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PA: Sex offender registry law in Pa. facing life-or-death test at Supreme Court

The landmark Pennsylvania law that for nearly a quarter of a century has required a public registry of sex offenders and community notification about their whereabouts is facing a life-or-death challenge before the state’s highest court. Full Article


PA: Attorney General – Cases could jeopardize Megan’s Law sex offenders registry

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And the battle between those gaining monetary benefits vs realism continues.

Do not say life or death of this issue, because these people get PLENTY….of Money and TIME to do whatever they choose to in regards to Laws, true it will be some work to revise, re-stablish, conjure up a new Bill, but All in All much can be a complished to STOP the Rights and Destroy the Lives of RCs because of much needed support of RIGHTEOUS people to take a stand against these Unbelievable Laws that have been ACCEPTED, ALLOWED AND CONDONED as a good and Trustworthy, thing for the Poor, Overwhelmed Crime Riddled Public who are Defenseless and need the Utmost PROTECTIONS FROM the LUST DRIVEN, INCOMPREHENSIBLE PSYCHOPATHIC SEXUAL OFFENDERS !!!
Soooo as long as No one is able to effectively stop the Mouths that SPIT OUT THESE HELL FIRE LIES AND HYSTERIA they will continue to do what ever they what and even more !

I’m still in constant awe how our legal system is set up to completely ignore empirical evidence. Can you imagine if the actual scientific and medical community was like that? “We concur that bloodletting a hemopheliac yields no positive results and is counter-intuitive in saving the patient, but the doctor is within their rights to make poor medical decisions”.

I’m not sure why but the term bloodletting got me amped. I wrote a whole new document on it.

Say what you will about the actual cases, and the fact that this is way overdue. But, that was a very well written and un-biased article. We need more objective pieces of writing like this.

Each of these words correlate to the liberty continuum.The best way to describe the liberty continuum is graphically. Imagine a vertical line, at the Top (infinite liberty-Omnipotent God).
Free to do everything possible. At the bottom of the vertical line no liberty (0 liberty, the lifeless) Free from life, can not do. Prison terms impose a downward shift in liberty for the citizen. That delta constitutes “a human’s punishment by convention.” Prison is punishment because, and precisely valid because, we human people agreed it is. The same way we used to agree ” marriage” was always a heterosexual contract or agreement between humans.

A truth is the registries involve a certain lawful subservience~a duty to maintain.The
database is a property and Free man is generally paid to maintain them. These are highly paid jobs usually. That DOC agents really do the keystrokes is not evidence against the punitive nature of plain indenture. In fact it supports it. Hired men often carried the commodity from the plantation to market during the slavery era. The commodity being “sensitive and personal information data” opposed to crops. Who would submit to a complete loss of privacy to machine? Facebook was fined five billion! Yet we see little public outrage demanding their share. Oh well! Like oblivious marten to feathered snare. Ubiquitous profiteering via the exploitation of personal data is running amuck. But who was used -scapegoated- to crack open the door? All to easy, but such an unnatural human disposition would necessarily need tending to survive in a republic of free men. Maybe that is why he got the top job.

😡 Aaaargh! This drives me nuts!!: “….with information about where sex offenders live.” No, it provides information on those who were, at some time, convicted of a sexual offense.
#1: The author uses the present tense (as does nearly everyone) …. as if each person on the List is constantly and forever sexually offending.
#2: The author’s wording also suggests – and List proponents would like the public to believe – that it is a comprehensive compilation of all those persons who have once, are currently, or will in the future, commit a sexual offenses. Nope. As victim advocates routinely parrot, most sexual offenses are never reported. Those SAME advocates should speak up constantly AGAINST the List since it’s proponents are pedaling the false notion “Oh, look here at our List – these people are the only ones you need to worry about.” 😠

“In the last year alone, the website received 411 million page views, state records show.”
You mean to tell me that PA, with a population of 12.8 million, had that many queries? Heck, the population of the entire United States is only 372 million! So apparently every man, woman, and child in this country has looked at the page an average of a little more than 1.1 times.

If that number is indeed accurate, Id love to see all the ip addresses to see what percent are from proxy servers and the like. I smell BS! Artifically inflated numbers for sure and if that could be proven would be pretty damning for them.

AJ, you flipped the numbers. US population is currently 327m. So their stats look even worse. If their numbers are actually real, the vast majority of them are likely the result of various 3rd party sites pinging all the registries constantly.

The numbers don’t really matter. It just proves that people who live in Amerika are scumbags. If you listed people’s incomes on a web site, there would be ten times that amount of traffic. Just proves Amerikans are shitheads. Nothing valid about it. Just a bunch of gossiping harassers who have nothing better to do.

Wage war. Today, I proved that Registries are a lot worse than worthless.

Thank you for pointing out my fat-fingering. Yes, it’s 327, meaning nearly 1.26 views per citizen. Given something like only about 17% of the population looks at ML sites, that translates to over 7.39 views per nosy citizen. I know I haven’t looked at all, so someone (looking at you, scrapers) is taking up the slack.

Do you suppose they keep a log of IPs that could be FOIA’d? It would indeed be interesting to see who the frequent fliers are. I, too, smell BS.

One would think they would keep a simple log of ip addresses somewhere! Additionally, I was discussing this with a friend last night and he suggested the inflated numbers could also be from other websites like the mugshot websites or even the feds who loosely try to form a “federal registry” by accessing all the states websites and creating a mega list. Heck, after thinking about this further, I bet websites like nextdoor, lifelock, and many other websites similar to these are heavy users of such databases. How else are these sites gonna know where rc’s are so they can warn their members because they are obviously in immediate danger! 😉

If these cases fail at the court it will be a huge set back for the goals and mission of ACSOL, and all other similar orgs.

@ TP: So far, the justices on SCOPA have shown some real courage and integrity. I think/hope/pray that they continue to do so.

“If these cases fail at the court it will be a huge set back for the goals and mission of ACSOL, and all other similar orgs.”
Not necessarily. If they raise any federal questions, the cases can be appealed to SCOTUS. If they purely rely on State questions, PA SC is indeed the final stop.

I believe some of cases are arguing that the Pennsylvania SORNA law (or it’s recent amendments) are unconstitutional per both the Pennsylvania Constitution AND the U.S. Constitution.

Do the politicians and lawmakers and the public really believe that the recidivism rate of people once convicted of a sex crime will increase if the registry is struck down?

What politicians “believe” plays second to justifying their jobs and protecting the system. They perpetuate the recursive logic of “solutions seeking problems” rather than to admit the system’s faults. As for the public, they’ve been sold on presentations and media coverage that emphasize the violent cases against the many non-violent, non-contact, and even non-sexual cases.

The registry has been used by data mining operations. All addresses, including “emergency contacts” are fodder for marketing firms. A good portion of these ” hits” are generated by those not safety driven. I’ve a FTR voir dire story….when a potential was forced to admit she used it (SOR) purely for entertainment. If she’d said ( kept asserting) she bad used it for safety concerns or needs, then she had a predisposition of fear of…..x.
I began the dire asking them all to swear off any pre made determination concerning sex offenders. The next question. Have any of you potential jurors seen my face online anywhere? Re:obvious!
Can you think of any other websites who’ve used nefarious means to lend overblown usage statistics?

No duh. That site count still seems inordinate.

I’m only interested for conversation or whatever, but … is there a criminal regime that requires Registered People (RP) to give “emergency contacts”? Why would that EVER be needed by the criminal regimes? That is not part of protecting the public. And if they did get “emergency contacts”, they surely would not be so stupid as to think they could give that data to marketing firms. I can’t see how that could even be legal.

Perhaps you are thinking of just extra people that the criminal regimes require information about? Not “emergency contacts”. Do some criminal regimes require the names of spouses, for example? That doesn’t seem needed or legal either, actually. I live in Georgia and the only name is that required is the name of the RP. Of course, that does not stop the local law enforcement criminals from operating outside of the law and asking for all kinds of other things (e.g. mother and father’s names and addresses). But smart RPs do not give them any of that extra information. So it wouldn’t be possible, for example, for them to use my mother’s address for anything, unless they got it on their own.

Anyway, was just curious about that. Thanks for indulging me.

I’m short on time right now so I’m just going to post part of a comment that I made on F.A.C.’s website earlier:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the views that the $ORs get. If you created a website that lists the incomes of every person, that website would get a million times the views of the $ORs. It’s not that the $ORs are legitimate or that anyone needs the information, it’s just that people are nosy and love to gossip. There are probably also some poor souls who think it is helpful information.

We also all know that most “people” who live in Amerika are dumb, shallow, disgusting, awful, hateful, self-entitled, self-righteous douche bags. Of course those Nazis are going to be harassing other people. They have to. They must gossip. Must.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Big government is always going to lie how much everyone so badly needs them. It’s part of their non-stop propaganda.

But … a few thoughts about the views. A lot of them are from automated bots, of course. I personally used to run one that read all of the web site data several times a day. I also have people (e.g. attorneys, churches, etc.) reading the Registries and contacting me quite often to offer services. So there are a lot of companies doing that.

On the flip side, the criminal regimes are allowing people to sign up for alerts when Registered People move near them. I expect that plenty of people do that and then do not view the online Registries. I expect that reduces the views by a lot. I also expect that a huge percentage of “people” who use the $ORs are dumb and thus instead of using direct information sources, they use grifters like OffenderWatch or whomever. I expect those uses greatly reduce the view count.

It would be very interesting though to file some FOIA requests and get the IP addresses and statistics.

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