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ACSOL Challenges Murrieta In-Person Registration During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) filed a lawsuit today challenging the City of Murrieta’s requirement that all registrants, including those with  COVID-19 high risk factors, register in person.  The lawsuit is expected to be the first of many such lawsuits to be filed in California this week.

“The City of Murrieta is requiring registrants to make one of two deadly decisions, that is, to register in person and risk exposing themselves to COVID-19 or to fail to register and be sent to jail where the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is even greater,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “In addition, registrants who go to the Murrieta Police Department to register in person violate the Governor’s order to shelter in place.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in Riverside County Superior Court, asks the court to issue a writ of mandate that requires the City of Murrieta to provide methods of registration that do not require registrants to register in person.  Those methods could include registration by telephone or by computer.

“We are researching registration methods throughout the state and nation,” stated Bellucci, “and we will file as many lawsuits as possible in order to protect registrants and their families.”

Download the lawsuit:

Petition – Registration during COVID-19 – March 2020


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I can’t wait to see how this turns out 😷

i love it you go ACSOL murrietta sucks, anyhow love to see that city red faced

Janice, I am grateful that you are advocating for us. I am afraid of this year’s registration and the virus transmission risk it holds.

Is this just for Marietta or is it for the whole county of Riverside

Coronavirus, as terrible as it is, is a blessing in disguise for us.

Thanks Janice!

Janice —
I have only one word. Excellent.

Thank you.

Oh My God. Thank You Janice! Wow.

Janice, Chance, and all with ACSOL: you are angels from heaven! May God Bless you and give us all victory! Thank you!!!

Beautifully drafted arguments!

Maybe Dickens was right in his “Tale of two Cities” haven’t read that in a long time but if we are oppressed than someone has to stand up in a situation.

Awesome work Janice.

Thank you Janice, once again, for all you do. It only makes sense that this will be approved, not only to prevent registrants from getting infected, but also the staff of the sheriff’s department. This should be in the interest of everyone, and there really should not be any debate at all. If the virus spreads because of some political agenda, someone will surely be out of a lot of money!! Maybe, this could be a precedence for future decisions to drop in person registration, which is completely unnecessary, as Janice stated. It also will save everyone a lot of time, a win win for everybody, in my opinion,

This could cause changes in way PD registration beyond COVID-19. There are obvious some police department loves the harassment power of the registration, however, the are plenty that would love the opportunity to do not in person registrations, especially for the ones that crime free and been doing it for years.

Thank you Janice and team!

I am glad that somebody was standing up to the authorities and helping us out on all this registering self thank you so much keep fighting for us I live in the state of Missouri and I wish I had the money to hire an attorney to get me off of this

If a registant resides in Kern County and registers at KCSO- Bakersfield (Kern County Sheriff’s Office), due to the COVID-19 they are not allowing registration until April 14th. Contact Stephanie Kennedy, Registation Supervisor @ (661) 868-4853 if you have any questions. Be well and be safe.

Awesome, but why just Murrieta, the entire state of California has an order to stay in place.

Thank you from Florida Janice he GREAT!!!

Not to mention being forced into an environment which easily accommodates transmission of diseases which inevitably will be brought home to our innocent loved ones.
A good example would be the Fresno city & county’s tiny waiting room with an estimated social distancing of one to two feet on most days (with short hours) which forces a compacted health threat.

Unfortunately, I doubt that arguing registering in person violates the Governor’s order to shelter in place, which allows necessary public movement.
Other than that it’s a brave and noble lawsuit.
Thank you

Awesome Let’s do that to ALL cities. I don’t have to register until Dec. but I would love to sue Fresno on this case..

Oh! Oh!
Please sue my city too!
Please, please, please!!
😁😁😁😁😁 👍👍👍

We are so fortunate to have ACSOL! I hope it is replicated across the nation. This is a tall order but we need to set this as a goal. At least a second office in the east…and then the south. God willing. I made a donation at the end of the year to support their great work. I urge those of you who can afford to be generous….and thankful…by making a financial contribution. Never has $ been better spent!!!

Janice Bellucci and her team are the best thing, since sliced bread! 😉

Wish I could help her & her team as much as she helps the victims of this injustice!

Thomas and Sophie

This is a great attack on one part of the statute but misses the greater point that Cal. intentenal

This suit is a great attack on one part of the statute but misses the much greater balance of the statute which is the Cal. Govt’s intentional taking of life of sex offenders as retaliatory punishment. Although the 6th, Circuit Court of appeals in Doe v Snyder found that the said statutes are punishment, they felt they had some non-punishment value and did not reach the greater punishment, such as cover up of death. The question is will ACSOL, ACLU and WAR seek recourse for the loss of said offender’s lives?

That seems like good news for Californians, but since the registrant I know who lives in Rochester, New York has an as of yet unconfirmed raging case of COVID-19 and no one in Emperor Cuomo’s jurisdiction has any inclination to help registrants in that part of America, he will be showing up at the police station in the coming days with his Coronavirus in full bloom. Yes, it is a shame, but it’s for public safety!

What about tenn , my hub has to update in July , and he has 3 serious illnesses that corona could take him ;( if he gets it , diabetes , cong heart failure and diabetes type 2 plus polythcemia , this needs to be in every state the mandate to do either by phone or by comp , so he can stay protected from this virus , I think they don’t think offenders lives matter , but they do , my hub is my soul mate and I love him and don’t want to lose him , please reach out and tell all pro parole offices this as well as sheriff Dept if not on parole or probation , , to register , and file them lawsuits if they don’t make alternative ways , if therapy can do online class parole and pro and registry can do the same with registering and updating ,

Paul you talk about intentional even one may wonder about intent or intentional. The reason I mentioned my dad was that growing up without parents is hard . Sure dad was one of 12 and yes he was raised up by his older Sister and her husband and they even had two boys way back in the turn of the 20th Century in Ohio. Sure it must of been rough times back than.

They had disease’s and some cures but they also had community ethics. They didn’t have computers, TV or phones or electric at the time back in the country but they did have faith, beliefs and understading in many ways and yes they had their small town crimes. Today its a lot different. Talk about confonding and confusion in many area’s of justice.

Their was a little stinche here in VA about our governor, or rumored, being a KKK member. Well believe it or not one of us kids found an old KKK hat in one of the ceder chest that belonged to my dad. Its funny how some things go in life.

I wouldn’t want to put myself in jeapordy with whats right and whats wrong or is government more of a reach, outreach, or an overreach in many way’s. I know CA and other states have many problems or are Governors squeaky and clean today or an honest Abe today.

Believe it or not about a month ago or so I was driving home and their was a guy with a sign saying Nancy Pelosi is a ####h which was a bit tacky to even sign about it. I even stopped and asked him why he was doing this. It was all the upset over the impeachment trial. Yes their are viewpoints in many things but its thinking about others thats more greater than the “status quo”.

So whats the solution. Is it choice or intent or should we all fall into the ocean of mankinds abusive usurpism in many ways. This virus will pass I’m just glad I finished high school. But there is a meaning in everything or a reason for all season and one has to believe its time for much of this registry to go and people we all wake up at times. Even this make America Great or Great again sounds a bit oxymoron or double faced in many ways.

While I’m not all about smash, slash, and piercing others with an arrow. Of course one doesn’t know how it is in other states in all this delimna. Righting wrongs are always good in matters of truth, justice, and ” the” American way. So their are a lot of different factors in all this but ending as much of this registry is what counts and yes if abolished than its all good as being imprisioned is no good in a lot of these area’s.

This entire Corona thing is a good opportunity to discredit the entire premise of community notification and demonstrate how fleeting and non-essential it is as a public safety tool. Maybe I’m just yelling into an empty field, but society needs to understand that safety is a MYTH. You cannot legislate safety and claim that you’re “saving” countless lives. Knowing where sex offenders live does not minimize risk, it only gives the uninitiated optimism bias.

So, what about our thumb prints on every form? Are those also not required?

I’m sure no one’s gonna like this answer. Who is our President or one’s governor of lockdown states today. If one thinks about it that puts them in just as much of a dim light or jeopardy. Does Trump have the last word on mother nature. Even JJ made an attempt to contact Florida.
The old saying if first you don’t succeed try try again. Their are many other things to worry about and actually this is a challenge for those in D.C. with all this mess going on. I feel bad for all you guys but situations come up beyond control at times. I’m sure government is just as much in limbo also.

If they can pospone events and gatherings, business upsets, and all I’m sure they can postpone a registraition in unusual circumstances. I think too many on here are sending up smoke signals on here or should one call F-Troop in times of crisis. I’m sure things will be ok for those that try to get to an office during this crisis. Look at it this way government doesn’t want to bare the sword but who is bearing the wrath. …. and Janice you and Chance can hit me for that comment

@ Saddles: You wrote “I’m sure things will be ok for those that try to get to an office during this crisis.” I suggest you scroll up and read the comments by “Ecrc” and “Mom Dukes”.
If everything is fine with you and you are comfortable and satisfied with the current situation of registration, Megan’s Law public websites, travel restrictions, etc, etc, ad infinitum, then you may be on the wrong website.
Do you understand that no one else who has been convicted of any other crime is required to adhere to all these many statutory restrictions or suffer the threat of reincarceration?? Do you understand that no one convicted of murder, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, multiple DUIs resulting in death and injury, etc, etc, has any similar post-incarceration, post-supervision restrictions? And do you understand that those who have been convicted of sexual offenses have an extremely low recidivism rate (as confirmed by multiple research studies – including those conducted by government corrections and law enforcement departments)?? Those convicted of other crimes pay the price, do their time, and are allowed a second chance to return to their communities, to rebuild their lives, and to live normal existences as full members of their communities, while those convicted of sexual offenses are not given those options. They are forever ostracized, shamed, reviled and threatened and all of that public condemnation is supported and furthered by the actions of lawmakers at every level of government. There are many States that place signs in registrants’ front yards, that stamp “sex offender” on their driver’s licenses, etc. In fact, the US government now issues specially-marked passports (including the one issued to me) that states to all the border control officers everywhere – and anyone else looking at that passport (hotel reception clerks, car rental agents, etc) – that the individual bearing that passport was convicted of a sexual offense…… and my offense was relatively minor and occurred more than 25 years ago. But this government public harassment continues forever. 😠

Do you understand all of this?? Do you??
And are you okay with all of this??
I have to wonder.

Whenever I travel to Alaska, which I do once every summer, I only have to register on line. They do not require me to come in to a Trooper office in person. That is good for 30 days. If you stay longer than 30 days in a calendar year you are required to come in person.

(At least someone, somewhere, has a bit of common sense and decency, advising registration by phone or email: )

Why no suit based on 13th Amendment? If this not forcing someone to perform an action without compensation?

Mississippi has closed their license station offices to everyone except CDL operators and RCs.

From March 14…

All driver license stations are officially closed to the public except for the 9 MHP District Troop Stations across the state until March 31, 2020 at which time a reassessment will be made for reopening.

The 9 MHP District Troop Stations will only provide the following services:

Sex offender registry transactions
Commercial driver license (CDL) card renewals only – no testing
Commercial driver license (CDL) medical card updates

This decision has been made out of an abundance of caution to protect the elderly and citizens who may have underlying health issues. We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding as we try to work through this unprecedented time.

From March 19…

All driver license stations remain closed to the public except for the 9 MHP District Troop Stations across the state until March 31, 2020 at which time a reassessment will be made for reopening.

The 9 MHP District Troop Stations will only provide the following services:

Sex offender registry transactions
ALL Commercial Driver License (CDL) transactions – this includes testing

The Driver Service Bureau will adhere to social distancing with the 10-person maximum recommendation at any location which will include staff members.

So what happens if a RC is elderly or has an underlying health issue? What happens if there’s lots of CDL’s and Rc’s needing in that day? 10 people max? that probably means 3 staff and no more than 7 real peopl.

Mississippi needs to get sued.

David actually your right and many times we can or should we all say these are the best of times or the worst of times. While methods are good and this registry holds a lot of twists and turns and stipulations, cerfews, whether to suggest ankle monitoring, lable one violent or expend his or her registry requirements to life, that in itself presents a heavy load for one to carry.

Whether being married or single would carry a lot of burden on the individual we all strive. Sure we all get scared and this registry is very intense on people in different area’s of life but one still has to be of good cheer and strive to help others out to try and understand all this ordeal in a much better perspective.

Sure everyone wants to seek justice and thats what Janice and her team are all about as are the other advocates that are trying to shed light on all this registry ordeal or are we all born into trouble.

I hate many of these stipulations myself as I’m sure we all do. Going to sex registry classes, taking poly tests, finger printing updates and getting work can be hard for many and now this crisis one faces today.

I’ve had my share of DUI’s and many more ordeals or scrapes in life but my dad always taught me if you can’t learn something from those mistakes than one is just fooling oneself. Much of this sex offender ordeal to me wasn’t well thought out and it makes us all second class citizens or even outcast in many ways and yes it’s a trying ordeal on many.

I could even say I’m pissed at much of this and how it effects each person but we all have to carry on for truth and true understanding. Looking for solutions are good in any ordeal involving government ordeal or is law overbearing in a lot of ways in each persons encounter or are we all created equal.

David one of the reasons I never have hardly came on this site is I never felt I could fit in or contribute in an understanding way, but yes Janice and her team are making strides for good as many on here confirm.

This is interesting here,

For a judgment declaring that California Penal Code sections 290.11 and 290.12 and
other applicable law do not require persons required to register as a sex offender to
appear in person to complete periodic updates;

For a judgment declaring that Respondent has abused its discretion under California
Penal Code sections 290.11 and 290.12 and other applicable law by requiring persons
required to register as a sex offender to appear in person to complete periodic updates;

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x