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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: Take Your Knee Off of My Neck

I became a grandmother for the first time a week ago.  It’s a moment I have been looking forward to, and planning for, many years.  Who knew it would take place during a global pandemic and less than a week after the death of George Floyd?

Although I am the founder, past President and current Executive Director of the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL), I was uncertain how I would feel about the issue of civil rights for registrants and their families after I became a grandmother.  Now that I am a grandmother, I am no longer uncertain.

In fact, I am very certain that I don’t want my grandchild to grow up in a society that continues to punish for a lifetime those convicted of a sex offense.  I don’t want my grandchild or any grandchild to worry that they or someone they love will appear on a registry.

We all know because empirical data show that registries are ineffective.  They do not protect children or adults from sexual abuse because at least 95 percent of those who commit sexual abuse are not on a registry.

Also, registries punish the individuals who are listed on them.  Registries lead to unemployment or underemployment.  They lead to substandard housing or homelessness.  They break up families.

Registries can and sometimes do lead to vigilante violence.  And as a result of that vigilantism, registrants are stabbed and shot or their homes are burned to the ground.

Registrants also face violence from government officials, including police officers and parole officers.  This violence takes many forms including a registrant who was thrown to the ground and placed in a choke hold during annual registration because he dared to ask a question.

This must stop!  Registries are the equivalent of a chokehold that always injures and can result in death.

What can be done?  We can start with adopting the slogan, Take Your Knee Off of My Neck.  We can continue by taking that message to the media, to state capitols and to the U.S. Capitol.

This must be done in order to end the tyranny of the Registry, a punishment that does not fit the crime.  Any crime.  That is because after an individual pays his debt to society through incarceration, probation, parole and/or other methods, his civil rights must be restored.  All of them.  And he should neve be required to appear on a registry that makes him a target of violence by either vigilantes or government officials.

Instead, of putting a knee on a registrant’s neck, society should take a knee and sincerely apologize for all of the harm that more than a million individuals and their families have endured because of registries.


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Take your knee off my neck!

I like it

Hear, Hear, Janice
And Congratulations !! I am so happy for you:)
I’m ready to MARCH!

While I am glad you are a grandparent. We all go thru ordeals at times to learn about oneself. Yes taking thy knee off of my neck is a pressure hold of sorts. With this ordeal we all face it is time we learn about forgiving others for many miss callous endeavors. Sure actions speak louder than words and with the many things going on in America and this sex registry we all need to say and speak out for truth and justice and not some type of pressue point restriction.

Goverrnments seem to abuse more than help in many ordeals and Its up to each one of us to say let go of strongholds that hold others back.

So perfectly put. Janice, Congratulations!!!!

Thank you, Janice, and congratulations on being a grandma!

I’ve been wondering whether or how our situation is similar to that faced by other groups and minorities outside the dominant culture. I agree with your assessment and hope more and more people do.

Recent events have highlighted flaws in systems around the world. We can debate whether someone or a group on principle should spend X number of days, weeks, months, years, decades, or life in whichever reform/containment/punishment setting people can imagine. The hard truth is none of these actually address the underlying causes of whatever society is trying to correct. An after the fact measure merely admits something else was/might remain of concern/problematic before hand. New instances of that are not being addressed. So yes Janice you are correct regardless of what someone has done a registry isn’t ever going to attempt to resolve the fact that people are still doing whatever led to others before them getting on a registry in the first place.

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! And thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do!

Just curious Minneapolis council member tryng to dismantle The police Department what are people’s opinion of it will be good or bad for registrants in that city? And also curious if it will affect registrants at all? I doubt it happens but I’m sure some kind of reform will.

“Everyone except those whom were convict of sex crimes, especially against children”. (Sarcasm) After, hearing that the Bushes, Romney, McCann and other ‘swamp’ Republicans joining the Democrats against Trump’s reelection I am curtain that Democrats in Minneapolis are anything but supportive to score votes.

Janice ~ Congratulations on becoming a grandma. I am sure, you will be one of the best and suited perfectly for that role. You show so much compassion for our cause that any child or grandchild can call themselves lucky to have you as the mother and grandmother. We appreciate you every day. Stay safe and healthy!!

The government can take their knee off my neck, my spine, my balls and stop raping me as well as others from living a lawful life!!

Ps government stop touching me

Well stated Janice. Enjoy being a Grandmother. In all honesty it is the best.

Congratulations, Janice!!!
Awesome journal entry. Amen!

An inspired column, Janice! It helps us focus on this key issue of the need to end the registry, no matter how long it takes!

What a wonderful gift of a grandchild you have been given.

Congratulations Janice!
Take Your Knee Off of My Neck. Our Lives Matter.

Watching the protests play out here in LA, and the anger displayed over the blatant disregard for life displayed by some police officers caused me to reflect in the same way. Many groups, not only the Blacks have a knee on their neck. We on the registry are certainly one of those groups that face physical and mental abuse by some law enforcement. I understand and sympathize with the protestor’s fear of law enforcement, and even though I have the same fear, my skin color, or other external features don’t give me away. The registry can and does identify me to my neighbors and vigilantes who may seek to cause me harm, but unlike the protestors, I still can walk or drive down the street and know that a police officer is not going to stop me because I am in the “wrong neighborhood”. The registry is a theoretical “knee on the neck”. It causes fear. It promotes hate. It impacts law abiding citizen’s lives and damages their families. I am as ashamed of the police that violate people’s rights and take or damage innocent lives because of their differences as I am the system that created the registry.

Mark Judkins

You do the crime, you the time. You put your own knee on your neck. Those protesters have to live with the consequences of their skin every day, but a sex offender with the right color skin can clean up, put on a suit, leave the neighborhood where people know what they are, and go accross town to a Hollywood party. Then go sit in a fancy restaurant. No one would know the difference. Even sex offenders can “take that knee off their neck.” #1 Have your own income #2 Move to a state or country with the least restrictive or no sex offender laws. #3 Buy your own home or condo. #4 Dump the pity parties-nobody wants to hear it So those 4 guidelines are the road to freedom for a registered sex offender. But to compare your plight with a segment of our population who’ve suffered through a complicated history of racial injustice, frankly you’re just being silly.

The time has been done (or I guess I should say “you the time” has been done?). Your second sentence is 100% wrong. It is “people” like you that supports the continuing, useless, immoral, counterproductive, idiotic, extra-judicial harassment of the Registries. Smart people don’t support Registries, so there you go.

But you are right that no two groups experience the same harassment for the same reasons. That doesn’t mean people can’t point out all harassment and demand that it stop. And the Registries certainly are out-of-control, dipshit, nanny big government that are harassing people for no legitimate reason. Same can be said with most of their drug laws and all kinds of other stupidity. None of it is designed to help people, it is designed to get people off and keep people paid.

Regarding your beautiful “points to freedom” – #1, how do you have income that is not your “own income”? Let me know, because I want in on it.

#2 F all people who think that is an acceptable answer. I’m not moving anywhere I don’t feel like it. I’ll stay where I am and if you insist on harassing me, I promise you’ll pay consequences.

#3 I agree with this. In fact, buy many in different states, Register all of them properly of course, but never discuss with anyone when you will be at any one of the homes. That is the best way to deal with harassers.

#4 I’m not the least bit interested in what anyone does or doesn’t want to hear. I don’t have to care what other people want. I’ve been released of that obligation, thanks.

But yeah, smart people clearly recognize that there are very big difference between oppression of people because of the color of their skin and oppression just for fun. Smart people can think it is all wrong and talk about it.

Hey Will, I know you love to come on this forum and call law enforcement & govt officials NAZIs, refer to people who support registries as terrorists, yet we’re all supposed to be “smart enough”to see past your twisted rants and get some messageout of them? Well, I’m sorry Will. I guess we’re not “smart people” like you. I guess holocaust survivorsshould not be offendedby your NAZI comparisons because they’re “not smart enough”to be enlightened by the wisdom of your rants. And the terrorists, you know the ones that support the registry such as rape victims and soccer moms who feel they’re only protecting their children,for some dumb reason I thought they were just fellow Americans, perhap misguided but nothing a little educating wouldn’tsolve. BTW, in your haste to but into this conservation, you failed to see that nowhere in my comment did I say I support the registry, but if we’re going to be on the registry (which you’re not-you admitted it) I offer 4 ways to free oneself from the effects of it. Now,when I tell folks to try and find their own income thru self-employment or govt benefits,I say that because then they needn’t worry anymoreabout being shut out of jobs, I never said it will be easy. But Will, you’re asking me how to make your own money? You’re not even on the registry! And you still can’t figure it out yourself?Maybe you should ask some of the people on this forum who are actually registered sex offenders (unlike you) paving their own way with their own income-some even living abroad like James, using one of my road to freedom suggestions. BTW, when I suggest owning your own home, I’m speaking to offenders who have the money but can’t rent because of discrimination. I never said they won’t have problems in the neighborhood they buy their home, but it’s THEIR HOME and as long as they’re abiding by local ordinances, neighbors can’t do nothing about it. But what do you care, you’re not even on the registry, Will. You’re “no longer obligated” as you said. Why are you here? For a pitty party? You’re not going to get it from me. I make that clear in my #4 road to freedom suggestion. But you, Will, want to keep coming on this forum unleashing all you’re bitterness & rage left over from the days when you were actually on the registry. I offer something constructive. You offer the rants of a broken man who makes bad analogies and calls fellow Americans NAZIs and terrorists. But in the end, your method loses and mine wins. But you do provide entertainment value. That’s the only reason why you’re tolerated on this forum.

@USA the 2nd (

You’re lost. So many inaccuracies and things that just plain don’t make any sense. Meh.

One thing that is not debatable is that in reality, MY methods of dealing with the Registries, have been ultra-successful. I’d be shocked if they aren’t in the top 1%. In actual reality.

Am I tolerated on this forum? Hilarious. You can tolerate me by completely ignoring anything that I write. It’s easy. Just ignore it and act like everyone thinks like you do.

You can be nice to Registry Supporters/Terrorists if you like. I’ll go ahead and treat them as harassers who aren’t capable of minding their own business or leaving other people alone and who love out-of-control, nanny big government.

For what its worth every time I come on here I look for a few people and your one of them , because you call this registry for what it truly is , not just the people that are holding on to it for dear life like it is some form of entertainment , but also the people that fall in line like the bootlickers they truly are . rather than take offence to these terrorists that are nothing more than control freaks wishing only to further punish those that have already been punished many years ago and should be long since free of Nazi walleyed cow people ! I too don’t give a rats a$$ what people think , if they are not all about ending this disgusting rip off registry they are part of the problem , worthless to me and mine for damn sure . “I don’t have to look at the big picture” I payed my dues in prison over 30 years ago and don’t owe anyone one damn thing . All the virtue signaling freaks are weak minded with zero value to me or them self or their loved ones because they don’t have the nuts to handle the truth , hell they cant even follow the dang constitution with out adding a “YEH BUT ” . If this registry had not done so much continuous damage to my life , my family’s life as well as the many that was roped into this carnival of tyranny for the land of the bootlicking nosy control freaks as they guard their closet all this would be laughable , But its not laughable at all it is deliberately destroying many lives , claiming its not punishment , these are not Americans that are not holding tight to our constitution , they are yard pigs , bunch of Karen’s that have nothing else going on in their life other than making other peoples life miserable , good luck to you and all of the others that hate this registry and not trying to make excuses for it.

@USA the 2nd

Hypothetical question:

If the Registry shuts down and you are no longer labeled “sex offender” by society will you still identify yourself as one?

@Bill I wouldn’t call myself a sex offender, a registrant, an RSO or any other term we use on this forum. So I really don’t see your point. But I do know I don’t get bogged down by language

@USA the 2nd

I posted my question on the wrong thread. It was meant to be posted on General Comments in regards to your back and forth with Will Allen about the label sex offender in which he detests to be called.

In a way I see his point. The label sex offender has only one meaning in the general public: child molester. Never in recent media or out of people’s mouths did it refer to any other crimes like public urination, CP , teen sexting, or what not. And by seeing the overwhelming support for James Fairbanks the perception of sex offender will not change anytime soon.

But more importantly for the rest of us that are back in the community and leading lawful and productive lives do we still need to be constantly labeled?

Other offenders don’t get labeled anymore after release like former drug dealers and murderers. And it’s not like their charges are less heinous or create less ripple effects in terms of who they have hurt.

What my point is that we are not asking for special treatment but for equanimity that are given to every person after release. Nothing more, nothing less.

“What my point is that we are not asking for special treatment but for EQUALITY that are given to every person after release.”

That was what I meant to write. Spell check sometimes has a mind of its own.


Thoughtful response, as usual. Got me thinking though if “detest” is the right word for me personally. It’s not my key feeling, but surely it’s in there somewhere. It doesn’t really bother me much if people call me “$EX offender” because I know they are just clueless and wrong. I am able easily dismiss it and the person saying it. After decades of dealing with people saying “$EX offender”, I have come to learn that a lot of people just say it and don’t mean any malice behind it. Those that do mean malice are actually scumbags in real life and they don’t deserve any respect or consideration.

My problem with “$EX offender” is that it is a weapon in this war. It is how the phrase frames the mindset of the Registries, as if there is some identifiable group of people that we can label. That idea is wrong. The majority of people listed on the Registries completed their legal sentences years ago and are no different than anyone else in the general public. That is a fact that should be put front and center. The only way those people are different today is that some anti-Americans want to use them for personal gain (even if that “gain” is just them getting themselves off).

Given the embedded copy and paste capability of the infrastructure any advance notice would immediately put the rush on files already in play. This is the case in any and every market Even when courts do not recognize it as ” a ubiquitous market. ”
Private enterprise has long ago entered one the equation. Data mining operations have also been used on many gov comps. It is the potential deviant behavior that sells these files. The short answer is no, the distinction intolerable.

Well, I think the opposite is more than equally true:

This much loved grandchild is very lucky to have Janice in their life. Very lucky indeed!

Best Wishes, James I

Congratulations Janice. I feel having children and grandchildren is the best part of life. Few other things matter in comparison. And congratulations on being an awesome, compassionate person.

Congratulations Janice! What a wonderful blessing and how lucky that baby is to have such a great grandma!

That is an excellent quote to take for our cause. What also is very significant is that George Floyd had a significant and rather violent criminal history, but nobody cares because they say–and rightly so–he was a human being and deserved equal protection under the law. Hey, that is all we are asking. I paid a very high price for my error, now, can I just live a normal life, please take your knee off of my neck.


Congrats on the family addition! Well said in this article with a nice tag line to use going forth.


But maybe – Take your Registries off my neck.

Or – Take your Registry harassment off my neck.

If “All Lives Matter,” then this website wouldn’t actually exist! The misguided hate and fear that promotes racism is the VERY SAME fuel that’s keeping Megan’s Law on the books.

Congrats on becoming a grandmother, Janice!

An excerpt from your journal:
That is because after an individual pays his debt to society through incarceration, probation, parole and/or other methods, his civil rights must be restored. All of them. And he should never be required to appear on a registry that makes him a target of violence by either vigilantes or government officials.

This is the sentiment that has beleaguered me about the registry and “no longer under custody”. We are still under custody as we are held to compelled in-person registration, rules & restrictions, compliance checks (I made a copy of the last compliance check form as evidence), and other collateral penalties. That’s still an extension of parole/probation and maybe worse because parole/probation doesn’t make you take annual pictures or annual fingerprints.

The registry is a huge “halloween boo operation” where it is using fear than statistics to continually drive the registry to become more intrusive.

New forms of the registry has continually taken away more civil rights from those on it. 1203.4 used to relieve one from the registry, but that’s negated away. Why? Kelly v Municipal brought up a lot of great points such as 290 cannot supersede 1203.4, but are run in conjunction with one another. You are no longer convicted of a crime, but according to the registry, you’re still a convicted sex offender. Both cannot be true.

Also, what was not addressed in Kelly v Municipal was 1203.4’s “the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant.” Why was it not addressed in Kelly v Municipal? Simple, because that information was not disseminated outside the police department. That dismissal of the accusation or information against the defendant is supported by the California’s Constitution of the unalienable right to pursue and obtain privacy.

Why are excluded from all the benefits of 1203.4 when 1203.4 already excludes specific sex offenses? That’s part of the argument that Kelly v Municipal and the reason why 290 cannot supersede 1203.4.

No one fought for us back then as fear was what pushed new legislation to take away our rights to no longer be under custody.

You fought back against presence and residency restrictions. To this day I’m still sketchy about being around parks.

As for employment, there have been many laws helping those who earn the 1203.4 to make it illegal for companies to do a search on you… except if you’re a registrant who earned the 1203.4. We are cast aside again, segregated from trying to strive for a normal life by trying to improve our employment opportunities.

If you look at the current Certificate of Rehabilitation (Cor) form, you can see the explicitness of said segregation within the court system. Remember, certain sex offenses are not able to apply for the 1203.4.
Then, only registrants are required to first earn a 1203.4 before applying for a CoR. There are also some sex offenses that cannot apply for the CoR as well as some sex offenses that grant the CoR, but does not absolve you from the registry.

We are systematically abused as our civil rights of being free have continually been stripped away from us. Not only that, but the government is making sure it stays that way. With this new tiered system, you simply are removed from the registry, but you don’t receive the many benefits of the CoR despite waiting for the same period of time. The CoR improves your employment opportunities instead of being regulated to underemployment. We lose out once again here.

Politicians still use fear on the public about registrants. That’s why there’s a double standard on registrants about in-person reporting during the COVID-19 lockdown order by the California governor. Everyone must stay home to protect others except if you’re a registrant. You must continue to go to the local PD and register in person.

The registry is a legal form of segregation AFTER one has supposedly regained all their civil rights (no longer under custody). Yet, under penalty of law, we are compelled to do things for the state or be punished. We are still under custody under this current form of the registry, to which is also broadcasted nationally via the International Megan’s Law.

Where are our rights of “innocent until proven guilty”? Once out of custody, then we should be free and legally innocent again as we have paid our dues to society. Jails and prisons exist should someone commit yet another crime. So what is this registry business all about then? We are still presumed guilty as the registry dictates the state has these individuals under custody as they are current criminals. (Any registrant hurt or murdered is done so under custody of the state since the registry is a state run custody program.) Yet facts state sex offenses have the second lowest form of recidivism.

On background checks, being on the registry is a red flag. If one earns the 1203.4 and one of the benefits is “the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant,” then why is not the registry being used against you in the employment process libel?

Why am I still being painted a monster as opposed to a person who made a mistake? Why am I being made a second class citizen, even among the convicted community?

I could have restarted my life after my earning my 1203.4, which was a 3-year process. Instead, I’ve been battling mentally for several years with the hopes of earning the CoR soon. Except that was taken away and now we have a tiered registry. Still a 10-year wait, but I’ll have to pay double for the Tiered Registry de-registration and the CoR.

Getting denied job opportunities because one is on the registry is humiliating and depressing. You’re good enough to get a foot in the door, but sorry, not sorry.

For Californians, I wonder if we will ever use the California Constitution as a defense as it specifically denotes we possess the inalienable right to pursue and obtain privacy. The lifetime registry period is already violating the CA Const. as it does not give an avenue to pursue and obtain privacy, which is what the registry has taken away as it disseminates your private information. For those who did earn a 1203.4 and need a CoR to get off the registry, why did not PC 290.5 violate a few other CA Const laws such as equal immunity (Art. 1, Sec 7b: ” A citizen or class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens. Privileges or immunities granted by the Legislature may be altered or revoked.”) or laws impairing the obligation of contracts (Art. 1, Sec 9: “A bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts may not be passed.”) in addition to the inalienable right to pursue and obtain privacy as the goal post moved for being removed from the registry from 1203.4 to 1203.4 AND the CoR.

We know the registry is punishment, but laws keep skirting around it. If the state is in the business of “regulatory scheme”, which is a civil scheme, then why not use the specific language set forth in the Ca Constitution? Why are not these rights being afforded to us registrants?

I’m happy you are listing all these problems (punishments) against us. I’m getting tired of living day to day or next meal to next meal or next minute to next minute. I’m tired of having the prospect of hope for a job only to have the registry interfere by signifying I pose an immediate danger. I’m just tired. And I’m very grateful for this website and your organization. Despite the many bad news I read on here, I feel comforted that I’m not alone.

“Take your knee of my neck” is a very good imagery of being on the registry. I just want to be equal again like all my neighbors around me. But I’m still under custody as if probation never ended. The rules and restrictions upon me are 24/7. The in-person reporting isn’t monthly, but I still do them at the local PD and college PD. Through the college, I was able to earn an industry wide certificate for a decent entry level career, but the registry says I can’t be trusted. I’m just fatigued. So thank you, Janice and company, for carrying the mantle that I sometimes think I cannot burden. The oppression is systematic as fear continues to reign supreme over the debunking of the “frightening and high” recidivism statistics.

I do not if there are stats out there the will support my statement, however, it seems that a boy is more likely to end up on the registry than becoming victim of a sex crime.

Becoming a grandmother or grandparent is wonderful and a warm experience and yes showing compassion is an experience that is a God sent. Now believe it or not this pharase says a lot “Take your knee off my neck”. Now if one uses reasoning it all becomes quite clear in many ways. Even in the bible the Pharisees were badgering so who is badgering today in this type of sex scheme via a computer?

One even wonder if badgering the wittness today is a type of enticement. One would have to believe it is clear that their is a certain amount of badgering, if not provoking, in much of these ordeals. I have to agree with you all on that. And yes the article speaks volumes today. Even Ms. Condoleezza Rice on face the Nation is speaking out in many ways in her views about this Floyd ordeal, and yes we all have deep wounds over this sex registryordeal. So were is the limited to police behavior.

And lets not forget the sex offender is being taken advantaged of in many ways with this internet inducement in some headlock disavantage. Now who is doing the evil in this trumped up ordeal. Badgering to induce one isn’t good. Even a person of any race wouldn’t put up with that and this sex registry choke hold on many in the nation today. So two wrongs don’t make a right or who censors the director in this I am curious yellow made for TV event.

Janice, Congrats on becoming a grandparent.

We All Matter and All Registrants deserve to have the Scarlet Letter taken off from around their necks!

Sister showed me a post (meme) some put on facebook. “Sex Offender Lives Don’t Matter”. So many likes and hearts. About 5% of the posts were positive or in defense of. Guess you have to be a Jeffrey Epstein to get respect. Unfortunately we can’t all be billionaires.

Facebook and Twitter is the cesspool of pubic sentiment. The pubic “comments” posted on social media are just an echo chamber of confirmation bias and herd mentality. They are designed and engineered to foster a controversial shock reaction, or “high five” for likes and follows.

Congratulations Janice. And thank you for all your hard work. It means so much to so many.

We are not sex offenders, we are not registrants, we are people ! Who committed a crime and that’s it! No more lables !

Wow. “We are not sex offenders, we are not registrants, we are people !” So true. However, we have been portrayed as monsters to the ignorant. We have provided a means to enrichment for the true predators.

When the protection instinct is motivated by love instead of fear, we get angels of justice like Janice. Thank you so much! But where fear predominates, technocracy continues to roll out new invasive ID technologies, and we should be vigilant to protect the privacy we have. In my opinion, being banned from Social Media is a blessing and anyone entertaining desire to participate is not paying attention to the the tech trends of the times.

Clearview AI, for example
is actively scraping imagery across all internet platforms and may soon release an app which will allow the user to take a quick snap shot of your face in public and instantly find out everything about you on the fly.

I have always despised social media but our mugshot can also be scraped from many other websites who have published our faces in order to associate mugshots with past criminal convictions. For those residing in California who want to purge your database file in Clearview AI, there is a solution. You can contact them and request removal of your file, and because of California law, they will comply.

It’s also a small way we can work to reduce predator Vigilanteism.

First off, congratulations! That is wonderful news. The rest of your writing is so spot on!
Wow! Being a grandma has changed you even more than ever to fight for injustice. Not that you didn’t before but yes! Yes! take your knee off my neck is very appropriate. I love it. We need to get out and speak out, all of us. Thank you gutsy grandma.

“Take your knee off my neck” How strange a sentence. I’m really supprised at you all on here”Will Allen seems to want to come out with his guns ablazen, USA seems to dislike much of this NAZI ordeal, Love and peace just wants to be left alone and many more are so upset that they don’t even know the status quo for life. Not to mention Tim in WI has some data theory that its man database against machine. Isn’t the bible a database witten down for everyone. So where does that leave divine truth as compaired to civil justice or moral understnnding and ethics.

Here I come back on here with a biblical view and I’m sure I’ve been met with opposition or does justice and true value’s start at home or is understanding of all this offender ordeal abit crass. Do we all reap what we sow or sow what we reap? Does anyone wonder why Cain killed Abel or should we wonder why governments do choke holds on another or even induce these registry ordeals. So who’s vainety is who’s.

Sure playing with dynomite one can get blown up. Is the registry out of porportation or is man out of proportation. Who is just as guilty in this choke hold knee type method via this computer one way system. Even going to a convention today one has to sign a disclaimer that they take all the risks. After sex treatment classes they want you to sign a disclaminer that you knew you were talking to a teenage person. Who is over abusing on whos’ liberty or did the bible set it up that way or what is Jesus all about.

Does love thy neighbor say its ok to lie, its ok to defend or even abuse if its for a just cause wether demeaning or not as long as justice is served or who sways to the music today or is justice starting to see the light when mankind can’t. Even understand their own methods or do we all have character defects both men and women and even justice systems.

@Saddles who said “Isn’t the bible a database witten down for everyone.” The bible was written by people who never knew Jesus. The books are all 3rd party accounts. Blind faith at best.

@ LPH Their ya go I could be wrong on everything. And I’m so glad that nobody tells me what to do. And I’m so glad one can open the eyes of the blind or who leads a horse to water or Jack ass or they learn how to speak. I’m glad that the generation today would rather take some man-made computer over the creator. If thats telling you about America than who’s pinning you down with who’s knee. God would never do that. And yes LPH God could blow you and me away with a blast of his nostril.

Who created you young man, speak if you know who ate the fotbiden fruit, who has a plan for you and everybody else on here. Who is love today. Who freed the slaves. Who was lead in the wilderness to understand more or to seek or were they ready to except their fate. Who penned Solomon’s wisdom to be inspired by all. Has not a greater than Solomon came. So who is the first Adam and the last or is the first last and the last first. Who inspires you to seek true justice, wisdom and true understanding or do we all have knowledge of that. Speak of forever hold your peace.

Who formed you in the womb. I’m sure you get the point or are we all still in jail in our own vain conceits. Sure view’s and viewpoints are good LPH, but blind faith can never hold a candle to God and his Commandments. One wonders if man is his worst enemy or is he still blind, or who puts on a false facade and gives callous or false opportunities. LPH you talk just like my sister when we talk on the phone course I try her on everything no matter how mad one gets love covers a multude of sins or should we all say those without sin cast the first stone or should we keep on sinning.

What I’m trying to say LPH is that the bible can be as complex as one makes it. Does not the bible says: my yoke is easy and my burden light. Would God or man say to one: I see you have a few hundred porno pictures on your computer of say say kiddy porn. In man’s views that can becones one’s downfall but how did it get to that stage.

It was the enticement first and formost the lead to this. This type of come down and meet up with this person. So who is leading who. Is the blind to follow the blind. Now if the blind follow the blind they both fall in a ditch or pit. So who is enticing to lead one into a ditch. Sure we should leave it alone or should we speak up about it. Would we have known about this black guy if someone didn’t have a video recording this ordeal. Now its wide open to the public. And yes that could make anyone mad and taking a life is still taking a life. So who took away your conscious or many on here.

Does not God forgive us of our transgressions when we ask in faith and repent. Remember when I first came on here I talked about Chance and his video. And yes we should forgive 7 times 70 if we ask and yes a good king settles thir debts, One wonders how many are entangled up in this registry ordeal. See grace and truth is a loving relationship.

Sure the commandments are still the same but in the old testament they were a sin type until the coming of Jesus to fullfil the law. Many of those old testament people wouldnt’ of known sin was still abounding until grace came to set them free. Paul wouldn’t of known sin until grace abound and truth was the way
Sure many times one can’t always understand this registry ordeal but I’m sure we can all understand breaking the commandments so where is faith today in some USA watered down way of ensnaring others by these tactics. A true man of God wouldn’t give an opportunity such as this much less entice or provoke one or who is taking who’s taser and than being shot in the back.

Hope that makes sense to some and yes knowing and asking Jesus into your heart is good yes repentance is good if one ask for this calling or what is the Blood of Jesus all about. Guess authorities don’t know how to forgive tresspasses and debt today in many ways.

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