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Booker calls for national police misconduct registry

[ – 5/31/20]

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker tells CNN’s Jake Tapper he’s drafting legislation to create a national police registry for misconduct after the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minnesota.

Watch the video


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Someone’s gotta tell Cory Booker how that will backfire massively.

On the other hand….

“Come to the dark side Cory…yes, suck in the registry and list power!” – Unnamed NJ Reps who know this well from successful legislation

If Cory wasn’t playing Spartacus on TV, he’d research this and found as starters:

So… It seems there actually are registries for cops. Searchable lists of decertified officers, a database of criminal cops.

Hmmm… And how exactly do you propose testing for cops be administered? Something like STATIC 99 for indications of how they might react in the future based on incidents from their past maybe? Maybe a polygraph? How about regular testing for steroids and other substances.

Sarcasm doesn’t come across well in this medium. My point being “our” registry, as it too often stands, is unfair. Law for he and thee but not for me is too.

Maybe an unhappy medium is where it needs to be.

Uh no,

How about a better screening process for potential law enforcement? Let’s not commit to training anyone who is getting into the job for the wrong reasons. Also throughout training opportunities to continually review people and weed them out in case anything becomes apparent that would be detrimental to their ability uphold the Standard of what law enforcement should be. They should be banned from applying for another law enforcement job anywhere in the United States.

Misconduct should not be treated with demotions, transfers, or paid administrative leave but with loss of jobs and if applicable prosecution. More importantly law enforcement should be tested regularly to insure they are practicing the standards taught during training and if someone is not that should be fixed asap or the person needs to be let go. In either case anyone let go won’t be able to hold another law enforcement job for the rest of their life.

The practice of ex military becoming cops, jail and prison guards, and other law enforcement including special agents or the secret service should be seriously scaled back if not forbidden for at least ten years after the end of service. In fact interagency switching including to or from the military ought to be disallowed except under very narrow and heavily reviewed/vetted circumstances.

Am I missing something from the news? Was that dude who crushed the guys neck prior military? How about the guys who chased down and murdered Amaude? Were they prior military? Or did they just learn those things from their immunity from being cops?
I know Janice is a veteran and she is pretty awesome.
I also know Memorial Day has come and gone so it’s popular to attack the military again, but let’s keep the blame where it’s supposed to be- with the individuals who think they’re above the law because they’re cops and the “thin blue line” that protects them and covers for them. The military has no problem throwing its own to the wolves, believe me. But there are agencies that are corrupt in the military too, I agree with that. Especially the mil justice system and the investigating agencies.
And yes, I do agree that misconduct needs to be addressed immediately and if people can’t handle being cops (Protect and Serve) they probably shouldn’t be cops.

It not REALLY being ex-military. It’s that law enforcement has increasingly become paramilitary… As have law breakers.

It’s not new. Clyde Barrow was a word war one vet and his favorite weapons were, at the time, military state of the art. The weapons quickly moved up to the 45 caliber fully automatic rifle “trench broom” (AKA tommy gun) giving rise to machine gun Kelly.

After Viet Nam, the AR16 and AK47 went to the streets. Not too long ago a MAC 10 machine pistol was the darling of the street criminal… Great for a drive by. AR16s used in bank robberies and shootouts with police.

While we’re afraid and terrorized, so are the people doing law enforcement.

Just as not every one of us is a monster, neither are all cops… Just enough to keep the terror levels VERY high for the vulnerable.

Long ago, when my first marriage came apart and I was still on paper, my PO came to see me… Not to hassle me. Just to make sure I was OK. Did I need anything?

Those are very good points, thank you!

I’m all for it, Booker T. Spartacus. Bring it. I’m sure it will solve all of our abusive LE woes as effectively as the sex offender has kept us all safe from perverts lurking in in shadows everywhere.

This is not going to pass. Police union are STRONG and will fight this.

The whole problem with police misconduct is due to the police union. They protect all those behind the thin blue line. The police union needs to be disbanded and have cops financially responsible for their misdeeds.

@Pol Prisoner

It is more than just the union, who do their jobs in helping their members as all unions do for their unions in their particular situations, but the enabling attitude of the leadership as well within the LE office who maybe should do things differently for those under them.

Mr. Booker I think will suffer the same fate Mr. Feingold did in 1998 because biting the hand that feeds you is never a good idea.

I’m certain the benevolent ones will object. Brady lists are not new but the online electronic versions have come and gone. Of the sites I’ve discovered most are privately built by individual and based on one issue or a specific misconduct case. . Of the larger more official ones, most of them have been difficult to use. The cases are hyperlinked by cryptic code and cross referenced in ways, none of which ” tells the story. ”

States SOR sites are the same way – no behavioral truth is exposed. Instead you get links to complaint #, and a hearing reference etc.

@Tim I’m not from your state, but I’m politically savy enough to know Sen Feingold was booted out by Ron Johnson in 2010. So whatever Feingold did in ’98 didn’t have any effect, because he kept being re-elected for 12 more years.

I was referring to his State Senate seat he had for about ten years 83-93. In WI 1993 the State Congress passed Act 98, which contained ss.175.45. The birth of Wi registry. What does a state politico do when they’ve worn out their welcome? Move on the Fed electorate where the more more extreme denizens reside.

I asked him the question in 1998- the year he rejected ” soft money” for his campaign.

I was referring to his State Senate seat he had for about ten years 83-93. In WI 1993 the State Congress passed Act 98, a bill hand fed to WI by the AG- James E. Doyle, which contained ss.175.45. The birth of Wi registry.

What does a state politico do when they’ve worn out their welcome? Move on the Fed electorate where the more extreme party denizens reside.

I asked him the question in 1998- the year he rejected ” soft money” for his campaign.

@Tim So the fate Sen Feingold suffered was that you asked him a question in 1998 even though he won re-election that same year? You see how that comment can be confusing? And you should know Tommy Thomson was king in Wisconsin during the entire decade of the 90s, so he did have the veto power over Act 98, that’s if the other party controlled the WI legislature in ’93 but if they didn’t, Thompson was really culpable for signing Act 98 into law. Aren’t you the one who always blames Obama for signing IML during a divided Congress? So fair is fair. When it comes to Thompson doing the same thing in WI. That state also has some of the most onerous residency restrictions and just about the harshest (next to AZ) cp possession law in the country. And you can’t blame Gov Doyle for that because he was long out of office when the cp possession mandatory minimum law was passed in 2013-there’s a couple of people on this forum who were impacted by the Walker era law. But it doesn’t get us nowhere arguing about which party or politician is responsible for what because at the end of the day, it’s up to the American people not to fall for the hysteria and antics flamed by politicians against “sex offenders.”

Maybe we should all vote to see this pass… Although I imagine Mr Booker will not be breathing much longer should he move forward with it. This highlights the FACT that the Registry is in fact PUNISHMENT and a weapon/hit list

According to an associated press report, there are over 1000 police that have lost their certification to be police officers nation wide due to sex crimes. The report says this is a grossly understated estimate since states like Ca. And N.Y. Don’t report decertification statistics. But loss of certification does not mean having to register or even be charged with the actual crime. Even when breaking the laws, these people are protected by the blue wall because to admit the problem is to admit the system is broken. Basically deflect to protect. If the public knew that the people they empower for they’re safety are the same that they need to be most fearful of, we the registrant would be in even more danger, because the police would make us out to be a bigger danger than they are. Good cops know we are mostly good people, while bad, corrupt cops see us as a way to hide their corrupt deeds.

I heard a great idea once. Require all police officers to have malpractice insurance. Then it’s quite simple – If an officer is cited repeatedly for violating rules, for overaggressive policing, for brutality and violence, etc, his/her malpractice premiums will become so expensive that he/she will no longer be able to pay them ….. or the insurance company will drop that officer.
And if they do not have malpractice insurance, No jurisdiction will hire them as a police officer.

A registry for cops what good will that do. How about accountability of people in law enforcement? If a cop has multiple misconduct issues that cop should never work in law enforcement again. Just because they have a gun and a badge doesn’t make them above the law. Enough is enough with this holier than thou mentality of law enforcement

I hate crooked cops but I fail to see what purpose this registry proposal would serve. I think we all know how the sex offense registry has been used.

@Derek, et al

This proposal is for political gain in the short term for someone who had their eyes on the White House.

If passed, the pain would then be shared by those who were TBLs in possibly suffering the same way others do when on a public registry of any numbers of types in this country. Would this ever truly pass both houses and signed into law? Doubt it, IMO. Too much political pressure and donation money at stake. It would be seen as pro-people and anti-LE, but would this include those LE on the Fed side too, which is what it would need to be extended to? Misconduct is misconduct for LE whether in a suit and tie or a tactical uniform.

If it is labeled as a regulatory registry that is just as easy as a Price Club membership, then it should not be a big deal, right?

From what you are inferring, what is the point of a registry overall then regardless of the type and desired realistic outcome which is what the discussion should be.

I agree, Booker is making his play but I think his eye is on the V.P. seat in this cycle we perhaps the President if Joe Biden wins and dies while in office. The more progressive Dems are pushing for ” new firsts” to lend veracity and ferocity to their larger Agenda and overall movement.

Booker’s announcement if nothing else, advances an increase of government (and the people’s by extension) reliance on the database machine infrastructure to “prevent” social ills. Some folks will say, “What a great idea” but I’ll bet a buck it will not be the police benevolent associations , nor their justice partners. These groups will see Booker’s idea as a direct threat to their liberty. IF, it gets any traction ( bad cop registry) they’ll turn on him big time.

Brandon ~ It is called “The Rule Of Law” – In its simplest form, the concept of the “rule of law” means that we are subject to clearly defined laws and legal principles (rather than the personal whims of powerful people), and that those laws apply equally to all people, all the time. NOBODY is above the law.

“Printed” laws are just words, words that people can CHOSE to recognize or not. To follow ANY law is wilful subjugation to principle. Self-restraint. But anyone can “print” or fabricate laws, and with that comes the perspective of the author whose views shaped the intent of the laws. Unfortunately that leads to bad or unconstitutional laws.

I think of the issue as the same reason why people like “classical” ruled versions of games vs “alternative” or “new” ruled versions. It’s also why a lot of people go back to chess or black jack. Because the rules don’t change. Adding special rules bends or imbalances the game.

Like pro-victim or anti-offender laws. You create a dangerously imbalanced system.

I’m only for Booker’s “idea” if it will help shed light on how Unconstitutionally punitive and ill-conceived Megan’s Law is.

There is greater need for legislation to create a national politicians registry for misconduct. The problem is that Booker will be on it.

I’m fine with this. As soon as it’s created and the courts rule is at punitive (and you know they will), they’ll have no choice to be dismantle our registry.

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