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FL: Ocala sex offender jailed after registering a day late

[ – 6/4/20]

An Ocala man was arrested Monday after he showed up a day late to update his registration as a sex offender.

Shaun David Killie, 33, of 4055 NW 63rd St., was supposed to re-register during the month of May. He was reminded when he updated his vehicle information in December 2019 and again in February, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

Killie reported Monday to the sheriff’s office sexual offender unit and completed a late registration for May 2020. He had no excuse for not registering on time. He said, “life happened,” and that he showed up Monday when he remembered he hadn’t registered, the report said.


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Arresting him for being a day late is stupid and a waste of time/money. However he should of been on top of his price club membership especially if he’s been civilly punished before. How is this protecting children or honoring children that have died from awful crimes? Special place in Hell for lawmakers that passed these laws!!

And Rosa Parks and others should’ve known better than sitting in those seats.

One of these cases someday is going to be the tipping point.

“Life happens”…. that is so true. Forgetting an important obligation could happen to anyone, registrant or not. I can think of so many valid reasons, the list would be far too long: extended illness, hospital stay, unexpected major life changes that require our full attention such as death of a loved one, job loss, moving or falling into homelessness, new baby, or even divorce. Registrants are the only group singled out as meriting no grace when these things happen, even if we’ve been fully compliant for decades.

How much more will we allow be done to us before we reach a flash point such as we are seeing today over racial inequality?

How much more will we allow? Just speaking for myself, not a single thing. I repay every single inconvenience that Registration causes me, in magnitudes.

I promised myself long ago that I’ll deliver real consequences in real life. Not Registry Fantasyland.

Who knows if he actually said that, but “life happened” is rarely a persuasive excuse for anything.

I’ll disagree with you there. I’m persuaded. Why aren’t you? “Life happens” is a valid excuse, as if we should need one. In no other aspect of life is simple forgetting so inexcusable that it merits incarceration and you should be outraged that, in the case of “sex offender” registration, it is not. You can strongly encourage someone to register on time or even find them foolish for not doing so but you should never say that their lives are so unimportant that they should go to prison for forgetting a date or find their excuse “unpersuasive.” God forbid we should develop Alzheimer’s.

This is actually a very fundamental attitude that we should hold, a prerequisite to a necessary consciousness that we must have.

One thing I notice is that we often fail to distinguish between what is the law and what is right. That’s a crucial distinction. We’re required to register by law, we’re not required to register within a framework of justice.

Due to COVID-19, it’s been hectic mentally for me. Waiting in lines to get food and supplies. Then the days all become “Groundhog Day” everyday. There’s no such a thing as a weekend anymore. We’re in June, but I don’t know how I got from February to June. LoL

COVID-19 and avoiding it has monopolized my brain. It’s easy to use “life happened” during these few months.

With missing a day beyond the registration date and getting put into jail, the registry reaffirms that we are still under custody as well as not free citizens. The thought that we’re no longer under custody after paying our dues to society is an obvious fallacy.

If one does research on what is a criminal punishment vs a civil punishment, the difference was going to jail vs paying a fine. Why is the registry allowed to be called civil and permitted to levy criminal penalty? There should be a distinct delineation.

I agree that it SHOULD be an excuse when he/we should not have to register at all. Unfortunately, like many other aspects of our lives, context makes all the difference world and in a context where my response could make a difference between going home to my wife and kids or the living nightmare of a county jail, my excuse won’t be a shrug.

The registry is a civil penalty, but if you violate it, then it’s a criminal penalty. For missing the the registration period by a day, he get put into jail? Interesting. How can the registry be both civil and criminal simultaneously? It shouldn’t.

Didn’t a court rule a defined intentionality was necessary to convict. ???? A one day slip does not meet that standard. He walks by judge on this one, but only if he does agree to register.
If it is a felony charge, he’s a right to trial by jury of peers. On a crowded docket no judge has time for that. Next!

Yeah….we’ll schedule your Registration 15 days after your Birthday and if you miss your appointment……….you’re fuct.

I believe there is a 10 day grace period that if you cannot make the date you can re-schedule.
However, I know where I register that someone tried to re-schedule 3 times in a row.
As far as I know, if you do not register, the sheriff is supposed to come to your house and tell you that you must register and do so ASAP.
Maybe the laws are different from state to state.

It differs a lot from state to state. In Oregon, I was sentenced to 11 months in jail because my mailing address was not the same as my physical address. There was only one spot for an address on the form and I used my physical address. BTW, when I got out, the form had changed to include both physical and mailing addresses. I sometimes wondered if my fights in courtroom resulted in that change despite me losing at trial.

As soon as I was off supervision, I moved to a different state. I have been here for over a decade with no problems, except one year. Apparently, they lost my yearly registration. I got a call from a junior attorney general. They were updating all the missing registrations and I was on the list. I met him at the police station and he even had a little fingerprint kit with him. He was heading out later to try and find people to update their registration. I talked to him a bit and he said they had no plans to arrest anyone. They just needed to up their compliance rates to get their federal funds.

Another year, I left the country just a couple days before my birthday due to a family death. I got back 3 months late and went in to register. I said something about forgetting and the officer just said “no problem, you are taking care of it now”.

Just glad I don’t live in Florida.

Which state do you live in?

@ Looking for Answers:
I hope “Nobody” answers you. Then I could say:
“Yes, there are people living throughout America …. except Nevadutah – Nobody lives there.” 🤗

So you saying you made this address mistake when you were on supervision? Between you and your PO, one of yahs should have known, bro. When I got out of the pen, the first thing I did was get a post office mailbox. My PO prompty told me don’t give that address to the sex offender people. They want to know where you you live for reals, not where your mail go to. And you fought that charge in court too? Judges hate people who bring this kind of shit to trial, plus you a sex offender still under supervision. You cant blame your lawyer for this one. I see why you got 10 months & thats coming from a liberal state like Oregon. I can imagine if you did what you did in some southern state like where I’m at, shiiiit! Not only would you done more time for the charge, you probably would have been revocated too. These motherfuckers don’t fuck arouuund down south!

The bottom line is that he went in to register. If he wanted to abscond or fall under the radar, he would have not come in at all. End of Story. Leave him alone and treat him like the free person he should be since the registry is only administrative, or is it?

The solution to this stupidity is that if the criminal regimes want their Registries hit list, it should be 100% their responsibility to maintain it. People Forced to Register should not be forced to do anything at all, ever. That would eliminate the illegal FTR “crime”.

Now is the time to make the criminal regimes pay and suffer. Be relentless and show no mercy.

Back in 2003 I didn’t register at all for over 9 months! This was in Virginia. A State Policeman called me and asked if we could meet at a 7-11 so that I could complete the registration. There was no hassle whatsoever, and he acted like it was just a formality. I guess that wouldn’t fly today.

By the way 5/31/2020 was on a Sunday, and I’m not clear if the registration office in Florida was even open on a Sunday.

Virginia has always been one of the most “lenient” states of the south when it comes to sex offense laws, after all, if they crack down real hard, their large net might sweep in a lot of politicians living in the DC metro.

Remember registering a day late one time. Registering officer told me “You know I could arrest you right now, but you’re here and that’s what matters”. Closest I’ve come to this situation. Should have gave the dude a break with all the turmoil going on.

A few years ago, my “annual membership renewal” totally slipped my mind. It was my birthday and I drove a couple hours distance to relax at a beach town. The registering officer phoned to politely remind me and schedule an appointment for the following week when I would return home. No harangues, no threats, just courteous and professional … very “civil”, you might say.
And that was it – no problems, no arrest – just went in and registered with them being polite and me wasting 15 minutes of my life for a membership renewal that I’d happily never do again if given that option!

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