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  1. Interesting

    Not sure all of our efforts are needed anymore. The virus may make our struggle to right the wrong of the registry moot. I’ve been reading tin foil hat wearing survivalist manifestos. If they are even 10% correct society as we’ve known it may be gone. The economy will theoretically be several years until it becomes as robust as it was. Unfortunately the amount of time in theory it would take to rebuild would gut the architecture needed for it to grow. People need to work and eat. That requires cash. In order for the government to continue providing cash to people and businesses, they will need to print a ton of money. That will further degrade the value of the dollar. Folks, I dont mean to sound like a doomsayer, but I do believe we should prepare ourselves for the worse. I’ve always had a touch of prepper in me. I just never seriously considered I would ever need it.

    • David

      @ Interesting: Look on the bright side – If the government goes on a no-holds-barred money-printing spree, in no time, we will all be millionaires!! 🤗 (Of course, $1 bill won’t be worth a square of toilet tissue, but let’s not dwell on the negative.) 😁

  2. Saddles

    Janice you and your team have came a long way since you started all this alliance back in 2011. At first I didn’t even want to come on here with all the ranting and if I can be blunt it sent negative vibes to me with all this issue. Although it was challenging, but this virus issue and what’s happening today is a changing factor in this whole ordeal of Justice for all. Maybe every picture does tell a story but one still has to have faith. Course one can’t blame mother nature. I believe many are getting the picture and Will you have a few more pages on your report to go j/kidding

    In one of the video’s on here, Chance had a viewpoint to share about repentance. Yes people should take note of that or is government a broken system looking for redemption., or is it hidden behind a false pseudo mask, or have some Governors served jail time? So what is a pay to play type of policy today in all this clock work orange saga. Are a lot of governments flawed and broken in this registry system of punishment as some might say.
    Yes governments are a flawed and broken system or should we all just give up. Janice and her team are fighting for all to make things right to strive to bring change for some with this civil justice for all. So who is setting some precedent today. Is government an authority or an identity? So today are people defined as a sex offender or is one discriminated against, or some boogyman as some said on here. I wonder what wicca witch someone is smoking today and yes we still we all talk about this witch hunt that really needs to stop, as its a type of pre-judging.

    All one can say is this registry is a bit off the wall holding people back from a loving family or a job security opportunity or any number of liberty’s. So who cusses government out today or should one go that far, or who goes with taxes that are more than an update to make their dicisions seem right. It would boggle the mind. Should some let the registry ride as it is or stand up to it or should we all just set back and say nothing. I’m sure Chance and Janice and their work can answer many of these questions for all. She and her team didn’t get involved for nothing . So one always has to hope this registry will end in many ways or be changed or cast down in many ways. So going back to the beginning is Goverment a labrotory for faith expression or some road trip of some cardnal knowledge bug a boo.

  3. Gralphr

    The fact In many places they have practically discontinued registration due to the epidemic (other than a phone call) shows in person registration is not needed. There are no mass rapes and molestation taking place as idiots assume could happen without a registry, but burglary has gone up. Maybe they should use it for that instead!!!!???

    • TS


      Good.point. It will be up to us to get the data you speak of and disseminate it starting ASAP and well after this ends. I did hear a TX sheriff Lt say the other night theft is up due to kids being outta school. Shows the importance of in-person school attendance.

    • Love, peace, and happiness

      The registry could be abolished and all those who committed a sex crime still in prison be released and the rate of sex crimes will not go up.

  4. My say

    I am curious. are we, as r.s.o., allowed to wear masks? seems to me i remember a man was charged for growing a beard and the state claimed he was trying to hide his ID to contact children or some such. So if we put on a mask does that not open us up to a felony charge? Honestly if it is a felony charge for me or i spread the virus to 100 thousand people and 3% of them die – i will go with no mask. Fuck the general population. In fact i hope on top of hope that i could do something like that but the odds are rather against the idea. But, I am still not going to put on a mask for anyone’s safety as i could be charged with a felony.

    • TS

      @My say

      I asked this the other day here half sarcastically and half real for the reasons you write. Is the mask wearing an order on par with a law or just a recommendation where it could supersede the law for the time being? Let’s see the LEO have a problem with a person forced to register wearing a mask for their safety and others.

    • Love, peace, and happiness

      As far as I know wearing a mask will not violate any provision of registry, parole, probation, or CSL/PSL. You can wear whatever you like. ID’ing yourself depende on what restrictions your on.

  5. TS

    This has been mentioned recently at the main office website but for another look at the NY situation during this time and releasing inmates including those convicted of a sex related crime:

    Now, I say track’em at this time for real statistic gathering efforts then come back with your sky is falling mantra. Scare tactics…

  6. Bill from CA

    @My Say

    What state are you in? I don’t see how wearing a mask would violate anything. I don’t believe that when restrictions were placed on Registrants that they had pandemic in mind generally speaking. Besides as you can can see on these past articles that there has been some rollback or modifications by LEA on registration requirements.

    And I don’t recommend you go without a mask whenever you go out. It is also your health too and whatever loved ones you have that are at risk. We can’t selectively control who to infect. That is impossible. And wrong.

    • Will Allen

      Is it wrong? What is wrong in war? Is it wrong that government has created systematic harassment and lack of concern for me, my spouse, and my children? That they’ve promoted and support it? How can you have a war without all sides doing wrong?

      I do appreciate your overall morality though. It’s a good trait. Not sure it has much room in America though. How long have you been Registered? I’m curious if it hasn’t been that long and the Registries haven’t “changed” you yet.

      I was forced to visit a law enforcement agency very recently. They weren’t concerned about my health. I wasn’t concerned about theirs. I’ve lived a good life and much longer than many very good people have. I can die any time and I’m not particularly worried about it. I’m not worried about them dying either.

      The problem for me is that I wouldn’t want to infect good people and it is hard to identify such people just in the random public. But I wasn’t worried about law enforcement regardless. They should be more vocal about Registries being a stupid waste and stop trying to grow their paychecks.

      But even if you have to visit the dirty law enforcement locations, you don’t have to put your loved ones at risk. Just do what some health care professionals are doing. When you come home from visiting the criminals, stay outside of your home. Campers or visitor homes are awesome for that. Some health care providers are desperate enough that they are staying their cars.

  7. Saddles

    @ TS who know’s whats fair today when one is hurded into a court of law and this person gets prison time and this person gets less prison time or probation or either wants to go to trial with his ordeal to seek justice. Now one isn’t suppose to be around kids as its for public safety. Seems like they drum that into one’s head to many times. One can just imagine how it is out in CA with this type of ordeal. In and out like cattle and its not right and Janice and her team know that.

    I’m sure we all hope groups and indivudials stand up to all this around the nation as this ordeal in many ways is a mockery of justice of a human kind. One can understand theif, murder, fraud, arson, even being cruel to animals but this registry is like a warped scope’s monkey trial in many ways. Advocacy groups & organizations are good in many ways.
    Being around kids wasn’t a problem. One would think its the big kids today.

    Sure, One of my hobbies use to be a magic and yes I have did show’s for parties, groups, churches and things of that naure, but it is hard to reach kids today or should I say teenagers. Its even harder to understand governments understanding, so to be honest the sex offender or the one doing the offending is either left out in the cold or where is the sympathy or true justice in this court of inquiry. I guess one wants to know how many sleeping pills some take in a night or if they sleep with a black light on.

    One can’t even go to church without a chaperone and sometimes even that chaperone will let one down. So theirs many flaws in this sex registry ordeal.

  8. Worried in Wisconsin

    Interesting question about the legality of a sex offender wearing a mask.

    I did a little research, and surprisingly the problem may apply to more than just sex offenders. I found this site, and while the data is from 2015 it appears to be generally accurate.

    There are many exceptions made in these statutes, but not all of them include an exemption for medical or safety purposes. However, I suspect that the current crisis would require a leniency. Not sure if that leniency would apply to sex offenders though, so do your homework. There are also a few that make special rules for sex offenders, usually around holidays like Halloween though.

    Anyone still on supervision should probably run this by their supervising agent. No point in getting hung up on something like a mask trying to keep from becoming a covid-19 statistic.

    • Tim in WI

      Worried in,
      No doubt the link you’ve posted examples how the king’s henchmen get to enforce laws only if it’s convenient. Wearing facial coverings is unlawful in many states. If that is the law then it should be enforced and not overlooked because of covid-19.

  9. Will Allen

    $EX Offender Registries, and their adjunct, idiotic harassment “laws”, are the weapons of anti-American harassers/terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. They will use them to harm you, your spouse, and your children. Neutralize their weapons. Ensure their Registries are worthless and counterproductive, as they naturally are. But then ensure that they are much, much worse. Registries will not exist in peace and there will be the highest level of harm and damage possible.

    If I were invisible, I could end the Registries in America, all by myself, within one to two years. Moral, informed Americans do not support Registries. They are an effectively invisible, huge, and widely distributed army. That army must wage war. Please share this text and ideas and advance the invisible army.

  10. Ruben Herrera

    I AM SCHEDULED TO REGISTER in-person on the 16th of this month @7am. Is Van Nuys 290 department going to ask us to still show up in person? I feel like even if we were to call to register, it still makes me feel like it isn’t enough and eventually a lot of us will be violated even if his situation isn’t are fault?
    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    • Mot

      Mine is set for this month too and IF I do not have to come in I plan to ask for an email confirmed that I did register and that I am OK until 2021.

    • someone who cares

      Ruben ~ I looked up the Van Nuys Police website and user Q&A, they state that Police Stations will remain open. Not sure if that means the lobby will be open for walk ins, but I would call them to schedule an appointment and see what they say. Also, the PC290 clearly states that WILLFULL failure to register is punished. I still would rather do it the right way and call them to avoid any “misunderstanding” on their part. It’s not worth fighting the “willful” part, even if dismissed, in my opinion.

      • Ruben Herrera

        Thank you!
        I did call and I was told that they are doing registration through via phone. Taking down all info and then setting a later date within the year to register “in-person”. However, I still feel like going in person because I am scared that they are going to violate a lot of us for not showing up In-Person to register. Feels like a fucking “melting pot”

        • someone who cares

          Ruben ~ Since you have 5 days before or after, can you call to do the registration and record the conversation if that is allowed? If not, maybe go in person. Somehow, you will need to get some sort of receipt that you registered that they may be able to e-mail to you as proof?

  11. Saddles

    @ all. You know I made a statement on here about “What has God Wrought” and many times I’m sure one could never understand that pharse. Seems this whole virus is effecting everyone or is it a sign to let the world know that its time to get hack to values., truth and true understanding. If the maker can wipe out a nation with a two edged sword we are the one’s that should take warning, even governments all over.

    The creator can confound a nation as this nation doesn’t belong to us does it. People on here seem to be worrying about a label, how it stigmatizes others, if the law is going to violate someone, or if they should wear a black or white mask to the grocery story during this epic.
    So were is faith today in their creator, or who plays the cult harlot today in this government crisis. Is this crisis effecting kids today, the adults today, those that protest about who invented the light bulb or is it an act of nature that is long overdue. And here we all are sitting around trying to understand all this when government try’s to put 2 and 2 together to come out as 7.

    So does government backstab the people today? Is government just as confused? or does government learn from their mistakes. I wonder who has an intelligent quotient. I will be the first one to tell you that I don’t have any quotient or does even the government have a form of intelligent quotient or just maybe we are all superior to others or where is reasoning as we are are doing on here. One doesn’t even know how to get out of the rain today or a flood.

    Their are many keys to the kingdom and many times its right under our nose, or is all this a type of a dam bursting on a grand scale.Just he thankful for what you have. Justice will take care of itself. Janice I’m glad your still plugging in their for many and wish your team the best.

  12. Berdoo


    I want to move to another country and unregister with the local police. Has anyone in this forum gone through this process? Is there anything in the Penal Code that addresses this situation. Where I am heading there is no registration.

    • wonderin

      Sadly, this used to be the country to flee to but more and more it’s becoming a country to flee from.
      I fear it may be easier to escape from North Korea than to flee the U.S., if you’ve been labeled a registrant.

    • E

      Ohhhh, Wisconsin!

      This tremendously disproportionate focus on victims’ rights was discussed twenty years ago in email discussions about the design of their registry bill before it was enacted (legislative history is findable online). This resulted in their insane practice of requiring everyone who offended in WI to continue registering with their DOC for life, even if you move out of state or out of country. Basically they said, “Our responsibility is to the crime victims, so if an offender moves out of state, our victims still must be able to know where they live, even if it’s on the dark side of the moon.” (That last was added by me.) This state SUCKS.

      • Tim in WI

        Wisconsin especially Milw. has a long history of socialist \ progressive disposition among the people. This is true for many reasons but importantly Judge Rehnquist was at the head of 03SCOTUS! That position on the court sets the calender \ agenda of the court docket! So I suggest you take some time and review his upbringing. All of the Catholics on that court deemed SOR civil! Hardly the first time that group has been guilty of looking the other way while evil flourishes to keep themselves intact. Socialism my good neighbor always begins with organized labor union. Quid pro Joe!
        Only this time around they had to cut a deal with the Billionaire elites to make it happen.
        We are discussing the database infrastructure right? Presumed for people’s benefit right?. Have you researched the number used for Wisconsin’s registration form? WI-DOC\SOR – 1796. Why choose 1796? James E Doyle knows. The database is such a powerful tool, it set American politics back 200 years when slavery was a civil thing.

  13. Saddles

    @ Berdoo. Penal code? Is that like some modern form of Penal colony thats disguised under a prideful money system. I wonder like some use to say the rich get richer and the dumb get dumber or where is justice when one’s son or daughter is in jailed with no way out all because they had some type of porno on their computer device. All because the penal cold says they dont’ bear the sword in vain or are at liberty to do what they want to do.

    Some people say that history repeats itself today or would one find a sex offender in some Cosmopolitian Magazine today or who is taming the shrew today. Maybe we should all go back to the Marks brothers for the 24 thousand dollar question and find the answer.

  14. Mike R

    This is for Janice and Chance:

    Do either one of you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account? I would like to post on the Govenor Gabins page about 290 in person registration as it relates to the spread of Covid-19. I hear the guy everyday talk about stay home and do your part to flatten the curve. However, I do not have an account with any of the above platforms. I do not feel comfortable posting on such public forums. This site is my only public forum. Janice and Chance, thank you for all you do.

    I am Registering April 8th in San Dimas. It Isn’t ideal but I will wear gloves and a mask. Hopefully the detective won’t get 6 inches from my face to take a picture like he did in 2019. All I can do is try to stay 6 feet away, sign the paperwork and go home to wash my hands vigorously.

    • mike r

      Someone using my moniker, mike r? Not that I care really. Maybe kind of confusing though when certain people start bashing on mike r’s personal character though. Lol… Don’t take it seriously for sure.

      • David

        @ mike r: This other Mike R uses an upper case “M” and and upper case “R”. Clearly, an entirely different person.

  15. E

    Are miracles possible?? Cardinal Pell’s conviction is unanimously overturned!

    ‘Pell’s lawyer Bret Walker told the High Court that all that the prosecution had to do at his trial and appeals court hearing was to prove that Pell being left alone while robed or not talking with congregants after Mass was “possible” to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

    “That … is a grotesque version of the reversal of onus of proof, if all the Crown has to do is to prove the possibility of something,” (Chief Judge) Walker said.‘

    Well ain’t that the truth. And yet, thousands are convicted —or tricked into pleading— on similar flimsy grounds all the time.

  16. Saddles

    Actually all things are possible with God. One Wonders who said “Within these covers of the bible are the answers to for all problems man face. This marsey’s law has some understanding to it and one should understand the merits of it. Even the reasoning makes since if one applies the truth to all this ordeal that the offender goes thru. Basically many and much of this is just as unjust as going to court in front of the unjust.

    Sure people dont’ want to take the time to understand the language of this issue. So who is screwing in this type of screwtape letter of subtle subtlety law or are legislators way off base with their language today vs true principal. None of this sex computer stuff should of ever came about while physical violence has always been downhill or uphill struggle thru all ages. Much of this registry is wrong and many other factors of law are wrong in enslaving others.

    And actually Ronald Regan said that about all problems man faces.

  17. TS

    We’ve discussed this case out of Kansas here before and it didn’t go the way of the people and people forced to register sadly by SCOTUS. A person forced to register could be stopped going by a school just because is how I read this: Supreme Court upholds controversial traffic stop by police (

    • TS

      Sad day for this IMO, but here’s the SCOTUSBlog link for more details and the opinion itself:

      • Will Allen

        Wow, that’s a shockingly bad decision. At least in a free country.

        One of my adult children has been driving one of my vehicles every day for a number of months now in order to do some work for all of us. If my driver’s license was suspended, law enforcement criminals (LECs) should feel free to pull the vehicle over? Wow.

        Justice Roberts’ questions and reasoning were dumb. He was discussing what the odds were that the owner of the vehicle was driving. He started with, “Do you think it’s totally random who the driver is? In other words, it’s registered to Fred Jones, but it could be anybody in the world?” and went downhill from there. Dumb. In the case of my vehicle right now, the odds of me driving it are 0%. There is no reasonable suspicion to stop such a vehicle.

        Of course, LECs have always tried to harass anyone in a Person Forced to Register’s vehicle. Where I live, they have constantly fear mongered with it and used it as an excuse to get more money. When they were trying to get money for more Automatic License Plate Readers they fear mongered that they could use them to check parks for PFRs. Never mind that there was nothing illegal at all about PFRs being in parks. But that’s what LECs do. Fear monger to stupid people.

        All of my children’s cars were Registered. I told them all the time to never trust LECs or let them get near them. I told them if an LEC pulled them over or started to talk to them to be polite, IF there was a legitimate reason. But if there was not, then they should feel free to just go off on them. The LECs were not so stupid that they harassed my minor children. I’m a little surprised. They have tried to harass me a few times but they certainly don’t seem to have enjoyed it. I kind of did.

        • David

          @ Will Allen: I’m afraid I have to disagree with you regarding the Court’s decision. It does, indeed, seem like common sense to me that a vehicle registered to someone with a suspended license should be stopped just to see who’s driving it. There are far too many people who are driving on our roads without insurance, with suspended licenses, and with unresolved DUI cases. This REALLY is a valid public safety issue.

        • Will Allen


          We don’t want to live in that kind of country. I have a lot of vehicles. I usually drive just one. Occasionally another or two. If my license were suspended, I’d be inclined to let other people use at least one of those vehicles most or all of the time. So you think it would be cool if law enforcement criminals (LECs) were pulling over all 4, 5, 6, or whatever number of vehicles that I own, whenever they felt like it? How often could they do that? Every time their Automatic License Plate Reader saw one of my vehicles? Once a day for each vehicle? Or every time they saw it? What would be acceptable?

          Nah, heck with that. We can’t have LECs pulling over vehicles just to check if some law is possibly being violated. Can’t have it. There is no reasonable suspicion there that a law is being broken.

          Also, if I were a person who intended to drive on a suspended license, I think I’d find a vehicle other than one of my own to drive. I could drive any number of friends’ vehicles any time and the LECs would never, never have any idea of the extent of that. They might get lucky and pull me over one day, maybe, but that would be it. While they were jacking around pulling over my vehicles, I’d be driving wherever I wanted.

          And speaking of that, perhaps instead of looking for possible crimes, that aren’t even dangerous, maybe they should instead look for real crimes that are dangerous? Like DUI, traffic violations, etc.

    • Worried in Wisconsin

      Guess you didn’t get the memo…

      A person on the registry can be stopped at any time for any reason. May not be the law but it is the practice. LEOs didn’t need this SCOTUS ruling to be able to pull over registrants.

      • TS

        I guess WI registrants aren’t citizens either who don’t want to be harassed for no reason and be able to drive anywhere because they pay taxes for roads regardless of what’s in their history?

      • Love, peace, and happiness

        “A person on the registry can be stopped at any time for any reason. May not be the law but it is the practice.” This may be be true and may be practice, but fight dammit.

      • Worried in Wisconsin

        Not saying I like it or approve. Just pointing out the reality.

        Fight it? I do that every day as I carry on living as normal a life as possible, despite efforts to not allow that. And I fight it as I work to stop bills that are presented in our state house which are idiotic and sometimes downright dangerous to registered people. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m willing to go the whole 24+ miles.

      • David

        @ Worried in Wisconsin: Maybe it’s the advantage of living in a larger metropolitan area – I have never been pulled over for “Driving while Registered”.

  18. JohnDoeUtah

    Update on the Registry Fee Challenge in Utah.

    The Judge Granted the State’s Motion to dismiss the First Cause of Action regarding the money seized in 2013 to pay for registry fees (about ~$513.00). The 2019 claims still stand.

    The ruling surrounded equitable and statutory tolling, and the Utah Governmental Immunity Act. Throughout all of the administrative hearings, nor in any notice provided by the state have they indicated adherence to the Utah Governmental Immunity Act (USIA). However, the judged ruled that I failed to send Notice of Claim to the correct person at the Office of State Debt Collection prior to filling suit and that the time to do so has passed, it also states that you cannot file suit until 60-days after you file a Notice of Claim.

    Specifically, the section of Utah Code regarding administrative hearings doesn’t list any requirement to adhere to the Notice of Claim requirements of the UGIA, it only states that I need to exhaust all administrative remedies prior to filing suit and must do so within 30 days. Even though the filing timelines are different between the two statues and the administrative code does not require adherence to the UGIA, the judge ruled the UGIA still applies.

    On the matter of equitable tolling, the judge recognized that the state’s refusal to schedule a hearing in 2013 was in violation of the statue – it was wrong. However, he also ruled that the state’s inaction is not an exceptional circumstance for equitable tolling.

    So, the state refused to follow the law and schedule a hearing, which prevented me from exhausting administrative remedies until 2019. Which they got away with, because it does rise to “exceptional circumstances” justifying equitable tolling. The judge stated I should have filed a Writ of Mandamus to force the hearing.

    I am unsure that I can pursue the case after such a ruling as the state will likely now say my constitutional challenges are also outside the statue of limitations.

    • M C

      @JohnDoeUtah, I haven’t followed this from the beginning so I’m not totally sure of all the case details. Is this a pro se case? If so have you tried to play the angle that as a pro se litigant you should be held to a different standard regarding knowing to file a Writ to force a hearing compared with a lawyer who should have known this? I’m not sure with federal or your state but I know that some state supreme courts have overturned decisions like that on the basis of one being a pro se litigant and that the courts job is to be fair and not stick it to a pro se litigant because he didn’t know everything a lawyer would.

      • JohnDoeUtah

        I’ve tried that angle, even quoting SCOTUS cases, but the state has countered with Utah case law stating that prose litigants are held to the same standard of knowledge and practice as attorneys in our jurisdiction.

        The issue is that I knew that a Writ of Mandamus was, but was not sure it applied in this situation. I argued that if any person you could expect to follow the law, would be the state that wrote the law in the first place. This state agency wrote the law, but was refusing to grant the hearings required by law. So much so, that the legislature changed the law in 2015 to state that if a hearing was not scheduled then the state could not collect the debt (which is why I was given a hearing in 2019). I argued that filing a lawsuit to make the state follow its own law was “maximum feasible diligence” and I was only required to exercise “reasonable diligence” as stated by case law.

        I did so by timely filing a request for hearing and disputing the debt in both 2013 and 2019, and in the interim I challenged the debts with the credit reporting agencies and had all these debts removed from my credit report because the state could not prove that I agreed to pay the sex offender registry fee or had any contract with the state to do so. I met every deadline and followed that statutory process for administrative actions to the tee. I exercised reasonable diligence, expending thousands of dollars to force the state to give be the statutorily required hearing in 2013 was not reasonable. Thus, that failure of the state to schedule the hearing and ensure my due process was protected was an exceptional circumstance which warranted equitable tolling under fundamental fairness.

        The judge disagreed, citing a law that isn’t even a requirement to challenge an administrative action or mentioned in the Administrative Procedures Act.

        • M C


          I think you should have the appeals court review this decision.

        • Tim in WI

          John from Utah
          Another approach possible could be found in the specific paper vehicle used to send notice by court to Utah DOC about your conviction. The clerk will have it on file in the court of jurisdiction. That judgment has a specific # and purpose(s) so without it a viable claim can be based. In a nation of process state has the burden of proving what’s due!

        • JohnDoeUtah


          Sadly, none such exists. I was convicted under the UCMJ.

          The fee started in Utah as $75.00 a year in 2006, the year I was released, however I was not charged the fee until later.

          In 2008 they amended the fee to $125 a year, they never made it a violation of the registry to not pay it. However, even then I was not charged the fee. It was not until late in 2008, after I filed Doe v. Shurtleff was I ever charged the fee. Not only that, but after I filed Doe v. Shurtleff, the state reclassified me as a lifetime registrant (which was later corrected by an amendment to the registry statue in 2013). Although I cannot prove it, the fee and lifetime designation was retaliation for me suing them in 2008 (I won and they were forced to change the registry law – First/Fourth Amendment).

          For the moment, Utah does not require me to register and no longer charges the fee – but they are still enforcing it by coming after the money via my tax returns administratively (I refused to ever pay them). They can’t get it any other way because the statute of limitation to sue me has passed.

    • Nelson

      To file motions or Mandamus or this or that to get someone to follow proceedures or bring balance and justice or just to get them to do there jobs With Competence is not acceptable !
      I would write as many people about that poor job performance and SHANANAGANS and exclaim that person and office is being monitored by the people and whom ever to ensure they are REPRIMANDED AND GIVEN REGULAR JOB PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS to Stop this BS.
      from time statutes of limits on plaintifs to ridiculous scheduling, re scheduling and appointments and shuffle games, too many other Laws that clearly favor The Fed, State, Gov, County, Cities ..districts or municipalities …these rules are far to often leaning in FAVOR OR CORRUPTION OR FOOLISH INTELLECTUAL STANCE, LEGAL DEFINITIONS OR INTERPRETATIONS AND DISSEMINATIONS and many other things that leave the Defendants scrounging, clawing, scrapping and wondering/looking for any means to fight for Liberties, justice and truth..
      Lets see what Statistics and Comparisons, Reports , Evaluations and others means WILL REVEAL WHY AND HOW THESE CORRUPT OPERATIONS can be Shut down, slowed down
      And down right STOPPED

  19. Saddles

    Law enforcment are suppose to be protecting teenagers., Would it not seem reasonable & logical for them to do there enforcing in chat rooms that cater to teenagers instead of “adult chat rooms” . So who is putting who in jeapordy. Who is doing evil when they ask.. do you have any more pictures which is an open end quesrion but some send forget that it is the sex inducement they are pressing for. I’m sure you all have texted about all this in the past.

    Myself I told them stright up via the chat .. oh you mean nude pictures” that shut them up right quick so they used another method. I even took a milk shake to the encounter and ask the detective what was the milk shake all about and they said its all part of the game. Sure I forgave them but actually they are the ones that planted the seed. Still justice has to be served so we all should step up in much of this confusion. Janice and her team know that all of this ordeal in many ways is not right anyone that law enforcement is so devilish in all their pride

    Call it an erk or jerk tactic that is as vain or some two faces devilish encounter. Bank robery is a bit more understanding then this ordeal which is a bit more one sided justice for liberty for all, or what is freedom all about. Didn’t we all fight a battle for freedom at one time and now look at justice today. Seems nobody can figure it out. So everyone sits in their homes till government is sure that this contrivirus is safe to walk out on the streets and go back to work. Its a bit lame if you would ask me but than thats just my viewpoint.

  20. ab

    Starting at 12am on April 8th it will be mandatory to wear a face mask in San Bernardino county California when leaving home. Violating the order can result in a 1000 dollar fine and/or 90 days imprisonment.

    Got to love when policies like this come out without proper public notice

  21. Saddles

    Ok so enough is enough. So what could be the answer to all this registry reality miscarriage. Should we blame it on spouse neglect, or should we blame it on computer abuse, police authorities abuse, lack of knowledge, substance abuse, or ourselves. Maybe we could blame the registry on lack of liberty and justice for all or even some strange pandermic that is dividing the nation and leaving destruction or deaths in its way. Maybe we could all blame it on porno today.

    Can we all blame voting choices such as ?? or where is the character history in all this. One wonders if one can get a witness in this callous sex registry result today, or is plain justice still blind today. So were is the key to this riddle of man’s understanding or should we stand up in court and shout guilty as charged or should we all go out and get a jury of our peers to put a stop to all and much of this registry.

    One wonders do these law enforcement do the same as the one’s they are inducing these ordeals on. Are they playing fair in this dungons and dragon’s episode if one would like to conquer that one or are we all losers in this on going fight for justice. Sure we have even heard of 8 and 10 year olds on the registry. male and females, adults even in their senior years so were is carnal knowledge today or is it in some pulp magazine today.

    What about a solution such as three stricks and your out for computer missuse. Didn’t they clean up some of the books from libertries forbidden for kids to read or is their still a black light district in a hometown today were a lot of judges and important men go, or just maybe how far does one’s biblical understanding go in America today.

  22. David Kennerly

    Coalinga State Hospital (California civil commitment facility) update: I spoke with Mike St. Martin, spokesperson for the “Hosprisoners” at Coalinga, earlier today, and he reports that, so far, no one out of the thousand or so patient/inmates there have contracted the Covid-19 virus. That is very fortunate as the conditions there are much like those in prison, with high-density confinement being literally unescapable. Masks are neither available to Hosprisoners nor are they generally worn by staff. However, the administration is considering Hosprisoners’ offer to sew masks both for themselves as well as for patients at other state hospitals. There is, of course, nothing else to do there.

    • David Kennerly

      Update: Mike also tells me that C.S.H. will not provide staff with masks and is telling them that, if they want to wear masks, they will have to provide their own. Keep in mind that this is, ostensibly, a “medical facility.”

      The administration is also having many of their psychologists, psychiatrists and some therapists work from home (?!?). They will, apparently, be using their home computers to access patient records remotely. Mike surmises that this is a prerequisite to downsizing staff to save money.

      Also, there are 1,300 “patients” there, not 1000.

      To watch the staff dance, go here:

      • Will Allen

        America is not an exceptional country. It is beyond outrageous that we are incapable of having a billion+ masks on hand right now and able to distribute as many as need in all prisons. It is beyond outrageous that we are incapable of providing great sanitation in prisons. We are a banana republic that has Registries. Morally corrupt.

        I like your “hosprisoners” term but why not just use “prisoners”?

        • David Kennerly

          “Hosprisoners” is used to distinguish between regular prisoners who are serving court-imposed sentences to those who have been unconstitutionally civilly committed for crimes the state believes they might commit.

          As Mike St. Martin says “I’m being held for crimes I might commit in the future by people who are committing crimes today.”

      • jm from wi

        The C.S.H. dance clip would make a nice backdrop to a prison fatality count / clips of body bags / headlines of prison riots headlines of “Release prisoners who have served their time”.

  23. Saddles

    Isn’t it a bit funny how a little letter in the alphabet can change the whole meaning of a word to mean something else. Sure my grammer and spelling is off a bit and at times or do we all forget what a dictionary is all. Is this a true democracy or a republician nation, I’m sure we all even wonder that also.

    Even a court of law can forget about many things also even about tresspasses against another. Yes we all need justice back in America again or are we all prisoners trampled upon in many ways.

  24. PK

    Have you all heard about the new idea about digital certificates or “tracking mechanisms” that they want to provide for Corona Virus patients?

    Perhaps this could be some day compatible for Registrants?

    This way Registrant information wouldn’t be public and therefore causing such hardship for RSO’s.

    • ab

      Public information is only part of the problem. No one law enforcement should have the personal data of anyone in a database for years or life. No one ought to be able to scan something and pull up a profile on any other person containing lots of information. Technology allows for the storage of information for a long time, that doesn’t mean most data should be held anywhere. Besides registration does nothing to prevent crime.

      • PK


        Good argument, but my solution would be better than what we have now.

        • Tim in WI

          It is the tracking components and capability the benevolent surveillance saints sought in the first place. The general disposition of registrants places ” the people’s database ” above restaurant’s liberty and privacy needs. Electronic domestic surveillance, it can be said, is a Machiavellian must. How else could a party blame Russian influence via social media imbalance in Presidential election results. For a good look at the plethora of other uses of the machine database & infrastructure where liberty is the focus.

  25. Nondescript

    My husband just registered by telephone today with the Los Angeles PD. They asked him for the last 4 digits of his SS#, and if any of his information had changed. The officer told him that they will be contacting him by phone “ when this virus is no longer a health concern” for him to come in to the station and update his photo. He said she was very nice to him. He asked for the female officers name and badge # and will save the recent outbound call log on his cell phone as proof he called.

    • AJ

      “…will save the recent outbound call log on his cell phone as proof he called.”
      I suggest keeping a hardcopy of the cell phone bill that shows the call info. It’s a better record.

      • Nondescript

        Good advise AJ. I think people can just log on to their cell company website and download/copy any past months call log. We will do that too.

        • Will Allen

          I don’t trust the criminals. I keep recordings of the phone calls. Then they can’t lie about what was said.

  26. E

    I find the penalties for sex-related crimes to be more and more insane and obscene.

    Example, this guy. First, the headline makes it sound like a brand new charge. Not so. Second, if he’s 24 in 2020, then in 2014 he would have been at most 18. I wonder whether this is a video of HIMSELF at 17 he’s being charged with.

    The charge and waste of LE resources is SICK. 15-30 YEARS plus lifetime supervised release is INSANE. This is mind boggling.

    From the article:
    “The new charges against J… stem from an October 2014 video he allegedly created and shared through Snapchat which depicts child pornography, the US Attorney’s office said.

    If convicted, Jones faces anywhere from 15 to 30 years in prison as well as a $250,000 fine and a supervised release of five years up to life, the US Attorney’s office said.
    Investigators across multiple agencies including the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, Kentucky State Police and the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General worked on the case, the US Attorney’s office said.“

    Wow, I wonder whether they had enough resources to nail this dangerous fugitive?

    • M C

      This article fails to tell us the age of the victim in the 2014 video but allegedly it sounds rather similar to the 2016 case if you do more digging.

      I have two problems with charging him with something that happened before the 2016 case. First it seems like they may have gone on a fishing expedition because someone was upset he was commuted or pardoned. I mean the 30 law enforcement persons working to railroad him somehow. Wow! Then they made sure to get it charged federal so he could be punished more severely. Second, if his behavior was addressed by having been caught in the 2016 case so if he’s changed his ways because of 2016 it doesn’t serve anyone much benefit by locking him up at taxpayer expense for more time.

      I also read the article I linked to with a grain of salt. It sounds like they didn’t charge others involved and there were many others. It’s also not guaranteed that he took or sent the video. Even if it was sent from his phone, it’s entirely possible at a party like that someone else took his phone and did so. I’m not trying to minimize or defend what he did but for these things the media tells only the part of the story that happened. Should he be punished for the previous offense? Probably, but the whole premise as to how this crime was even discovered seems off.

    • Saddles

      I’m glad they pardoned him. Just goes to show that two wrongs don’t make a right. Their is hope for everyone in many ordeals.

  27. Saddles

    @ All Its a bit hard to actually inderstand anyone on here, Some are wonereing about travel abroad, some are wondering about their jail sentence, time spent, their stipulations, the harshness of government oppression,how its effecting their kid, or who’s going to violate who if one doesn’t bow down to government. And some have the gull to say God is an entity or all this internet bis is data based or computer tracking. One wonders who knows what a person does behind closed door

    Should all this be a simple problem in much of this internet issue. If their were no internet than none would have been in jail for those that had an internet encounter. Travel thats up to the one that wants to travel for his or her reasons. Family life well thats how you intesact with your wife, kids and your own welfare about life or can we all be psycho at times and do a “Here’s Johney number” to those family members. One wonders were does that leave love or love thy neighbor, or is God an entity like some say on here. Than who made you.

    Sure this contrivirus thing has killed many people but I would tend to believe the A-bomb killed a lot more by those quick thinking scientists. After all this ordeal we are facing today we should all put a stop to much of this registry degrsation and free as many people as much of this registry issues is childs play. I’m sure Janice and her team know that. As far as beliving in God well thats up to each individual or was it Adam and Steve that both ate the fruit. I’m also sure they can put posts up on internet sites advising about pentilities about sexual abuse as Janice does on here for adults that use this site. Hey many people like a georgia peach but many abuses can still get rottened .

    • E

      “@ All Its a bit hard to actually inderstand anyone on here, ”

      I’m sorry Saddles, but the irony in your first sentence is amazing. I generally cannot follow the flow or logic of your posts AT ALL. Do you use a voice to text transcription or something?

  28. Mot

    With this DOWNTIME I have been wondering IF and IF NOT WHY has no one go after the STINGS that have been used to trap a whole bunch of us? Tax Payers are paying for LEO to sit on the phone and computer and work to trap citizens. I do understand searching for CP but since I was arrested for chatting with a “14 yr old” how come someone has not taken up this cause for us.

    • Doc Martin

      The last time there’s been public outcry about stings is when the FBI got involved in putting out child pornography a few years ago in their infamous playpen scandal. Other than that, Hansen & the predator is still popular and ones caught up in stings still get no sympathy. Although I think stings are total bs, I have to slightly disagree with you implying that searching for cp is more serious than chatting it up with a 14 year old about sex. Some would say you’re intention is to create another victim thru statuatory rape whereas the victim has already been created in photos & videos, crimes perpetuated by somebody else, not by the person searching for the pornography. Of course these DOC paid therapist will try and tell you everyone’s offense is equal-all sex offenders are the same.

      • Lake County

        Doc Martin, we weren’t provided with the details of his case, so no judgements should be made. Bad cases often result in plea deals. Often when they make charges involving someone in an underage sting, it’s in an adult group chat or dating service and after the person is hooked in, they disclose that they are a little underage. Then they disclose they are 13, 14 or 15 and then at that point it’s almost impossible to just walk away without an arrest. Many of these cases are later found to be entrapment when the defendant has a very good attorney or judge. Many people caught on “To Catch A Predator” have had charges dropped after a good judge doubts the techniques used.

        • Doc Martin

          @Lake Country You’re right I don’t know the details of his case but he did say he was “chatting it up with a 14 year old” Normallypolice don’t get probablecause, then the accused pleads out to a serious felony if he was just chatting online to a 14 year old about baseball.Plus I think its weird he thinks its okay for law enforcement to keep going after folks that google search nude & pornographic photos of teens, but authorities should cut him slack for trying to get together with a young 14 year old for sex? I get it that sometimes entrapments involved and suckers take the bait, but we’re ultimately responsible for our actions. I took responsibility for my offense. It’s just the punishment aspect (the sex offender registry and harsh sentences) that I and most people on this forum have a problem with.

        • ocguy

          @Doc Martin

          right…. because a “young 14 year old” can never ever be expected to decline to have sex with some random guy on the internet. They simply are not mature enough. Unlike, say, 10 (ten) year olds who are mature enough and have the wherewithal to agree to waive their Miranda Rights when questioned by police without a parent or guardian present. The CA Supreme Court has said so.

          It is also funny how a young 14 year old who is coerced, pressured, even threatened to, say, run drugs or worse for older people is held fully responsible for their decision not to decline to participate in such activities. For their failure to withstand such pressure the “young 14 year old” is slapped with a gang enhancement on their (his) way to adult prison.

          The chiiiiildren!

  29. Saddles

    Doc and Mot for years since 2012 when I got caught up in much of this registry I have wanted to know the “why” question. Is all this registry inducement for safety reasons, Provoking another or protecting to get one in this trap or who is the Testor in all this. Common sense would be the one thats instilling on the other with this crafty charm to get one to travel down to meet up with some ficitious person. Who is invading who’s conscious in ths. Steping up to voice out on a lot of this regstry is always good and Janice and Chance are in their plus all of us also. Many times the individual’s letters they write get tossed in the trash but some do take notice.

    Government inducement by manulipation means of a sexual flavoring is a vain by any government via thia internet. Sure writting letters can at times get results. So who’s responsible for all this inducement the Testor or the one that is overshadowed by all this. Do many of these ordeals save lives via this internet confusion in this deceitful effort. Myself I look at all this internet sex registry as Christian values Government seem to have lost in this liberty and justice for all. Its like a stumbling block of enforcement vaniety. So much of this registry is a double standard to control .

  30. David Kennerly

    In a bombshell development that threatens to expose public defender’s offices throughout California to lawsuits for their failure to adequately represent accused “sexually violent predator” defendants, former Coalinga State Hospital “Hosprisoner,” Gaspar Zavala has been awarded $2.8M by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors is now expected to approve the negotiated agreement.

    After years in which hundreds of defendants were illegally held at Coalinga State Hospital under the Sexually Violent Predator Act, some being held without trial for as long as fifteen-to-twenty years, and in which public defender’s offices throughout California deliberately underfunded their legal representation, the Zavala case promises to upend California’s civil commitment house of cards through massive numbers of follow on lawsuits. Several law firms are now lining up scores of potential plaintiffs with this precedent now successfully established.

    The State of California, it emerges, had stopped funding county public defenders for civil commitment trials and they, in turn, sued California for $3B.

    The Court found that Los Angeles County colluded with its Public Defender’s Office to illegally redirect funds away from “sexually violent predator” trials. Much the same deliberate neglect of S.V.P. cases occurred throughout California promising to unleash the filing of hundreds of lawsuits against individual counties.

    My thanks to Hosprisoner Mike St. Martin for keeping me apprised of this story. We had not been able to break it until the Zavala case was successfully settled.

    • Bill from CA

      Thanks for sharing the article David. I look forward to hearing many more of these lawsuits. Besides this couldn’t have happened at better time when the state is struggling to keep our economy afloat.

      • David Kennerly

        Thank you, Bill! I want to remind everyone that the term “sexually violent predator” in the State of California (and many other states, too as well as the U.S. Government) all have redefined the term “violent” as having an under-14-year-old (in California’s case, others may vary as to age) victim. Just being guilty of that is considered “violent,” no actual violence, or coersion, necessary. There are even men with no hands-on convictions at all. It’s a total miscarriage of justice. The regime of civil commitment is blatantly unconstitutional.

  31. David

    How deceptive! Mentions registered sex offenders right after mentioning a released inmate who murdered four days after his release …. but doesn’t mention extremely low recidivism rates until the next paragraph and then only in reference to federal inmates. Furthermore, does not mention that the released convicted sexual offenders may well have been incarcerated on FTR or other non-sex offense charges. Details matter.
    In other words, an extremely biased article by a disingenuous author.

  32. Tired Old Man

    if anyone moved from Florida while still on probation or did not 100% complete all court terms like fines/cost/ completed SO Counseling and termed out of probation you may want to read this and quickly act on it before the law changes

  33. David

    🤗 Happy COVID-19 Thought!🤗
    Here’s a possible “silver lining” to the COVID-19 pandemic: Local, State and the Federal government might end up being so broke (due to lost tax revenues) that they will have to cut non-essential programs, for example, the operation and maintenance of sex offender registries. 🤗

    (Unfortunately, Registries are so popular with politicians and the public that they may be the very last thing that any level of government chooses to cut. 😏 Still, one can dream! 🙂)

    • Austin

      Registries would be one of the last thing that is not funded, there is too much reputation investment in how important they are.

      • Bill from CA

        Politicians can spin whatever narrative they want to keep the Registry or modify it when the money is not there.

        • Austin

          I agree that they can and will spin whatever narrative they would like that would benefit them at the time, i think it is highly unlikely that they would ever do anything willingly in our favor with the current climate. The public support for the registry is so high that it would viewed by their PR teams as the equivalent of career suicide.

      • Will Allen

        I don’t think it will matter how broke the criminal regimes get. When they first started their BS Registries, they didn’t have monster budgets and all they did was run them as incompetently as anyone could. They could run them on $5 a month. Just keep the law on the books and keep telling people they have to fill out papers. The law enforcement criminals (LECs) then just keep the papers. Maybe they update a web site, maybe they don’t. If they happen to find out a Person Forced to Register (PFR) has missed some detail, maybe they arrest the person, maybe they don’t. No skin off their backs. That is exactly how all the Registries started. Like they were being run by incompetent high school students. Same today, except they have piles and piles of $$$ and time to mess with it all.

        The constant factor is that LECs never have to be competent or do a good job. They can always just “do the best” they are able with the $$$ and time that we taxpayers give them. If you want better, of course they have to grow big government and get more $$$. The only people who must always be competent are the PFRs.

        I think it could be well argued that most law enforcement agencies RIGHT NOW don’t have the $$$ and resources that they need in order to run BS, extra, unnecessary, fake public safety programs and propaganda. They are running their Registries AT THE EXPENSE of public safety, solving crimes, and keeping people safe. Every dollar and every second that they spend on the Registries, is resources taken from public safety. And are not most big governments running in debt? They can’t afford the Registries today.

        Perhaps a year ago, I was in an argument with some redneck, loser sheriff and his overpaid staff regarding their posting of PFR pictures on their Facecrook page. Every time a PFR changed something, the losers posted the PFR’s picture. They just kept posting them to their Facecrook timeline so each picture was interspersed with all the other posts/pictures. They had posts/pictures there for agency announcements, to advertise events they were doing, to celebrate children completing law enforcement programs, to announcement crimes and ask for the public’s health, etc., etc. Just the usual stuff.

        I made a comment that if I were a parent of one of the children whose face was posted there so big for winning a award or whatever, I would ask the sheriff to take it down because I wouldn’t want them intermixed with all the PFR photos, etc. I wouldn’t want people to be scrolling through the Facecrook pages and seeing 10 PFR pictures, with my 10 year old child’s picture right in the middle of all of it.

        The Registry Supporters/Terrorists/Idiots seemed very confused by it all and pointed out how they could see what all the pictures were, including the pictures of a few children who had been missing for a long time. So I said something like, “Oh, you mean those children that you haven’t found because you’ve been too busy jacking off with your Registries? Those missing children? Oh well, that is not as important as updating an e-mail address.”

        That was an example, in a very real sense, where they were wasting resources in order to harass PFRs, instead of doing something critical. So the LECs aren’t going to let any lack of $$$ or other resources stop them from jacking off with their Registries. It makes them feel good and it’s great propaganda.

        • Austin

          Will, I think what you are missing is that some of those people think that it is very beneficial. Either for public safety or their own fiscal security for a job. I agree with you that the time and money are wasteful but you can’t win against these people by being an jerk to them, they hold all the power.

        • Will Allen


          I hear you but of course I’m not missing that.

          And I’ve said it before – $EX Offender Registries ($ORs) do seem sensible and make common sense. But only on the trite, simple surface. It takes very little examination to see that $ORs aren’t useful or needed AND that they are counterproductive and otherwise very harmful. But sure, a LOT of people are simply stupid. The U.S. is full of them. So of course they are fine with $ORs.

          But you certainly can win against these people by being a jerk to them. I’ve beaten them senseless for over 2 decades. They could murder me in the next 5 minutes and they will still have lost many, many times over. But they are too dumb to know that and too arrogant to care.

          They don’t hold all the power either. In fact, they are able to do very little. Notably, their Registries and harassment can do absolutely nothing to even slightly hinder me from committing a $EX crime. How’s that for power? Great job they did there.

          What other power do they hold? They can force me to be listed on a hit list. BFD. I have a great life and can ignore that nearly 100%. Further, anything they do to me will result in much worse to them.

          I have no intention of being nice to Registry Supporters/Terrorists or pretending that their concerns matter. Their Registries taught me that I don’t have to care.

          It’s important to continually point out that no informed, moral people support Registries. A lot of stupid, hateful rubes do though. Obviously, that is America these days.

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        Yes, they always need their boogeymen. Re-aligned priorities seem always to be in the habit of excepting us from the category of the suddenly “non-essential.”

    • TS

      That’s what rainy day finds are for in local communities if they have them and borrowing against the future by the Feds. Love to see registries go away regardless of community tax ruin or not.

    • Facts should matter

      It’s just not just Politicos and Society that “rely” on DA LIST. The NCMEC and all the local state “task forces” DEPEND on the registry to legitimize what they do, so.. Until a way is found to de-ligitimize and invalidate the “sex offender” label and community notification scheme, you’re just shooting spit-wads at titanium all day long irregardless of how much faith you have in the God you worship.

      We’re not afforded the luxury of hope.

      The ONLY way we can hurt them financially is for ALL of us to quit whatever crap jobs we have and claim indigent. Stop loading the bullets for their guns they use against you.

      This Covid thing has only made them more emboldened and arrogant.

      • Will Allen

        It certainly would not be good if the Registries caused 1+ million families to need constant government assistance. From what I’ve heard, only about half the people in the U.S. pay any significant taxes (before COVID). We don’t need a few million more not paying.

        I think going the other direction is better though. Don’t accept crap jobs. Don’t do crap jobs. I think that most People Forced to Register could do what a lot of people have done to become wealthy – focus on it at the expense of most everything else and work at it. Become wealthy and work at keeping government and their law enforcement criminals broke and dysfunctional. That is how you can really make a difference. You can buy into suppliers that they need and fleece them just like everyone else does. Push political power. Attack them from 10 different angles. All the time. Don’t think that you can’t make a very significant impact.

        For a long time I’ve made the Registries deliver bad consequences. What are the Registries doing for the criminal regimes? What do they have? A useless hit list. What is it costing them? More than the smartest of them could ever imagine. Well, maybe like 3% of them could imagine.

        A lot of Registry Supporters/Terrorists/Idiots have asked how Registries could possibly be bad or harmful to society. It is stunning to me that a person couldn’t understand that. When I hear someone ask that, it lets me know right away that the person is clueless and possibly also dumb.

    • Russ

      And you will keep on dreaming, David. Money is no object for these people. They’ll always find the funds for the hit list, and that’s a given. If soccer mom saw neighborhood sex offenders suddenly vanish from their apps, panic will ensue, politicians will be hounded and the victims rights industry will mobilize their people. You may even see check bouncer felon Chris Hansen show his face again.

  34. E

    Yikes. Kagan joined the Alito dissent?? That makes me nervous about her if a registry case gets before SCOTUS…

    Alito, typically, doesn’t want to overturn precedent because it might mean a lot if work for the states. Oh boohoo. Overturn unconstitutional laws, PERIOD!

    “Overturning that ruling, Alito argued, “imposes a potentially crushing burden on the courts and criminal justice systems of those States.” He claimed that the majority “brushes aside these consequences and even suggests that the States should have known better than to count on our decision.”

  35. TS

    For those who know we talk SCOTUS here a bit and their leaving precedent in place (stare decisis), especially their previous ruling, a big 6-3 win today in the court going against themselves in requiring unanimous verdicts from a case out of Louisiana: Supreme Court rules criminal jury verdicts must be unanimous, overturning decades-old precedent | Fox News

    The usual suspect (i.e. Alito) poopoo the idea but he lost this time

    • Looking for Answers

      If only they wouldn’t allow non-unanimous jury convictions in the military, or even a jury that consists of people in direct competition with us for rank.
      So much has to change for that to be even remotely close to a fair trial.

      • TS

        @Looking for answers

        There’s a prevaling thought long held that court-martials should be unanimously voted to convict. Capital cases are unanimous according to Manual for Courts-Martial but the rest are percentages, now at 3/4 or 75%, with set panel sizes. This needs to change to 100%!

        As for your panel members, it’s by your peers, same rank or above for obvious reasons, which is standard for the principle. In public, all are citizens regardless of place in society.

        • A


          That is correct for same rank or higher, but in practice it ends up being WAY higher rankl. It is a jury of NCOs or Officers appointed and selected by the convening authority. I was just starting during my courts martial as a cadet and had a captain, two majors a lieutenant colonel and a colonel. So a 22 year old with no rank and a panel of people with 11-30 years of service with relatively high rank. The percentage is based on the size of the panel that passes vior doir and can range from a size of 5 up to 12.

        • TS


          No, a panel is 8 for a GCM given the latest UCMJ and MCM legal updates and effective 2019 unless a capital case which is 12. Percentage is 75% too unless capital case which is 100%.

          As for a cadet, anything will be higher regardless for a court-martial and if it’s those you list, that’s the draw of those in your command.

          Thanks, but I’ve been there, done that…

        • Looking for Answers

          Correct, but when your promotion has been halted because it takes 3-4 years for the AF to get their sh** together, those people above you were actually the ones who are the rank you should have been, and the people your same rank and would be competing with you for rank if you were acquitted.
          Civilians have a sprinkling of people from all walks of life.
          The 2019 Rules for Court Martial went into effect this year, true. But in 2019 my bf was tried by a panel of 5.

        • Looking for Answers

          Not sure where my original reply went, sorry if this is a double post.
          I guess what I meant by that is , and I can only go by the experience of my bf- there was about a 3 year gap in between when he was first investigated until the trial, and his promotion was stopped. The guys on his trial were the rank he was, or higher. So I do think, and this is just my opinion, there is a little less motivation to acquit besides the obvious (pleasing your Commander). This, in my opinion, isn’t likely to happen to civilians who are all from random walks of life. There were many in the squadron spreading rumors as well, including an enlisted chief who told everyone he was a “bad person” and processed to stalk him and monitor him so he could report back to the Commander.
          He was convicted by a panel of 5 in 2019 but it’s because his Art 32 started in 2018. The offense, however, was in 2016. That’s how long it took the Air Force to get their s*** together. And, as I’m sure you know, they broke every rule on the way to the trial. It was almost baffling how they could convict, but here we are.

        • TS

          @Looking for answers

          First, you have my empathy for yours and his experience with the UCMJ and MCM, a very imperfect system. It leaves much to be desired in how they treat the military member and the conduct which happened by those investigating and prosecuting. This I know.

          Article 32, preliminary hearings, are a different beast than military trials in their conduct.

          As for promotions, ranks, and squadron conduct, I’ve heard those before. Military members are brutal on their own.

          Would be best to find a good civilian military appellate atty who knows their stuff and battle back if possible. And it’s possible!

    • TS

      Here is a good article on the 6-3 decision by SCOTUS on Ramos v LA over at the national office’s website and I believe would be good reading here:

  36. A.D.A.T.

    I have found a parallel to the RSO dilemma in the world, and that is the Pit Bull.
    I rescued a Pit Bull a few yrs back. I have always had bully breeds and understand them. They are gentle, affectionate canines that will reward you with companionship and yrs of pleasure.
    But society has all but abolished them. Local, state, and national governments all over the world have banned them. Parks refuse to allow them in. Landlords will refuse you if you have one, even as they allow other noisy breeds.
    Politicians jump on these misconceptions and pass laws to remove them from their jurisdictions in order to appease their constituents. Sound familiar?
    Over 1.2 million canines are euthanized every year. At least 800,000 are Put Bulls. They are the classic American story of anything that society objects to. Tolerate it while simultaneously trying to make it extinct.
    So as you can see, we aren’t the 1st and won’t be the last. The American Indian (of which I am 1/2 thru blood), LGTBQs, the Pit Bull, ourselves. Tolerance is not an American trait, so don’t expect it to change any time soon for us. That is until something comes along that politicians can make society hate it more than the sex offender.
    Maybe we will get lucky and an alien race will land and the human race can focus on expanding their hate into the galaxy instead of limiting it to Earth.

  37. Facts should matter

    Woman arrested for trespassing at playground.

    OH, the irony! I just wonder if the public understands this is forever for us? Sad thing is, no one would rally around our cause and lament the unfairness of it when we’re arrested for visiting a school, park or playground. They only care when it happens TO THEM.

  38. Love, peace, and happiness

    There have been many protests in quite a few states going on about constitutional rights vs “stay at home” orders. Even a few people arrested for violating these orders. My question is are these stay at home orders laws or protected under our constitution? We have a federal guideline, yes, we have state orders, yes, we even have localized orders. Some even say violators are subject to being arrested.

    Where is the line drawn?

  39. David

    🤗🤗 Another Win for ACSOL & Janice!! 🤗🤗
    Haha! Yucca’s attorney was confident they could win… but it would bankrupt the city! Really??
    Every other CA city has repealed, lost in court, or settled….. but you just go on thinkin’ ya coulda won, Yucca! 🤣🤣 Yuck, yuck!! 🤣🤣.

    “Town repeals sex offender ordinance”

    • Bill from CA

      David awesome link post. Janice and team, congratulations! Awesome job! To piggy bank on this issue I suggest, if it hasn’t been suggested already, to collect analytics on reported sex crimes before and after the repeal of these restrictive ordinances just to prove that these rules were useless to begin with.

  40. New Person

    Questions about residency and presence restrictions pertaining to Re: Taylor.

    ** Question 1. : “Was the residency restriction always 2,000 for all registrants before Re: Taylor?”

    I know Re: Taylor specifically identified parolees only, but I often thought that 2,000 foot residency restriction or any restriction restriction was for all registrants. On ACSOL, we questioned if Re: Taylor applies to all registrants because from the specific language, residency restrictions can apply to all registrants not on parole.

    From the Penal Code 3003.5 (b): “(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it is unlawful for any person for whom registration is required pursuant to Section 290 to reside within 2000 feet of any public or private school, or park where children regularly gather.”

    Link to PC 3003.5 :

    ** Question 2(a). : “When was presence restriction implemented and ruled unconstitutional in CA?”
    ** Question 2(b). : “When was the Halloween restriction implemented and ruled unconstitutional in CA? ”

    Where I reside, the Halloween restriction wasn’t repealed until 2014.

    The direction of these queries is curious because if these laws were unconstitutional, then these laws were obvious disabilities and punishments. That would mean a “disability and/or punishment” was levied.

    An excerpt from the PEOPLE v HAMDON case: “In Alva, the California Supreme Court unanimously concluded sex offender registration, “[b]eyond doubt,” was not punitive for purposes of the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment:  “[T]he purpose and intent of registration are regulatory, as a means of assisting law enforcement in dealing with the serious problem of recidivist sex offenders.   Moreover, registration is not punitive in effect notwithstanding the legislative intent.   Registration has not historically been viewed as punishment, imposes no direct disability or restraint beyond the inconvenience of compliance, and has a legitimate nonpenal objective.   Though registration may have incidental deterrent or retributive effects, and applies to conduct which is already a crime, these features are not sufficient to outweigh the statute’s regulatory nature.”  (Alva, supra, 33 Cal.4th at p. 279, fn. omitted.)   In an earlier case, the California Supreme Court similarly concluded sex offender registration was not punitive for purposes of ex post facto analysis.  (People v. Castellanos (1999) 21 Cal.4th 785, 796 (Castellanos ) (lead opn. of George, C.J.);  id. at p. 800 (dis. & conc. opn. of Kennard, J.).)”

    People v Hamdon link:

    In being so adamant about what is or is not punitive, the added restrictions from Jessica’s law along with presence restrictions, were ruled unconstitutional under the CA Supreme Courts. Would that mean all those registrants who qualified for being on probation during this unconstitutional implementation be allowed to de-register, provided they successfully completed probation under 1203.4 statute?

    Following the letter of the law, the unconstitutionality of Jessica’s law implementation, from 2006 to 2014 (?), is a direct disability imposed under the registry system, to wit 1203.4 states that the defendant “be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted, except as provided in Section 13555 of the Vehicle Code.”

    And if this is so, that a 1203.4 recipient does relieve one of duty during this time period of unconstitutional implementation under Jessica’s law, then does also mean the state of Ca has wrongly labeled those who earned the 1203.4? I do recall lawsuits of mislabelling a person a registrant when they are not.

  41. Michael Logan

    I am Finally a registered citizen. I was released from prison as of 11.29.19. I obtained a job on 2.10.20 and then lost it mid March due to Covid-19. Since having a job, I have not received or found an answer to my question in regards to the stimulus money.

    I was locked with the FBOP for 10 years, 2 months and 19 days. I haven’t filed taxes for that entire time. So, knowing this now, will I be getting a check?

    Before prison I was a tax payer and I currently do not owe any money to the IRS. I have filed a 1040ez form with Turbo Tax and they have told me that the IRS does have my information.

    Anybody have any thoughts?

      • Lake County

        As far as I read, everyone who DID NOT file 2018 and 2019, and made less than approx $12,000 those years can submit a claim for the $1200 stimulus check. If you made over $12,000 you must actually file your taxes for one of those years in order to get the stimulus money. There is a link on the website to file your claim. It was quick and easy to file. I have not received my check yet, but that’s because I wanted a paper check sent to me. If you provide your bank account info, you’ll receive it faster. I would encourage everyone here to file their claim for the stimulus money. I cannot see a downside in doing it.

    • Interested Party

      If you filed taxes for 2019, you have a chance to receive the check or direct deposit, depending on when they process your filing your tax return ..

      Even if you don’t receive the check or direct deposit, you will receive the tax credit when you file 2020 taxes in 2021. The checks or deposits are an advance on the credit for FY 2020 taxes. Sounds like the you could use the money now, so I hope you get it.

  42. David

    😠 This is absolutely pathetic!! The fellow’s offense occurred nearly 20 years ago and he is obviously homeless. Yet these pathetic FCSO deputies act as if they captured an international terrorist who’d committed crimes against humanity and other heinous atrocities. Then they glorify themselves with a news article and a YouTube video of their escapades.
    It’s appalling that our taxpayer dollars are funding this kind of crap!! And it’s Florida, so they’ll never stop harassing him…. ever!

    How surprising they don’t mention research studies indicating that his likelihood of reoffense is virtually zero after 20 years.

  43. Chuckles

    I got a chuckle out of the term “We’re all in this together!” when I first heard it. Now Mitch McConnell is saying no Blue state should receive a Coronavirus bailout. New York Gov. Cuomo said, as have other sources, McConnell’s state Kentucky has received federal bailouts for years. Seems like “We’re all in this together!” isn’t an accurate term. But everyone here already knew that. After all, we’ve been written out of every piece of legislation providing relief related to Covid-19. As a matter of fact, besides the last stimulus bill, I can’t think of a time when I was included to benefit from ANYTHING that any other taxpayer does. To make matters even worse, they use my tax dollars against me passing bills which deliberately harm me and my family. How many years are you going to put me on the outside of society, working completely against my best interest, still requiring me to pay taxes and then spitting that lie in my face? “We’re all in this together!” I’d like to get something crystal clear, “we” excluded me 30 years before this pandemic. Year after year, tightening the screw. All of the sudden, I’m suppose to stand unified with my fellow American. I’m sorry, but it seems unity is a value that’s been systematically driven out of me over time. I’m close enough with my neighbors and have a sense of community in town. Also, I feel a connection here with y’all. But there’s at least a million tax paying American families that know that “We” are not “all in this together!”

    • Facts should matter

      Yeah, I’m actually offended when I hear that “we’re all in this together” feel-good platitude that’s supposed to raise the spirits and give hope to society. Why? Because if you’re on the registry, you’re exempt, immune and insulated from any semblance of it!

      • Will Allen

        Yep. When I hear “we’re all in this together”, I think “F*ck you.”

        I am definitely not “all in this together” with a majority of people who live in America. In fact, not only am I not on their side, I am in an active war with them. They are harassing, enemy combatant terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone.

        They can have their hit list Registries. They’ll continue to get nothing useful from them but they will pay consequences. It is well deserved.

    • David

      I am in California. Just Google “Most and least federally dependent states” and look at those results. California is supporting the “dependent” states like Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky. States where so many are dependent on government welfare (the socialism they so vocally oppose!) 😠

  44. Facts should matter

    Judge rules Michigan stay-at-home order doesn’t infringe on constitutional rights

    “A Michigan judge on Wednesday found that while Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home order does “temporary harm” to the constitutional rights of Michigan residents, the harm doesn’t outweigh the public health risk posed by the coronavirus outbreak.”

    Oh, wow! Just replace “sex offender”with “coronavirus” and it all comes full circle!

  45. Matthew

    I was just listening to the conference call and people please stick to topic on your questions. People are wasting time for Chance and Janice. Think board thinking on the overall process.

  46. Notorious D.I.K.ennerly

    San Francisco is requiring Registrants to appear in-person to obtain a registration “waiver” which obligates them to return in sixty days to formally register. So, in other words, we have to appear TWICE this year in-person rather than once.

    • Facts should matter

      In other words, the SO’s in SF are being forced to RISK their asses just so the local authorities can cover theirs.

  47. A.D.A.T.

    I lay here at night hoping to get covid-19. I think this could finally put me at rest. I seem to not have the will to either hang myself or drive up the coast and put my car off a cliff.
    Problem is I don’t know how to go about contracting it.
    Seems it would be a good way for me to go, not having to think about family, not having to think about all the other crap.
    Wonder how long it would take Johnny Law to figure out I wasn’t going to make my next sign in date.

    • Bill from CA


      The reason you haven’t done those things is that a part of you wants to live. You’ve been on this site and read other people’s ordeals so you know you are not the only one going through this. Me for instance have only been on this Registry for roughly 2 years and I am facing a multitude of challenges before me. Low income job, restrictions in my traveling, places I’m not allowed to be in, monitoring software tracking my computer use, and mandatory therapy sessions. That and the social stigma being on the Registry brings.

      But I deal with it one problem at a time, one day at a time. If prison experience taught me anything is that one can make the most out of these limited circumstances. I focused on the things I still have and still control and made that my little world. I focused on the things that gave me joy. I reached out to others when I felt down. Never underestimate the power of a support group.

      You are not alone in this. We are all here. It is your duty to live through this and carry on despite this Registry. Don’t let them win. Do it for all of us.

    • A Mother

      Please, find some hope to carry on. I hope you have someone who cares deeply about you who you can be with. Yes, life is hard. Does this website have a group discussion in real time? Find the resources in your area. I hope the laws change as the registration seems to violate several admendments

      • A.D.A.T.

        Alone, no friends left, no family. I was refused unemployment, insurance ,refused even warehousing jobs, pretty much run out of savings. Multiple bills past due. All this because of a misdomeanor offense?
        Wanting to go on and realizing there is no place to go are two different things.

        • Bill of CA


          I’m pretty certain you were not refused unemployment because of your charges. What state are you in?

  48. someone who cares

    A.D.A.T. ~ With the current situation, I am sure there are jobs that won’t have time to do any background checks. Have you contacted manufacturers of hand sanitizers, toilet paper, etc, or packaging these items? I can only imagine how many people are needed to fiulfill all these orders, and I would doubt they would conduct a background check. Just a thought. Also, why were you denied UI benefits? Can’t you open a claim? I don’t think, a criminal history has anything to do with qualifying for these benefits?

    • A.D.A.T.

      1. Yes, I was refused employment in 5 different temp jobs because of my RSO status. I know because I was informed as much here in California. I even tried to use an employment agency. The woman said that she would try, but my chances if finding a job through them was unlikely ( go away we don’t want to help )
      2. I filed a claim a month ago. I had a sole proprietorship ( of course, what else can we get )
      I got a notice 3 days ago that my claim was refused. No reason. I have been calling without a response ( call back later) . My prior occupation is in high demand but I can’t get in it now, believe me I have tried for over three yrs. I would not be in this financial or employment situation if not for the conviction.

      • Bill from CA


        When I was in a halfway house I knew a fellow Registrant working at Home Depot. This is in L.A. County mind you. Amazon is looking for workers. Have any of these places turned you down?

        • A.D.A.T.

          Yes, Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Fed Ex. Everyone of them wanted to “upsell” me to a higher position after interview/hiring fair. I guess going to these interviews wearing something besides dirty jeans and not smelling of pot made me look better.
          The background check was my downfall. Now in this environment, I can see why they wouldn’t need to deal with this. Plenty of fine upstanding drug addicts, thieves and felony DUIs that look better than a person with a Master’s degree and a misdomeanor sex offense.

  49. Saddles

    Now Will Allen I have told you about watching your mouth but its ok my man as we all get frustrated over this. And with this Convid-19 issue it just brings a bit more confusion to all this ordeal for many. Even A.D.A.T. says he has no friends. And this, a mother says we all need to have hope and yes the right hope goes a long ways.

    Some say they are treated like leapers and many other things but we are all human and althought our offenses might be somewhat different in many ways we are all looking at two different aspects. The one’s that physically touched a person and the one’s caught up by some internet devilish scam. Does anyone wonder why this Virus came up? Is it to tell people to get their act in order. While I’m in VA. and most all of you all are out in CA. its seems like a whole different culture shock.

    Sure I wanted to go to trial with my ordeal and win in some way in my ordeal but I was even suprised when the detective that conned me via the internet offered me a plea deal. I believe Proverbs 17:15 can give many some more understanding on that one. I am sure Chance can help you guys out also in this understanding.

    Hey I don’t like a lot of this sex registry ordeal. I myself wouldn’t have anyplace to stay as both of my parents are gone and I only have my sister here in VA to help and I get about 2 hundred a month in Social security. And yes sure at times I have wanted to be in jail but their is a reason for all season.

    So you guys out in CA stand up for your rights and true justice and yes I’m sure Janice and Chance will be in your corner to help in many ways. Oh and yes a bit of the gospel goes a long ways in a person’s life. Much of this registry nationwide is a black mark on many but change is going to come I’m sure.

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