LGBT hate groups (I refuse to call them “Christian” because their practices are so counter to religious faith).

    I support a total and complete abolishment of the registry for everyone, but anything we can do to undermine it and chip away at it is useful. SB 145 would likely remove a significant number of individuals from the registry and would help end the stigma surrounding LGBT people as being sexually perverse and predatory.

    • MS

      @ P:

      Everyone is certainly entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, etc. My opinion is that you might want to do a little more historical research before suggesting that religion and any beliefs that go along with it are bullshit. Hundreds upon hundreds of ancient discoveries by scientists, archaeologists (many with no religious leanings, including atheists) that support, rather than negate, the existence of people, places, events, etc written about in the bible. Their evidence validates, over, and over, and over again, the historical accuracy of what is found in the bible. There have been numerous atheist scientists that have set out prove the bible is a piece of fictional literature that after spending several years looking to disprove the bible, do a complete 180. One example: Jim Warner Wallace (some pretty good videos on youtube).

      • P

        Religion is absolute nonsense. For every “scientist” that “does a 180”, there are dozens or hundreds more that see no credibility with religious indoctrination. Philosophically, it is great so keep going to church by all means! I mean who doesn’t like a good story with a happy ending, even it’s all make believe?!

        MY POINT IN ALL OF THESE RANTS is that so-called christians are not in-fact following the “good book” and “words of jesus” or whatever. The christians in political power in this country – the one’s subjecting “sex offenders” to extreme levels of despair – play their constituents as the rubes they are and we suffer as a result. If you wish to debate my main point then I am happy to continue.

        • C

          I’ll bet Christmas sucks at your house. Or perhaps you celebrate Festivus as an alternative. Regardless, it takes a lot of faith to be an atheist.

        • AJ

          “For every “scientist” that “does a 180”, there are dozens or hundreds more that see no credibility with religious indoctrination.”
          So the number of people on one side or the other are what drive something being right or wrong, fact or fiction? If so, I don’t get why you have any problem with “[t]he christians in political power in this country”–because if they’re the greatest number, they surely must be right. If “everyone knows” RCs have a frightening and high recidivism rate, why bother challenging it? For how long did “everyone know” the sun revolved around the earth? It took one or two others to challenge this “fact.” How long did “everyone know” heavier-than-air flight was impossible? It took one or two others to challenge this “fact.” MY point is that just because everyone says something is a certain way, it doesn’t mean it is.

          Don’t forget Lee Strobel ( He took his skills as an investigative journalist and set out to disprove Christianity–because of his wife’s conversion, no less! He went from atheist to a book and film called, “The Case for Christ.”

          As @C hinted, the book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist”, co-authored by Norman Geisler, Frank Turek, and David Limbuagh (yes, same family) is a good read. It makes points and raises questions atheism cannot answer.

          I prefer to call myself “a follower of Christ.” The term “Christian” has gotten rather tainted due to hypocrites and bad apples.

          Finally, as far as a “happy ending” goes, I hate to break it to you, but it’s only happy for those through the narrow door. It’s available to all.

        • E @ AJ

          At the risk of fawning, and I’ve told you before how much I appreciate you, this may be the best post yet. Since you won’t come to an ACSOL conference :), at least now I know I will meet you at some point. There will one day be a day of rejoicing!

        • AJ

          “Hypocrite christian assholes”
          Agreed. And? That some abuse and hide behind Christianity means Christianity is wrong or false??

          Would atheists get your same disdain if they were doing this? Would they be hypocrites, too? Or do atheists get a pass on morals and kindness to other humans?

          Would you support them if it were the Church of Satan being charged? I would think you should, since they would be living as their “god” wants. They certainly couldn’t be hypocrites, could they?

          I’ve long pointed out that man has been killing man in the name of god/God for millennia. That’s part of our flawed and sinful nature. However that’s doesn’t prove or disprove Christianity, or any other religion. It just shows we can be horrible to each other.

    • Tim in WI

      The database machines infrastructure is already here sir. There will be no going back. See MI.
      Discrimination is occurring yes but that is hardly unusual in any culture. Being gay does not impart a pension for violence nor human immorality on its own as it use to. If anything it is the liberty of penis that most offends and frightens the world. The gay community has brought themselves so far I to acceptance but one must still leave room for others to their pace of change. Ultimately we libertarian believers and agnostics will do more than merely tolerate homosex we would embrace its potential general acceptance on the naked penis itself as worthy of public view and not abhorrent.

    • Tim in WI

      I’ve read your post several times. You are so correct in pointing out the generic version of broadcasts. Texas specifically rejected that aspect precisely because of efficacy LOST by it! It was the lack of judicial determination of individual assessment need by facts.
      While state avoids ” Dangerousness ” as necessary it may not duck the need for evidence.

  8. Agamemnon

    Aside from this bill, are there any attempts to to outlaw or reconfigure the static-99 assessment of 290s upon prison release, bc homosexuals are immediately given a higher risk assessment.

    • Gralphr

      I’ll take it even farther than that. The static 99-r says risk level half after a set number of years, so why use the static-99r if they’re not going to ignore part of it when it benefits the people labeled by it!!!???

    • Tim

      Sure that way the union socialists avoid accountability by providing proxy cover to law by administrative rule. Without the necessary discriminatory text in situ no real argument can be formed. That being a layer serving insularity to the state actor (agent) and the people’s wrath ( principal) and tort.

  9. Laura

    From my experience the media distorts facts and sensationalizes headlines. Why are we getting off topic with the media statement…”The move was cheered by anti-LGBTQ Christians. “ Has not everyone on our registry been listed or labeled by the media distortion as some sort of Preying Monster? Bottom line is a true Christian will not judge others; and understands how to forgive 70×7 times (Matthew 18:22). Any person claiming to be Christian and does not understand this (among many other things in scripture) are not and should not call themselves a Christian.

    • P

      Laure, I agree with you. Evangelical christians are simply homophobic assholes who wish to demonize anyone who does not look like or conform to their own worldview. The pretense that the religious right was motivated by faith and morality was dropped — or should have been — when white evangelicals flocked to vote for Trump, a thrice-married chronic adulterer who has bragged about sexual assault on tape.

      Here’s the thing: The real purpose of the Christian conservative movement is to uphold white supremacy and patriarchy, full stop.

      Take this latest controversy with the Falwell I reference above. The elder Jerry Falwell was a bigot through and through, and his version of Christianity was primarily, if not solely, about rationalizing a white supremacist, misogynistic and homophobic worldview. But once Trump was elected, all bets were off. Trump’s efforts at pretending to be Christian are too weak to be called “half-baked.” He can’t even get basic Biblical terminology right or show any comprehension of lessons that five-year-olds have learned in Sunday school. The alliance between Trump and the religious right is openly and nakedly about power, and specifically about enforcing racist and sexist hierarchies in American society. If Christian right leaders once believed that keeping that power meant putting effort into maintaining the illusion of temperance and restraint, that time is long past. White evangelicals don’t care what their leaders get up to in the bed, the bars or the bank account. Nothing really matters except enforcing a social hierarchy that keeps the “right” people in power, and others under their boots.

      In other words, evangelical christians are racist, homophobic hypocrites, who will never in a million years, wish to eliminate the sex-offender registry.

      • Will Allen

        Have to say I completely agree with that. But of course that does not mean that all people who call them Christian are bad people. Some of them are decent. But these “evangelicals” are destroying them.

        You forgot about PABOTUS’ problem with lying though. It is a HUGE problem to have a president that thinks it is okay to lie to U.S. citizens. Frankly, I have no idea how any decent person can think he is an acceptable president or a leader in any way. I don’t care about any skills he does or doesn’t have, that’s not relevant to me if the person is not a human.

  10. USA

    I personally don’t agree with the bill at all!! If your gay and molest/or have sex with an underage boy, it’s ok? Yet, if your a man who is straight and has sex with an underage girl? Geez

    • Agamemnon

      There is currently a law that allows a person to plead to a misdemeanor and avoid registry if they are caught having a consensual, heterosexual relationship with someone within 9 years of their age (if the person is older than 14).

      However their is no such stipulation for someone in a homosexual relationship under the same circumstances. SB 145 would fix that discrepancy, not condone such a relationship.

      • norman

        and original SB145 included presence restrictions..of course Janice stopped that and this is what might have killed the bill..

    • SR @ USA

      That’s not what this bill does. Right now (making these numbers up), if you’re a man and you’re involved with an underage female you get 1 year behind bars. If you’re a man and you’re involved with an underage male you get 1 year plus 6 months. The rational for this was because if you’re straight but have same-sex victims, that implies you’re more predatory (you just want to get your fix and you don’t care with whom). But for gay men having same-sex victim is the same as for men having opposite-sex victim. This bill was supposed to clear this up so that gay men with male victims wouldn’t receive extra penalties that they otherwise would not have received if their victim was of the opposite sex. This bill doesn’t play favorites. It makes things equal.

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