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The Outspoken Offender: Can You Shed The Sex Offender Stigma? [Podcast]

[ – 12/29/20]

“My hope is to encourage registered citizens, former inmates, and anyone facing stereotypes  and social ostracism to move beyond society’s labels”

A positive podcast offering advice, tips, and general commentary on a variety of issues including – – Social ostracism – Sex offender issues – Living with a felony – Second chances – Empathy and compassion – Housing and employment rejection

Includes theses podcasts:

“Can You Shed The Sex Offender Stigma?”

“Introduction and Sex Offender Registry Myths and Facts – The Outspoken Offender”

“Ways to Use Haters As Motivation For Success”

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“Ways to Use Haters As Motivation For Success”

Their is nothing motivational about them. Pro-registry individuals need to be demoralized and disempowered. They are all guilty by the association of their aggressive ignorance. I discount those that want to exploit someone’s privacy in exchange for a false sense of control over their children’s safety as lost causes. You will never win over their trust, so why bother?

@Facts should matter,
Remember that some of the people fought to the death to protect institutional slavery.
They will repeat that mistake for the sake of the machine database. The people can claim civility with regards to the registry database while their own sovereignty itself is being either subverted of overrun by it.
That they’re to ignorant to recognise it matters not. What i know is the numbers tattooed on the forearms of jews by the nazis were ” for mainly administrative reasons. “

Many of these “Pro-registry individuals” has deviant sexual behaviors that are as bad, if not worst that they are covering up

Yep, and if not, chances are good they know someone who just hasn’t been caught yet, since most sex offenses aren’t committed by people previously convicted, as we all know. They are pro-registry until it affects them personally, whether directly or indirectly, in the same way anti-maskers don’t change their tune until themselves or someone near and dear catches covid.

The outspoken offender? Sure we can all shed stigma’s and its up to each indivudal to break these stigma’s in this ordeal in order to acheive one’s goal. While I can’t say anything about Janice’s team or her work or how she wants to go about it she is doing a good Job at striving to get some truth with the resourses she has to help others involved in this registry by petitioning courts for reductions and also by the grace and truth of understanding the true wisdom surounding these vain ordeals and also many other things that crop up that are hindering others in this type of miscariage of justice induce in this offender game.

Should we call the sex registry ordeal a case of malice, or case of moral or immoral intent, or a behavior type of adjustment reaction brought on by those inducing this ordeal. See one can induce and one can seduce also to acheive ones’ objective or goal. Over stigmatizing one with intent type precepts is just as bad as under stigmatizing one with one’s intent. Many of these registry’s are very shakey as both characters are in jeapordy. And who know’s the thoughts and intents of another.

Look at the stigma/situation, or this whole stigma ordeal as a think your better than me or someone outsmarting another, but thats not the point in this psycological game of this basic instinct of this offender game via this computer type ruse. The whole purpose of this game of is to prevent or are they are instilling evil intent to prevent.

While this registry can take on many different avenues in this sexual seduction that is covered up by a cunning coy to meet a teenager it show’s lack of character by authorities in this negative way and yes authorities are supose to project a positive demeanor. After they are supose to protect and serve.
So after the ordeal is all said and done and one finds out the person they have been testing with is the law authority inducing in t this stigmatizing game ordeal than the reality sets in and yes one is petrified and shamed and out of tune with himself in this unfathomable reality type of inducement of getting caught up off guard. And yes it is a stigmatizing in this whole inducement.

Is that the way the authorities do it Christian or non Christian or is it better to run over another in this hellish way. Fliriting one minute with words to induce one. pressing for pictures and other items to bring in this encounter that they have planned. Yes for every plan of action their has to be a reaction. To say registry is stigmatizing it can be but getting rid of stigmatization is up to each individual effort, yet the stigma is their if one lets it eat at one in these encounters.

Not as long as people can keep googling you and finding you

This is total truth – we now “live” online. Social media is the city and we are not welcome in cyberspace anymore than the real world!

As long as we are being SHAMMED and that is the ONLY function of the online registry as it has been proven time and time again to do NOTHING it claims to do (protect children)!

So as long as Joe Sixpack can GOOGLE “sex offenders in my area” you are in danger of having him show up with a few of his buddies to “welcome” you to the neighborhood with baseball bats!

So the answer is NO – YOU can personally NOT label yourself as a RSO and you should NOT – however – on one cares what you label yourself – they care about what the state and government label you!

Thanks for sharing this. I’m always open for topic ideas for my YouTube channel and podcast. I’d love to hear your suggestions on things I should discuss. What is important to you? What is the most pressing issue right now with the registry?, etc.

Why can’t this podcast be found on spotify?

Give this link a try. It may take a few hours to come up. (from the time of this reply) I just submitted the podcast to Spotify:

Outspoken offender I suggest the topic of seniors in high-school watching a scared straight video of rso’s. The schools aren’t explaining how screwed up your life is if you have to register. It doesn’t ruin your life (you have to let it ruin your life)but it does dramatically change it and your family’s lives!! There needs to be more education to young adults that tells them the ramifications since it is the only crime that’s a life punishment even if you’re out of prison or jail.

Agree with this premise, but it’s really a parental job to educate their kids about making wrong relationship choices which could screw up their life, legally, and those around them, not the school’s. However, if the schools did, add to it a life skills course helping them for life starting right away their freshman year (or appropriate age).

I disagree with the premise that it is a parental job because most parents fail to understand the impact this behavior will have on their child if they engage in what wrong but at the same time relatively minor and normal teenage behavior and lands them in a registry that impacts them for the rest of their life. If these laws are going to be so harsh and impactful as to do that to someone – the laws really need to be changed – then this needs to be taught many many many times to the kids so they have at least a fair warning about what will happen to them if they still do so.

@M C

2 thoughts:

1) Adults who are parents shouldn’t be parents if they aren’t staying abreast of what they should know and the impacts on their kids. Parenting is continually evolving as kids get older. Stay abreast or don’t be a parent.

2) Yes, laws should be changed and taught by parents a lot who stay abreast of them to protect their kids. Schools have enough to deal with. However, I’d say schools who are abreast of the laws could and maybe should inform parents of them so the parents could do their jobs. Hate for a possible liability case be drawn against a school by a parent because they didn’t fully inform the parent.

Great idea. I will look into this as a subject to discuss. Young adults and teens don’t realize what sort of trouble they can get into nowadays with social media.

The only time parents or law enforcement should intervene in other people’s love affair (other than actual rape) is when the boundaries of the sexually unaware are violated.

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