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MI: Whitmer signs bill with long-awaited changes to sex offender law

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday signed a bill that would eliminate school safety zones and certain appearance requirements in Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act. Full ArticleFull Article

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What Exactly Did the Court of Appeals Decide?

In a unanimous opinion, the Court of Appeals decided that retroactively imposing punishment without individual risk assessment or due process violates the Constitution. The court noted that the 2006 and 2011 SORA amendments added geographic exclusion zones, imposed strict new reporting requirements, and extended registration up to life for the vast majority of registrants, without providing any review or appeal (with rare exceptions). The court found SORA to be more like criminal probation or parole than like a civil regulation.


I found out in June of 2019 that my rights to my firstborn sons had been terminated and they had been adopted by their step in April of 2018. I had legal physical custody of my sons as infants when their mother abandoned them with me for the first 5 years of their lives. Greatest honor of my life, something mothers do all the time when true dead beats fathers bail. Long story short, my charge in 2012, involved the mother’s 12 year old niece, not my children our their siblings. I stated from the get this was a set up, I took a plea of no contest after wasting my money on a shitty attorney, that traded me for the big money client with the prosecution. No evidence, supposable happened 3 times, she has been sexually assaulted by 7 different offenders and her and mommy are always the poor victims.
This county has had it in for me since my parents sued 8 county officials in 1995 as broke, self represented litigants. My insistence on racking up misdemeanor convictions and drug addiction did not help, the bias. During my 50 month incarceration, the mother was able to get a no contact order put in place on all my kids, got my rights to daughters terminated and changed my sons names, I named them without any notice to me in prison. After being released, I motioned for supervised visits and to have the no contact order lifted. All efforts were thwarted by mom’s fancy pants lawyer, and a final denial in Nov of 2017, had me waiting the 12 months or ability to afford an attorney, that may have allow me to contact the boys that I was mom and dad to in their first years. In March of 2018, the mom, her husband and fancy pants lawyer filed 2 petitions in court to terminate my right to my boys. On those petitions, they alleged I failed to comply with the income withholding order that was TAKING money out of my checks. And that I had the ability to contact my sons and failed to do so for 2 years.

No personal service to me in Detroit (200 miles away) violation of MCR 3.802(A). Judge was supposed to adjourn hearing if I was not there, and there was no proof of efforts made to locate me or my voluntary consent to the adoption MCL 710.36(7).
I just received the transcripts of the hearing that terminated my parental rights to my boys in 2018, after 6 months of trying. Fancy pants lawyer asked mother (in 2 separate hearings) if she has had possession and custody of my sons, she relied yes. Perjury in the court proceedings 2 violations of MCL 750.423(1) 15 yr max. My sex charge was 1 count of 15 year max, wow! WTF?
MY custody orders were in the same file listed on the petitions, the same court ordered me to have no contact with my sons than terminated my rights for not violating that order, and trying to contact them, while on parole. IDK?.

I am in court know, I just got the adoptions tossed, but my oldest is 20 and hates me, hope time heals
The court still has a no contact order on my middle son now 17 (DOB 12-30-03).
I filed a motion to disqualify opposing counsel, motion for contempt on lawyers failure to give me proper notice, resulting in my sons being adopted and then un adopted 3 years later. Bench warrant request/motion for contempt on mother for perjury I have evidence of now. I filed for a disqualification of the trial court and filed a Judicial Tenure Commission complaint for the court’s numerous constitutional violations.
I filed a complaint with the attorney general for violations of State Law. I contacted the FBI for violations of federal Law.
Conspiracy Against Rights; Title 18, USC Section 241
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of law; Title 18,Section

I am no lawyer and I am doing this on my own. I spent half my joint time in the law library and have been consumed by this since the governor laid me off my restaurant job in March, and I have time to do research.

I am going public with this, I can’t take it anymore. The public must be aware of the consequences of these sex charges, such as mine. I am more worried about telling the truth, then those Qanon inspired vigilantes that I am forced to give my address to and not allowed a firearm to defend what little I have.
I am just getting into these comment platforms and Any suggestions for ways to get my story out are greatly appreciated as are any criticisms.

. .

@ Aaron sorry too hear this , It is the system they take these sex cases especially if its a minor involved they convict on little to nothing ,they take away all your rights from the second a soccer mommy gets her ass hairs into a bunch with a man, then the right that you have in this country too be innocent until proven guilty gets shoved under the carpet because Politicians and the Legislators SUCK & know even the courts allow and support unconstitutional laws , then you are doomed before you even step a foot into that court room , As i have stated a 100 times before you need more evidence in this state to convict someone for stealing a candy bar ,then too convict someone for a sex crime on a minor, its so Focked up. Then they start with like a sentence of like 1 to 3 years, as they years go on they keep taking every right you have to be free after a conviction is served to a life of retroactive PUNISHMENT to make it so you can not even provide for your self or your family ever again or be Equal or have a chance to make it in this world of internet witch hunters who wouldnt have the balls to ever confront someone or get to know someone before they toss you under the bus & choose to DESTROY you and your families existence on this focked up plant. The Edge is very close for many of us. Lets just hope they see it before its to late for them as well. I wish i could say something to lighten your pain but my friend i never met , You are NOT ALONE ! There are 40k plus or us suffering day in and day out after a sentence has been served and in most cases if they had to go back and give us a constitutional trial most of us would have been found INNOCENT. Shit they donnt even need times and days in these cases they have pinned on 90% of us. & gotten away with. Shit they are getting away with retroactively Applying life sentences via mail man they donnt even need a court anymore to punish or sentence . They let a Politician send the mail man these days. Even the states dictates the federal court judges court rooms these days they loose they still win, It is so sad.

Just so everyone knows, as I think Detroit said,
The court established that sora is punishment period..
And the court established that unanimously, ( everyone on the court agreed!)
There is no disagreement about that!
So proving hardships is not needed!

I can’t believe we can’t get a simple answer…. Do we in Michigan need to register? Is the COVID injunction still in force?

Tim keeps saying call and ask. Of course many will say yes come in and bring ur $50 with you.

Metro North Post Michigan State Police

14350 10 Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone: 248-584-5740 | Emergencies: 911
Fax: 248-584-5783
Lobby Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Counties Covered: Oakland and Macomb

I just called and the desk Sargent just said of ur pre 2011 you don’t have to register because of the injunction.

I then called the local sheriff and the person said I think you have to register but ask records. Records won’t answer the phone so I looked on the web site and seen this.

The simple answer is the injunction is still in place, and Michigan has NOT lifted any executive orders. Until that happens, or Judge Cleland lifts the injunction, I’m not going to register.

The State is NOW asking a Federal Judge too Force us too comply with yet another punitive unconstitutional law. I would imagine this is the hold up. Will he ??????? Its like the sate runs the courts not the Judge anymore. This is why this has gone this far in the first place. I do not know about you all but my letter still stated the words ” LIFE ” this is not what a judge sentenced me too in 1992 when i was 19 years old . I received 1 to 3 years and was told if i appealed my unjust conviction it would open the sentencing guide lines and i could spend the rest of my life in prison for something that never even happened. Then was years later retroactively forced onto a “HIT LIST” registry as the case with most of us 44,000 in this state. SORNA is PUNITIVE ! So is a public hit list .

Try the Michigan state police sex offenders registry,
Under the search box is a telephone number.
That might get you the answer right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak,

Thanks for the update Tim,
Maybe get some input from Kristen Clarke ?

Narsol just did one better!

What did narsol do

Current epidemic orders imposed by state health officials are set to expire on Monday night.

At least 2700 inmates have died from #COVID19. None deserved it. A month after Bruce Norris had a life sentence commuted, he died of COVID while waiting release. In TX, a new mom w/ only 2-year term, died shortly after giving birth while on a ventilator.

Michigan leads the US in COVID in prison currently and if you look at the infection rate it’s quite incredible.…

Here is the article. Michigan doesn’t have COVID under control AT all in Michigan prisons.

Michigan hasn’t complied with the judges orders. I got my letter saying I don’t have to report anymore because my conviction was set aside in 2007. The State off Michigan had to do one more jab though saying if you travel out of state they can’t say what will happen . My record is expunged. Michigan hasn’t returned the forced placed fees they implemented for years. You stole from us Michigan. Threatened that if we didn’t pay our misdemeanor would now be a felony. You treated everyone like garbage. I will see you in court Michigan and it will be going to trial.

I’m SO glad you noticed that too. I also received the letter as I received HYTA. That letter really pissed me off about traveling to other states or international.

Michigan should’ve requested the fingerprints back from the FBI or done SOMETHING. “Yeah we removed you, but just don’t travel out the state or you may have to register there.

HYTA is NOT A CONVICTION! So WHY would another state not read it that way?????

This is disturbing. Governor Whitmer is trying to extend the state of emergency in Michigan indefinitely. Not sure if this will effect the 6th circuits decision about us or not. Perhaps just the business restrictions and not the state of emergency?

Following Oregon it appears in their effort Michigan is

5:30 pm 4-22-21
Channel 5 news , Michigan state police new database bill passes,
What the heck did I just see??

Are you talking about the child abuse database?

Michigan lawmakers are working on legislation to build a child abuse offenders database.

Senate Bill No. 371 and House Bill 4653, introduced by Rep. Kevin Hertel and Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., passed the Senate last session with bipartisan support.

State police would maintain a database of those convicted of child abuse in Michigan. The database would allow the public to see an individual’s legal name and any aliases, date of birth, the city or town they live in, and a brief summary of their conviction, regardless of when the conviction happened.

Michigan State Police would update the website with new inclusions and deletions from the database.

Excellent! This, the police registry for bad cops, and whatever else is being passed is excellent news for us! I hope more and more various public registries like this as passed. Because the more their are, the more they’ll be attacked, all for the same reason the SOR registry is attacked. And if a single one of those is struck down for being too harsh or unconstitutional, that means pretty much all of them will need to be struck down for the same reason. And there’s no way once enacted, they’ll be able to get around saying theses things are not as bad as SO’s. There are far, far, far, more domestic abuse victims out there then sexual assault victims, and they and their organizations wont stand for being told their abusers deserve privacy.

( Regardless of when the conviction happened ) ?
This part is still unconstitutional in my opinion!

Can someone smarter than me tell me if the proposed MI child abuse database overlaps with the sex
offender database, or is limited to just violent or emotional abuse or neglect convictions? I looked at the House bill, and the language was ambiguous, and while there were specific penal codes listed I don’t know if I can interpret whether those penal codes refer to sex crimes or not (the language is often ambiguous). Put another way: Is this proposed database going to indefinitely list many sex offenders who are already registered or already competed a period of registration?

The child abuse registry is not new in Michigan. Michigan has had a child abuse registry for more than 20 years. There are currently about 300,000 persons on this registry. If you are on the sex offender registry for a crime against a child, you most likely are on the child abuse registry already. If you were arrested for a sex offense against a child but pled to a non-registerable offense, you are most likely on this registry. This database is only available to child care agencies, law enforcement, courts, etc.
These new bills make some of these records public for a period of 5 or 10 years and sometimes longer. They are part of a series of bills called “Wyatt’s law” named after a child who was abused by a woman with 2 prior convictions for child abuse. The child’s family assert that they had no way of knowing the woman’s prior history of abuse. This is false. This occurred during a custody dispute and all they had to do was request the judge to order a criminal history check of the step-mother if they had any concerns about abuse.
Long story short. This is just another piece of legislation that will destroy many lives and do little to no good.
If you have any questions about the child abuse registry, the go to law firm in Michigan is the Kronzek law firm in Lansing.

Thank you for your time and insight again.

Those in Oakland County the sheriff is saying we must register begging April and on the 13th everything was closed with NO appointments. Now on the 26th they say set a appointment and bring ur money. #Michigan

So now that my kids are almost 20 years old. I now can attend school activities with them. Kind of late for the changes. I don’t get reimbursed for that.

I haven’t heard that either the emergency or TRO have been lifted. Advise Oakland County of the court’s order and ask why they are not complying.

Call 248-858-5011 and ask if RSO’s need to register. You will see. I also believe the injunction is still active. Also the MSP post at 248-584-5740 also believes people must register in April.

So, is Michigan trying to dupe everyone into a FTR?

If Michigan is trying for (failure to register), why would they ask you to register?
I think phone operator ( desk Sargent) is in violation of the court order ( temporary restraining order) and the phone operator needs to be restrained.
If you have contact with them,
Take names and numbers,
If your phone can record, do it!

Everyone in Michigan:

If you are being told to register, call the Oliver Law Group immediately at 248-206-3677.

They are located in Troy at the corner of Big Beaver and I-75 (i don’t know if you can walk in due to covid).

I called the Oliver law group and they will not answer if we have to register in Michigan for April.

Call them and ask and you will see.
– Lindsay Marino
Office Administrator & Legal Assistant. Oliver Law Group 248-780-8118

Well that’s a little disheartening!

Worst yet I called so many people. The cop answering the phone to schedule a appointment for you to register 248-858-5011 has a serious attitude. I called on Monday, 4-26-21 and he first said he didn’t have ANY openings and I should have already registered. I said… Do I need to go before a judge and say I am not being allowed to register? He then said…. I could register on 4-29 at 2 pm. I bet he doesn’t put me down as a appointment. Someone call that number and ask about registering. He is absolutely terrible acting once you say the word RSO.

I called the MSP at the Oak Park post that handles Oakland County and the cop that answered said I could register with them after I told him I didn’t trust this appointment set up on the last day just before closing.

The cop at the sheriffs office setting up appointments said… Did you pay ur $50 in 2020? He must know the answer to that because we have not registered in like over a year now.

The MI ACLU states.

My registrable offense occurred before April 12, 2011. Do I have to register under the new SORA?
Yes, at least until there are further challenges to the new SORA law. The district court’s order in Does II does not apply to the new law.

That sure sounds like we have to start registering. Even they speak encruptic.

I suspect lots of registered citizens will be getting arrested for FTR.

If it helps,
I just checked on the Michigan state police website, scrolled down to the sora link, that page has 2 posts,
First post is the new law going forward.
Second post is the intern order and injunction, basically saying,,
Registers are relieved of civil responsibility until the governor removes the state of emergency or the honorable judge Cleland removes the interim order and injunction,,
I am not a lawyer,
I might add, governor just extended part of the state of emergency until may 26th…

Last edited 5 months ago by Dr.

I just called Gratiot co sheriffs office, officer Freisen informed me that Yes, we need to verify!

I just called lansing msp and they said your would get a letter when this is lifted

On 4-13-21 Oakland County you couldn’t even register. On the records web site it actually said closed Oakland County Circuit chief judge Shalina Kumar and NO appointments can be made. Then on the 26th they posted RSO’s must register and by appointment only. Also on 4-13 the MSP was telling me I didn’t need to register.

Talk about a mess.

You’d think based on the court case, that they would have been required to send out notice and give offenders a grace period to register. Without official notice, how would a class member know the status of the law as it relates to the court’s order?

Just talked too Flint Michigan State Police Post they informed me registrants must register starting if April . Yes i am pre 95 . This Judge needs too act .

@TNT, as you probably already know along with many others I am also pre-95. Conviction was 1992. I still go to my local cop shop, last time was March, the clerk just says you don’t have to, but if you want to register we can’t stop you. So just to cover my butt, I did, and my next one is in June. My theory is since most police department’s don’t have a clue on what’s what, and I don’t think Tim from the ACLU does, either, I registered just to cover my butt. I just have a feeling crap is going to be hitting the fan very soon.

@ Bobby, i hear that , I went in today as well just to be safe. Yes i sure hope so its been way to long , Moving peoples off dates too life via dirty corrupt politicans is unconstitutional, for that matter ..Shit… This is all unconstitutional and has been retroactively applied too thousands of us and has been goin on year after year with new punitive rules and amendments disabling a certain group of citizens who have already served their time is SICK ! You would hope we can file law suites for all the damage they have applied, disabling citizens from providing for their families or being equal retroactive punishment is dirty, i hope this judge sees this too. He s had plenty time too see it that is for sure. Lets hope he straps em on sometime soon. Before people start loosing it around this state. Its funny how they wonder why too.

@ David,
Thank you

Wow they told Lansing something different. I’m going to try to register tomorrow because they seem to be telling us all different stuff.

Address: 975 S Lapeer Rd, Lapeer, MI 48446, United States
Phone: +1 810 664 2905
Michigan State Police

This is the one Lansing says they will send a letter when the COVID injunction is lifted.

Someone should call. Wow even LE hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

The most important thing is documentation. If something is posted on a website you must download a copy. Anything that is said you should record. Anything that is not recorded you should write everything down right after the conversation and always note the date and time. Always request the name and title of the person you are talking to. If they refuse ask why.

This pretty much sums it up.

Michigan ACLU, website.

Read an update from April 14, 2021 on the new SORA and our lawsuits here.
Find this and I think we have our snag,,,,

I am familiar with the Gratiot Count Sheriff’s department. They won’t follow the law no matter what you tell them. They only understand a lawsuit which is paid for by Gratiot County taxpayers. If I were you I would move to a different county.
The emergency covid order was extended to May 26th. The ACLU is silent as to whether the TRO is still in effect. They would publish an update if there were any changes so I believe the TRO is still in place.
Anyone arrested for an FTR needs to refuse to plea and sue for false arrest.

Thanks for publishing the info you have so far.

They did publish a update.


Been trying to move since 5-10-93!

I don’t think there’s a snag. I believe the TRO is still in effect.
If the TRO is still in effect, anyone arrested will have good grounds to sue.

@Michigan…..Lord help me but I actually agree with @Detroit for once. I too, registered in March when I didn’t have to. I called the # for the state SORA unit and the trooper or whoever I spoke to said that there is no requirement to register from them but that some of the local jurisdictions WERE requiring it. He was legitimately pissed about that because of all the extra work and time being wasted explaining it…..hopefully somebody does get arrested for FTR and sues the shit out of the state. I believe that’s a slam dunk win in a lawsuit

Been trying to move since 5-10-93? I hope you get to it soon because 2100 is only 79 years away.

Thanks for posing the update.

P.S …. Also we would ALL be out working too if these D*ck Bags s didnt disable 40 plus thousand of our citizens and keep them for working and providing for our families or allowing us too be equal citizens after serving a sentence.

On a serious note. If you are seriously trying to move and need help, feel free to contact me at

It amazes me how people are getting all hyped up. Judge Cleland’s TRO is STILL IN EFFECT. While there may be local police departments saying you must register now, people don’t seem to understand PDs requirements do not supersede a court order. Judge Cleland made it clear in his TRO that no one has to verify until he issues a final order OR until the emergency covid orders are lifted. Well guess what? He hasn’t issued a final order and there is still an emergency executive order in place. In fact, the governor recently extended the order until towards the end of May.
I for one will NOT be verifying anything with SORA until a final order is entered or the emergency order is lifted, and I will also NOT be paying the $50 fee for last year. Why should I pay the fee when SORA was not being enforced? Judge Cleland said the fee cannot be collected while SORA was not being enforced so if my local cop shop tells me I have to pay it, doesn’t that seem a little retroactive? It does to me.
Also, I see this @Detroit guy is back and giving out advise as if he’s some kind of attorney. Keep in mind that this is the same guy who was telling us last year that all pre 2011 and 2006 registrants will be coming off the registry. He was very adamant about that and we all know how that went.
Everyone is free to do what they want, and I choose to not verify until Judge Cleland’s final order is entered or the emergency covid orders are lifted. Its very clear to me and the law is on my side and I am also prepared to hire an attorney if the s**t hits the fan for the sheriff department trying to make me do something that a TRO says I don’t have to do.
That’s just me.

I would like to point out that the (hype),
Is the inconsistency of the legislature, STATE POLICE, and local law enforcement.
The honorable judge Cleland has told both sides to work together to make the law constitutional over a year ago,
The legislature did not do what he ordered!!!!
The legislature wrote the new law without working with the aclu.

Along with all the other unconstitutional parts of this law that is in limbo at the moment.

Disgusted in Michigan:
Read the court decisions. Most pre-2011 registrants will either be removed from the registry or receive a date certain for removal after the dust settles. No one can see how it “went” because the dust hasn’t settled yet. The recent legislation that went into effect on March 24th is largely unconstitutional. The ACLU mentioned this in their update. They are only trying to determine their response which may be this year or next year. Who knows?
I will support you if you refuse to register during the TRO. I believe after the dust settles that you will come around to my way of thinking.
I have a job and work long hours. I can’t respond every time you say “you’re wrong”. You sound like a broken record with your posts. Wait until the dust settles and then tell me where you stand.

I have read everything that Judge Cleland has written, and NO WHERE in any of his opinions or orders does he say pre 2011 and 2006 RPs must be removed from the registry. He only stated there were Constitutional violations with extending the 25 years to life. He ordered the Legislature to write a new law and that is exactly what they did, and it keeps EVERYONE on the hit list except for some HYATA people.
I have nothing against you personally except for the fact that you keep giving people misinformation and false hope.
I work too and am lucky to have a great career and awesome salary and I want to keep it that way.
Maybe it does sound like a broken record and maybe it doesn’t, but when I see people asking the same questions over and over when the answers are very clear I take it upon myself to state the facts. Just stop telling people that pre 2011 and 2006 people will be coming off the registry because unless and until Judge Cleland does something drastic about it, we’re still stuck on it for life.

@ Detroit …… Will be keeping fingers crossed, i come too far too be F@$ked out of a way off this Hit list. So i went and registered sure didnt want too , but asked them am i required too they said yes by law. So on my form i did what i was told years ago by a lawyer that next too my signature i write..” Under protest, forced to comply or face Punitive Punishment . I have wrote this next to my signature for the last 25 years . Trust me bud, i would love nothing more then too tell em too go F@$k them selves. I need nothing too hold me up from being released off this Hit List. Come too Far . If they F@$k us for good then it will be “ON” . Will have nothing or no reason to Give a F@$k then.

Litigation takes years and we are now coming to the end of the Does litigation. My hope (even though I’m not on the registry) is that Does II becomes final within the next year or two. The Does litigation started in 2012.
On August 25, 2016, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Michigan’s registry is “punishment”. This means they cannot add time to your sentence after the date that you committed the crime, or in this case, add time to your registration.
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is one of 12 circuit courts directly below the U.S. Supreme Court. Their decisions are binding on Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky. The Sixth Circuit ruled that Michigan’s registry is punishment so it directly effects only registrants in Michigan. The ruling indirectly effects Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. In order to effect these states, the court must examine the state’s registry regimes and make a determination if that state’s registry is punishment. On April 5, 2021 the first court made it’s ruling finding that Tennessee’s registry is punishment. This ruling only effects the 2 named plaintiff’s like Michigan Does I which only effected the named plaintiffs in Michigan (this is why there is a Does I and Does II in Michigan).
This decision was rendered 4 1/2 years after the Sixth Circuit’s decision in the Michigan case. This gives you an idea of how long this process takes. Now registrants in Tennessee must file a Does II to remove everyone else from the registry. There have been no decisions from Ohio or Kentucky as of yet but I anticipate that will only be a matter of time.
The ACLU of Michigan publishes updates to their litigation. The litigation is complex and the ACLU’s explanations are verbose and confusing for most persons. The ACLU concerns itself with the various registration conditions which are too complex. Most registrants aren’t as worried about whether they must report internet identifiers or not as they are worried about the obligation to register period. The single most important question that registrants have is “will I be removed from the registry” not “do I have to report internet identifiers”. Focus only on the aspects of removal not the various nuances. The only dates that involve removal are April 12, 2011 and July 1, 2011. All of the other dates involve if a particular condition of the registry apply to a particular registrant. When I get the time I will send a letter to Miriam Aukerman concerning this confusion and ask her to provide an update solely addressing removal and leaving out the nuances of the various conditions which is only causing confusion.
Leaving out the nuances, the judge ruled that they cannot extend lifetime registration to persons whose crimes were committed prior to 2011, the exact date being either the date the legislation passed (April 12th) or the date the legislation went into effect (July 1). The difference is less than 3 months and effect a small number of people. If your crime was before April 12th, 2011 you will be removed after the decision becomes final and you complete your 25 years registration. Persons whose crimes are after July 1, 2011 will be subject to lifetime registration. Persons whose offenses occurred between April 12, 2011 and July 1, 2011 will depend on the date in the final order. Don’t worry about the legislation that went into effect March 24, 2021. This can be addressed in the judge’s final order.
Long story short. If the judge signs the final order on July 1, 2022, all persons whose offense date preceded April 12, 2011 and have completed 25 years on the registry will be removed from the registry. Persons whose offense date precedes April 12, 2011 will be removed as they complete their 25 years. The question is, when will the judge sign the final order. It could be in 2021, 2022 or 2023. I believe 2022 is the best bet.
You are already seeing the results of this litigation. Michigan has already removed the tier designations of most if not all the registrants. The court ruled that the tiers can only be placed on post 2011 registrants. Expect the tiers to go back up on post 2011 registrants after the dust settles.
You are lucky if you live in Michigan. You live in the first state that will remove registrants en masse after the judge signs the final order. Tennessee is 8 years behind Michigan in this litigation. All of the other states are more than a decade behind Michigan.

@Detroit…. Thanks , Lets hope sooner then later . 🙂

Well come June I am supposed to report and pay last 2 extortion installments , as per officer Freisen. Gratiot co. Sheriff department.
So maybe I’ll take one for the team,,,,

I registered with the MSP 4-28 and the Sargent said…. You guys don’t have to register but some jurisdictions will still make you and arrest you if you don’t. My jurisdiction is such a jurisdiction. Then Oliver law office texted me this…..

My best advise David is to always try and register and literally let them turn you down. If you can, I’d get the name of the officer that stated you do not have to register and write down the date in which you were told that information.

Right now while the Motion for Clarification is pending in the Federal Court as to whether the new law applies to you guys, the Prosecutor can still legally enforce this against you if you were found to be willfully non-compliant. It’s more of just covering yourself to make sure you don’t run into issues.

– Cameron Bell, Esq. Oliver Law Office.

Oliver law office is staffed with supper knowledgeable lawyers who specialize in sex laws. To text with them the number is 248-780-8118.

All the law offices staff monitors the line so you speak to different lawyers or paralegals and assistants. Sometimes even Oliver.

They answer back but it can take time for them to answer you back so giving them a week to reply is normal.

I want to lansing police department and they have a letter on the door to go to lansing msp post in diamondale and m so turned me away since my conviction was 1996

For me personally, just writing down that something happened and getting names, dates, etc., is not enough. I absolutely do not trust lying big government for a single second. So I have to record everything. Everything, always, somehow, someway. I definitely would never have a phone conversation with the criminals and only write down what was said. Has to be better than that. I haven’t started wearing a body camera yet but I’ve definitely considered it. I don’t need that at my properties but I need it when I visit the criminals.

The thing about it is that the criminals can willfully operate outside the laws and very clearly do so 100% of the time. They can intentionally mislead you. They can give you wrong information. It never harms them. They are never held accountable or have any consequences. They will continue to act like that unless Americans can eventually get to the point where it is easy to hold such criminals personally accountable. Today, it seems there is nearly zero accountability except when they get to take taxpayer money and pay restitution to their victims. That is not accountability.

You have a lot to lose but they have nothing to lose.

Thanks for posing the response.
The motion for clarification is what we’ve been waiting for. This is the first step to challenging the March 24th changes in the law. I would expect that they are dealing with the March 24th changes in the final court order. This is why I believe a final order will be several months out. They must deal with the March 24th issues before they can request a final order.
The March 24th changes in the law are slowing down the process but have no effect on the court’s decisions. I would be surprised to see a final order by the end of the year. It looks as though things will happen in 2022.

How about a temporary restraining order until clarification?

Hi everyone, just curious if anyone has heard anything on the Betts case? It just seems like it has been in the court system for ever. Then I was thinking maybe their waiting for Judge Cleland to render his decision on Does lol, or maybe vise versa , but with June just around the corner, don’t the courts take a summer break like the clowns in the Michigan Legislature.

Bobby yes… Haven’t heard a word from the judge or anything about the Betts case. I’ve been wondering… How have you been feeling? Hope all is well and that your treatments are going good. 16 block

@Bobby good questions. I’d also like to know if in-person verification has resumed in Michigan. Has anyone verified at a MSP post recently? Has anyone paid their $50 fee? June’s one of my months, and I have no idea if I should go in or not (I only verify at MSP posts, so if they’re not taking verifications I won’t bother, I’m not likely to be harassed by local police).

Bobby… Haven’t heard a word from Judge Cloudland or about the vets case. I’ve been wondering about how you’re doing and how your treatments are going. Hope all is well. 16 block

@16 Block, Thank you for asking about me and caring. The treatments are going good and according to my Doc, the chemo treatments are doing their job. The treatments are just a back up. They removed the colon cancer, the things that do sick are the side effects after treatment. My fingers and hands get tingly and have a I’m feeling to them and I also hate the fact that I can’t eat or drink anything cold because it makes my lips and tongue like feel really weird like even drinking water feels like a slurpee with chopped ice. I really do appreciate you asking about me though, hope all is well with you and and everyone else as well.

so glad are police departments are quick to ask if we have money for are registry lmao this is a bunch of bs they are bunch of crooks that are breaking laws and getting away with it and this really sucks is judge Cleland ever going to stop this corrupt circus show any thoughts would be appreciated thanks

@scooter, I spoke with Tim from the ACLU today. He said yes we unfortunately still have to pay the $50 extortion fee. He also told me that there is no word from Judge Cleland yet, or when he is finally going to make a ruling on Does II.

So are you guys registering now? I still have not.

I’m not the msp said don’t have to still and they are the ones that control the list from what I understand

Nope. And I’m not going to until ordered by the Court.

I did in March and it was a shit show. The cadets in training had no idea what to do with me. I shouldn’t have gone in but with the prospect of the judge’s ruling and not knowing what the outcome of that would be I wanted to be on the safe side. I’m due to go in again this month but don’t think I’m going to…if somebody wants to arrest me for FTR I’m just about sick enough of all this that I’ll fight that charge with everything I’ve got…as long as that temporary injunction is still posted on the header of the MSP SOR i don’t think we should have to verify/register

@hopefull, I did yesterday, and they took their extortion money as well. I’m not sure if you saw my last post, Tim from the ACLU suggest that we go in when we are suppose to, he also there is no word from Judge Cleland yet on when he will make a final decision.

Just went into Gratiot county sheriffs office and gave administration executive robin Fresien my 100.00 bucks extortion fee for the last and next year.
Yes I got a receipt ,,

You should have given them a copy of ACLU’s press release that the registry is on hold. It’s your $100 but I would not have paid them anything if I were you.

Gratiot county has tunnel vision,
They see nothing other than state police doctrine, (or their interpretation of state police procedures)
They do not care what the Aclu or anybody else has to say.

Read the ACLU April 6, 2020 press release at ACLU’s site.
There are 2 things that must occur prior to you being required to register, 1) the emergency is over and 2) notice from Michigan that you are required to register.
I am in contact with several persons who aren’t registering until Michigan sends them the required notice.

Yes I am registering i also recived a letter in the mail with is weird because I question some of the new rules and was told that I am still required to b give emails and also told I still have the entire month but the paper work states different so is it the new law or are we still doing the old way doesn’t make any since this registry crop is garbage

If you are confused you are not alone. The recent letter pertains to the new law. The registry is still on hold.
The easiest way to see who is registering or not, go to MIPSOR and search by county. Check 5 or 10 registrants in 3 or 4 counties and you will see that the vast majority of registrants aren’t registering in Michigan. Once they notify registrants they are required to register it’s going to be interesting to see them forcing everyone who hasn’t registered since 2019 to begin registering again.
In order to convict anyone of FTR they will have to prove that they received their notice which is difficult if it’s not sent out registered, restricted deliver (which they probably won’t).

So whitmer can do a clean slate bill for felons but we get screwed with no second chance ever. Kind of b.s.

After reading ACLU and receiving MSP letter. To me it clearly states that we are required to register, MSP did not ask me to pay, also I asked about my car info not being correct “I mailed to form as instructed “ he said they were really backed logged , he wouldnt change it right there because he said it would mess up the process. I also asked him about all the confusion. He was very nice and told me it was confusing even with all the departments, but I made the right chose in registering, because I wont have to go through risk of being arrested if pulled over or accident , by local officer looking at my info and seeing I haven’t verified in over a year, So my suggestion for everyone is to be current .. good luck everyone

Everyone is free to do what they want, but the court order is still in place and we are NOT required to register at this point.

@JoJo Thanks for the info. You went to an MSP post? Aside from not paying the $50, was it pretty normal? June is my month, and I usually go to the Oak Park MSP post, where they are usually really respectful and it goes smoothly, so I’m planning to go next week. I’ll bring my $50 just in case, but it’s good to know you were at least able to verify.

Is this a new letter they sent out, or the one from a month or two ago?

Hope somebody puts the Ali report on judge Clelands desk, might speed things up!

Usually I just lurk on here and have been following what a lot have you have been saying. Most of the regular posters have good info to pass along and I for one, appreciate it. I just want to share my experience with the MSP today when I went to verify.

Like most, I haven’t verified since the injunction was put into place so today was my 1st time since my last verification in 2019. I changed jobs back in November of 2020 and that’s what had me most nervous to go but I figure the injunction will be lifted soon and would rather be safe than sorry (have had zero SOR violations so far and I joined the club in 2004 at 18yrs old, CSC 4th..750.520E1A). So I went to MSP post #13 (Jackson) and had to call them from the lobby door so they could let me in (did not need to make an appointment). Desk Sgt asked if I had any fees to pay or changes to make, told him yes to both. Asked me to lay both on the counter with my ID and have a seat. About 5mins later asked me when I changed jobs, told him November 2020 and explained that I hadn’t updated due to the injunction. About 10mins later he gets up and disappears (not gonna lie, my heart sank), apparently the printer is in the next room LOL. Had me sign the thing, chit chatted about all the confusion with the new laws and told me to have a nice day, he’ll see me in December.

I pushed out verifying as far as I was comfortable with and seems I am ok. This is such a helpful website for us RSO’s and I felt I could share my experience that I had today and maybe help out others as well.

It’s a little spooky going to register. Citizens know the feeling of having a cop follow them on the road a little too long. No need to be guilty of anything to get spooked. It’s similar.

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