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Rep. Chris Smith Speaks About The Dangers Of Human Trafficking

Speaking at at the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City during the week before Thanksgiving, Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ 4, delivered the following speech to hundreds of prosecutors at the County Prosecutors Association of New Jersey. …

Why International Megan’s Law? We know from law enforcement, academia and media documentation that Americans on the U.S. sex offender registries are frequently caught sexually abusing children in Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and, frankly, everywhere. The inherent secrecy of international travel enables child exploitation.

A deeply disturbing 2010 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that at least 4,500 U.S. passports were issued to registered sex offenders in fiscal year 2008 alone. Typically, a passport is valid for 10 years, meaning some or many of the tens of thousands of registered sex offenders possessing passports may be on the prowl internationally looking to exploit and abuse.

Now, under International Megan’s Law, convicted child sex offenders who travel abroad must provide notice to the U.S. Government — via the Angel Watch Center — prior to departure of all planned destinations. Failure to do so carries a significant jail term commensurate with a convicted child sex abuser not reporting to local law enforcement. Upon receipt of the travel itinerary, the U.S. government informs the destination country or countries of those plans.

The destination country or countries are then empowered with actionable information to render the traveler inadmissible.

The law is working as intended. In just over two years, the U.S. government has notified foreign governments of the planned travel of 10,541 covered sex offenders to their countries. As of July —3,681 individuals who were convicted of sex crimes against children were denied entry by these nations. Full Article

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He quotes:
“We know from law enforcement, academia and media documentation that Americans on the U.S. sex offender registries are frequently caught sexually abusing children in Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and, frankly, everywhere.”

BUT the only actual statistics that he comments on in this article is the number of passports that have been issued or are in use. Nowhere in this article does he give statistics backing up his quote above.

Again, a general statement to cause alarm and generate fear – typical politician.

Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ 4 – next time you make statements in a public forum such as that be sure you have actual facts in front you when speaking so the words coming out of your mouth don’t seem so “made-up” off the top of your head. You Idiot!!

There is no rational relationship to recidivism rates to apply this drastic measure in a blanket form that covers such a wide range of conduct.
This is equivalent to a scarlet letter.

Somebody needs to look closely into this guys closet. He is lying his azz off. This is the false narrative that needs to be stopped. How he can continue espousing these blatant lies and not get his ass sued or sanctioned is beyond me.

A record of Smith’s AWA vote shows he’s little regards for the constitution. That goes for every rep or sen. That voted for it.

When it comes to human trafficking the state’s and federal prison complex do plenty of it. Jake Patterson(WI) was moved to a prison in New Mexico. The feds do a lot of ” diesel therapy” to those demanding rights while serving terms. A cop who was convicted of hiring an illegal immigrant maid served federal time and wrote a book about how putting him in permanent transport status kept him from perusing civil complaints. That cop was from NJ. Rep. Smith is clearly supported by the prison lobby\ x surveillance saints, there is lots of profit in it. That is why the push to publicize the FBI database for facial recognition to expand in use. Sex offenders will be targets de jour. Some states and municipalities are moving against it but it is too late.

Holy crap. This guy is Ron Book on steroids.

“Her assailant lived across the street. Unbeknownst to her family and other residents in the neighborhood”

This is a bold-faced lie. They ALL knew what lived on that street in that run-down section of town. Maureen is your typical entitled mother turning her kids lose in the neighborhood just to get some quiet time to watch her soap operas.

“The law is working as intended.”

Yeah. Sure. If you say so..

Maybe on Earth 2.


I don’t know if he is quite the drunk that Drunken Ron Book/Crook is. Maybe.

You should post a comment on the article.

No one needs to know about anyone’s past. Because it’s not useful. Even if nanny big governments tells you that someone has done something bad in the past, they can’t tell you about the people they don’t know about. And they have zero clue who is dangerous today. And they only care about $EX. So you kind of just have to watch out for everyone. If you ACTUALLY care about public safety or protecting children.

Registries just aren’t useful. Only low-information dummies think they are.

@Will Allen

Nice write up in the comments section of this article. Like what you said.

Doubt Patch will follow up with details of any research or get Rep Smith to provide substantiations of his claims. This would appear to be another Patch hit and run article like their Halloween map push annually.


Entitled Mother? How? There was a time in this country when kids could roam the neighborhoods without the fear there is today by false narratives. Helicopter parents are shamed as are misinformed parents using these false narratives. Chances are she knew who was across the street as you say, and had for a long while possbily, but her ignorance is not justification for what has happened today to nearly 1M people in this country, much like John Walsh riding Adam’s name to fame. Her guilt does not get resolved by legislation such as this.

So because people on the registry are denied entry into other countries that means IML is working???? Oh, that is some interesting logic. What this actually means is that people on the registry don’t have civil rights, their rights have permanently been removed even though they paid their debt and met every requirement by the justice system.

Oh, I get it, an election year is upon us, and a representative from New Jersey, the well documented most politically corrupt state in the nation, is clamoring to get some attention. Let’s see, did I miss it in the article? I didn’t see where he said just exactly how many people on the registry were convicted of abuse in other countries. He said over 10,000 people on the registry traveled but failed to mention the percentage of those on the registry who committed another crime. I think we all know the answer to that. If the numbers were significant then it would have been in the headlines. I’m guessing it was less than 1%.

So we live in a nation where an entire group is punished for the sins of a few. Too bad we don’t have that standard for politicians. It is clear that people on the registry are a persecuted minority group, and that even though they paid their debt to society and met every condition of the justice system, they are still held to a different standard, still denied rights and freedoms, denied those rights and freedoms that all other people convicted of crimes have had restored, that basic right being the right to freely travel outside the United States.

We don’t have thought police. Our government isn’t suppose to punish people on the basis of what the government “thinks” they are going to do, but that is exactly what corrupt, uninspired, lifetime politicians like this fool are implementing just to garner a few votes.

I thought they said the law wasn’t intended to prevent people from traveling? Well, from the creator’s mouth there it is. So only our group doesn’t not get to enjoy “freedom of travel”

“The law is working as intended. In just over two years, the U.S. government has notified foreign governments of the planned travel of 10,541 covered sex offenders to their countries. As of July —3,681 individuals who were convicted of sex crimes against children were denied entry by these nations.”

Well, IML is for harassment and growing big government bigger. So yeah, it’s working as intended.

You’d think politicians might actually care about government not being able to function within a budget. But few people living in Amerika care about living within their means. They’ll borrow as much as they can just like the idiots that they are.

Wage war on criminal Chris Smith. Wage war on all “people” who think like him. They are harassing terrorists.

The funny thing is they really do not pretend that it is anything but a travel ban and loss of citizenship rights.

During the discussion of HR 515 in Congress in 2016 (right before the VOICE vote – isn’t that convenient) Rep. Ann Wagner (R) of MO? stated, referencing the above mentioned GOA Report, something to the effect of “in 2008 over 4,500 passports were issued to registered sex offenders. That. Is. Simply. Unacceptable.” ‘Nuff said.

I am sure the video is somewhere to be found.

This seems like another perfect instance for the ACSOL community to write in to rebuke the comments in this article, and even write the Congressman directly. Who will join me?

So in those two years, according to Smith, 35 percent of registrants were turned away from their destinations, thanks to Angel Watch/IML. Now how many of those were turned back by the Five Eye countries, Mexico, Philippines, and Canada (which denies everyone who has any criminal conviction, even DUI)? Take those out of the mix and I have a feeling Smith’s stats are right up there with recidivism rates for SOs.

“The law is working as intended. In just over two years, the U.S. government has notified foreign governments of the planned travel of 10,541 covered sex offenders to their countries. As of July —3,681 individuals who were convicted of sex crimes against children were denied entry by these nations.“

Let’s understand this correctly. The INTENT of this law is to prevent travel by ensuring destination countries have the information they need to deny entry. In other words, the INTENT by the US government is to prevent international travel.

That’s actually quite a statement as it’s finally an admission of what we all know to be true, and it runs contrary to the argument made by the government when they were sued by Janice.

That’s why Janice should shove this information down the throats of those she sued and gather a media outlet to SHOUT it EVERYWHERE !

@Paul.. Your statement is about all we need to know regarding this. Great job picking up on it.

Think about how politicians like Rep Chris Smith who keeps harping about how the IML is working well in preventing child sex trafficking and tourism through these notification process of the angel watch, and later on he gets caught doing something illegal. There’s no evidence of imminent danger of child sex trafficking and tourism and even if it were the case, the IML will not solve that problem, foreign countries have their own laws that can deal in that matter. The IML needs to be vetoed and the angel watch center needs to be shut down.

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