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Janice’s Journal: Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed there is a change in the relationship between the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) and the National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws (NARSOL)?  We hope so.  Because the change in that relationship is the result of both hard work and a change in focus.

In order to fully understand the significance of what is happening now, it is important to know a little about the past….including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good is that NARSOL began almost 15 years ago and has done a superb job of sharing information with registrants, family members and supporters.  The good is that NARSOL organized annual conferences more than 10 years ago where that information could be shared in a safe place.  The good is that NARSOL parented a new organization, ACSOL, about 8 years ago which applied the information provided by NARSOL to a series of lawsuits that have challenged local, state and federal laws.

The bad is that ACSOL and NARSOL had a few disagreements in the past.  But doesn’t every parent and child disagree at some time?  The ugly is that some leaders in both ACSOL and NARSOL decided to emphasize those disagreements and forgot that “we are all in this together.”

Which brings us to today.  During the past few months, ACSOL and NARSOL have changed their focus in order to work together for the greater good.  The outward manifestation of that decision began last year when the two organizations seamlessly provided a six-hour Halloween marathon conference call during which registrants and family members could obtain information and support.

ACSOL and NARSOL have continued to work together since that time including submission of a joint friend-of-the-court brief on an important case before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  And just last night, ACSOL participated in a three-hour conference call organized by NARSOL that provided information about important cases pending in three states – Michigan, Georgia and New Mexico.

In addition, the two organizations have future plans to cooperate.  Among those plans is attendance by representatives of both organizations at the annual conferences of ACSOL and NARSOL in Los Angeles and Raleigh, North Carolina, respectively.

The sky is the limit!  ACSOL and NARSOL are working together successfully.   And there is plenty of room in this tent for more organizations including Women Against Registry, Caution Click and newly forming organizations such as those in New York, Washington and Georgia.

Together we can and will reach the Tipping Point where the public will understand the great harm, indeed the punishment, that is being inflicted upon registrants and their families by existing registration laws as well as the false sense of security that the registry provides.  Together we can and will restore the civil rights of registrants and their families.

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Wonderful news, Janice! United we stand! This is how all discriminated people groups have made lasting social change throughout history. I look forward to our next joint projects.

Strength in numbers….hopefully.

Bravo!! We are stronger with more numbers and can make a bigger impact with these other groups participating with all of us!

So Glad to see both sides working harmoniously.

Yes! My vision of a multi-state, nationwide alliance.

The change in focus is key. There is relational disposition and use of a gov database & constitutional uses of it too. Sex offender registration regime as it currently stands is neither. But IMHO the focus must be squarely placed on the original intent of database as a machine as it relates to a re:public. Rendering by “law” a human subservient to one IS a moral choice made by people.

The choice was as much about the machine and infrastructure USE by gov as the violent human. The fact initial justification for “regime registration use” was an attempt to improve law enforcement knowledge implicates not recidivism but investigations after a fact. In the end it is the collateral implications that are most onerous concerning gov use.

While no reasonable human can dispute a people’s right to have a database of known convicted humans: a free person may damn well confront their plain use of it especially if it implicates foundational principles of liberty for everyone in the republic. Every aspect of American leadership is implicated by gov database use.

I did notice with postings on NARSOL about amicus filings being done between the two orgs and associated others in cases. Good to see bygones are bygones and legal minds are coming together!

This is great news! I’m very glad to see you both working together.

United we bargain…..Divided we beg.

I certainly noticed. And I am very excited by the potential power of greater strength in greater numbers. 👍
So when are Washington, DC Lobby Days planned?? I’ll mark my calendar and buy my airplane ticket early. 😁

@Janice: I noticed the change and am excited about it. I inputted my opinion on the groups’ separation quite a few months ago and was basically shunned from the conversation. Maybe my input helped a bit, idk.

Nice to see cooperation. Now I feel better sending $ to both organizations. Sending $ to California from Wi was a stretch when the 2 organizations were nor in sync. Congrats to both boards.

The best way forward is to find common ground and build bridges. Supporters of the registry make no qualms about uniting for their cause so…yeah. It takes a broad effort to undo the programming.

United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s argue if we must in good faith and come to resolutions to move forward. Our Lives depend on it, no I mean our lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s lives, depend on it. We’re one big family let’s keep it in the loop and keep moving forward People.

I’m glad to see this joint effort happen. While every organization has its views, strife or arguments, much of this can kill any relatioship if not balanced. Yes their are many pitfalls of this registry saga but together with advocacy and blessings the possiblities are very good that the end of many or a lot of this registry ordeal will be over.

David actually you make a good point. My dad always use to say to me as the old saying goes “Strike while the anvil is hot”. Just let me know and I’m sure many on the registry would love to articipate to. I’m sure it may just come down to that in many ways. Hearing the voices of much of this unjustice some people face.

Of course you don’t want to get a ticket for racing to fast one is still under law to stay inside during this virus issue, but we can all take a stance for truth if its conducted right. I’m sure many may be interested.

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