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  1. w

    Seen any spray trucks running through the streets in the evening? They just announced curfews in several towns around here, so make sure not to be out for the gassing! Unless it’s a mass inoculation in which case yay the government is trying help…yeah.

    • Tim in WI

      The was a time when DDT -dichlorophenyltrihydrochloroethylane-
      was used directly upon the population under the guise of public welfare! Of course negative repercussions manifested much like sex offender registration.

      Today the old but prescribed uses of DDT would be considered barbarous

  2. Scotty

    Jefferson County, AL Sheriffs Dept.
    Has a new App. For Citizens …
    Tracking, And more powerful information as well as communications for Ex Sex offenders and Alerts etc. etc
    Where are “OUR” Apps and Protections against Vigilantes and False Claims etc ???

    • Facts should matter

      Just wait until Corona and these protests are over, the cops are in disrepute right now, so they’re all gonna pounce on us hard trying to “reestablish trust” in the community. Oh, wait.. it’s already happening!

    • Will Allen

      Yes!!! Nanny big government can’t be too big, have too many laws, or waste too many resources. Maybe a relative of the sheriff owns part of the company that created the app? No one should miss the “$EX offender” grift. I hope the app is costing taxpayers a pile of money and distracting law enforcement from doing actual useful work.

      $EX Offender Registries have no purpose for public safety, protecting children, or any of those other lies. Which is good, because they are completely ineffective for that. It’s also good that Registries aren’t needed or beneficial. Registries are for harassment, to make low-functioning people feel good, and to get people paid. That’s all. They are nothing but theater and stupidity.

      But Registries are an act of war against U.S. citizens. So harm the terrorists who think Registries are acceptable. Every day. Don’t let them exist without real consequences.

  3. Denied

    I recently was denied for a firearm purchase in California.

    I was convicted of 288a(b)(1) in 2008 as a felony, was sent to country jail for 1 year (8 months) and probation. I completed a counseling program for RSOs and with the help of a lawyer was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor, and even terminate my probation several months early.

    I assumed the reduction would allow me to purchase a small, bolt action rifle for target shooting, and I went through the process, but my purchase was denied on the basis of the felony conviction.

    I did speak with a fresh attorney or paralegal (kid basically) from one of those law firms that spam and mill folks through and he was of the belief that RSOs cannot own firearms under federal law. However, I am skeptical this is the case.

    Regardless, I was denied in California. I have the option to get a livescan done and obtain a copy of my criminal record, thereafter I understand I can dispute a possible inaccuracy?

    I am not sure why I was denied. It could be I misunderstand the law. It could be the initial conviction itself is what matters. Maybe 288a(b)(1) is one of those that can never own a firearm? I don’t think so, but I know there are SOME charges that carry a lifetime ban, no matter what. I don’t see how 288a(b)(1) would be one of those however. Or it could be there is an error in updating my record, that the county database says one thing but the state/federal another.

    I’m not sure and would appreciate any insight, especially from someone who went through a similar process.

    I wish there was a post on this site dedicated to this topic.

    • G4Change

      “Or it could be there is an error in updating my record, that the county database says one thing but the state/federal another.”

      This is most likely the case. Can you contact the attorney who helped you to get your 17b reduction so that he/she can check your “record” with CA DOJ? Your 17b reduction makes your conviction a misdemeanor “FOR ALL PURPOSES”.

      (Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. The following is just my 2 cents based on what I’ve read online since I’m in a similar boat. I’ve had my case reduced to a misdemeanor under 17b several years ago).
      The federal side of things is murky because the firearm law doesn’t say “felony”. Instead, it says if you’ve been convicted of an offense punishable by MORE than one year in prison. The feds could argue that your conviction could be punishable by more than one year in prison since the felony version of that “wobbler” indeed can be. However, under California PC 17b, since your offense is legally considered to be a misdemeanor “for all purposes”, it can be argued that you could only have been sentenced to a term of confinement NOT greater than one year which indeed was the case. Because if you had been sentenced to state prison for more than one year, you would not have been eligible for the 17b reduction in the first place.
      I strongly suggest you contact a lawyer to first check your CA DOJ record. I guarantee you that if your record hasn’t been updated by CA DOJ, then this won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last. Those fools live on another planet it seems.
      Again, all of this is just my 2 cents as I’m in a very similar situation.
      Good luck to you, and please post back to update us on this situation. This will help others.

      • Ability to get a gun

        I dont know if this helps but my Minnesota conviction was a felony until I finished probation becuase I got a stay of imposition. Then it was “deemed” a misdemenor. My lawyer said that allows me to get back my civil rights of voting and gun ownership. I wonder if it;s the same in California. Myabe the feds rely on the states for the answers.

        • M C

          Woah careful! MN law more restrictive than federal law. My offense was there and I also had a stay of imposition which was them later seemed a misdemeanor and and then later judicially (but not executively) expunged. When you get a stay of imposition in MN for a sex offense (which MN classifies as a crime of violence regardless if it was violent) you are barred from possessing a firearm for the rest of your life. You are still barred after an expungement even. In fact there expungement statute in MN specifically states that if a crime of violence the expungement order must stayed that you are still prohibited from firearms. There is a way to petition a court to have your firearm rights restored in MN however. I have yet to do this but was planning on filing a petition for this soon pro se.

        • AJ

          @M C:
          “When you get a stay of imposition in MN for a sex offense (which MN classifies as a crime of violence regardless if it was violent) you are barred from possessing a firearm for the rest of your life.”
          That’s not what MN’s own statutes seem to say. The offenses that are violent crimes in MN are listed here:, and the “non-violent” crimes of violence are here: While Sexual Misconduct appears to be included, I don’t see any mention of CP. MN’s CP laws are listed here: The CP code (617.246) is not among the statutes listed in 609.1095(1)(d) or 624.712(5). Just based on my cursory search, it appears your blanket statement is wrong. So, “woah [sic] careful” yourself. Plus, were I @Ability, I would trust what my attorney says over someone on here…whether that’s you OR me.

        • M C

          @AJ, I stand corrected on that and I quite honestly didn’t look specifically into that offense as it appears in a completely different section of the state’s laws and outside the usual sections of their criminal code which is chapter 609. A simple CP case where you are viewing the CP under a Stay of Imposition doesn’t appear to disqualify one from firearm ownership once the sentence is reduced to a misdemeanor. It gets much more complicated if there is more involved than just being a viewer.

    • New Person

      From the California Firearms Laws Summary 2016:
      Personal Firearms Eligibility Check
      Any person may obtain from the DOJ a determination as to whether he or she is
      eligible to possess firearms (review of California records only) . The personal
      firearms eligibility check application form and instructions are on the DOJ website
      at http://oag .ca .gov/firearms/forms . The cost for such an eligibility check is $20 .
      (Pen . Code, § 30105 .)

      == Here are the lifetime Prohibitions listed in the Summary ==

      Lifetime Prohibitions
      • Any person convicted of any felony or any offense enumerated in Penal
      Code section 29905 .
      • Any person convicted of an offense enumerated in Penal Code section
      23515 .
      • Any person with two or more convictions for violating Penal Code section
      417, subdivision (a)(2) .
      • Any person adjudicated to be a mentally disordered sex offender . (Welf . &
      Inst . Code, § 8103, subd . (a)(1) .)
      • Any person found by a court to be mentally incompetent to stand trial or
      not guilty by reason of insanity of any crime, unless the court has made a
      finding of restoration of competence or sanity . (Welf . & Inst . Code, § 8103,
      subds . (b)(1), (c)(1), and (d)(1) .)

      This is a good question about the ability to possess firearms once you’ve had your charge reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed via 1203.4. I’ve never thought about possessing any firearms until all these violent riots started breaking out all over the place.

      • JesusH

        Denied, how long did you wait after your reduction to try and buy your rifle? Could just be taking awhile for their records to update.

        I got my 17b and 1203.4 last August. I waited 2 months after that and then submitted the Eligibility Check form that New Person talked about. A few weeks later I got a letter from the California DOJ saying I was good to go.

        About a month after that I was successful in buying a firearm.

        It really could just be taking awhile, especially now with the pandemic. California has a 10 day waiting period during which the background check process happens. In normal times the check happens pretty much instantly and you just wait the 10 days to get your gun. Since March I’ve heard stories of people waiting 30 days or more to hear back. Everyone rushed out to buy a gun so the DOJ is slammed. The protests/looting thing isn’t going to make it any better.

        Like G4Change said, there shouldn’t be any reason you’re denied so if the eligibility check comes back denied you might need the lawyer to get on their case to update it. The DOJ really does live on another planet.

        Good luck.

      • just me

        I note, feds do not recognize a California expungement under 1203.4. That was first decided decades ago under an appellate decision by the Ninth Circuit in an immigration case.

        • SR

          Probably why there’s a specific note for 1203.4 that it doesn’t allow you to own a firearm in CA either. 17b should in most cases. And I think there’s a few other ways but it’s all pretty narrow. 1203.4 seems to be primarily a benefit for general civilian background checks like for a regular job app and stuff.

        • New Person

          In CA, you are not allowed to possess firearms if you’ve convicted of a felony.

          1203.4 is a case dismissal, but it doesn’t change the level of charge. Also, the law has a gun prohibition: (2) Dismissal of an accusation or information pursuant to this section does not permit a person to own, possess, or have in his or her custody or control any firearm or prevent his or her conviction under Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 29800) of Division 9 of Title 4 of Part 6.

          A person can have a felony and earn a 1203.4. A person can have a misdemeanor and earn a 1203.4. Remember, to own a firearm, you cannot have a felony conviction. A 1203.4 removes the conviction, but the charge remains a felony for other purposes.

          A 17b allows one to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, provided the conviction is a wobbler (can be defined as a felony or misdemeanor).

          If you went straight to prison, then the only way you can regain your gun rights is with a full pardon, provided your conviction isn’t a lifetime ban.

  4. Rob

    Is it wrong to smile as you seen all the protest against police. Police getting beat down, broken glass everywhere, the fires…I am loving it and I know I shouldn’t. Been harassed by police on several occasions in my travels just because of the registry. Feel like I’m getting some kind of payback right now.

    • w

      There’s good cops out there. Unfortunately once the system corrupts them and they start itching for easy promotions and easy glory through the “victim culture” gravy train they lose rational thinking. RSOs become easy targets…

      …but ask yourself, among all the looters there wouldn’t be any RSOs would there? Not any self-resecting and self-preserving RSO anyway. But the cops will be told to “respect their right to protest”. I’m not downplaying the protest but you KNOW the cops wouldn’t hesitate to turn the agenda against any RSO that was there.

    • matthew

      Yes, it is an issue and seems like you are stuck in the mindset of playing the victim.

      • rob

        How can I be stuck playing the victim when the doors to salvation are shut. I’m stuck having to do what I’m told with the shadow of arrest over my head. Yes, I know I put myself here, and believe me when I say my voice does not matter. They pull the strings and you either comply or else. I came to terms long ago that this is my life now. Different than yours?

    • C

      I’m burning through a lot of popcorn right now as I watch the cops get what they’ve been giving with impunity, and I love the infighting between D.C. and the governors, not to mention DeBlasio and Cuomo. This is better binging than Breaking Bad and Tiger King combined!
      I do NOT enjoy seeing small business owners being cleaned out by the mobs and LOVED seeing the mass arrests last night in LA. Finally someone grew a pair.
      Wrong to smile? Hell no. Everyone of these factions would throw you, a registrant, to the wolves, so sit back and enjoy the show.

      • NYLevel1

        Cuomo passed laws against gropers on the subway. That’s ALL he’s good for. Rest assured, he’ll pass blame onto RSOs next.

    • NY Level1

      Living in the center of it Manhattan. At first, I was shocked. The NYT published my comment re Black Anger
      ” Whites as well have been victims of police violence.” I had guns in my head when I was arrested, I was threatened with death by both white and black officers in Rikers Island, I saw black officers tring to kill black inmates, I was threatened by white officers tring to kill me like Geoffrey E. All for FOUR images of CP. First offence. All of us have and are suffering under this fascist legal system.

    • BA

      I have a 1203.4 can I get a conventional or FHA loan without prejudice I dont know if they can do what they want on these matters. It would sure help to know.

  5. Ruben H.

    Hi everyone, is Ruben again!

    Can I still get my wife her citizenship regardless of my charge? Is it that the system becomes bias due to the offense? My wife and I are high school sweethearts going on 14 yrs together and going on 7 yrs married. She has stuck with me through thick & thin, even after I caught this case. There is substantial amount of evidence to proof that my wife and I are credible along with us having two beautiful children.

    Any solid advice on how to go about it and process?

    Thanks a million!

    • SR

      I seem to recall a few years ago there being an article here that either said there was a law or one proposed where it wouldn’t allow registrants to be sponsors for their spouse’s citizenship for their “safety”.

      But being that your wife has lived here for 14+ years, I think she can apply herself? You might have to call a lawyer who specializes in citizenship to get a more firm answer.

    • wonderin

      @Ruben H.
      A lot depends on her present status and location. Is she here already with a green card? If she’s in another country you have two possibilities: slim and none to bring them in legally. Basic immigration doesn’t require a lawyer for the average person but I’m guessing you will need an experienced lawyer to bring her in on a marriage visa while being on the registry.
      I wouldn’t pay a lawyer to learn at your expense that you can’t win. Ask for proof he’s had success in the past.

  6. TP

    Has anyone had the police include vehicles on your annual registration that you do not own or drive, but demand they to include them on your registration forms because that vehicle is registered (via dmv) to that address?

    Ie I have my own car, like with my mom and we rent out part of our house. They included my moms truck in my registration this year even though I do not own or drive it ever because the truck is registered to our address. At least that is what was told to me…

    My worry is that they may start wanting to register our tenets cars too, and/or my mother is going to get “hasselled” because of her car being included on my registration.

    • SR

      I’ve never been asked that. They always ask me if I have a new car, but not anyone else. My spouse has been living with me the entire time and has her own card registered to our address. This feels like it would be a gross violation of everyone around you for them to start registering their vehicles by pure association. I don’t see how the court would uphold that.

    • C

      Actually I have experienced the exact opposite.

      I have a car, my wife has a car. I never ride or drive in her car. She did not want her car being flagged as a sex offender, so I did not add it to my registration and I told the registering officer the background. He completely understood and accepted this, and also gave me a bit of helpful advice, do not EVER get caught inside her car. Easy.

      • Will Allen

        Is this in CA? Isn’t the law clear there?

        What’s that nonsense about “caught” inside her car? Surely you can ride in any car that you like and never have to Register it. Sounds like that officer didn’t have a clue.

        It seems like a lot of people wonder what cars they should Register. Is the law really that unclear? It’s too late for me to look at it – I’m tired, I don’t live in CA, and I’ve got to crash! I just think it should be easier for CA residents to understand what the BS “law” requires. So, just wondering.

    • someone who cares

      TP ~ I don’t see how anyone would make you register a car that you don’t drive or own. What if you live with (2) roommates who have cars? They can’t possibly be asked to have their car registered. That would be a complete breach of their privacy, and they are not required to disclose that information. Granted, LE can always twist anything their way, but I still believe that something like this could never be held up under law. I looked at the CA registration form, and it does have the part where it asks for vehicle information, and there are two checkboxes. One for the registered owner, and one for “regularly” driven. Regularly is a very vague word, and my guy never lists my car, even though, he sometimes drove it. I would fight that to the highest court if he was ever asked to list my car. You don’t register the taxi you took, or the U-Haul truck you used a few times for moving. Granted, they are not registered to your address, but the form doesn’t say “regularly driven AND registered to your address”. In my opinion, and I am not an attorney, the only vehicle that needs to be registered is the one that is in YOUR name, registered to YOUR address.

      • Will Allen

        I would not trust the Registration forms. The only thing that matters is the law. In the state where I live, the forms don’t match the law. For a trivial example of that, the forms ask if you “use alcohol”. That is not required by law so it should not be on the forms at all. But LE operates outside the law.

        Anyway, I would read the law and understand it. If it is ambiguous, I would request a clarification in writing and get a response in writing. I’ve done that numerous times where I live.

        One thing about the forms though is that if you write something down on them and then sign that the information is accurate, that matters. So if they ask some random question, required by law or not, and you answer it falsely and sign it, that seems bad.

  7. Bay Area Resident

    It’s terribly odd how things are changing right now. I’ve seen friends on social media saying first hand how cops are treating them as protestors. They finally getting it. They’re getting the humiliation and degradation that cops do to those in custody or suspected of crimes. It’s heartening, but I keep help but feel sorry for them.

    Also, I may to register in the coming month. Trying to help my brother out and we may move to a bigger place in our complex.There’s a curfew here and all registration is during curfew. Not to mention my county is now a hotspot for coronavirus. This is extremely disheartening to me, the fact that I still need to register moving less than 100 yards during a pandemic and riots and a curfew.

    This is some absurdity.

    • Tired of this @bay area resident

      The public losing trust in police and government will be to our benefit, I believe. It’s yet another chink in the armor.

      • dph

        @BayAreaResident via East Bay Rez, YES it is getting old as WE together have experienced this for DECADES. WE KNOW this, some of us are CONTINUALLY PUNISHED most reading are. Poor little girl no longer has a father…and can’t look forward to Dad being around for important times per DonCNNLem.
        Maybe PD/SO’s will RESTRUCTURE their policies and procedures how they treat the public let alone possibly the innocent before PROVEN GUILTY when unwitnessed crimes for arrest during the incident at the time of the arrest. Re-educate the LE’s for dealing with persons safer than violent when THEY DON’T HAVE ANY WEAPONS nor resist arrest and NOT take OVER Forceful actions to go beyond compliance to force across the line.

    • Bruce ferrell

      I’m in the bay area.

      All of the curfews I know of around the bay are “stay in at night”, not daylight hours (earliest I know of is 7:30pm to 5am. Latest is 10pm top 5am).

      What makes you think registration can only occur during curfew hours?

      • NPS

        Walnut Creek has the earliest curfew at 6pm. In fact, they blocked all WC exits along 680. This is due to the looting in their upscale business district and a woman getting shot. Walnut Creek is a very affluent area so they’re trying to keep all outsiders at bay.

        Every other Bay Area city is 8pm.

      • Bay Area Resident

        The office here does it after 5pm and makes you wait 3 hours with no one else there .

  8. M C

    @Denied, can’t seem to find your post to reply to. I don’t know much about firearm rights in California specifically but as it pertains to federal law if “Any conviction which has been expunged, or set aside or for which a person has been pardoned or had civil rights restored shall not be considered a conviction.” (except if the crime is one of domestic violence)

    So generally as far as the federal government requirements are concerned, if you have had all of your civil rights restored following a conviction, you are allowed to own firearms. Its all about whether the state considers you to have had your civil rights restored if it is a state conviction.

    When it comes to states, I do know some states have stricter rules than others whereby even if your civil rights are restored your gun rights are not. If the state of conviction has not restored your rights in these cases your civil rights are actually not considered fully restored for the purposes of the federal firearm laws.

    Although the federal mechanism for restoration of firearm rights exists, it isn’t funded so you can not restore firearm rights using that mechanism. However, if a state restores these rights it is recognized as restored federally.

    I am not sure about whether or not a past conviction would affect the firearm rights of someone allowed to own a gun in one state if they moved to a state and the state had some sort of law barring such firearm ownership based solely on a conviction in a way similar to what they do with people off a registry in one state who move to another that has a different registry law. Perhaps someone else knows more about this piece of it.

    In any case, it does appear that a misdemeanor conviction (except for domestic violence) in California (once it is actually a misdemeanor) would not affect your rights to gun ownership there. If you are being denied the right to purchase a gun in this case, you should appeal this decision.

  9. Anonymous

    SORA budgets must be taking a huge hit. Counties (and states) near me are now, and will be billions of dollars in the red for many, many years. How will they ever pay Ahearn?

    • Will Allen

      There is not much that I enjoy more than broke, dysfunctional big government. How will they pay thieving Laura Ahearn and the other grifters? How are they going to get fleeced by OffenderWatch if they have nothing to fleece? How will they pay the overtime for law enforcement officers to do the super critical and difficult “work” of visiting homes just for the hell of it? I so hate to see them all suffer. So much so that I’ll keep doing what I can to take money from them and cost them as much as I can.

      The thieves that won’t likely be hurting are the “therapists”, polygraphers, and other junk science purveyors. The grifters that directly suck off the resources of People Forced to Register will probably be able to continue stealing. But let’s hope they all suffer. Let’s do what we can to help that.

      • Bill

        @Will Allen

        What an interesting coincidence. My clinician just called to inform me that our weekly “phone sessions” will be now bi-weekly. So now it’s two sessions per month instead of four that our Federal government has been paying for this entire time.

        • Tim in WI

          @Bill via Will A.

          I’d call your clinician back and ask if the contract has changed the terms – of the contract. I just know I’d make an issue of it. Like Will says ” make them pay” for their registry folly. I do so by demanding trial for FTR. I’M ex post so….. I make that point to the jury(s). Use their own tools to bash them.

          Your clinician figures you will not complain, and normally no one would, but if the terms of state’s administrative contract is being arbitrarily executed, or executed in a way inconsistent with the established terms, the law has been broken by the clinician.
          Man, many, many public defender lawyers have been pinched for ” double booking”
          and lots of times they get away with it. WHY? No one complained.

          If I were in your place the only question I’d have is where best to file a complaint.

        • Will Allen

          Yeah, what a coincidence.

          I fully expect that if YOU were paying for that, nothing would have changed. If you were working and were one of the tens of millions of people who recently lost their incomes, they wouldn’t care for 2 seconds. You’d be expected to dig the money up out of the dirt. Too bad. You’ve got to have that “therapy”.

          Personally, I do agree that it is good to force people to pay money that they owe and pay it on time. I think that is good for everyone, even the person being held accountable. But forcing people to struggle to pay for idiotic, nonsensical, big government “therapy” is BS. The key point of it is to line people’s pockets. Therapy COULD be useful but everything I’ve seen has shown me that just like everything else big government messes with, they muck it up and make it worse than just merely worthless. It’s quite a con. But the dumb public eats up. Because they are stupid.

  10. Anklebiter

    Hi! I’m in NC. When I get visited by an officer every 3 months to verify my address they make me verify other things, like employment and what not. Is this legal? Can I tell them I’m not obliged to disclose that? The only law I can find in Nc is if you work at higher education. Which I don’t. Also they made me register my vehicle. But I can’t find the vehicle law anywhere in the statues. I may just be missing. Just wanted to check.

    • Tim

      Get real man. It’s your duty to know the law! Being on the state’s registry emphasizes that basic precept of citizenship!

      14-208.47 NC codified statutes.

      • Will Allen

        Yeah, f*ck any “duty to know the law”. The only reason to even care about the “law” or follow it is because it is a weapon of war that will be used to harm you and your family. That is the only reason – to neutralize the weapon of the criminal regimes.

        It certainly has nothing to do with “basic precept of citizenship”. The Registry “laws” are an insult and mockery to all good citizens.

      • Anklebiter

        Tim great link. Yeah I keep reading the laws over and over again, and I can’t find why I have to provide my vehicle information to my local sheriff. They want all vehicles you drive, to know where you are employed and for how long you’ve been there. Which I’m not sure why. There’s no law saying I’m required to give that information. Yet they demand it as if I am. They are allowed to visit when they want in my state. However, I’m half tempted to just stop answering the door. Nothing says I have to answer the door when they knock. It’s really annoying. They came last March when we where having a family dinner and they blocked the driveway so nobody could get out. It’s quite invasive and feels wrong.

        • Will Allen

          I scanned through the laws (via links that Tim gave) briefly. Sweet Jesus, what a pile of stupidity! What kind of morons dream up all of that nonsense and believe it is worth the tiny, tiny, minuscule, nearly non-existent chance/hope/fantasy that it might do anything useful? Really, who are the morons? Just wow. A person could likely make a whole, lifelong career out of just messing with those laws and nothing else.

          Anyway, § 14-208.7(b) does seem to *sort of* list what information is required. But does it? It is easier where I live. Our law says “this information is required” and then lists it. That is pretty clear. But NC’s law says, “The Department of Public Safety shall provide each sheriff with forms for registering persons as required by this Article. The registration form shall require all of the following:” and then it lists a bunch of items. So that is all that is required, but can anything else just be added? Is there some other place in the laws where the Department of Public Safety is allowed to “set additional policy or rules”? Might be.

          FWIW, I don’t see any requirement for vehicle information and I find that to be quite surprising actually.

          Long story short, the easiest path with all this Registration criminality is to just do whatever the criminals ask you to do. If they ask for vehicle information, just give it to them. That is the easiest path.

          But that is not the path I’ll take. If I were you, I would ask them to tell me the law which requires the vehicle information (or whatever else you have a question about). If they can not give you one that you can read and agree that is what it says, I would write to them and their attorneys and make the same request. You will likely be able to eventually to get them to say something useful. If not, have an attorney send the same request for you. I’ve followed that procedure many times and it has worked every single time. I don’t think they mind clarify like that either. I don’t care if they do.

          But you can be nice about it. I’ve just told them many times something like “I’m trying to follow what the law requires but I’m not interested in doing a bunch of extra stuff just because.” Further, where I live, if a piece of information is given to the criminals and it changes, I must update them within 3 days. So that set of information really needs to be as small as possible.

          Regarding visiting you at your home. I think NC law allows it but I expect you aren’t required to allow it at all. If it was bothering me, I’d stop it. If I had to, I’d put a wall around my property. I’d probably still let them call me on the phone and I’d meet them at the wall, if/when I felt like it.

          I read an extremely interesting thing about your home (and other) visits at I expect it is probably right. It says if a sheriff thinks your current photograph in the Registry doesn’t look enough like you, that he/she can request that you come down to their station and get a new one taken, and that you must comply within 3 days! So the criminals could come to your house, see you, and then force you to visit them at their station for a photograph. That is some Nazi crap if I’ve ever heard any. To read that, search for “Sheriff Authorized to Conduct Additional Verification” at the link I just gave.

          Lastly, I just have to say that Registries, and all this garbage that goes with it, isn’t acceptable. I will not allow it to exist in peace. So I have a personal mission to ensure that Registries are always worthless, with respect to me. I am around random people, children, and families all the time that have no idea that I am Registered and never will. I ensure that I could always commit any type of crime that I would ever want to, and that the Registries would never hinder me or help catch me. I always make sure that is true, every day. So I ensure that the Registries are not just worthless with respect to me, but a lot worse. It’s just the right, moral, American thing to do.

          But wait, there’s more! I retaliate as much as I can simply because the Registries exist. I try to make sure that they cause the most harm possible. I’ve done all of that legally, but obviously there are a lot of people who have not. There are people who have retaliated by murdering.

          This is simply a war that the criminal regimes and the Registry Supporters/Terrorists can’t win. If they were smart, they’d be falling all over themselves to take me off of the Registries. But they aren’t smart. And they are arrogant. They are so dumb that they’ll put everyone in more danger. Oh well, I’m sure they are saving lots of children.

    • Will Allen

      Any Person Forced to Register (PFR) should read their state laws 10 times or more and fully understand them. If you have any question about them, ask the Registration people and their attorneys, in writing. And get a written response.

      Anyway, I expect it is legal in any state for law enforcement (LE) to visit you at your home and ASK you to fill out just about any information/form. They are just asking. I expect they could ask anything they like, as long as it is legal. But you said they “make” you verify. How do they force you? I seriously doubt they can make you do anything.

      I rarely allow LE to come to my home. If I do, they usually have to call me on the phone first. Otherwise, they simply just won’t see me. I’ve seen a LOT of people talk about LE showing up at their homes in the dark or at odd hours. If that were to happen to me once, I would make sure it never happened again. They would come back and find a wall.

      Anyway, LE rarely visits me and when they do, I don’t sign anything. They always have a form for me to sign but I don’t. If they are there to “verify” that you live there, what difference does your signature make? They see you, how does a signature change that? Let them sign their own form that states that they saw you there. Let them do that.

      It is a pet peeve of mine that LE will ALWAYS try to operate outside of the law. I’ve never seen them not try. I just find it very offensive. If they expect PFRs to jump through hoop and do all of the thoroughly idiotic things required by the law, then why are they not able to do even the basics? If they want to require home “compliance checks”, then write the f*cking law. Put it in writing and state exactly what is required. It is not up to Billy Bob LE to just wing it and make things up as they go.

      Another thing that they do is ALWAYS ask for more information than is required by law. It’s just offensive. Our law clearly states what is required, but they can’t follow it. If the losers want to force more information, then change the damn law.

      I really think a HUGE problem with the $EX Offender Registries is that PFRs, AND their families, just allow WAY too much nonsense. They allow these LE criminals to do all kinds of BS things. I think PFRs should do exactly what is required by the laws and absolutely nothing beyond that. And loudly protest every single step and every day. That would make all the difference in the world. I don’t think any PFR should allow LE to get near them or their families, or speak to them. I can’t imagine why a PFR would get into a conversation with LE about Registration. Just fill out the forms and never speak to them. They are dangerous and can never be trusted.

      What do you think would happen if all PFRs stopped allowing LE to get near them?

  11. Bob

    Are we allowed in daycares in CA? To drop off and pick up etc?

    • just me

      Seems to me there is general language in the law barring registrants from being “where children congregate.”

      • SR

        I don’t believe that’s correct as we’d then not be allowed in parks and other such places. And presence restrictions have been struck down in CA other than K-12 school grounds. At least that’s the case for people not currently on parole.

  12. wonderin

    I must disagree with some of the folks who find pleasure in the plight of cops during these times. To generalize them is the same as whats being done to us. Personally, I’ve dealt with a far greater group of good cops over bad.

  13. Bill

    Huge crowds gather at the Hall of Justice demanding Jackie Lacey to resign as DA. Looks like the November election will not go favorable for her after all. The chess pieces of tyranny starts to fall…

    • just me

      No, she is in big trouble, and up against the former DA of San Francisco, George Gascon, considered to be one of the more progressive prosecutors out there. Lacey is not a progressive, not a liberal, she is a moderate.

      Wow, I so spoke out against following her lead on the tier bill, I warned about her, but people here would not listen. Now in this election, people are hearing the info they need to realize I was right about her. She is devious, and she made that tier bill devious in the extreme, with minute details all through it to make it so it was not what it appeared to be. It was a big mistake to not fight that bill tooth and nail instead of supporting it. It was terribly naive to believe her or follow her. She wasn’t looking to help us, she was looking to undernine the effort with a bill that was far less than it seemed, but went far is underming our ability to fight for something acceptible or even good.

      Moderate is not going to save us, ever. Lacey, and the ACLU, are about nothing but moderate — which means they donot favor ending registration, nor reducing it to little. The ACLU is not what it once was, it is not going to be our savior. It now makes a lot of bad settlements that are more headline than actual help, including their action on this tier bill. And Lacey is even worse than the ACLU.

      Vote Lacey out!

  14. Saddles

    Look at this violence is all over America today. From this Convid-19 to riots, face masks to hate crimes. A lot of mass histria going on in this country of unrest proportations at this time. And to think we can all blame it on a sex offender or where is justice today with leaders of America. Even police are getting their just deserts it seems. Sure blessed are the peacemakers but who is reaping and who is sowing .

    Mankind is out of balance today since this death of this black man in minnesoda. While it was wrong it seems to have created unrest in many ways. Talk about what has God wrought or how about what has man wrought. Talk about venjence and this racial injustice over this black man. While it was wrong and upsetting to even air on TV that tells others about how electronic media can get out of hand.

    Yes people today want their 5 minutes of fame just like the Lennon murder or the Kenedy murder. Today it seems we are bowing down to wearing a mask or others telling us its safe to go out of the house. God is still in control and he is our protector in the good times and the bad. Even this sex registry ordeal is a mixed up piece of judicial garbage. People seem to want to get over on the other for some notriety of some sort. Things are a bit out of control and when I came back on here in Feb seems like everybody was this virus was some lets give them a dose of what we go thru but sometimes its better to now say anything as words can come back to haunt at times.

    All the sex offender is looking for is justice and when judges force the hand of another than one has to step up and Janice will come thru on much of this effort that we all face. I’m getting ready to write a letter to the Governor myself as all things are good if done in a humble and right way . Yes we are talking principals and morals. At times we all need to bride thy tongue as their is too much confusion going on today. Were is the love thy neighbor today. One wonders who is serving Satan in all this sexual enticement.

    While it seems someone is taking someone for a ride. So see to it no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive phlosophy. Yes many of these internet sex sting operations are ethical dilemmas to cause one to stumble. Now using the sword of Justice and being a Christian police officer seems to be a bit much today. Look at things today with this unrest.
    Sure their are many dilemmas but this internet ordeal is a bit much. One can understand someone breaking into a house but who is breaking into the mind of another with this ruse. Anyone on here should type in Civil Government, Laws and Politics and I’m sure each of you will be amazed at the sham that government is pulling in all this internet scheme.

  15. Will Allen

    I keep seeing over and over and over again where people are legitimizing the $EX Offender Registry Hit List and intended harassment. People cannot stop saying things like, “I’m a sex offender.” It’s unfortunate.

    I guess people who say that, are sex offenders and they do belong listed on public Registries. We can keep them listed for life. But those people are a minority. The other 95% of the people who are listed on the Registries are not sex offenders. They are just People Forced to Register (PFR). By immoral, criminal, out-of-control big government.

    We need to figure out how to separate people who are sex offenders and should be listed on the Registries from those who are merely PFRs. They are thwarting the war against Registries.

    • just me

      No one on the registry is a sex offender. Sex offenders do not have to register, they are sent to jail or prison. Only whose not commiting sex offenses have to register. They are former sex offenders, or preferably, they are registrants, not sex offenders.

      • Will Allen


        But “registrants” makes the nonsense sound somewhat legitimate. It’s not, of course. It is also too nice.

        I prefer People Forced to Register. That is what they are.

      • Russ

        I disagree on your take. Just because someone went to prison doesn’t mean they’re a sex offender either. In many states you can go to prison for having dirty pictures of minors on your computer. On the other hand, you have a state where you can rape a drunk college girl (Brock Turner) and not go to prison. So who’s more of a sex offender? Using prison as a gage to determine that is not the accurate way to do it.

  16. A.D.A.T.

    I finally moved from the hell hole of an apartment complex I lived in for 5 yrs. My new place is still a dump compared to my pre conviction living arrangement, but far better emotionally for me.
    I now have a different dilemma. I have been diligently trying to report my change of address, with very little assistance from SJPD. The 290 registration office has minimal hrs due to furloughs surrounding covid – 19. I spoke to a info rep and was given a # that isn’t even hooked up yet. I called records and was referred back to hat same #. When I told the Rep that the # didn’t work, I was told that the D.A. and the courts are aware of issues surrounding us and are giving “space” during the in space orders.
    Since I don’t expect to EVER be in the sights of law enforcement again, I shouldn’t be too concerned and figure I should just relax and keep trying.
    I thought maybe going down to a local satellite PD office and giving my info to them, but they probably don’t give a s***, so why bother. My therapist knows, but that means nothing. Anyone like to give input?

    • Bill


      Do whatever you can to complete your 290 obligation. Take pictures and/or videos of you going to the local PD trying to register. If you can record phone conversations with local PD confirming what you just said. Have hard evidence that you have done everything you can to comply with 290.

      That way you have some protection from them potentially violating you on a technicality.

      • A.D.A.T.

        It is very disappointing that L.E. is so indifferent and neglectful of us as law abiding citizens.
        I would think that they would be grateful (?) in that we are putting every effort to “ Toe the line” . It makes their task easier.
        But instead, they put barrier after barrier in order to trip us up and make themselves look like the saviors of the innocent.
        A simple online form signed via e-signature would be suffice for things like mine.
        The man hours spent by both parties is ridiculous. Not efficient or productive.

        • T.D.A.L.

          So ineffective true, but it does feed throughput for the machine.
          Resistance is futile, you must comply.

      • Jax

        That’s great advice. Better safe than sorry sitting in the county jail.

    • just me

      Yes, that is a bad situation., You cannot have to rely on the prosecutors being reasonable, that is just suicide! Yes, document as you can, maybe even immediately send a certified letter tothe DA expalining. You have to be able to establish that you did all you could.

  17. KM in SoCal

    @AJ I agree that it is nice to tell them you want your attourney, but my experience from my pre arrest interrogation is that it ultimately pointless. I demanded my attourney 20+ times in the two hours they kept me in there. Each time they asked for the number, each time I told them the public defender(not rich enough for a private attourney & kept in telecom black out) and each time they told me “one will be provided at court.” They continued to hold me and question me even though I pled the 5th & refused to speak.

    • just me

      That might actually be good. That probably was recorded, and that is all you need to make it so they can’t use anything the learned to prosecute you. Anything they got because of that interview is not admissible. Your lawyer should subpoena that recording, it will prove you asked for a lawyer.

      • KM in SoCal

        I wish. My lawyer saw the video, said that cop did it all the time, but since I was an SO he didnt care. I was told to take the deal that offered me nothing because he wouldnt defend me at trial, knew no lawyer who would help an SO more than they were compelled to by the judge.

    • AJ

      @KM in SoCal:
      Based on what you wrote, you acquiesced and eventually said more to them than, “I want my attorney.” At some point they would have tired of the game–though would’ve probably put you on ice for a day to try to get you to crack. The only other thing to perhaps have said (and yes I’m writing from the wisdom of hindsight) is, “am I under arrest?” and “am I free to go?” Those three phrases, spoken only and repeatedly, will royally tick off a TBL, but so what? You have ZERO to gain by “cooperating” and everything to gain by saying nothing or nothing else.

      There was a number of times during questioning where my response was, “next question.” After a while of that, the TBL got tired of it and stopped things.

      I refer to them as TBLs for a reason….

  18. Bay Area Resident


    Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

  19. Peter

    I was caught in a underage sex sting and im off probation in November. Its a misdemeanor so I can get it expunged. They gave me 10 years on the registry and I was wondering if there would be any way to get them to stop the registration requirement. I was also wondering how do I find out if the police did a legal sting. I think they broke both federal and state laws during the sting. Who can I get to review my case? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Looking for Answers

      What code were you charged with and was your registration a part of your sentence or the Tier group you fit under? Also which state and was it a plea?

      • Peter@Looking for Answers

        @Looking for Answers

        The code I was charged under was penal code 288.4 (a). It was part if my sentence. The tier registry wasn’t around when I took my deal. Im in Los Angeles county San Fernando courtroom. I didn’t have to take classes my fine was $150. I just want to be able to go back to work and live a normal life never been in trouble with the law. I was on an adult website looking for an escort and they bait and switched me when I got to the hotel. Any information would greatly appreciated. With everything going on I know the police are not trusted right now.. The police lied on the police report I have video proof. The police broke both sate and federal laws during the sting.

        • Looking for Answers

          Okay so you’re in CA. If you have the funds I would hire an ACSOL lawyer or a perhaps a local lawyer in the SFV who is recommended for stings.
          Also check out the Lady Justice Blog. She is is WA state but has a lot of knowledge on the subject of stings.
          There may be some free resources in Los Angeles as far as looking into pursuing it further (and they can probably give you a quote as far as how much).
          Still, it’s worth having a lawyer take a look!

  20. A.D.A.T.

    Because of all that has happened recently, there are cities that are defunding their Police depts. to reorganize a public safety dept. and cutting back the funds drastically in other cities. I bet a lot of us could give them an idea where to save a bunch of wasted man hours and budget. This tragic event could be a blessing for many areas that just don’t have resources to maintain a worthless 290 unit. What better way to save money than to release non dangerous persons from supervision. DUH!

    • Russ

      Here in Oshkosh, they already cut back agent office visits and replaced them with phone check ins. Also, the sex offender police no longer come to my house to harass me every month, plus I no longer have to go to weekly SOT-its now done 1 on 1 monthly over the phone. And I know the state is saving money because in group SOT, 80% of the class (and I’m not exagerating) is spent on talking about other stuff (like someone’s problems at home with their baby mama or something like that) besides SOT material. However, after this pandemic is over, everything will go right back to the way it was before and the ROPE police will go back to visiting yours truly, the most dangerous person in the neighborhood. It’s not about the money with these people. They’ll find a way to get the money even if your town goes broke. When it comes to sex offenses against children or what the state “categorizes” as a “sex offense against a child”, politicians and prosecutors will always have a fearful audience to pander to and get money from.

  21. Saddles

    Guys it seems like this is a gunfight at the ok coral. I just wonder who is leading the charge. Are we all MEN BEHAVIHG BADLY or is it police? Inducing these ordeals for some vain attempt of protecting and protecting who? Trafficing is one thing but inducing to seduce is another is a whole different ball game. Are police corupting with this vain ordeal that bears truth in itself in these immoral issues. Conpare this to the unrest today. Is all that for public safety. I’m sure these people wouldn’t protest or stand up for naught.

    While all lives matter this George Floyd issue has set off a melting pot of how police use their lack of compassion in this type of encounter, and than cover up in many ways. Its almost like vigilante justice or who is boxing who in for the kill.

    Even the sex offenders have rights or is sex the common demonator to set off this folly of vain injustice to entrapt. And yes they do entrapt and have no more guilty conscious than the person that put his knee on that back person. One would suppose justice has to be served at no matter what cost. Whether ficticous or real.So who has blood on their hands or who is presenting these stumbling blocks.

    The most common temptation is sex as we are all carnal by nature. Sure we all are weak in spirit and we can be leasd astray in many ways. Sure I’m in their for Janice as CA is not an easy place for the sex registry. One even wonders why things are different from one state to the next.

    We are all in this registry together. While some might have had to go to jail and some on probation, it doesn’t seem fair as its like we are puppet on a string and those in law enforcement are stringing us along in this game. Nothing wrong with protecting and serving but there is a proper way or where is love thy neighbor today. I wonder if it comes from the heart or from the heartless.

  22. AERO1

    You can call yourself a PFR”person forced to register” or a RC” registered citizen ” it don’t matter if you’ve been placed on the Megan’s Law website you’re a sex offender .
    This is why i personally believe a tier system is needed in California.
    Anyone who tries to minimize or normalize there crimes is highly dangerous.
    As far as law enforcement goes never speak to LE about anything without a lawyer even when you go in for your annual registration answer every question they ask with a yes or no and never volunteer information that they don’t have or don’t need.
    I realize allot of people are kinda new to this never ending nightmare/hell on earth/sex offender registry and they feel like life is over and sometimes suicidal it’s sad and I feel your pain but it’s never going to get better if anything it’s going to get worse this is the new normal your old life is dead and gone.
    So you really have no choice but to stand Janice Bellucci and ACSOL and fight back and donate as much as you can she’s your only hope in this situation.
    the best advice I can give anybody is try and save as much money as you can and eventually try and buy a home it helps when you own your own property i know its hard for sexofenders to get jobs so if you do get a good one save your money so you not only have something to show for it you also dont have to worry about ever being charged for FTR …

    Good luck

    • Will Allen

      You are wrong. It does matter what you allow people to call you. I am listed on the $EX Offender Registry Hit List. I am not a sex offender.

      I don’t try to minimize any crime that I may or may not have committed either. I tell people it simply is none of their fucking business. Anything I did was paid for. No need to minimize. It’s over. And again, no one’s business in the first place.

      I will tell you who are the people who are listed and not succeeding at all – it is people who call themselves names or allow others to do it.

      • USA of 2nd

        In other words, your a sex offender. Just admit it. We’ll still love you.

        • Will Allen

          Of course not, try not to be stupid.

          And learn some basic grammar for Christ’s sake.

        • someone who cares

          USA ~ Collateral Consequence.

  23. ⭐ Is this our time?? ⭐

    Obviously, I see life through Registry-tinted glasses. But I could not help thinking of us Registrants when I read this article:

    Is now our time to come out and stand with those opposing oppression?? How many in the black and LGBT communities suffer as the result of Registries?? Many, many, disproportionately many, I say. Perhaps now is our time to self-identify as we join others fighting for justice!!

    • Facts should matter

      If anything, all these protests really have shown our societies’ capacity to have selective outrage and selective empathy.

  24. A.D.A.T.

    I wrote to Senator Booker regarding his proposal for a national police misconduct registry. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to point out how a seemingly well intentioned law can destroy all who come in contact with it.
    How a registry will separate loved ones, cause harm and potential death to innocent people. And how it does nothing to solve the underlying problem, but only creates more hate and animosity towards a group.
    I mentioned that the least will be tossed in with the worst, that a list promotes vigilantism, and that posting a person’s information actually promotes and creates crime. I hope he reads my letter. I hope I can make a difference. My suffering should not be the suffering felt by others.

  25. AERO1

    If sexofenders tried to have a peaceful protest they would be met with out rage and anger by anti protesters not only would they be assaulted by police forces they would be assaulted by anti protesters/American citizens/soccer moms pretty much anybody with children

    • A.D.A.T.

      I believe that Law enforcement would allow a protest, while taking photos, finding out if anyone is not in compliance, and then using the info to arrest people.

  26. A.D.A.T.

    I found out last night through a mutual defendant that the same lawyer we both hired has a biased against us as a group. He advertises himself as a lawyer that understands the law as sex offenses go and his experience as a former police officer makes him qualified to help.
    What I learned is that he in fact works with the D.A. on some level to slow down the process so as to allow them time to put together a stronger case. He does this by scheduling court dates farther out then needed. He also made my case seem worse to me than It was , as I found out later (too late in fact). He then advises his client to take whatever is offered to clear the case off their agenda. There were other less obvious things he did as well.
    He did this with both of us, and the other person said they have spoken to others this man has represented that report similar experiences.
    Is this common practice in the world of sex offenses? I know even a defense lawyer can have prejudices, but to covertly work with opposing counsel? Does this guy see an easy buck to be made and not care about his obligation to defend his clients?
    In my initial interview with my probation officer, I was told that I seem to have gotten a higher penalty than she had seen in similar or even worse cases. Not bad, just higher. She chalked it up to the D.A. running for mayor. Now I am beginning to see how the whole system is stacked to reward each other at our expense.

    • Jax

      I seem to remember you posting that you were charged with felony cp possession reduced down to a misdemeanor. You did no prison time or any significant amount jail time. You finally found a decent place to live. So why all the belly aching? Do you realize cp possession can get you years in prison in most states? Have you spent years in prison? Are you on ankle bracelet? Are you banned from parks, librairies, shopping centers, college campuses and even towns that have residency restrictions against sex offenders? Well all these things has been the experience of many people on this forum convicted of your same offense. So instead of blaming your lawyer, the judge or your PO, for somehow giving you a raw deal, you should really be thanking your luck stars, then move on.

      • A.D.A.T.

        So since I’m not experiencing the same thing as those in worse situations, I should shut my mouth. Well, for me, this IS a bad situation. My life has been turned upside down as well. So I can come on here at state my feelings and if you don’t agree, then fine.

      • A.D.A.T.

        I did not “blame” anybody for a raw deal, as you so eloquently put it. I was simply pointing out that any many cases the defense counsel has not Worked in the interest of the client. As for pointing out all the extreme cases you seem to know about. Aren’t you doing the same thing the public does. Grouping all levels of offenses together in order to make a point. Because I don’t have monitoring, or restrictions I am not allowed to come here and point out discrepancies? Sorry I don’t meet your standard of a registrant. I guess I need to produce child porn films and spend decades in prison in order to qualify to be upset about the system.

        • Jax

          ADAT, you’re building a strawman. Of course you have the right to air your grief, no matter how trivial it is, but it’s falling on some death ears. Your punishment was abnormally light. No state (except Iowa) has cp possession as a misdemeanor. You’re in the same county as Brock Turner for Gods sake! So you got a lighter deal that is not the norm for cp cases around the country.The “normal” cp case involves prison time and extensivetreatment, plus many states allow residency and presenserestrictions. I’m just saying you got a second chance which is a rare thing when it comes to sex offenses.

  27. Saddles

    I am supprised at all of you and I’m also supprised at this whole sex offender ordeal. A.D.A.T. wants to make a difference and yes making a difference is good if done in the right way. I’m sure we all want to make a difference. Sure we can all forget about this registry and let spilt milk go or we can stand up, speak out as Galan did, and yes we can all waste our energy on non violence but who is the “Force of one” in this movie drama or is this a mind over matter game of protect and serve. Who induces something to prevent?

    Jesus made a differnce and yes the writtings of those apostles made a difference but what about today. Do we all still have game play or were is moral justice or is everyone perfect and just. Why do you think the bible says dare go to court in front of the unjust? One wonder who tie’s the presidents or any authorities shoes today or who gives a come on hit me with your best shot.

    Everyone talks about sex. I’m sure their are other types of incriminating envolvments one can get wrapped up in or who’s hiding their stash in the cookie jar today. One even wonders who’s coming out gay today. Is this sex offender game by interrnet moral or irrmoral? Who is plagerizing type of ordeal on another or who is going between divine law and man made law. Accountablity waits for no man. Is their no healing process today in these ordeals.

  28. Steveo

    So my wife just told me that there’s more places calling for the defunding of police than Minneapolis. What if something like that happens, or some sort of chaos where there’s lawlessness? What’s going to happen to people like us who are on the: “These people need to die first” list? We’ll be a footnote in history, but no one will lament us. We’re the worst, the first to be dehumanized down to worth putting on public lists for life. I’m one of those that Texas lied to and put on paper that I would not have to register after my 10 years of probation ended…. They lied… They lied and won’t make it right even now, even when they’re taken to court and shown that they put it in writing, that was part of my plea deal, and they reneged. They can get away with it because they’re the government and the government can do things that others would go to jail for.

  29. someone who cares

    A.D.A.T ~ It does not matter if people have it worse or better. Our problems may seem less than others, but they are still our problems nonetheless, so don’t ever think your problems are not important. I never liked it when people say, it could be worse. We suffer the same, no matter how often someone tells us it could be worse. Problems are individual, and we all deal with them in our own way. Come here often and share your feelings, and ignore any comments that don’t apply to you. Just do what’s best for you and only listen to those who will enhance your well being. Most of us are in this together, but we still have to do our own fight.

  30. Illinois Contact

    So if the police are “defunded” or have their money reduced, will they still be able to operate the registry? In Chicago, at just the one place where I register there are I estimate 10 full-time officers. I would guess that’s about $1 million a year in salary and expenses. Now, after months’ of the office being closed because of the pandemic and no proliferation of sex crimes, maybe they will realize how that money was being wasted. Of course, someone (maybe they’ll be transferred from sex offender duty) will have to man the new registry of police who have done bad things and been fired. It will be instructive to see how that works out. Will these bad apples have their info on line for their neighbors and potential employers to see? Will they have restrictions on where they can live? Where they can “be present?”

  31. Will Allen

    Was just reading a bit about what the criminal regime of Michigan has been up to lately regarding their Registry harassment. “People” who support Registries shouldn’t exist. Or they should all be sent to some backwards cesspool on this earth where their kind would fit in better.

    If I had the power to be invisible, I would end the Registries within a couple of years. All by myself. Would it be fun? Or too much work. I don’t know, but it is fun to think about it.

    The millions of people harassed by the Registries in America are effectively invisible. They are a huge, widely distributed, effectively invisible army. Registries are naturally worthless. The army should ensure that continues but also should make sure that they are a lot worse than just worthless. The army should ensure that Registries only exist at the highest possible cost, with great harm to everyone.

  32. Lonesome Loser

    Even if the police departments are defunded they’ll never cut the sex offender budget if anything it’ll be increased in the name of Public Safety.
    I was very surprised one of most important people leading the fight was having second thoughts about representing the civil rights of sexoffenders interesting.
    I also feel with the passing of California’s SB384 a lot of these topics discussed are totally irrelevant I also feel that some of these topics are put into place purposely to put fear and hopelessness in the mind of registrants and before Scott Wiener got the tier law past you were hopeless.
    Now as we are edging closer to 2021 I’m pretty sure alot of people are starting to get letters Flyers and brochures in the mail from lawyers claiming they can help you be relieved of your duty to register it’s all BS.
    Truth is lawyers don’t care about sex offenders the only time they do is when they see a chance to make a quick fast Buck they know most sex offenders are depressed lonely afraid and most of all desperate it’s like taking candy from a baby easy money

  33. AJ

    Was Doe v. Rausch out of the E.D. TN ever posted or mentioned here? It was decided on May 14, 2020. I don’t come on all that often anymore so I may have missed it. At any rate, the District Court found TN’s SORA to be Ex Post Facto as-applied to Doe. It’s an okay read. I think Doe could’ve won on a couple more counts had he had better data. As usual, the State appears to have ZERO data showing SORA to be of any benefit while unnecessarily harming a citizen.

    • TS


      Doe v Rausch wasn’t mentioned here but was at the National office website

  34. Saddles

    Hate to butt in on this Doe vs. Rausch or this person or that person but one wonders about immunity in today in government. Even in many of these sex ordeals via computer. I mean true justice is justice. I can remember my old PO saying to me when we first met years ago. He said, back in the biblical days I would have been stoned. Maybe we all should of been stoned. Guess giving a sexting is a bit much. One wonders who really calls the kettle black.

    Qualified Immunity Status. One wonders what that is in or means in this this registry game. Is that like you scratch my back and I’ll toss you in prison for attempt at molestation of talking to a teenager? and than I have a right to sue you, or is that the reality today. Is that the standard norm for the United states. I’m sure this all comes out in black and white even with those get a get out of jail free cards when they find porn on one’s computer. Who is in bondage for the rest of their life. Who is the Egyptian slave trader today. Remember God is a God of Justice but civil laws are a bit much in many ways.

    This George Floyd ordeal has raised up a lot of questions so who’s accountable in destroying ones life or livelihood. Should we all take an example from Paul’s life in the bible or why is it their or if anyone ever pondered on that on here. or should one should an example from Hitler. I’m sure their are to many boys and men in prison but police allowed that porno and I’m sure it started way back when.

    Talk about giving someone a marijuania rush.. Take an example of finding a bag of weed or pills besides one computer or in their car when authorities come to check on it. Would that be a separate offense or would they try to include it in this sex ordeal. Sure if I would of had anything on my computer I would of been in jail. For how long well that’s up to that wonderful D. A. or what they recommend on the books and it seems the books change yearly.

    Much of this registry is a joke in many respects So they don’t find any thing on the computer but they do find drugs. interesting. Not to mention a vulgar texting that they have in their possession and they were the one’s that mentioned talking dirty to them.. So were does the two wrongs don’t make a right come in? I’m sure their would be a lot of interesting answers and view’s on this one. One even wonders who’s trampling on the laws of divine. Their is a meaning to everything. Even human life.

  35. TS

    We’ve discussed this here in the forum before…

    Amazon announces one-year ban on police use of facial recognition tech (

    “Amazon says that groups like the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children will continue to have access to the technology.” Always exceptions to the plan…what is the exception for this group?

    Now, how about that Ring system…

  36. E

    “Confessions of a former Bastard Cop”. In case you ever wondered.

    • kind of living

      I “think” this was an awesome link , and thank you for posting it . This was truly well worth the read and the thought afterword , Thanks E

    • Tired of this @E

      Wow, that was worth the read.

      I wish we had the option to never talk to them, but unfortunately it’s unavoidable when we have to visit them on a yearly (or more) basis. Registering is always an anxiety-inducing experience when you know their mentality and that they can decide to arrest you for whatever reason.

      I’m watching this national backlash against police with figurative popcorn. It’s good to see more and more people realizing what they are really about, many of whom might have been on the fence or oblivious.

  37. A.D.A.T.

    I have been wondering if a concept I have would actually work.

    How about we, as a group of hated, despicable people, start supporting various organizations that hate us.
    For example, go to the Trump nomination convention and wear “ Sex offenders for Trump” or picket businesses and instead of denouncing them, show support for them with signs like” sex offenders like shopping here”, or go to the police station and say” sex offenders thank police for their support”. Even better, show public support for things like PTA mtgs and really bad city or state officials by sending out mailers thanking that official for their support.
    I wonder what kind of backlash on those entities our support would have.We could be the 1st group shut down for putting out a positive message.
    Just a thought…………

    • LS

      @A.D.A.T. Hmmmm… Very interesting concept. That would certainly stir up some sort of controversy one way or the other, wouldn’t it. Yes that is very thought provoking indeed.

      • A.D.A.T.

        The idea is to be able to start a conversation about our plight.
        Sure, you will get blowback from different groups. But bad publicity is still publicity. I figure once the media is involved, you can get a platform to voice your issue.
        Of course this wouldn’t be a national uprising, but even getting heard at a local level draws attention.
        Politicians and police hate. Wing challenged. This would challenge them to justify to the public many aspects of their procedures and laws.
        It’s a dream and a hope, when all my other hopes and dreams have been destroyed.

    • USA the 2nd

      That’s an interesting proposal, ADAT. Take back the ‘sex offender’ word and use it against the people that hate us. Interesting. Kind of like taking back the N-word. Rappers & entertainers use it so much that it diminishes the word’s impact. That why I don’t mind us calling each other sex offenders on this forum. The word is kind of a joke to me. But too many people on this forum get their panties tied in a knot when one of us uses S-word. They want us to say ‘registrant’ or RSO-talk about political correctness. So ADAT, I doubt you’ll get anyone on this forum out on the street saying sex offenders for this & that, when they can’t even use the word amongst themselves on an anonymous forum.

      • A.D.A.T.

        I know. I was just thinking out loud. Helps relieve the mental pressure of dealing with this every f’ing day. Thx for feedback. Makes me feel like my thoughts matter.

        • Saddles

          A.D.A.T. Maybe we all spoke to soon. Sure idea’s are good and everything starts with an idea but can I ask you a question. Lets say you were married and I don’t even know that, but lets say you are or your not, and lets say you had 4 hundred wives would that be a good judgement call. I mean some can’t even keep up with one wife and how could you please all of them or should we all go with the Who’s on first from the Abbot and Costello.

          Idea’s are good if well thought out. Even people like Galen stood up and yes out in your area it would be good. course you could get rid of the sex offender labeling and just use offender or do we all offend each day in thought and deed. Actually the idea is there but it does need a bit more polishing. I think you and Will Alan would make a good stand and a few others in your area. That might even be a project to work at if you get more views and opinions.

          Organization is good so go get more insight. Even Janice’s forum is good insight and view’s. Even those with gay rights were looking for some understanding but thats a different coin to flip and I’m sure everybody has views on that one.

          We’ve all heard the old saying dare to go to court without a charge. Now as the police said to me if I hadn’t of came down there they would of came and got me but if I hadn’t went down their how could I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t a poice officer.

          That police agent didn’t really know what to charge me with but he said, I’ll think of something, and when I mentioned a verse from the bible, who know’s the thoughts and intent of a person, plus I made a decision and not a choice he was shaking his head. I had already mentioned no sex.

          I mailed my whole story to Janice back in Feb. Issues come up in life and the registry in a lot of ways has gone on long enough. This Black lifes matter is an issue and callous and reckless and yes all lives matter. Even the matters when government takes advantage of others. Remember, some men can’t take care of one wife let alone a harem.

  38. Saddles

    A.D.A.T. Now in a way you have something but in another way its stink’n thinking. And yes I’m sure we have all done our ways of stink’n think’in in the past. Sure we could stand up as the Black lives matter and voice out but how many would take a shot at the sex offender. Its best to be safe than sorry in many respects. Remember its for public safety. I’m sure Janice and Chance and the team are presented with obstacles on many facets of this registry issue, just as much as other groups. And yes I’m sure the goal is to abolish much of this registry in many of these internet type endeavors and these other encounters.

    Making awareness of Black Lives Matter is good but how many practice what they preach today? Abortions Rights matter and other ordeals matter. Should one come down on the LGBT’s or mothers against drink driving or were is basic principals today. Believe it or not some ignore the bible and principals and all have sinned 100%

    Someone put out a word on here about a hypocrite. Matt chapter 23 tells you all you need to know, and use a bit from Matt. Chapter 5. Yes much of all this registry needs to be abolished. This internet enducement is going against the grain in many ways. Even a person today can bring up charges against law enforcement if you have a cause. Sure we are all looking for change in many ways. One even wonders about these home compliance checks if their like brain checks. Now Janice and Chance are good counsellors and the team are also, so many times we should always seek counsel. Here is a proverb from my friend in the Carolina’s I met on here by accident several yrs. ago.

    Now this proverb might be deep to some but if you want to listen to it go for it as it has meaning.

    • A.D.A.T.

      I’m sure you have some train of thought concerning my post, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is. It was a idea I had, nothing more. A pipe dream of you will.
      I will be long dead before any thing even approaching positive change happens concerning the registry. I don’t have any hopes of seeing myself freed from this disaster of societal oppression. I only have one deep wish, and that is to have a person approach me when I have had enough of this so that I may inflict so much physical pain on them that they will remember every time they hear or see the word sex offender what caused them to hurt so much. Payback if you will.

  39. AERO1

    Be careful what you post on website’s especially chat rooms i was watching this documentary “on Amazon called UNTOUCHABLE” about sexofender law’s and how there destroying community’s all over the USA.
    In the documentary LE and politicians admitted the sexofender registry was just punishment
    and one of the main things that piss them off was the fact that sexofenders were organizing and that they have been monitoring theses website and people who are organizing on there and they could even track there emails phone calls and texts messages…..

    • Saddles

      @ AERO1 – The good ole untouchable’s my dad and I use to watch the orginal show back in the late50’s and early to mid 60[s. Sure we all need to watch what we say. Its funny how grammer is today and yes my dad taught me to use a dictionary as that was sort of basic when he was growing up. Today I don’t know what it is with all these new words’.

      Sinning in thought and deed is not like who know’s the thoughts and intent of a person, Notice how the s word makes all the difference. One thing my english teacher taught us all was about sentense construction and proper use of words conjunctions and all that stuff.

      Sure as we grow we all forget much of this but stand up is still standing up just like David and Golieth. Rarely does anyone forgive today as they would rather justify their actions to prove a point than to have it trampled on by another. I’ve even corrected by sister but its hard in many ways. So either we are all trapped in this offender ordeal or where is the relief at the end of the rainbow, or is taking a plea deal the compromise for not spilling the beans. Yes even Vicki Henry made a lot of sense when she talked about this killing. And two wrongs or one could insert sins don’t make a right.

      • AERO1


        It’s a documentary on Amazon prime calId “UNTOUCHABLE “about sexofenders laws in American…
        if you haven’t seen it you should watch it ..

    • Will Allen

      “piss them off”? Good. Fuck them. I’ll continue to wage war on them and hurt them. They’ve been able to do very, very little to me.

  40. Saddles

    Talk about Gay Rights ruling and to keep Evangelicals. Does that really mix when Trump is apposed to Demoncracts and see’s Republicans are Top Dog. Talk about double standards for show. Even Governments pushing others like this protest ordeal that is very upsetting. Sex offender people get a clue who is pushing… Oh thats right its all for public safety. And yes when someone ask you to do something than it just seem’s right. Not in the views of God and who’s accountable or who has the greater sin. Two wrongs don’t make a right again.

    Lets see government took pray out of school, its legal for two men to get married, be bi-sexual, get a sex change operation. One wonders is that what the bible and evengelicals say today. So were is human rights laws today. Or were is human government today on touchy issues. One wonders if we should have any president with purple and green hair today or maybe a nose ring or one that carries a taser instead of a staff. Obama wasn’t too bad and well Nixon resigned when the heat was on. Believed Kenedy got shot and their wasn’t anything wrong with Carter.

    Talk about basic principals of Christiany and how churches of each demonation carry the biblical instructions and guide book for success. One would say doesn’t even matter about the sex offender and this internet inducement as long as the police get their man one way or another. If that sounds like America than your right and yes the virus should be a warning to everyone on the face of the planet.

    Even Donald Trump can’t stop a lot of this confusion with his clorax solutions or his rantings about Democrates. Sure a house divided cannot stand. So were does that leave God and Jesus Christ and grace and truth? Oh thats right churches cannot stand up to Government or they will lose their tax exampt status. So who is standing? I believe the power of God and his principals speak for themself.

  41. Bob

    So, with this new supreme court ruling does the static 99 now legally discriminate against gay people?

  42. Saddles

    Thank you bill, I loved that clip and yes One had to be in the mood to take George Carlin. Course I loved him on Johnny Carson. I’m sure everyone loved him in that era. His thoughts and views were always gave a sort of positive ring during crisises to relieve tensions.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of drugs but its the abuse of everything that can get over abused such as being over abusive on rights, the commandments, the admedants and other bill’s of rights.

    And yes he used his talents in a positive way. And he stood up for rights and view’s with a lot of his comic monologue’s. He was a favorite of many in that era. Although I’m sure he had a few bars of soap to many but he still gave many blessings to many in troubled times.

  43. Saddles

    @ Bill. I’m sort of glad you brought that up in so many ways. While I we are told not to judge I certainly couldn’t judge every little thing one does or doesn’t in life even if its whether or not to wear a mask or forgetting it once or twice or someone’s potty mouth in verbal direct in-person encounters.

    I’m sure its hard enough for people to protest in public for rights and truth without getting kicked around a bit from establisment. Guess we all forget that word establishment. Actually the word establisment is in the bible.One wonders who extablish’es a choke hold on another in these develoments. Should the sex offender say I can’t breathe. His routines were good at the time but here’s one that everyone should understand. And Will Allen bro take note and especially about choices.

  44. AJ

    I’m glad to see the registry stopped this guy. He seems to have a broad array of “interests” when it comes to breaking laws. Of course they had to toss in “convicted sex offender.” Like that changes anything.

    • Will Allen

      As you read, the guy has had 101 arrests!! I find it shockingly pathetic that someone would write “convicted sex offender” to describe such a person. It takes a really lame, pathetic, dipshit Kool-Aid drinker to put that in there. Someone who is really living the propaganda.

      Did the Registry Hit List make this guy such a psycho? That certainly would not surprise me. I think one of the very few things that the Hit List does is to make the people listed on them adopt extremely anti-social behaviors. So was he like this before the Hit List? Maybe. But I bet the Hit List made him a lot worse (if he’s even listed! which I assume I could check, but at this point, it doesn’t matter enough to me to care).

      Fuck nanny big government and their law enforcement criminals.

      • LPH

        Does he really have 100 arrests? He’s 31 years old; that seems impossible unless these arrests resulted in no time. His original sex crime only got him 1 year.

        • Will Allen

          I expect so. I just looked up the guy on the National Hit List. There is only 1 person there with that name and it absolutely looks like him. He is listed as homeless in NY. That has surely improved public safety.

          He is listed as a “predicate sex offender”, lol. Dipshits. I love how they put all their nonsense in there as if it matters.

          Looks like his *original* $EX crime only got him 6 months. Then somehow even while listed on the Hit List, he was able to commit another $EX crime. Shocking.

          I wonder if the victim of his latest stupidity thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable. If she does, then I don’t care what happened to her. Or him. Spread the love of the Hit Lists.

        • AJ

          @Will Allen:
          “Looks like his *original* $EX crime only got him 6 months. Then somehow even while listed on the Hit List, he was able to commit another $EX crime. Shocking.”
          Surely you must be mistaken, sir. Don’t you know the List solves everything? Oh wait, no it doesn’t because they have to keep changing it…

  45. Saddles

    Janice. ballet proposing and people wanting to know who’s arresting who today or who proposes who to traffic today ? Why not strive stop and put an end to it all in this sexual demonation game or who denotes once and for all. We all can do it. Seems this internet sex sting ordeal is keyed to getting Trafficers off the internet or those that dothese encounters. Who present these encounters or one way mirrors? and yes what is trafficing. I really don’t think thats Gods plan in presenting confusion. Remember God is greater than man or why is this pandermic here.

    I honestly doubt anyone can really explain that even those rock scientist. Do these sex sting operations via internet tend to get one person from one place to another or is it simplying a modern term for human slavery via internet means. Is much of this in a consistent way, the christian way, or the game plan way. While trafficing presents its views in many ways lets go a bit futher on trafficing and the trafficer in these vain marsh traps. I hope everyone can read up on human trafficing and what Obama said and the implications it has.

    But what about biblical trafficing. Is it rapeing the land or rapeing by instilling injustic or some vain abuse or tricky coercion. So who is exploiting who with false words? Sexually intimidating or inducing one into this cup of tea. Sure physical type situations are a whole different ball game than via the internet or where does inducement of searing ones’ conscience come into play. While trafficing and trafficers isn’t a pretty picture, and can come in various forms by those, it can be a leading and misleading by the inducement of the internet or the cunning tricky of those that call themselves Christian or was George Carlin a Christian or who understands languages today or who’s got the worst filthy mouth in America.

    Is discrimination filth intervention or filthy rags effort by authorities? Sure who can justify another or who interceeds for one all today. Whether Carlin was atheist who knows, or what’s the worst case scenario confession that is not for me or you to judge, but one wonders about cheap government tactics that are unsound today. Are we not suppose to pray for government.
    This article should explain a lot and even many on here don’t seem to fit the profile of sex offender but still law enforcement have to.. how you say it … safe face, or do two wrongs don’t make a right in many respects See human nature always wants to be right in their vain conceit.

    So California I’m sure you and other large states can make a whole lot of difference as well as New York, Florida and even Washington State and many more states. Together we can make a difference. I’ve heard that pharse somewhere, I think its the United way. One wonders who is bowing down to who today. Even the book of Daniel can give you a hint on that one.

  46. Facts should matter

    The next time you go register, look the cop in the eye and say: “at least I’m not a murderer.”

    Let them know you are quite aware of what is going on so they understand how it feels to be demonized, vilified and looked down upon.

  47. Matthew

    Trying to do research on moving from California to Tennessee and what registration requirements there would be?
    I had a 311.11(a) felony expunged via 1203.4 (no reduction available).

    According to Tennessee’s website it says:
    My conviction has been expunged in another jurisdiction.
    ANSWER: Notify your registering agency or TBI. However, if you remain on another state’s Registry, you will still be required to register in Tennessee.

    According to comments I read by Janice, it says California takes you of the registry when you move. The million dollar question will I have to continue to registry in Tennessee once its expunged? The tricky part is the “if you remain on another state’s registry.” Is that including the requirement to register if one would were to return, does it mean public registry, etc?

    I read the statue in Tennessee and nothing is really talked about.

    Any guidance or references to look would be appreciated.

    • SR

      Whether you have to register publicly or not shouldn’t matter. Just if you have to register or not. I also don’t believe they’ll be looking at all 50 states as to whether or not you might have to register anywhere else, should you move there. Just if you’re currently actually registering somewhere else.

      The bigger question would be for a lawyer in TN on whether CA 1203.4 qualifies as “expungement” in TN. Some states might recognize this and some might not. Some states might read it verbatim as written without considering the stupid amendment that excludes 290’s. And other states might consider that amendment.

    • Doc Martin

      @Matthew It may be true that California will release you from obligation to register once you move to your new state, but Tennessee will make the final decision on how long you have to register in their state and just about every state at minimum wants you to register the same length of time you were required to register in your conviction state. So if you were sentenced to lifetime registry in California, Tennessee ain’t going let you register say 15 years for the same offense on their law books. If that were the case, more California registrants would be moving to Tennessee. You better check their residency ordinances too. I believe they have them. Now I don’t know how expungements work. That’s mostly a California thing. I’m in Pittsburgh.

      • Matthew

        Thanks Doc for your response. I will definitely be looking into it further as what you said makes sense. The reason for the move would just be for cost of living. If I find anything out, I will definitely share.

    • New Person


      In Ca, an expungement (1203.4) dismisses your case, but you must still register. You need a CoR (Certificate of Rehabilitation) to de-register, provided your conviction is eligible to be de-register with the CoR. Or, if you cannot earn the CoR before Jan 1, 2021, then you must de-register through the new tiered system.

      Here’s what you wrote:
      ANSWER: Notify your registering agency or TBI. However, if you remain on another state’s Registry, you will still be required to register in Tennessee.

      The second sentence takes precedence over your expungement because… California.

      • matthew @newperson


        Thanks for your response! I understand that registration will continue in the State of California. However, once you move out of California, you are no longer on their registry or in their state system. Tennessee does have relief from registration if a court dismisses your conviction or if you are only on their site registration because of an out-of-state conviction. I am in talks with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations who are reviewing court documents to prove the dismissal and charge.
        A lot depends on the charge, if it was dismissed, etc. I will let you know what they respond with once I get an official determination.

        • New Person


          Ahhhh… I read it as if you had an expungement and are still on the registry.

          If it’s parsed like how you shared, then you aren’t on the CA registry. There are a couple of states that do leave you on their registry such as Florida.

          I’m curious as to what other states have expungement laws like Tn?

        • matthew @new person

          I completely understand. I am actually moving there to be closer to family so haven’t researched too much. I will look into it a little bit more and see what I can come up with.

        • AJ

          IDK if it helps your situation, but the MS SC decided a few years back that an expunged out-of-state conviction means no registration requirement. How that interacts with MS’s requirement for registration if required to register in another State, IDK. I can probably find the MS SC case if you’d like. I think it was in 2015 or 2016 with a dude out of MD.

  48. john

    just got jury duty and hate the system. anyone else get jury duty before how did you get out of it? as a sex offender they really cant expect me to go along with their plans to punish someone when they have me on life punishment just about lol….

    • SR

      If you have a felony, just mark that box. If you don’t, you have to go through the process but its doubtful any lawyer will agree to have you in the box.

      • john

        I was able to postpone it until april 2021, heading to the Philippines in september and don’t plan to come back. I was thinking of going just to mess with them. I woulnt go along with them sentencing anyone after what they put me thru, they are either going to have to vote him innocent or we are going to be in the courtroom for weeks lol bring myself some snacks and kick it lol. I don’t want to wake up at 8:30 am either though don’t go to sleep until 6 am lol. Late night person here.

        Im wondering if I have my rights back now doubtful. going to look into voteing and applying for a gun permit but in minnesota reading its hard here. if anyone ever needs someone for a case would love to take a strike at them before I go. I Have my detective fighting for me to get to the philippines, he pretty much said he would go to bat for me if I ever needed it. My “victim” said the same thing, but we don’t keep in contact anymore. think she posts on this bored tho so maybe she would.

    • Will Allen

      I am a Person Forced to Register and I’d love to serve on a jury. I would try hard to get on a jury and I seriously doubt I would ever help any government convict anyone of anything. I’d probably have to hate the person.

      These criminals regimes that have the Registry Hit Lists are dumber than f*ck and incompetent. But at least they aren’t dumb enough to let me be on a jury. They are working hard at getting dumber by the day though, so who knows?

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