Confronting Sexual Harm Ending State Violence Virtual Discussion June 20th with Judith Levine and Erica Meiners


This free virtual event will feature a discussion with Judith Levine and Erica Meiners, authors of the recently released book, The Feminist and the Sex Offender – Confronting Sexual Harm and Ending State Violence.

The conversation will feature concepts from the book, as well as the voices of those impacted by both sexual harm and the criminal legal system, including the impact of significant racial disparities.

You are so important to the dialogue around criminal justice reform, ending sexual violence and public registration issues and I wanted to personally invite you to listen in.


Saturday, June 20
7 am Pacific Time (10 am Eastern Time)

Click here for more information

You must sign up here to receive the access link

This webinar is hosted by @EndtheRegistry and by me, Amber Vlangas (

Purchase the book


Amber Vlangas



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Thank you for sharing this

Speaking of survivors of sexual violence.

Does making another individual ” feel uncomfortable ” conflate to proof of malice or evil intent? Gymnasts are among our most athletic females. Female gymnasts are stronger than most of our male ( same age) gamers! So why do they insist on being victims of ” violence. ”
These people are not, nor ever were they ” absolutely defenceless . ”

No doubt Dr.N was using the old hidden cam trick and no doubt the FBI delayed with good privacy reasons. Yet here they are again, making demands and complaining. I’d just leave me to say, each got to walk away. The same cannot be said for George Floyd, Walter Scott April2015, Alton Sterling July 2016, Tamir Rice Nov. 2014 etc. etc. etc. The same cannot be said for every cop murdered in the of duty.

Truth is, this world has gone a long way to solve neither cause.

Thanks for sharing this event.

Any indication this might be posted later on? I missed the live talk.

All are we all in error on here or do we all have the mentality of “nobody tells me what to do”. Can we all be lead away by some person claiming to be a teenage person to get one wrapped up in all this sex offender ordeal by others. Preventing something from happening is like this pandermic who can prevent and even more who prevents with value measures or where does “Spiritual Deception” come into play via these ordeals. One wonders if women have been known to kill babies and yes they are still blessed in childbirth.

Are we all weak in the faith, do we all suffer nose bleed’s just like another or are these sex sting operations via internet like a cancerous sore upon those that get wrapped up in these ordeals. So speaking out is good about this cause. Yes Janice and her team are upset about many and much of this debauchery of Justice and we that are involved in all this should step up to the plate. Their are women and men equity issues in the criminal justice system. Even the incarceration rate is a very different factor.

Sure try to talk to newspapers, see if they will run some well thought out articles on these encounters that are more of a hinderance. California and many states still have Newspapers that speak the truth or is government behind closed doors on this issue or were is God in America today or is everything a show me the money type of venture. One wonders how many lifes is this contrivirus ordeal taking today. And yes its effecting men women and children. One wonders how the registry is effecting people caught up in this scheme.

Russ I’m afraid to say you all win on here and yes I’m glad others talk about others. One wonders what all of this is about. If it saves one life or its for public safety or we are doing these things to get Traffickers off the internet. One wonders who’s doing the Trafficking.
Oh we’ve already talked about that on here. Now someone wants the great one to tell them. I wish I knew who that great one is or is the great one you yourself. Is it the Black Pride, The Gay Pride Movement, American Pride, the bring back America movement, The German or Irish Pride Seems we still have a lot of Pride or who wins Jobs turkey. One wonders why even many football players bow today or do they get sent to prison for bowing today. Have authorities lost their Roots today.

See Russ I’m sure many were caught up in the moment on here. Yes we are all looking for answers or does government have all the answers when all the answers are in the bible. Course I do like Janice, Chance stance and the team view’s that give positive inspiration, and her team as well. Even the women that are fightening for this effort for their families. So when all ths madness end. When people take off their mask in this “Nobody tells me what to do world” or did that person on the internet informing one that they were not suppose to be on here gave a “nobody tells me what to do” or is it the police saying I don’t remember or I’ve worked so many cases a throw offdidn’t type of turn signal.

One wonders who’s the thief today. Some don’t even know were to start to end this registry type pride ordeal or does pride goeth before the fall in so many ways. If one would like a good view of trafficking that all should should see this I’m even sure women would get a bit upset about this true story of corruption.

For those who were unable to attend, you may access the recording here:

It was a great conversation!

Talk about vain janglings. And they desire to be teachers of the law. No wonder the Black people are upset and many in America are upset. So were does that put prostution laws whether one is a teenager or playing the part or someone putting one in jeapordy.
Sounds like a Dobbie Gillis meets Ginger ordeal to me so the professor doesn’t fit in in all this skin game. One wonders whichi is bad lpiving in California or a Commonwealth State or who is still Trafficking today in all this corruption. Why do people stand up than are courts getting a few things in place today.

If a black man is always right than what about the red race or the chinese or the white race or are we still searching for the tree of knowledge but science want to challenge and it seems knowledge is increasing at an alarming rate with this computer science this space race these laws that do more harm than good. Is honor only to be found on the battlefield in demonstrations or peace agreements or does everyone form ther own opinions today for a better USA.

Talk about I can’t breathe or choke holds. Seems like the sex offender is the worst person on the planet when governments can be just as corrupt if someone doesn’t say hey wait minute. Chapter one in Timothy tells one all about this. So who has common ground to stand on in much of this vaniety. Its time for women to unite and get out of the kitchen. Didn’t they do that back in war time to help others.

While I’m sure most would love to forget all this registry confusion we all are in it. In reviewing this amber speaks video I enjoyed Andrew’s view. Yes everyone talks a about ultimate goals. While confusion is confusion with this two degree ordeal or three degree trama one has the real factor vs the fiction or fictoe’s factor in all this trafficking inducement but what is the inducement or the means. Who is bearing not the sword in vain or the character pretense in this bias dangers of truth, or is justice being overthrown. Where is the grace and truth in many and much of these ordeals. Talk about an example of a stumbling block.

If all could all remember back to how this internet tactic involved many or all of us should we say just forget about it, correct it, get much of this registry out of harms way, or speak up for the truth. I’m sure many would love to speak up for the truth for all involved yes even Derek in his seasoned way has good intentions and merits. Good character is alway good when merits merit good results. Example: Do internet encounters merit good results or is pre-judging a bit over extended. Is this whole registry issue doomed from the start or who is standing up more for truth.

Wonder why many pastors would tell a person to just forget about it. Wonder why so many on here would love to stand up and yes abolish much of the registry as one can. Yes this registry is hurting everyone either physically or mentallity. One wonders what/or who in polluting the mind of another with this double-sided charade inducement. One person said on here that authorities are getting their brownie favor points with many of these sexual come-on’s that are very devilish for any true government. Is this pandermic telling the nation something. Even governments can’t understand the wrath of the almighty as government’s seek their own glory and are the benefactor of their own demise.

This proverb says a lot and yes all, and even these advocates’ should understand more of this. Remember truth is always better than vain justice. So who is degrading who in this hall of justice today. Speaking up for the oppressed and defending justice is very worthy.