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OH: Continued sharing of images ‘worse than actual abuse’ for child pornography victim

[ – 9/24/19]

CINCINNATI — ‘Solomon’ was sexually assaulted for the first time during an overnight trip in Kentucky.

He was 8 years old.

“I don’t have a legacy that doesn’t involve being raped as a child,” Solomon told the WCPO I-Team.

Solomon said his abuser also took photos and videos of him posing naked, then sold them online.

Those images can still be found online, according to documents that federal prosecutors in the Southern District of Ohio filed in child pornography cases.

“It’s worse than the actual abuse I went through,” Solomon said.

Solomon, now in his 30s, said he is sharing his story publicly for the first time to shine a light on child pornography and the terrifying effect it has had on his life.

Solomon’s code name is a pseudonym, just like other pseudonym’s federal court documents use to identify ‘Lily,’ ‘Andy,’ ‘’Pia,’ ‘Maya,’ ‘Chelsea,’ ‘Violet’ and so many other victims. We will refer to Solomon by this pseudonym in order to protect his identity.

“I can’t get away from it. Ever,” he said. “I don’t expect you can heal from something like this. It’s just too deep.”

WCPO has spent several months investigating the distribution of child pornography, the challenges facing law enforcement, the relentless impact it has on victims and what is being done to address it.

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  1. Harry

    This is also true of victims that are receiving treatment for abuse. Most therapist keeps putting the child through the victimization to prepare them for court and they keep re-victimizing them to keep them coming for treatment, which, is more money in the therapist pocket.

  2. Bill

    The whole restitution issue has always confounded me in terms of the possesser (not the original abuser) paying for the victim’s mental anguish.

    At the time of the offender possessing the victim’s images, the victim was not aware therefore how could the offender be causing the mental anguish that he has to make reparations for?

    Perhaps restitution would make more sense that the original abuser would pay for every image that shows up in another offender’s case. It would be more meaningful for the victim to get it from the abuser than some faceless guy that he never met nor was aware he had them in the first place.

  3. Dustin

    Wonder how many times the feds, ICACs, et al used his images for their stupid entrapment stings.

    • C

      Or personal enjoyment.

      If you want to view/distribute CP or commit other crimes with impunity, choose a career in LE.

  4. Anonymous

    It is a horrific tragedy and I hope there is a way for victims to heal. I want to get past the guilt and shame that I deal with form file sharing it but 10 years of forced probation “treatment” is not working.

  5. Will Allen

    Please. I was abused as a child and I’m certain there are photos and video of it floating around. I can’t let that bother me today. And why would it? Today, I’m old enough that I couldn’t care less if anyone sees me naked TODAY, doing whatever. All people look just about alike. Get over it. If someone is looking at my pictures, BFD, it sure as hell isn’t hurting me. I’d be about 1,000,000 times more pissed is our criminal governments were using my pictures to entrap people. THAT would really piss me off.

    I realize that people are affected by trauma is hugely varying and different ways. The things that might not bother me any longer might really bother other people. But …. BECAUSE the Registries exist …. I have been converted more and more and more into the monster that they say I am and I just can’t give a flip about victimhood status. Especially lifelong victimhood. #fmetoo

    We’ve ALL had things done to us. We’ve ALL had problems. Have problems. Too bad. That is life. Be thankful that TODAY you are not being held in a Nazi concentration camp. Live the best life you can. Forget about pictures and video from past. Worried about those? Feeling victimized? Fucking please.

    Further, if this person supports the Registries then I’m glad that he feels victimized. I am glad that he was the victim and a person who does not support Registries was not. I hope ALL future victims are people who think Registries are okay. That’s called paying it forward.

    I’ve done some things to people in the past that were wrong. I should not have done it. I paid an extremely steep price for it. The things I did were not heinous or exceptionally damaging. I’d be very surprised if those people thought about it ever today. What I did to those people is nothing compared to what was done to me. I’m not a victim today. They aren’t a victim today. It is not acceptable today for random strangers to be able to harass me for something that I did to people decades ago, people whose names they don’t even know. I paid dearly for everything I did. It is not acceptable to be signed up for random harassment. So too bad for everyone.

  6. Facts should matter

    “It’s worse than the actual abuse I went through,” Solomon said.”

    Perhaps in your mind, but don’t oversell your personal experience as the de facto rule in which all other abuse victims are measured. There are numerous coping skills available for the mental anguish aspect of recovery.

  7. Jack

    Ok. Not to sound mean, I just wanted to interject a little bit of rationality here. He says he is ridden with anxiety because he’s worried people will be able to recognize a 30 year old man from a picture they viewed of him, taken when he was 8 years old. I gotta tell you, such a thing is incredibly difficult, and therefore highly unlikely.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      I’m a bit more willing to “sound mean.” Anyone can say they were abused and continue to suffer everlasting anguish. Anyone. And we know that people lie about this all of the time. They lie about the alleged abuse, they lie about the trauma and they lie about the ostensible longterm affects. This is not a little phenomenon; it’s huge and beginning finally to be recognized. I’m just not willing to accept all of these claims at face value, anymore, certainly not when their motives are far from unprofitable in some form or another..

  8. Mp

    I can not imagine what this like for him and way to many others out there. Many victim impact statement’s read the same …”every time a notice shows up I get sick”. And yet these “crusaders” for victims see nothing wrong with this and fight for every notification to happen.

    Many, many years ago I struck up a conversation at the gas pump with a guy who was filling up his boat. He said he takes vets out who suffer from PTSD and lingering mental issues from war. He said this is far more therapeutic than the counselor constantly having them relive what they went thru. I literally said to the man…”I will never forget this conversation, that makes so much sense.”

    I didn’t forget and now I understand it first hand.

  9. SR

    This man and many like him are in a lot of pain with what was done to them. But it seems like much of the pain he’s experiencing now is directly related to the government sending him those letters over and over. How can he move on if he’s constantly reminded of what happened to him? I remember reading pretty much this exact same story with a woman. She literally had to sue to stop those notification being sent to her. Yeah, he’s getting some money out of most of these, but it seems like the money isn’t of any great sum and just gets folded into his therapy which constantly gets aggravated explicitly due to these constant reminders. It’s like, hey, we’re going to show up to your house every day and punch you in the stomach a few times, but we’ll be sure to leave some cash on the table for your medical bills to help fix the trauma.

    • Will Allen

      Actually, I was thinking right after I wrote the comment that I posted before about this that I would like to get signed up for this notification program. I want to be recognized and get the notices. And I want the money. The notices wouldn’t bother me. I’d find it more interesting than anything else.

      Literally right after I hit the “Post Comment” button before, I started to wonder about how I could find the photos/videos of me and get them into the program. Why not get the notices and try for money? Perhaps I could collect money and if the person who had to pay it was entrapped, I could pay it back to the person when he/she was released from prison. That would surely be useful to society.

      So how could I find my photos/videos? Obviously I can’t just search for them. Guess I’d have to engage law enforcement to help me. Hmmm, seems like a good way to waste some of their time and money too. Hmmmmm. They’d probably ignore me. It would be too much real work for them to do and they’ve got a lot easier fish to catch.

      • AJ

        @Will Allen:
        “Guess I’d have to engage law enforcement to help me. Hmmm, seems like a good way to waste some of their time and money too.”
        I suspect you could probably contact NCMEC and tell them you’re rather sure you’re in some online CP images. If you submit “proper” images of you (body and/or face) and perhaps of the room(s) where things happened (they often forensically use background details), you may spark them to help out yet one more victim. If nothing else, it will indeed make the bureaucratic wheels spin and spend resources–after all, what else CAN they do, ignore you? I have to think they’ll have to go through every possibile image (manually) to rule you in or out. If nothing else, it’s worth a try at making them do work, isn’t it? 😀

        • Will Allen

          Hmmm, yes. I’ve actually never even thought of this before. Maybe because of my hatred for these “people”?

          But surely NCMEC would just tell me that I’m not eligible to be a professional victim because I am a “$EX offender”. I mean, I can’t be both, can I? Unless I’m a child that has taken photos of myself in the privacy of my own room.

          But, interesting. I will definitely think about this more. I doubt that I have a single photo of the rooms though. Very long time ago. If only I had the actual photos. I’d probably be arrested for having photos of myself being attacked!

        • David

          @Will Allen: I do not understand why you would not eligible. You certainly suffered that early trauma of being a victim long before you were a perpetrator. In fact, it could easily be argued that it was the early trauma itself that later lead you to those actions. You were a victim long before you were a perpetrator and should, therefore, not be precluded from receiving compensation as an abuse victim.

        • Will Allen


          Sorry to mislead anyone but that whole second paragraph was sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek.

          Although I do certainly believe that if a person is a victim then everyone wants to be so, so concerned for you and say you are damaged for life, but if you then become a “$EX offender”, you are worthless and unredeemable. Then no one cares if you were ever a victim or will be again in the future.

          I do think I should be eligible to get big government notices and compensation (if everyone else is getting it, of course). But it would probably make me terminally ill just to “cooperate” or work with big government at all. Because, F them every day.

  10. AJ

    While I get the pain and suffering this, and every, abused person endures, I have to question how anyone is ever harmed by something of which they’re unaware. If the argument is that just knowing the files are out there is what causes the harm, then how is the harm increased by proving it in this or that particular case? How does knowing that John Doe himself looked at the images, versus their being generally available, change that harm?

    The “background pain” of knowing the images are out there is omnipresent and probably eternal. It’s the (government’s) notification to the victim of a specific event that causes the scab to get ripped off again and again. Perhaps if the government didn’t shout it at the victim via notifications and to the world via court cases naming which victim, it would be a little easier on the victim. I guess it’s just one more example of an unintended consequence of a law–which the government seems to think a few thousand dollars of wealth transfer will fix. Sure. Right.

    P.S. I also believe that by making these victims “famous” (‘Amy’, ‘Vicky’, ‘Solomon’) the government inadvertently makes them more appealing. In other words, it furthers even more notifications and hurt.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      AJ, oh, now you’re just being logical. You probably don’t believe in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, either.

    • SR

      The irony here is that aside this man and others being an innocent type of victim at the get-go, I think most of us can reciprocate the anxiety of there being something negative about you on the internet over which you have no control. However, the government forces this fear and anxiety on all RSO’s (including very real potential for vigilante attacks) but for us they simply call it “collateral damage”. I’ve basically haven’t had any real friends with whom I regularly visit since my conviction. I’ve had more human interaction when I was doing the mandated group therapy than I do now being off paper. Sure, I have people I speak with at work, but outside of that it’s just me and my wife. And this is very much do to my personal anxiety of putting myself out there and then being found out. I’m sure in the grand scheme of things vast majority of my fear is self-inflicted in my head and I really should get out there, but I see these self-made demons being little different than what this man is experiencing. It’s doubtful anyone in reality will really be able to recognize him now a 30-years older adult, but the human brain doesn’t work that way. And in both our cases, the government is that one that keeps ripping open these wounds over and over and over. I’m sure I’ve shaved off years off my life because of this.


    Well take them down instead of using them as bait.

    • Steve D

      Sorry about what he went through, but his current psychological status suggests to me that his outlook has been negatively shaped by therapists.

      • Will Allen

        Yeah, I think certainly so. I think people really love to drink and use drugs and blame it on something, anything. But it really is just them. People also like to blame their inability to remain employed, be decent to people, or whatever, on anything.

        We’ve all got problems. I like to drink. Maybe I should drink every day and blame that on the Registries? That would be much, much more valid than this guy blaming his behaviors on things from decades ago.

      • David

        @ Steve D: That is very much my initial thought: This man needs to find a GOOD
        (as in, properly trained and experienced) therapist, because it seems that whoever he has been seeing is NOT very good. Psychotherapy today offers a myriad of very effective techniques for addressing all sorts of mental health concerns, including child trauma.

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