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OH: First emergency homeless shelter opens in Fremont

[ – 11/18/19]

FREMONT, Ohio (WNWO) — More than a year of dedication has led to the first emergency homeless shelter in Sandusky County.

The facility holds up to eight people per night, and will take anyone that is not a sex offender.

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Well, there we go again: “The facility holds up to eight people per night, and will take anyone that is not a sex offender.” I’m getting so sick of hearing this broad statement “sex offender”.

1. It’s present tense.
2. It doesn’t refer to someone registered. Everyone could be excluded from the shelter because who knows who has committed a sex crime.
3. Recidivism rate….
4. People are just so judgemental of other people. Look in the mirror first.

All correct.

Honestly, I think it take a truly disgusting, awful “person” to just nonchalantly say “sex offender” to refer to people. I really think there is something very wrong with the mind of anyone who thinks like that. They need some serious therapy. To me, that mindset is exactly the mindset that “people” had when they were supporting segregating who they called “coloreds”, burning Jews, or dragging slaves around. Same type of thinking.

I would rephrase #3 to say, “Recidivism rate has always been extremely low and Registries haven’t improved it.”

I find #4 to be hilarious. Personally, I don’t care at all what “people” think about me as long as they stay out of my life and don’t try to harass me. I always find it amazing that so many sub-human, career criminals living half their lives in prison think they can judge me though. Same for 95% of the “people” who support Registries.

I strongly believe that these qualities positively correlate with the support of Registries – immorality, low I.Q., uneducated, low self-esteem, poor, irresponsible, unsuccessful, and persecuted. I would bet anything if it were studied, the results would show that. There’s nothing wrong with most of those qualities, as long as you aren’t harassing other people to try to make yourself feel better.

Tell me again how the registry isn’t punishment when people are left to die simply because their name is listed?

Ok,acsol, what can we do to help this situation?

Thích Quảng Đức was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on 11 June 1963. Quảng Đức was protesting the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government led by Ngô Đình Diệm.

When registered citizens in Ohio die because they have nowhere to go in a state of emergency, will this happen? People cornered often retract to the “fight or die” syndrome. Fighting only goes so far. In no way am I suggesting one of us including myself walk up the steps to First St SE, Washington, DC 20004 and set their self on fire.

Thích Quảng Đức did, however, exert his rights and get worldwide attention.

Sandusky County??????
Can not be coincidence.
Affirmative disability and restraint by gov database. Yes.
Peaceful assembly on FB? No! by law no by collusion.
Remain silent to gov database? No.
Opt for big brother anyone?
Scapegoats for domestic surveillance saints.

Two judges have recently gone on record by stating that: “sExual OffeDerZ are not second-class citizens.”

That’s funny because.. the current reality doesn’t reflect those sentiments!

So…..does Acsol post stuff like this because there’s a plan of attack to bring these restrictions down? Or is it posted purely to infuriate and get one or more of us to snap and burn these places down? How the hell you gonna abandon an entire group of human beings just because their names are on a government list??? Sick fucks! This isn’t our America anymore, it’s Thier Shithole Country

I like that ACSOL (or anyone) posts these types of articles so I can be a little bit more informed. It is important to know that Amerika is full of scumbags. That helps me keep my life and goals on track.

I expect that the people who really got this shelter established are not the scumbags who think excluding “sex offenders” is moral. Most people who would establish a shelter are decent humans. The article said that the shelter had to overcome “some backlash from the community and a zoning issue”. I’m sure the “community” are the scumbags who told the shelter that they could not allow “sex offenders”. Because the “community” are immoral scumbags.

So unfortunately, shelters like this need to be driven out of business. Everyone needs to work hard to shut them down. Then take the efforts and establish shelters that are only for people who listed on the Registries. Look in your area and use your efforts to help people who are Registered. Exclude everyone else.

You could certainly be sure that if this homeless shelter opened its doors to everyone except a “select group of minorities” all hell would break loose!!!! It would be all over the news, even more than the impeachment inquiries.

S$x offenders are not human beings anymore – if they were considered that these homeless and emergency shelters would not have rules like this.

Your last paragraph is wrong. The problem is that Amerika is full of “people” who are not human beings.

I continue to find it amazing that anyone who is listed on the Registries would ever consider helping most “people”. There are people who are listed on the Registries who think they should be volunteering in their communities and worrying about helping others. If you do, you’ll be helping “people” who think it is fine to exclude “$EX offenders” from shelter. I’m not doing that. I’ll focus 100% of my efforts on good people. F*ck Registry Nazis every day.

We’re systematically, categorically and intentionally dehumanized so the public’s outrage will never change. Additionally, there is zero outrage for our suffering from the public. Hell, society gets offended when we complain! They actually feel we don’t reserve the right to be offended. They want us to die in a fire or freeze on the sidewalk so they can say: “one down or one less pedo.”

How can one even begin to mount a defensive/argument against all the systemic hate, fear and ignorance surrounding this topic?? I personally feel society doesn’t care (they want us all dead or in prison) – or will ever acquiesce to be re-educated.

In your response to the “How can one even begin …” statement, I don’t think you have to. Realize that humans don’t support any of it. Decent people don’t support Registries. That’s the end of the answer.

What I’ve known for a long, long time is that the vast majority of people who are listed on the Registries did something wrong. Most were overly punished. They paid for what they did, a lot of them decades ago, and they are good people. But the Registry Nazis who hate them are terrible people today. They will be terrible people tomorrow and the day after. They’ll be terrible people 5 years from now. They aren’t worried about fixing themselves. They desperately need punishment and therapy. There is no need to worry about their opinions or concern. There is only a need to control their crimes and harassment. To defeat them.

“I personally feel society doesn’t care (they want us all dead or in prison) – or will ever acquiesce to be re-educated”… Society doesn’t, they even castrate us, UNTIL one of their own is subject. People want to protect their own, their children; when their children run amuke of the law (created by and/or approved by them), then they whine.

Crap like this pisses me off. Murderers, drug dealers, junkies, prostitutes, and convicted felons are all worthy of a safe and warm place to stay for a night but RCs get spat on and rejected.
Way to go You inconsiderate judgmental shelters.

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