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CA: California progressive politicians turning away campaign cash from cops

[ – 6/9/20]

As the wave of protests over incidents of police brutality and racist policing enters its second week, progressive California politicians are rethinking their financial relationship with the unions that represent law enforcement officers.

On Thursday, state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco, a Democrat, announced on Twitter that he would no longer be accepting campaign contributions from police, sheriff and prison guard unions. He promised to donate roughly $20,000 he has received from such labor groups to date to nonprofits that serve Bay Area youth.

Sen. Lena Gonazalez of Long Beach, also a Democrat, responded with a tweet of her own: “Same!”

Earlier this week, three county prosecutors and George Gascon, who is campaigning to become  district attorney of Los Angeles, wrote a letter to the state bar association urging the organization to prohibit D.A. candidates from receiving campaign contributions from law enforcement unions.

“Policing is in need of serious reform and it’s important to me that my constituents understand that I am willing to fight for that reform,” Wiener said in a phone interview today. He noted that he was inspired by New York state Sen. Michael Gianaris, who announced he would be redirecting contributions from police officer unions to bail funds and nonprofits. He was joined by seven other lawmakers.
Wiener said he had heard from other California legislators expressing interest in following suit, but declined to name names,  saying that he would rather leave it to them.

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I hope and pray that this is the beginning of the end of what I call a “Cop Culture” in this country. They’re finally cancelling the TV show “Cops”. They have temporarily gotten rid of “Live PD”, and I hope that becomes permanent. Enough with our worship of cops!!!!
I really hope this is finally it…what happened to that poor man in MN may have been the shot heard around the world – or at least around the entire USA.

Well Good that Sen Wiener is returning money received from Police, Sheriff and Prison Guard…maybe he will now be more open-minded and give more attention to the placing of so many registrants into Tier 3 on the Tier Registry? One can hope Sen Wiener and others will see the right path now that their way may have become less cluttered with any prior obligations, due to the acceptance of donations.

Returning the donations is one thing Sen Wiener should have done, but he did not and merely passed along the donations to what he saw as worthy orgs to garner the same political favor with the public with double the possible reward of doing so by turning away LE orgs too.

I’d be so stoked to see the CCPOA’s contributions to the governor and anyone else get rejected. Filthy dirty prison guards are wanna be cops that couldn’t make the cut, with way too much political influence, but I’m not bitter…

Be careful not to get distracted. The police don’t make the laws. The punitive culture we live in and the oppression from the registry are not designs of the police but of the politicians. Assembly woman Lorena Gonzales would like nothing more than to have every one of us living under a freeway overpass or to be indefinitely incarcerated. She has tirelessly defied rulings of the superior court, state supreme court and federal district courts that ruled in our favor. Agenda driven politicians are the problem, and one of their tactics is to deflect the blame. People like Lorena Gonzalez… Read more »

Sure, but don’t give law enforcement (LE) a pass either. They may whine about having to do brainless, paper-pushing, grunt “work”, but PLENTY of them think the Registry Hit List is just fine. They also lobby ALL the time for more laws. You will constantly find law enforcement and their organizations lobbying for more laws for more $$$$$ for them to grow their crime business. So don’t be letting them off the hook. Further, LE needs to know that the Hit List is harming them. The Hit List is causing people like me to do everything I possibly can to… Read more »

The two entities work together. Law enforcement contributes ideas and plans they feel will enhance their control, while legislatures review and modify these inputs in order to shine the light on their “concern for the community” and lift their support base. Meanwhile the police unions barter for contracts that will protect the same officers that break the laws that were intended to protect. It is a classic case of the Hydra. There are so many heads to this monster that killing it needs a Ulysses ( enter Janice ).


Police are just doing what they’re trained to do, so the fix is to retrain them.

But I’ve begun to see a pattern here in this talk of investing in communites. Community policing. Or in plainer terms vigilantism. With sites like and all these “silent tactics” becoming a way of dealing with 290 it might be that this is a larger scheme to take the police – and their sworn oaths – out of the equation.

Also runs parallel with reclassifying the whole agenda to civil “public safety” rather than criminal punishment.

Food for thought.

At least with a vigilante’s you can protect yourself with out the worry of a bunch of oath braking turd coming in and further escalating matters . Cops are their for the body count ,not to save you . So we need to be able to protect our self’s . If they are truly not going to protect RC’s by hiding our info or using their intel to curb the violence against us what good are they , if anything we should at least get our second amendment back and watch how fast the vigilante crap stops . Bullies and… Read more »

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