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MO: Sheriff’s office turns registrants into social media companies

[ – 6/23/20]

Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 589 covers issues with Sex Offender Registration requirements. By statute, the sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for each 3rd class county and one of the sheriff’s duties is to oversee sex offender registration.

At the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office we strive to make this task as easy and routine as possible for both our staff and those who must register. The registration laws are strict and we expect those who register to be open and honest in their disclosures to us and we do conduct compliance checks to validate claims. Periodically we will receive information that one of the registered offenders has not been truthful about an address or maybe a vehicle they drive and we investigate the allegation. Intentional failure to disclose required information can result in a felony charge which if convicted will elevate that person’s tier level requiring more frequent supervision by the sheriff and possible jail/prison time.

We currently have 42 registered offenders in Livingston County. Some of the things registered offenders are mandated to report are their address, work location, vehicle information and such things as Internet or IP address, email addresses, instant message-ID, chat or text identifiers and such things as if they have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or other social media. It is NOT against Missouri law for a sex offender to use or access social media but most of the social media platforms have their own rules/policies prohibiting any convicted sex offender from having an account.

I just performed an audit of our registered sex offenders in Livingston County to determine if they have social media account(s) and found that most all of our registered offenders are being compliant on their registrations regarding social media. Specific findings: four registered offenders reported having Facebook and one reported having Snapchat. Two others did not report having social media accounts but may have a very old social media account that has not been accessed in a very long time. While two others did not report having social media account(s), that matter remains under investigation as possible criminal violation(s) for not reporting.

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This is active monitoring. Another check box towards supervision/punishment.

Wow! I hope the county gets sued and hard. Where does it say that police have to uphold private company policies and regulations? Your job is to collect the information, not act like Facebook security.

Sounds to me like the real creeper is the sheriff. Most of the registrants in his jurisdiction are compliant and just because someone has social media; does not mean they are lurking for children. It’s time for the sheriff to retire so he can’t spread anymore of his falsehoods.

Why is it that the collection of internet identifiers has been ruled unconstitutional (on 1st Amendment anonymous speech grounds) in Michigan and possibly other places yet this continues to be an issue in Missouri?

That’s because those rulings are at state level. It’s like how in CA we can buy weed at fancy clubs, while in other states people are still being sentenced to jail and prison for having a joint.

Is it at a state level? I thought the recent rulings in Michigan were in federal court and that the “anonymous speech” part is based on the U.S. Constitution. Therefore it should apply in all 50 states, right? This is total crap!

The only court that can make a nationally binding ruling is Supreme Court of the United States. All other courts are the county level, state level, and circuit level (group of states).

This guy either just wants a nice “Woo-hoo! You go Sheriff!” or he has nothing else better to do or maybe both.
Anyways, like a lot of the other sheriffs he is barking up the wrong tree.

Same thing in Cali….this is old news ta me.

Glaring typo in the second sentence of the first paragraph should read “3rd rate counties.”

Thus concludes my snarky, anti-LE comment for the day.

Oh wait, I have one more, though somewhat less snarky:


Sheriff Snitch is a long way from sheriff Wyatt Earp. Sounds a lot safer though.

This COR thing I never even heard of it until I came on here and now internet idnifiers. Is that anything like BDR (Brain Damage Release) or any other Disfunction that People can stress out on or use to entrap others. Talk about the spy who loved me. Dont you know the bible says trust no one. Guess everyone wants to be wise in their own eyes. One might as well join a busybody club then. Seems those on the registry are owned by their masters today for having a bad tongue a verbal mouth a stairing glance or a… Read more »

Well, how can I follow Trump’s messages to the American people if I can’t follow his Tweets? If a public official uses social media for public information then NO one should be excluded from seeing it or replying to it.

I was under the impression that Twitter does not block People Forced to Register (PFR). No politician, government agency, or anything paid by government should be allowed to use any platform that blocks U.S. citizens. They certainly should not be allowed to use Facecrook. It is ridiculous that people think that is acceptable. Also, anyone who thinks forcing PFRs to report “online identifiers” is useful, is a certifiable moron. Does that even need to be discussed? It just takes a real dipshit to fantasize it’s useful. But most little control freaks are dipshits. Collection of “online identifiers” is illegal, I… Read more »

Trump is helping to stave off California Democrats from spreading more bad laws. Joe Biden is the gateway drug to some bad times ahead, he’s just a stepping stone for the VP pick to ensure a leap frog to another Democrat term and a list of Democrat contenders at that time to keep shutting out Republicans in the state.

California needs a flippin’, if only to regain balance. Single party dominance is very harmful.

Hey W, maybe you should move to Florida. It’s kind of a swing state that went for Obama and then for Trump. You’ll get a chance to meet the Books, very fine people, very fine people. Disney World will welcome you with open arms inside their theme park. They loves their sex offenders in Florida!

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