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Millions of Lives Ruined by Sex Offender Registry, Says Top Anti-Registry Advocate

[ – 6/1/20]

by Vicki Henry

Women Against Registry advocates for the families who have loved ones required to register as sexual offenders.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s [NCMEC] last published figures, there are over 912,000 men, women and children (as young as 8 and 10 in some states) required to register.

The NCMEC has ceased publishing the number of registered citizens as it will soon top 1,000,000. The “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone 18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child, the old bait-n-switch internet stings (taking sometimes 12 months before a person steps over the line), guys on the autism spectrum or with intellectual disabilities, and many others.

If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members, you can clearly see there are well over 3 million wives, children, moms, aunts, girlfriends, grandmothers and other family members who experience the collateral damage of being murdered, harassed, threatened, children beaten, having signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, having their children passed over for educational opportunities, having flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives losing their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant. Professionals indicate three things are needed for successful reintegration: a job, a place to live, and a “positive” support system.

The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake About Sex Crime Statistics – ‘Frightening and High’ (Debunks the 80% recidivism rate cited by now SCOTUS Justice Kennedy)

It is very important that you read the abstract and then the full 12-page essay Frightening-and-High-The-Supreme-Courts-Crucial-Mistake-about-Sex-Crime-Statistics-by-Ira-Mark-and-Tara-Ellman [of ACSOL].

Read the full article


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The sex offender registry is the knee on my neck.
Every day, I struggle to freely breathe because of a law that condemns me and makes me an exile within my own community.
The fear of people finding out is crushing me and disabling me as well as the fear of somehow not being able to register.
Any goodness I have in life is always eclipsed by fear.
The policeman who arrested me made out a police report that was 85% false and then the assistant prosecutor forced my wife to keep her mouth shut when the truth was revealed or they would incarcerate me for life if she told that almost everything the policeman wrote were fabricated lies.
There was no violence whatsoever in what happened.
It’s been almost 20 years now since then.
I am still on the registry.
I am no danger to anyone, but every breath is one of fear and slavery to a law that I cannot escape from.
It is silently squeezing the life out of me even though I paid the due required by the sentence.
Society doesn’t care about me.
They want me to die, even though I already paid the price.
The registry may not be killing me in the direct sense, but it is killing my spirit and hope of life in this world, which is affecting me physically as well because the spirit and body are symbiotic.
What affects one affects the other.
There are many nights I go to bed hoping I will not wake up to another day of struggling to freely breathe in a world that does not want me and a law that is always threatening me because I am on the registry.
The registry is slowly and painfully choking the life I was given by God out of me.

@David V C
Wow you just described my life and the way I also feel to a T! I am very sorry for both of us indeed.


The comments section is abysmal for this article. No one cares about facts. And they’re attacking Vicki Henry.

If everyone doesn’t like the lockdown, then it’s odd they can enforce the registry. Under the lockdown, everyone has the potentiality to give someone the virus. Potentiality, not actuality. It’s sad they can’t see the parallels. And now we know that COVID-19 has a lower death rate, but that death rate will affect those who are older or have weak immune systems greatly. But lockdown still continue in many states.

@New Person

I saw those comments too. She’s probably use to those ignoramuses by now, not that it helps.

But you know what? Those inflammatory responses only sharpen my resolve to enter into the National debate and let them have it with this one argument:

That these ignorant supporters and closet vigilantes for the Registry have just as much of chance of getting on the Registry themselves in the most unexpected ways thanks to the ever expanding types of charges being added to SORNA.

My title for this argument:

Hello Future Sex Offenders of America…You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

I really, really believe that nearly ALL of the people who respond to news article such as this with inflammatory, ridiculous comments, are low-functioning people. I expect that they have low self-esteem and are not successful, smart, or financially secure. I would bet literally anything that if it could be known who zealously supports Registries, the vast majority are those types of people. I would also bet that those people, the Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts), are much more likley to have a criminal record than most people. And also much more likely to interact with law enforcement in negative ways and more often. I expect most RS/Ts are the dregs of society. Most people who ACTUALLY care about public safety or protecting children, know that Registries are dumb and ineffective.

But anyway, regarding your “Future Sex Offenders of America” argument, I have seen that a lot. But I don’t think it is a good argument. Most people are not in danger of being listed on the $EX Offender Registry ($OR) and never will be. Further, most people are not the zealous RS/T dregs of society that make ridiculous comments on these articles. Most people living in America probably think little about the $ORs and wouldn’t take the time to comment on them, and certainly not comment like an idiot. THOSE people cannot fathom themselves being in trouble with law enforcement even, let alone having anything to do with the $ORs. So I think they’d just rightfully ignore that argument.

The RS/Ts are the dregs of society and I do expect they have a good bit of interaction with law enforcement. I do expect they are more likley than most to end up Registered. But they are too dumb to see that far into the future. They can’t process those consequences or take them seriously until they happen. They aren’t smart people.

I do think you could appeal to reasonable people by arguing that their children are in danger of being listed. I do think reasonable people would worry about that. And those are the people that can affect public policy.

But I think the very best argument of all is that the Registries simply aren’t needed or useful. There is no responsible parent who needs them. When I think about protecting my children, I understand that Registries could never help me. It does me no good at all to know that one neighbor is listed and another is not. That argument is very real and makes sense to people with brains.

I think these are the best arguments:

1. Registries aren’t needed or useful.

2. Registries can’t hinder future crimes. Easy to go around.

3. Registries cause a lot more harm than most people fathom. Registries kill empathy. Registries make many people who are listed on them want to harm other people, and they do. Registries have caused a lot of murder, of People Forced to Register and others as well, including children.

Has it been 5 years since “Frightening and High”? And not a peep of the debunking is utilized in courts or is made a proper citation in courts. Instead, we perpetuate a lie still.

It’s been about 17 years. It was introduced in the 2003 Alaska case.


The research work titled “Frightening and High” by Dr Ira and Tara Ellman was written in 2015. It was written to debunk the 2003 Doe v Smith decision that used 80% recidivism rates.

I hope that helps. “Frightening and High” was written in the article that stated, “This paper appeared in Constitutional Commentary Fall, 2015.”

The comments about pedilians and natizis were, umm, unique. 🤔 What next? Facismists? Terrorizians? Protestinians?

There isn’t too much on the internet now that cannot be ‘Trolled’ by someone.
Trolls eat ‘Troll Food’ and they drink ‘Haterade’, so you can’t expect anything less out of them.
Many people will find something to Troll, so it isn’t surprising, and there are those who are just looking to argue, and regardless how much evidence you give them they will not believe, because they are already set in their hearts to disbelieve.
99 times out of 100 it is futile to argue with these people-they will not believe the truth even if an angel from Heaven tells them.
They would argue and swear at the angel too!!

2 thumbs up! Haters gunna Hate. It’s a waste of time to talk to those kind of people.

Sue them for deprivation of rights under color of law and conspiracy against rights. File a federal lawsuit against them. Crush them into the ground. Look up USC 18 241 AND 242 those the 2 violation those people in the legal system committed against you

Now Will Allen I hope that soap didn’t get to you to much. So lets all get some facts about God and American Government. DID YOU KNOW when you enter the Supreme Court courtroom on the doors are ingraved the Ten Commandments.

E ven the walls display The Ten Commandments. Even walking up the steps are The Commandments of the Law Giver and yes Moses is holding the Ten Commandments. Also DID YOU KNOW jAMES MADISON, the father of the Constitution made the following statement. We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self–government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.

Even Patrick Henry a patriot and Founding Father of our country said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists but by Christians, not on religions byt on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even every session of Congress began with a prayer since 1777. Even 52 of the 55 founders of the Constitution were memberes of the orthoxdix churches in the colonies.

Even Thomas Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority and instead of interpreting the law would began making laws… an oligarchy…. the rule of few over many.

So than, how have we gotten to the point that everything we have done for 220 years in this country is now suddenly wrong and unconstitutional. You know human government usurps Gods authority in a lot of ways. Should we seek a theocracy that reconstructs the dominion of theonomy? Is Government hindering others in all this registry ordeal. Seems Justice has gone down hill in so many ways and these internet operations are unconceivable or any poloice officer to even present those things to cause one to stumble. Is this a nation of unrest in Justice for all.

In a lot of this internet sexting or sting operations I would like to clarify myself a bit. Many of these issues are intimidating factors via this computer in many ways when adults go to adult websites.Issues come up and somethings so not add up if we are all sinners. And yes we are all sinners. In other words these ministers of Justice are presenting a stumblingblock on the person with a weak conscience and therefore violating it all in the name of presenting themselve as a fictitous teenager, or to clean up the internet or this sex trafficking as they say with these ordeals. Very cunning and crafty.

Intimidating ones conscience or searing with this type of ruse is using the sword of Justice in the wrong way and also by bearing false wittness. Public safety or trapping one up is like taking advantage of another and all in the name of public safety. So this is a conbination of listening and understanding. I hope Janice can correct me on this as we all learn to grow in wisdom, understanding and truth. Remember Jesus is God incarnate.

Seems this goes deep in the Justice catagory as we are all under grace and truth, and yet we all strive and press on with much of this offender ordeal upon our shoulders. I’m in agreement with all on here that much of this registrry needs to be banished as authorities seem to overthrow in their vain ruse and its so demoralizing.

Is there any class action suits being filed in Texas to abolish the registry ? I would like to get more info on how to get a ruling like Michigan to get rid of the registry,esp for cases prior to 2011 . Any info is appreciated

@Sue’em: Ask Rich Gladden in Texas

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