MI: Lawmakers debate changes to states sex offender registry law after court ruling

Michigan lawmakers are debating how to overhaul the state’s sex offender registry after a federal appeals court ruled sections of the law are unconstitutional, but Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is contending the proposed fixes don’t repair the law’s flaws. Full Article

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First the pandemic, then protests, then Black Lives Mater, then calls for defunding the police, and who knows what else.

I don’t think Michigan’s system is going to survive, but I’m hoping beyond hope here.

I liked how the article concluded:

According to a 2019 study by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, which looked at sex offenders’ recidivism rates from their 2005 release from prison until 2014, “sex offenders were less likely than other released prisoners to be arrested during the 9 years following release.”


BTW, since Michigan did point out how some of these laws are unconstitutional and those affected, 2011 and back, would be off, I’m wondering if something similar could happen in California.

Re: Taylor ruled presence and living restrictions were unconstitutional. Thus, those are punishments. If someone earned the 1203.4 (case dismissal), then those punishments were implemented during that time. 1203.4 states a person “shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted”. Is there a case to be had here for that group of registrants?

Hmm. There haven’t been reports or news articles about former registrants rampaging through the state groping and raping every woman and child within sight since Cleland’s ruling. Whodathunkit?

Am I the only one who noticed that?

“You can’t punish someone under one set of rules, then change the rules and go back and re-punish the person,” said Paul Reingold, a retired UM law professor who has argued on behalf of the plaintiffs and testified before the Legislature during recent deliberations.

How do we get Paul to join ACSOL in the fight against Tier registration? The state keeps moving the goal posts to continue punishing registrants.

Kristen ~ I fondly remember Rew, and he has been my savior many times. He was very knowledgable with a great heart. I will never forget what he brought to the forums. He always responded, no matter how small or big my problems seemed. He is surely missed by so many in this community.

While I don’t know much about this Paul Reingold but from your all’s comments and from gathering a bit off the internet about his accomplishments he seems to be a moral Civil litigation rights lawyer and he does present good values. From reading up a bit about him he speaks a lot of biblical type truth and understanding. And yes its no wonder Michigan wants to change a lot of this sex registry today.

While I myself couldn’t quite put a lot of this encounter into focus at the time of my arrest I did have some basic roots. Sure my dad even hated to go to Charleston, WV and listen to court cases in the business he was in and all the twisted laws and things for the Gas Company during the late 40’s, 50’s and even up until the mid 70’s. Yes it was some hard times for people after WWII in a coal mining state. Hey the depression was bad also.

In this sex offender law enforcement seems to override divine justice than a clash is their in many ways. Now Janice and Chance and the team will straight much of this restorying of Civil Rights which we have much lost. I’m sure one has to agree when divine law goes up against civil law the two can be a “Clash of the Titians” so to speak. Sure I believe in civil law but justiable law but what about unjustifable well thats a bit much and ole so tricky.

Hey Moses gave the Commandments and nobody keep the law? So Janice in my book you and Chance and your team are leading the way as much of this registry makes no sense. And you guys thanks for telling me about this Reingold person. Yes we can all study but in many ways government is getting out of hand. Just take a look at this black life’s matter ordeal or any other life should matter.

You would think the legislature would be meeting privately during this time to draft a better bill during the emergency so they don’t have to rush when this state of emergency is over.

Honestly, I can see this going into summer 2021 before changes are made. We will have many new legislatures in January 2020 due to election year, and will probably have to educate the new legistures and the process starts all over again!

So yes, I expect this to drag out for quite a while.

Remember the police have to send notices to all registerants once this emergency ends to let them know of their obligations. You would think they would wait until a new bill is passed, you know..to kill two birds with one stone. But who knows….

Isnt everyone watching what is going on in this country, sex offenders are the least of legislators problem right now, this country is on the verge of another civil war from what Im watching , Police are quitting by the 1000’s,

Went to register today I have 2 months left on my 15 years. They told me due to law suite I cannot register or pay $50. They were nice and gave me a note saying so. Any updates ?

Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything on what’s going on with the order, or if they have been meeting every 30 days like they are suppose too. Any word from the committee? I emailed Tim Thursday but haven’t heard anything back yet, and the way Whitmer keeps extending this stupid State of Emergency Order, I don’t see a end to our dilemma anytime soon. I just wish Cleland would step in and just start the 60 day clock, and put an end to this crap already, any new updates would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

While I’m sure many have reviewed this article in the news 4 years ago seems nothing has happened but all states should take a better look not only for their constutional justice but also for their own Christian and religious views. Yes some states are working on good moral values but when justice is compromised in this type of ways of way were is the law of conscious or any biblical objection. Much of this inbalance comes into play with all this two wrongs don’t make a right. I would think everyone would have a view on this type ordeal. I’m sure all states that look for truth should take a second look at their own immoral justice system. No wonder we are having black’s in protects and abortions and all sorts of kayos today.l

I can’t agree more with G4!
They are surprised by the unexpected feedback they received. We need to keep our heads up and be ready to respond back and note they could create a new bill. They will be concerned with the election and we all have to get out there and VOTE! There is a large group here plus family and friends and we have to work it to support our Michigan ACLU. There is no time for any low energy. Be prepared! Be ready!

So there’s time to fix the SOR to be “Gender Neutral”



I agree Sheldon

They have time to draft bills to make the Registry “gender neutral” because that’s most important right now but not fix it the way they were ordered to

For 15 years to the day I have been on the registry. Today I got off at 12am automatically I am paranoid now are there any rules? Can I just up and go on vacation anyplace? Take my kids to school? Move any place? Would love anyone’s input on this.

Janice, I believe many of these issues are about to come to full bloom with the reduction of many on the registry if not many in these torturous ordeals and Government will say where did we go wrong in this inducement in leading one astray. I just wish I could go to face book at 2 pm today eastern time to listen on this facebook/netgraceorg but maybe many on here can fill us in as we all seek releif in many area’s of this ordeal.

@I am off I can answer some of your questions and this has been talked about many times in the travel threads. First, if you would still be subject to federal SORNA you may still encounter problems with certain international travel under IML, but you also might not. Second, if you move or vacation in another state you would be subject to their registration laws that might require you to register with them even where federal SORNA doesn’t apply. As an example one of the worst states (Florida) will require you to register there for vacationing for more than 4 days (though I think you can bypass this somewhat by not being physically present in the same county at all after the 4th day). Worse, if you end up having to register in Florida you will be permanently placed online and you will come up on a simple google search of your name as registered.

When vacationing be very careful to know the laws for these things before going there and try and plan in such a way that you do not trigger a registration requirement somewhere. Chances you get caught if you should register and don’t may be relatively low but its probably not worth the risk especially because there are ways to vacation nearly everywhere and avoid triggering these registration requirements.

I am a tier 3, which is crazy for the original offense. Supposed to register for 25 years. It’s been 22 years. About 15 years in, they retroactively turned my 25 years into life. I was scared at the time when this all happened, so I took a deal that offered me no time in jail and my record expunged. I took it because I wanted it behind me. If I knew this was going to turn into a lifetime punishment, I would’ve never taken the deal and gone to trial. If I would’ve known how big the Internet was going to make the registry, I would’ve never even said ok to the 25 years. Anyway, thing is, I was under HYTA. People not familiar with that, that Holmes Youthful Trainee Act. The judge essentially puts you on a 3 year (for me back then it was 2) probationary period, if you compete it, it’s supposedly expunged from you record. Mine was, but I still had to register as the state said “it’s not a form of punishment.” This act was created to give people a second chance on life so this record wouldn’t follow them around forever. Well, it does. I have been lucky enough to get decent jobs but have been seriously hindered getting to really good positions that I now qualify for with my experience but once they do a background check, even though it’s not on my record, they see I have to register and immediately I am disqualified. They don’t ask for an explanation, nothing. Just thank you but no thank you. This Coronavirus has screwed us because this law was supposed to change months ago and the lawmakers now have an excuse not to confront this issue. Part of the statutes that were declared unconstitutional is the retroactive punishments applied to people after their case was long over with. Also, since it was deemed a punishment, they are also considering removing HYTA status offenders. Recently I lost my job due to Covid. I have been offered several positions, all of which they basically say to me ok, as long as you’re not a sex offender or anything, you’re in. So I am incredibly concerned about getting work. The fact they’re hiding behind Covid to change the statutes they’ve been ordered to change or to just rewrite all of SORA is a shame and a sham. I’m in limbo because most lawyers have zero idea about this law, and others that do tell me not to apply for removal until the legislation acts. So I’m stuck and very nervous that I’m not going to be able to find work. I want off of this thing and cannot find a lawyer who will help me. If anyone knows of one in Michigan, please let me know. I check on the Internet weekly to see if there’s been any movement with the legislators and of course there isn’t. I look up lawyers that supposedly help with sex offenses or registry but more than half don’t even know what Does vs Snyder, either case, is. The ACLU that fought this case says they don’t help individuals. I’m stuck. If anyone can help, please let me know! Thank you and good luck to everyone.

This needs to hurry up right now there is a growing trend on social media called #savethechildren and other groups like it that are talking about violence against RSO and there has been acts already committed against RSO . Having such easy access to our private information would only help those who wish to harm us .. please let this information be know. For it is a Growing trend

Via Tim @ACLU

The Judge just ordered the State and the ACLU to appear for a status conference. We hope that he wants to get a final judgment entered. Depending on how much time he gives us, we may have a deadline for entry of judgment shortly after the election. We think the Judge is probably getting impatient with the legislature, and think that he will set another deadline soon, despite the pandemic. But also that ultimately whether people stay on the registry and for how long will depend on what the legislature decides to do.

This is the only information have at this time!

Punitive Punitive Punitive ! Punishment Punishment Punishment !