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When Prison Is A Better Option

[Scott H. Greenfield at – 10/4/19]

Years ago, I wrote of the creation of a permanent underclass. No, not the one woke people are willing to fight for. Rather, the one we’ve created because as much as we can forgive a murder, especially if it was committed by a black man because they’re in fashion at hipster cocktail parties, there is no forgiveness of a sex crime.

Not when they get caught. Not when they get prosecuted. Not when they get convicted or sentenced. Not even when they get out. There are plenty of arguments, some sound and some idiotic, but pressed with a level of insipid passion that convinces no one of modest intelligence but so bores the rest of us that we walk away, leaving the interlocutor to believe they’ve won by attrition.

None of these arguments change anything. When a sex offender completes his sentence, pays his debt to society, and walks out of prison, what does his future look like? The “motion” below was forwarded to me. Even though it’s a public record, I’ve redacted the names and identifiers because there’s no good reason to contribute any more harm to its maker. His crime was bad, and so he was sentenced to imprisonment. But he served his sentence. This is what he faced coming out.

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No doubt the work of Ron Book the infamous lobbyist of the State of Florida.

The only good thing about that is there is only one of him in this country and THOUSANDS of SO’s and activists in the balance to fight those ordinances.

I’m just sorry that Florida has to bear this cancer for the time being…

@Bill…I think there are thousands of Ron Book politicians using the SO fear mongering to promote themselves in politics. We have one here in San Diego going by Gonzalez-Fletcher, fortunately to date she hasn’t maneuvered herself into a tyrannical position like Book, but she is trying. Only by the grace of Governor Brown did she get shut down trying to stop the tired registry. She clearly has a personal grudge and personal agenda for persecuting SO’s as an entire group regardless of offense, risk, or time since offense. Politicians just have too much individual power and aren’t checked enough. Since no other minority group is allowed to be fair game for public persecution anymore, all the politicians and media are focusing on the only minority group without protection, the human on the registry.


Tell me how has the residency restrictions changed over the last 5 years in San Diego?

I recall vaguely there was a court case that pulled back restrictions against SO’s.

What other restrictions are put upon Registrants by this Ron Book wannabe?

I don’t think there are any restrictions on SOs anywhere. SOs being in prison. There are some restrictions on Registered People though.

Sorry, I was in too big of a hurry to do minor proofreading even. That sentence in my last comment to you should have said:

SOs belong in prison.

What boggles my mind is that some people may commit murder…like how police office Amber Guyger who was just found guilty of murder and was sentenced to 10 years. However, chat disgustingly, click on an illegal image with minor(s), weather or not the minor(s) were willing participant(s), and your receiving 5, 10, 15, possibly 20+ years depending on what county, time of year or if the DA is running for re-election. I guess I’m just plain stupid because that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Well, most “people” who live in Amerika are idiots and they’ll support whatever their big government, lying politicians tell them is good for them. They are disgusting, hateful idiots.

I still can’t believe that they supposedly think it is okay for people who have shot people with guns to live near schools! I can’t believe they think those people should be allowed in schools. But hey, they are harassers and stupid.


You are not the only one that feels this way whenever one looks closer at our justice system.

To treat CP offenders as if they’re Sexually Violent Predators is like treating drug users as if they’re Cartel Drug Kingpins.

“we can forgive a murder, especially if it was committed by a black man because they’re in fashion at hipster cocktail parties”

That one sentence alone invalidates the whole argument he’s making. It’s a shame because it sounds like he’s making an argument sympathetic to SOs. Too bad he started off with a disgustingly racist quip.

This definitely could have been his experience but it certainly hasn’t been mine. I have a felony conviction, served prison time, 3 year parole, and lifetime registration in California. The first year of parole was a challenge. No good housing options, finding a job was tough, etc. But, now, some 9 years later, I make six figures a year, just got back from a Bahamas cruise, and I see the police for 10-15 minutes a year where they are polite to me. Added to that, I’ve probably disclosed my status as a SO to roughly 100 people, and there has only been one who had an issue.
I’m genuinely not trying to be a douche. I remember the first month of parole thinking that prison would be better. But, it’s also possible to move past this doom and gloom, fix your life, and make of it what you want.

I don’t think anyone is a “douche”, as you put it, just for discussing their experiences with the Registries and what they think about it. You are not the only person who has said that he doesn’t think being a Registered Person (RP) is such a huge deal. There was a person on here not long ago that described it as a “minor nuisance”.

I do find it quite interesting how varied the views of RPs can be regarding being listed. I feel like I’d like to read a book about it that delves into the psychology of it. Can’t say that I’ve thought deeply about it though.

It is great that you are finding being Registered to not be much of a problem and are apparently fairly fine with just accepting it. It takes a certain kind of attitude for that, for sure. And you’ve likely been fairly lucky that you haven’t lived in any terrible areas that tried harassing you much.

I expect that my views about being an RP are about as opposite from yours as possible. I can’t even say what retaliations I’ve done for 2 decades now. I certainly am not allowed to say what retaliations I think should be done. I view the Registries as a literal act of war.

I feel like I fairly easily could’ve just “rolled with” Registration the whole time but that is just not my nature. I think a lot of what caused that is how my Registration went down. And also that I’ve always lived a privileged life. I feel like I’ve always had higher standards for a great, free life than most people do. The Registries just aren’t acceptable.

Maybe as an example, I feel like people who grew up in say Russia or China wouldn’t think the Registries aren’t a big deal at all. Because they don’t expect to be free. Maybe people who grew up in countries where they chop off people’s hands for stealing wouldn’t think it was a big deal either. But personally, the U.S. itself has never even been close enough to a free country for me. I truly believe in government staying out of people’s lives and people minding their own business.

I don’t want to be too long, like I usually am, so I’ll close with just one other comment. Your last statement of “make of it what you want” is wrong. You can make of it what you want within their truly idiotic restrictions. You can choose to just be very compliant and accepting of whatever they want to drop on you though, that is true.

I’ll give you just a couple of super simple, quick examples which I find to be totally unacceptable. Say that I want to buy a condo or home on the ocean, maybe in Florida. A normal person could just call up a realtor and get it done. Not an RP. Say that I decide that I want to meet one of my children somewhere, perhaps in Utah. A normal person could just get on a plane and be there. Not an RP.

It’s unacceptable. 100%.

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