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FL: Cyberstalking injunction obtained by Sen. Lauren Book overturned by appeals court

[ – 6/24/20]

TALLAHASSEE — Citing First Amendment rights, an appeals court Wednesday overturned an injunction that state Sen. Lauren Book obtained because of alleged cyberstalking and harassment by an activist who opposes laws dealing with sex-offender registries.
The full 4th District Court of Appeal, in an 8-3 ruling, said a Broward County circuit judge improperly granted an injunction that, in part, was designed to prevent Derek Warren Logue from having contact with Book and from publishing any statement threatening her.
Book, who was sexually abused as a child by a nanny and is a prominent advocate for victims’ rights, pointed to actions by Logue at events in Tallahassee and New York and online posts in seeking the injunction. But the appeals-court majority, while describing Logue’s posts as “vulgar and insulting,” said Logue did not violate a state stalking law and that his actions were protected by the First Amendment.
“As tempting as it might be to force some civility into the matter by stanching respondent’s (Logue’s) speech against petitioner (Book) with a court order, to do so would ignore the protections of the First Amendment and the wording of the stalking statute,” said the 19-page majority opinion, written by Judge Mark Klingensmith. “There was no evidence presented to the trial court that respondent incited action by urging people to threaten harm to petitioner or her family. Claims of threatening speech or harassing action are actionable if the speaker threatens, harasses or intimidates, and intended targets would reasonably perceive that intent. Merely posting public information, or potentially embarrassing and annoying content, without more, is not conduct within the stalking statute and does not entitle petitioner to an injunction.”

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Wow common sense actually still exists in southern Florida. Lauren Book’s information should be public since she is a state senator. One that puts all her social media on private; so her feelings don’t hurt. Sometimes the truth hurts and you can’t be a spoiled victim for life. Congratulations Derek!!

The reach of the internet is global they said. Duh! PORs here in this forum know that.

“Must we wait until something happens in action before doing something?” they said. Yes, that’s been known. Investigate if you don’t like the words.

She doesn’t like reverse advocacy against her obviously.

I pray Daddy Ron doesn’t get involved now if he hasn’t already.

Incredible, a state senator wants to pass punitive and discriminatory laws to force people to live in unsanitary encampments under overpasses, and then she doesn’t want to hear about it form the people it harms. How utterly totalitarian of her. So when is she going to pass legislation to give a mandatory minimum jail time for multiple DUI offenders like her father who kill over 1000 children a year?

This was her 2nd appeal loss

also same lawyer that handled this case is same one her drunken daddy has for the DUI case

I hope Ron gets the book thrown at him. He is the true monster to citizens of Florida and it’s not his first brush with the law. It’s time for Legislators in Florida to stop listening to the Books; but time will tell. FAC has a huge battle on their hands for registrants and their families.

Hey, how about a restraining order that prevents Ms. Book’s Drunk Drivin’ Daddy from getting behind the wheel again???

“Must we wait until someone commits some violent act before our system can protect its citizens? Haven’t we witnessed enough tragedies to know that our failure to address precursors of violence often leads to a more egregious tragedy?” wrote May, who was joined in the dissent by judges Martha Warner and Cory Ciklin. ——— No, we don’t have to wait. We can “pre-arrest” just like in Minority Report. Is that what you are advocating, Your “Honor”? ===== “…Logue took the microphone and asked a question that a law-enforcement officer testified was in a loud, aggressive manner, according to court documents.”… Read more »

Funny, but Daddy Ron is always one argument away from a loud explosion that revivals a good volcanic eruption. Of course that is ok though, it is a parental tone he chooses to use.

Great job, Derek!

While Derek did a good job that is good. Yes everyone has their methods and viewpoints on it. I congradulate him and he is persistant in his ways to some measure and yes people you all seem to know it al on here and actually all of your merits are good. Yes many of the comments and view’s are good but theirs one parblem on here. You all think too much. Its as if I’m better than that brainless person, or I’m sure he’s a troll, or he is a goodball. Are we all goofballs. NO. Are we all blind… Read more »

Reviewing the comments and view’s on here again Brandon has a very good comment and view. One wonders who has common sense today. An activist cyberstalking and harassing. Yes that would sound like Derek in this two wrongs don’t make a right ordeal. And yes I’ve had my conversations with Derek. Brandon some government authority do have common sense today and understand the bible more in this First Admendment ordeal. Sure Derek has his view’s just like many fightening against the registry. And yes View’s are good even when one takes a second look at all this judiceprudence in this… Read more »

Is there a non-stalky way to thank her for her court failure?

Although I don’t always agree with the way Derek does things; I do stand shoulder to shoulder in support of what he has done for registrants in Florida and across the country. When Derek and WAR had their anti-Registry protests during the Rally in Tally in honor of Lauren. She changed the laws when one needs to register in Florida because her feelings were hurt. She reminds me of the spoiled brat from Willy Wonka and wants the state of Florida to pay for what her daddy failed to do.

She is spoiled brat to the core. If, she was not a sexual abuse victim, she be a nobody.

People are never going to completely agree with one another. I’ve seen a lot about Derek but I’m certainly no authority on his actions. I like what I’ve seen. If all millions of us acted like Derek, the Registry Hit List landscape would look very, very different. There are way too many people listed on the Hit List who are far too compliant and nice about it. Anyway, yeah, f*ck Lauren Book/Crook and drunken criminal Ron Book/Crook. They should consider not harassing people and making them homeless. Then they wouldn’t deserve counter-consequences. But as it is, they are terrible people.… Read more »

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