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LAPD Stops In-Person Registration, Provides Registration by Telephone


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has stopped all in-person registration of individuals required to register as a sex offender in that city.  In place of in -person registration, LAPD is allowing individuals to register by telephone.

“LAPD is to be commended for its decision to protect registrants and their loved ones by allowing registrants to register by phone,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “Unfortunately, there are many other law enforcement agencies that still require registrants to register in person.”

According to LAPD, signs will be posted at every police department where registrants normally register.  The signs will include a phone number to call in order to register telephonically.

“LAPD has promised to provide ACSOL with a list of phone numbers to call so that registrants in the City of Los Angeles do not have to have to travel to a registration office,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

Following are contact numbers for registrants living in the City of Los Angeles to call in order to register.  Registration in person is no longer required or even possible.  Create a written record of the date and time that you call for possible future use.

Central Division                 213-833-3740

Rampart Division              213-484-3637

Hollenbeck Division         323-342-8994

Northeast Division           323-561-3270

Newton Division               323-846-6576


77th Street Division          323-786-5423

Harbor Division                 310-726-7918/-7919

Southeast Division           213-972-7899

Southwest Division          323-276-3658


Valley Bureau                    818-374-9675

(San Fernando Valley – 7 patrol divisions)


West Bureau                      213-473-0404

(Hollywood, Wilshire, West Los Angeles, Pacific, and Olympic Divisions)

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Wonderful information. Thank You 🙏 for all of your efforts on our behalf.

That was FAST!! Awesome Janice!!

I am hoping the city and state will look at this and say Wait a min.. We can save time and money by having 290 calling not coming in and register..

What? They don’t care about time or money. The more citizens that they can force at a point of a gun to interact with them, the more that supports their business. Registries are their business. The more time and money that is needed, the bigger and better the business is.

Look at how good the Registry business has been for CA overall. Look at how well it helps keep big government big. Look at all the jobs, across so many different vocations. If all those people weren’t screwing with Registries nonsense, what else would they possibly do?

We just posted the list of phone numbers in this article.

@RogerH he’s in LA Co. (N/E-Fresno).
But this is SO GREAT that you folks posted each Div’s Phone # for pre-emptive contact and hope they call prior to their Re-Annual to confirm EXT. This is quite an accomplishment for the Largest Pop City in CALI next to San Jose!/S.D./OAK. WOW
It’s on the move, hope others will follow! SAC and Bay Area maybe next (?), you never know.
Thanks All4ConsLaws.Org and ACSOL for putting working plans to suit in place AND IN ACTION! Congrats on a Major!!

This gives the impression it could be permanent. Is there an effective period of time for this or until further notice based upon COVID-19/when Gov Newsom lifts the CA stay in place order? Should be defined a bit more to ensure it is fully understood within the parameters people need to know to avoid potential future legal trouble.

My my my. How quickly that fell apart.

I want to thank the ACSOL for their efforts and interaction with the LA Police preventing Registrants and city employs from having to spend hours in crowed room is dangerous for the public this is a win for all!

@Greg HERE – Here!

Thank you for this information. ACSOL is doing more to communicate necessary information to registrants than the registering agencies are.

Dang, I missed this by a month. If I had to call in my registration today I’d cough uncontrollably during the call to dissuade the BS follow-up compliance check.

Why allow any “compliance checks”?

Registries are 100% unacceptable and anti-American. Don’t do anything to pretend they aren’t.

These criminal regimes are able to get away with their crimes of forcing me to be on a list. Other than that, I don’t want them near me. I certainly don’t want them near my family. They aren’t welcome to be near me or speak to me. I sure as hell don’t trust them to ever speak to my children. Or harass my spouse. So nope, they need to stay far away.

If they “need” “compliance checks” for their “public safety” farce, make them pass a new “law” that says EXACTLY what everyone, including the law enforcement criminals, must do. How, when, where, etc. There is no reason to just allow LECs to do things whenever and however they get a whim. It should be a “law”, in concrete writing, or it shouldn’t happen.

You: blah…


Thanks Janice, Chance and team!!

Because of this groups effort the LA PD have relented, for now.
It seems to me the law hasn’t actually been rewritten, for now this is another example how the cops and the rest of state’s administrative branch in the U.S. have the privilege to enforce only the laws they like. Our immigration policy seems to be rule fiat or selective enforcement if you will in the same way.

What great news. I wonder if other counties, like Orange County, will follow suit. They have to. Otherwise, LA County will not be safe if other counties allow in person registration, which will spread to LA in no time.

Well done.

Nice job putting out this notice. Very fascinating to see how local government, agencies, and police bend during times of crisis. Definitely taking notes on what situations can force them to relent their hardline policies…

What is to stop a person from say, impersonating a registrant and changing their address or listing another vehicle say, belonging to someone who’s vehicle is parked often at a school, etc? People who are forced to register are already targets.

Caller ID can be spoofed easily as well. There are also voice changer software tools to aid in this kind of behavior. Think i’m crazy to suggest this? If you think i’m crazy to think this, just remember I was sued, in another state i never lived in, by mugshot extortionists even though no legal complaint was ever filed against me. By the same people who got denied the ability to depose another victim, allegedly forging documents to enter a jail to spend 7 hours deposing that person against the courts’ orders, to which that deposition STILL was allowed to be entered as evidence in said court.

The system clearly favors anyone who attacks registrants. That’s from my own personal experience. The harassment started in 2011. It’s now 2020. I don’t trust that this phone call solution is a solution. It’s best to just stop requiring anyone to register in the first place.

tons of 12-step groups are doing their meetings with Zoom and other teleconferencing. With Skype and all these apps that show your face their is no need to go their in person. This proves it.

Can you provide some websites?

Lmfao what happened to every sexofender must register in person for the safety of the community…
daam that fell apart hella fast ..this truly is a game changer for the state of California
I never thought I’d see the day the megan law website would become meaningless and falling apart.. great job Janice Bellucci

Thank you very much. I’m so relieved, so grateful.

1) Does anyone think this isn’t just temporary?
2) They should be able to verify your identity by asking you to answer some questions from your file that only you would know the answer to.
3) Going to an online face-to-face system like ZOOM would be great, and they could easily capture your annual mugshot, but how would they get your annual fingerprint scan? (because we all know that your fingerprints change every year…. 😉 )

Thank you [LAPD] Central Division, I have been registering here for well over 18 years, it’s all been done with respect. Thanks again let’s hopefully make this permanent.

Is there any movement on what LA Sheriffs are doing Janice?

@Tyler – We successfully filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Attorney General (AG) on March 26 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The AG’s Office is now aware of the lawsuit and assigned an attorney to work on the case late Friday (April 3). Our hope is to settle this case quickly by a change from the top, that is, the AG’s office, that tells ALL registering agencies to stop in-person registration. As of now, many registering agencies — including the LA Sheriff’s Department — believe they are not authorized to stop in-person registration due to prior direction from the AG’s Office. We can’t guarantee if or even when it will happen, but please know that stopping in-person registration is our TOP priority.

I hope ACSOL gets a quick response and resolution from California’s Attorney General. I know Pasadena is also still doing registrations in person.

Currently, LAPD Southeast Division is requiring registrants to appear in person to fulfill their 290 registration obligation. LAPD detectives are to be available outside the station per regular registration hours, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, to facilitate registration. There is no signage referencing telephonic or video registration alternatives and no mention of alternative registration methods, telephonic, video or otherwise, when speaking with a front desk officer or when directly contacting the detective unit to inquire about protocol to mitigate Coronavirus risk.

Registering at LAPD Southeast Division is dangerous, the risk of novel coronavirus spread by the officers on duty is extremely high. The officers do not wear masks or gloves, they do not make hand sanitizer available, they come within three-to-five feet of the registrant to give verbal direction, they direct the registrant to remove their own mask while they are well within that three-to five-foot space and they interact within close proximity to each other without precautions. There are no social distancing measures evident at all. Indeed, there appears to be complete disregard for the severity of the pandemic. Beware. Anyone who must interact with the LAPD Southeast Division, as a registrant or otherwise, is imperiling their lives, those of their families and of others.

Hi, I will be in a hotel near LAX December 1 – 31st. How do I determine which police station to contact regarding registration? Thanks!

I suspect if you do a G00gle Maps search for directions from your hotel to “Police Station” or “Police station near XYZ hotel” you can come up with the right answer.

Another option would be to exit CA for a full day prior to hitting the required time to register. Perhaps an overnight in LV would be in order.

Question for those in the know. Visiting Las Angeles this summer.

  1. How long can I stay without having to register? (2 nights, 3 nights?)
  2. Are there laws restricting visiting beaches?

California has no presence restrictions other than you can’t be on a K-12 school grounds without prior approval form the school officials. So have fun at the beach!

Regarding registering, by law EVERYONE needs to register within 5 business days when entering a new jurisdiction. This means both out of state visitors, as well as state residence who are traveling throughout the state.

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