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AR: New sex offender laws now in effect in Arkansas

[ – 11/6/19 – NOTE that they linked to ACSOL at the bottom!]

HARRISON, Ark. — Harrison Police Detective Ted Schaeffer makes sure sex offenders in his city are registered.

“It’s almost a daily basis,” he said.

Right now, he said there are more than 30 offenders Harrison. listed Arkansas as having the second-highest number of sex offenders per capita in the nation.

“Arkansas has had a problem with multiple sex offenders not registering like they’re supposed to,” Schaeffer said.

So in April, the state amended a law that if sex offenders don’t comply with registration requirements three or more times:

“You have to register for life,” the detective said.

Another new law deals with Halloween activities two weeks before and after the holiday.

“It prevents them from going out and being trick-or-treaters or providing candy themselves,” Schaeffer said.

Level 2, 3 and 4 sex offenders in the state can also no longer hold a position of public trust, like a police officer or firefighter.

“We do run across a lot of these problems where a situation arises and we can’t find a law where they violate that law, but it does cause a problem,” he said.

Other laws the state passed have to deal with sex offenders on school campuses, recording kids under the age of 14, and the definition of sexual grooming.

For more information on these new laws, go to

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You know this is good they put that there I think cuz then maybe just maybe some will start to realize that we are people too

Guessing lawsuits are planned on these laws in the near future?

“We do run across a lot of these problems where a situation arises and we can’t find a law where they violate that law, but it does cause a problem,”

Are you $h****g me! We can’t find a law they are violating but they’re still causing a problem? How? maybe by just breathing?

I’m not even going to state the obvious. The sheriff can’t even form a proper sentence.

“We do run across a lot of these problems where a situation arises and we can’t find a law where they violate that law, but it does cause a problem.”

Ted Schaeffer, Harrison Police’s dick, through his own admission from the above quote says he has an issue of not being able to bust law abiding Registrants.

What a d!ck…

“People” who support Registries are scumbags but I don’t think that law enforcement criminal (LECs) is intentionally just trying to get people arrested. I think what happens is that a Registered Person (RP) does something or a situation occurs, a busybody freaks out about it and calls the LECs, but the LECs can’t harass or arrest the RP. So then they have to create more “laws”.

I live in Georgia and that is exactly how we ended up with O.C.G.A. 42-1-18 (“Photograph” defined; photographing minor without consent of parent or guardian prohibited; penalty). That “law” makes it a “crime” for an RP to take video/photographs/whatever of a minor without parental permission. An RP was taking photos in a park or somewhere and LECs couldn’t arrest him or make him stop. So now we have a new “law” that applies to RPs only and makes it a crime that is a “misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature”.

What I find so insanely idiotic and offensive about “laws” such as this is that I did nothing to a child and yet it covers me specifically. Additionally, is it okay for literally ANYONE who is not listed on the hit list to do exactly what that RP was doing? That is fucking nonsense. If we “need” a “law” for nonsense, they write it in a way so that it can be applied to anyone. Don’t write it so it is applied to people for whom there is literally zero justification (such as me) and isn’t applied to everyone else. When I see “laws” like that, I am required and compelled to go around them. Take this law for example, I had no interest, concern, or thoughts regarding that before it became a “law”. But once it did and LECs LITERALLY started shoving it in my face every time they could, I was compelled to nullify it and make sure that it was not just worthless, but much worse. Just like the Registries. If every RP did that, just think how dumb the Registries would really be, in actual reality.

“The police chief said these new laws are a way to protect the community…”


LOL, “people” who support these “laws” are pathetic. What an awful, disgusting bunch.

Haven’t Registries turned out just like experts said they would? They started with the lies that they were “needed” only so people would be “informed”. But of course that wasn’t enough. Now the idiots are groveling around looking for any tiny speck of stupidity that they can add to them. If you give big government a toy, they are going to grow it and make it as big and expensive as possible. They will create a prison industry around it. Now they MUST create more Registries. Or continue to have zero credibility.

Registries were never going to be useful in the first place. But these criminal regimes and their big government boot lickers have guaranteed it. They broke their toy. Now Registries are not only ineffective, but Registries must harm ALL people living in Amerika. Everyone. War is compelled.

I’m sure everyone remembers the recent crimes of the criminal sheriff Gary Long of Butts County, GA where he was putting signs near or in people’s yards and also telling them that they could not put their own signs there! And I think a majority of people living in Amerika think that was just fine. But think about what happened there. You have people who committed a crime literally decades ago, like 20 and 30+ years ago, and yet those people and only those people are subject to any criminal regime in all of Amerika just coming around one day and saying something like, “We’ve decided that there should be a billboard in front of your home, pointing at your family. For a couple of weeks at least. Maybe always, who knows? Whatever we feel like.” It’s outrageous. If that idiocy is going to be allowed, let’s get on with the signs then. Millions of homes will need them.

Speaking of idiocy, these Halloween “laws” are just the definition. Who are these morons that think they are needed? Really, how stupid are these “people”? Unless a criminal regime can get away with what the criminal state of Missouri has so far, and that is FORCING people at the point of a gun to be in their homes on Halloween, then NONE of these “laws” will ever have any hope of doing anything useful. None of them.

Because people can do exactly what I did this past Halloween. People can get in a vehicle (or take a train or plane or whatever) and go mill about around trick-or-treaters all they like, for as long as they like. The person doing that just can’t be trick-or-treating or participating in Halloween. Personally, I go driving around random neighborhoods all the time so Halloween is no different. I’m not celebrating anything. Just enjoying a drive, as usual. So that is what these “laws” do for society. These “laws” should not be respected and anyone who supports them should be held in contempt and disrespected. Not just around Halloween, but every day.

The funny thing about the Halloween laws is that people literally do not care if they do anything useful or not. I know that for certain. They don’t care. They don’t care if it makes everyone less safe. They are just happy to be harassing people. Makes them feel good and less weak. I think the Registries are exactly the same and no one cares that they are worse than worthless. Registries get people off and that is all they care about.

Amerika has always been a hateful country.

bootlicker’s the lot of them my friend , just as dangerous as LE , as well as the root of the problem now it seems like , bootlickers are rabid fools that believe everything LE says , and the funny thing is that where I live its crack head city and they are like cops around here lol

Just want to drop this here (from a rural Arkansas radio station news and notes from this morning)
“The state has received an “f” from the March of Dimes concerning premature births – only three states have worse. Arkansas is the first in the nation when it comes to childhood trauma, or Adverse Child Experiences, according to the CDC.”
Wow, they care so much about kids in the state that they make up rules about literally nonexistent problems while ignoring being the worst in the entire nation on very preventable actual issues.
So sad.

“Our children is our most valuable resource.”

WOW, we have a brilliant English major here. Is I right?

“There does have to be a balance. Making sure these laws that they put into place don’t violate the rights of the people. Even though they are registered sex offenders, they do have rights.”

Oh, please DO STFU up with your feigned concern, manufactured empathy and flippant rhetoric towards SO’s. There is no “balance.” It’s ALL once-sided! LEOs really suck at explaining their misguided and unobtainable mission statements. Their claims that the registry is a “public safety tool” is highly speculative and should be scoffed and balked at. Laugh to their faces and tell them that they’re never going to make a difference in ONE CHILD’S LIFE by enforcing these laws.

Being considered a valuable resource is not a compliment. In fact, it may be one of the worst things imaginable. In the memorable words of Utah Phillips:

Have you seen what they do to valuable natural resources?! Have you seen a strip mine? Have you seen a clear cut in the forest? Have you seen a polluted river? Don’t ever let them call you a valuable natural resource! They’re going to strip mine your soul. They’re going to clear cut your best thoughts for the sake of profit unless you learn to resist, because the profit system follows the path of least resistance and following the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked!

(I heard a radio interview with a legislator last week in which he complained that the other party was so obstructive, their body hadn’t passed a single new law. If that’s the yardstick for good government – how many new laws are passed – well, that’s pretty f##ked! )

Yes, I agree. We have enough laws already, too many in fact. No one remembers what liberty is.

No government is good government!

Alternatively: “There’s no government like no government.”

Hey, I used to have a T-shirt that said exactly that. It had a picture of the White House with a red slashed circle over it. I’d love to have another one, but a few years ago when I looked I couldn’t find the website of the fella who was selling them when I got mine back in the day. I think he was a Vietnam helicopter pilot. He must have shut down his site. Too bad. That was a great slogan. I wore that t-shirt everywhere. Many people gave me the evil eye after 911 when they saw me wearing it. I guess they thought I was a terrorist or a sympathisor. I wasn’t. The truth is I just don’t like being told how to live my life, at the point of a gun, no less.

In a similar vein, I used to have a t-shirt that had the Bill of Rights on it, with “VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW” stamped across it in red. I got it from the Libertarian Party of WI many years back, but I’ve recently seen variants online from other sources. It was a pretty good conversation starter, as is my t-shirt that says “Homeland Security – fighting terrorism since 1492” with an image of Geronimo and some other warriors.

Absolutely. It is a great thing when a legislative body is unable to pass new laws. Who the f*ck wants more laws? They should be required to cut our existing laws to about 1,000th of what they are. Let’s definitely focus on electing people who oppose big government.

This one really gets to the heart of the matter in so many areas:

“We do run across a lot of these problems where a situation arises and we can’t find a law where they violate that law, but it does cause a problem,” he said.

It seems like there are many (too many already) laws designed not to protect the public but to trap a registered citizen. If, to their dismay, the police are not arresting enough RC’s for violations (because we are, like everyone else, mostly law-abiding people living our lives) it is time to dream up some new traps.

I have never seen something more vile and corrupt as the State of Arkansas Criminal Justice System.

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