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TX: Texas man charged with murder of alleged sex offender near Carlsbad

[ – 7/17/20]

A Texas man was charged with first degree murder in the March 16 death of an alleged Lea County sex offender living in Eddy County, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Carlsbad Police Department.

Rodney Welch, 43, is presumed to have run over Richard Radcliff with a pickup truck. He was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident and knowingly causing death or bodily harm to Radcliff, the criminal complaint indicated.

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Good Lord, is somebody documenting all of these murders of people on the registry? How many are we up to now? It seems just in California I have heard of a dozen. I bet nation wide they are topping 100 or more. I think all these victims are making quite a case that the registry is not acceptable. I would like to get the list of those murdered, and then find out all the good things they were doing in life since their offense.

Everyone I know on the registry is doing the best they can, and many are doing great good in the community. Let the public know that these people are getting degrees, starting businesses, writing books, and doing volunteer work. The media and politicians portray people on the registry as depraved people who will never do better. We know that is a lie, nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of the people on the registry did a one time poor choice around their human sexuality, and once they survive the justice system they go back to being the decent people they were before the error.

One former neighbor who is homeless pushing a shopping cart with his belongings now is on the website. Twice he has been hospitalized with severe injuries because someone saw he was on the public website. Of course, the ones who did this to him can’t found..i hope the governor and attorney general change this. Eliminate the monitor and public website and get rid of lifetime registration. Once parole is over it should be over

@Eric – Yes, there is at least one person who continues to gather information regarding registrants who are physically harmed, including murdered. His name is Derek Logue and his website is Once Fallen.

Thank you.

How does one right a wrong, to some that may be the hardest thing one can do in this instance or the many instances we all face. And yet courts don’t give one a chance to try to write the wrong. Rebuking is good but redressing is better. Even reasoning or reconciling is good. One either would think or trust in todays Christian/civil government world that it would be so easy for moral justice or should authorities just say I’m only doing my job that’s what I’m paid to do. So were is equal rights today.

When I first came in here I talked about Chance and a bit about his article video on redemption. So lets all back up a bit. Yes forgiveness is good even being repentant is good but seldom will government forgive a debt. One wonders who has blood on their hands in this law and justice for all. Sure its too late to say to this George Floyd forgive me for kneeling on your neck or even the situation in Georgia or New Jersey and many other places.

Sure they can fire the person, send them to court or prison, make a plea deal but is that really justice of a Christian/nation in many respects. What differs those from the internet encounters or other sexual ordeals as many of those men are hurting another human. One rarely hears the word forgiveness today in any court. Seems we have a president or other official that rarely makes a mistake or any government offical if that the case and they all want to justify their position with their wisdom or lack of..

Everything starts with Justice. True and equal justice or Why did God in the Old testament say kill the enemy and in the new testament say love the enemy. So who is the enemy today. Is it the one still living in the basement or the one that is still tempted to get satisfication or rebel or is just another Johnny Reb of the American Civil War or some damn yankee today.

So were does that leave the sex offender, with injustice for all. No wonder some want to tear down statues today. Statue tearing down is probably worse than sex offenders today. A statue is just concrete but a human life is of value. Sure blacks want to be treated with respect, the sex offender wants to be treated with respect so is goverment a bit of a bigot today or unjust. You tell me. See part of Christiany is lost today when one pulls the wool over another, seems love thy neighbor is take from them before they take from you in this depressing situation of government control

So government sponsored harassment and murder is a fee to be part of this price club? The government needs a great kick in the ass and lose billions in their endless programs of cruelty. People are offended when you bring up history; but damn if you can’t see what’s going on you are part of the problem. At least most of Europe got the memo on human rights after WW2, but not this shitstain of a country. Fuck the United States of Hate and people that are holier than thou!!

Getting killed is part of the price club. When will people stop wearing bs glasses and call it what it is. This country has blood on its hands including the christian holy rollers!! Enough is enough of this shit stain county and read some damn history!!

Oh the irony that should this person every make parole, they won’t need to register.

I read the article. I do not see where the alleged murderer, Mr. Welch, targeted the registrant because he was a registrant. In the article, it just denotes both were in an alleged argument in a homeless camp. Then Mr. Welch returned with his truck.

What the article does identify is the registrant and his registrant past. If his past had nothing to do with being murdered, then why did the paper include it?

From the article: ** He was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident and knowingly causing death or bodily harm to Radcliff, the criminal complaint indicated. **

Wait, it’s an accident, and the murder charge was because he left the scene of the accident? If it’s an accident, then why include the registrant’s past when it has nothing to do with accident? If no one has indicated the reason for the registrant’s death was because he was targeted solely as a registrant, then why include that information? The registrant is dead, why trample upon his death when there is no confirmation the death was due to being on the registry?

I hope someone follows up on this. If it’s because a registrant was targeted, then okay. If it’s not, then the registrant’s past wasn’t necessary to share because that’s what not the registrant should be known for, first and foremost. There is more information about the alleged murdered than the alleged murderer.

Did I miss something?

There may be more to the story, or not. But if someone is a registrant, you can be sure the media will note that, regardless of relevance. It’s like when there was that AMTRACK crash a few years ago and one of the fatalities was a registrant. So of course some rag brought that up. Like, what relevance, whatsoever, did the accident and his death have to do with the fact that he was a registrant? Thankfully, that article was dragged through mud for that bit of information by most people that read it.

Yeah. That’s what made me question this article because of many different articles similar to that that had nothing to do with a registrant being a registrant from other articles. Other people pointed it out before and I’m pushing that thought forward here as well.

For the media, if you kill a registrant, then it’s not as bad as killing someone innocent.

That’s the problem… no one wants to see any registrant as innocent. Hence, why we’re stigmatize as well as have PTSD or PICs or all of the above.

@SR. This is a common ploy for newswriters and editors to get ratings and also stir the pot.
Now that the virus is here and gym coaches, and teachers are in much less contact with children, what if we all started to say ‘Well, people’s children will be safer now from predator gym coaches and teachers since they are not in school’.
How do you think that would go over?

@ New person you didn’t miss anything so I’m sure everyone has the IQ of a genius just like every other offender. I’m sure all of us read the article. I wonder why that police woman didn’t kill me when I told her I was a sex offender. Sure she wrote me up a ticket. At times do we all speak before we listen or listen before we speak. The man didn’t have to tell the other person he was a sex offender and considering the situation and the environment or ordeal at hand their could be other issues I am sure. The main thing is they got a murderer that ran down a sex offender. It seems as like everyone wants to know the way. I guess we would all like to know why Hitler murdered the jews or why people kill and exterminate for no reason. Why did one have a sex urge or thought or who says the wrong thing at the wrong time or were is common sense today or true values for their fellow man or woman.

Even Brandon talks about this price club type jargon today or bargin, or this holier than thou. One wonders who’s holier than thou? Nobody on this planet could ever compete with God’s wisdom and knowledge and understanding and thats a fact. Even a computer resourse couldn’t even do that. So who’s hoiler than thou. That policeman that duped one up on a computer, that abortion congressional committee, the gun rights activist’s , or maybe the hell’s angels if they are still around today, or that one that decided to run over another.

Sure we all should learn someone American history or were is American government today. Is history repeating itself or is this some price club have I got a deal for you or who tells who they are a sex offender or sleep with who’s wife. For one this was a human being being murderd. I guess maybe all sex offenders in your all’s logic should go to the gas chamber. Get real folks. We all have challanges today but we is the one writing the murder he or she wrote.

..and in my neck of the woods, somebody posted “the official” flyer of somebody forced to register, and two days later burnt his house to the ground. Thank goodness the family was not moved in yet.

Feel bad for the guy who got killed. Praying for his family. It must be hard for the family too read that story. The pain the mother and father feel as people. Post evil comments about how happy that sex offender is dead!! I bet the mother if she knew her son was too be a sex offender. Might have killed him or her at birth so they don’t have to feel the Shame.. That people and this useless government put a huge Shame on people. And they don’t care. Till it happens too their family.

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