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UK: ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ calls for racists to be put on sex offenders-style ‘race offence register’

[ – 12/30/20]

A LEADER of a new political party inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement has called for people accused of racism to be put on a sex offenders-style “race offenders register”.

Sasha Johnson, the self-styled “Black Panther of Oxford”, said anyone added to the proposed list would be stopped from doing certain jobs or living in certain areas.

Johnson, 26, a youth worker and cafe owner, gained attention over summer as a prominent figure at a number of BLM protests, and has since helped to found the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

She now serves on the party’s executive committee as the member in charge of activism.

Speaking to MailOnline about the party’s proposals, Johnson said the race offences list would be intended to protect minority groups from racist abuse and other discriminatory behaviour.

It’s similar to the sex offenders register,” she said.

“If you were to be racially abusive to someone, [the register] would question whether someone is fit enough to hold a particular job where their bias could influence another person’s life.”

Read about this new type of proposed registry



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The way things are going, everyone is going to be on some sort of registry.

You know, this is a very interesting idea to me. Apparently Pedro Sanchez has introduced a registry for people who refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine. Of course, he got the idea from Mariano Rajoy the previous prime minister who installed a sex offender registry during his term. What better way can one find to teach these people empathy? At the end of the day, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves after all. It’s their idea.

“She [Sasha Johnson, the self-styled “Black Panther of Oxford”] said that being placed on the list would stop people from being able to work in “certain fields” or even live in certain areas.

“If you live in a majority-coloured neighbourhood you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people,” she said.

“Just like if a sex offender lived next to a school he would be a risk to those children.””

Sasha should have just stuck with helping black people; now she shows her real self.

This is just getting silly.

““If you were to be racially abusive to someone, [the register] would question whether someone is fit enough to hold a particular job where their bias could influence another person’s life.”

Umm.. if you use any type of registry to judge someone’s character, then by extension, you have a voyeuristic character flaw yourself.

Also, I find it curious how the public deems registries as a mechanism for shaming and punishment, but the lawmakers claim it’s not.

Maybe if enough people end up on enough registries it will become apparent how futile they are and how much damage they cause.

Maybe when a few politicians wind up on a registry or have family members on a registry of some type they’ll understand.

Maybe when a few members of the judiciary have family members on the registry they can see firsthand how damaging they are.


What a brilliant idea.
You would be surprised by the number of registries in the U.S. Indiana just made it’s child abuse and neglect registry public just a few years ago.
Let’s keep the police chasing after ghosts so criminals don’t have to worry about getting caught.

Identity politics is gaining more and more in society today sadly. I know it has been for a while, but this is the year of it, it seems. First person to do this, first person to do that. We are individuals who all could be the first to do something if you cut the individual characteristics far enough down that does not match another anywhere.

I hope this group leader in the UK realizes this proposed registry could be used against her own people of color and that her people are not immune from violations placing them on this proposed registry that she is thinking others perpetrated against her people of color. The registry is agnostic when it comes to skin colors or types as it accepts everyone regardless. Will she realize the offenses she wants eligible for placing people on the registry could be the ones that are used by people against their own people? Will she accept that notion? You cannot just make it so narrow it used against other people and not your own. Will there be acceptable terms and words that can be used by one group of people that another cannot? Will this be in conversation only or will other forms of speech be included?

I don’t believe she has thought this through thoroughly and the number of her own who could get swept up and placed on it. Then the true character of the people will be known and not just by the color of their skin.

The registry = a caste system for the modern age where one no longer exists publicly

@TS- Your comment regarding identity politics grinding down individuals to be able to claim “Firsts” is spot on. It reminds me of announcers of games who state, “Jimmy is the first quarterback who was born in London to toss a touchdown pass in Dallas on the second Saturday afternoon in November between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 3:07 p.m while it’s snowing in New York, raining in Los Angeles and George is juggling pineapples in Nebraska.” Absurdity wrapped in lunacy and consumed by Crazy.

So when Blacks are discriminated against, time to complain. But when other infringed groups are discriminated against, no problem? You’d think they’d learn not to use other discriminated groups as a sort of scapegoat or a group to villainize.

My question is will Blacks be immune from this ‘racist registry?’ Because all persons, regardless of race, could be racist too. (I’ve unfortunately come across racist Black people.)

The hypocrisy!

I’m sure the umbrella of racists crimes will expand as the definition change. Doing something to improve someone’s life is one thing; but why a registry.

I was born in Detroit and spent a significant amount of my life in Detroit. It’s been a long time since I heard the term “coloured”. Detroit is 85% “coloured”.
It sounds like she has spent more time feeling sorry for “coloured” people or feeling guilt over past transgressions than actually spending time with “coloured” people. She sounds more like that white woman in the NAACP in Washington state or Baldwin’s wife.
The only thing that “coloured” people want is respect and to enjoy the fruits of our freedom like any other American. The only thing that registrants want is to be treated with respect and to be allowed to live their lives in peace, but I don’t think she would agree with that.

Now I hate to jump into this article… but Lauren you ask a question will “blacks” be immuned from racist registry. Should one say you just asked a five thousand dollar question. Was Obama immued? or is it right to talk about others and remember Obama was a president. The point is we are all victims of our own destiny in many ways. One would tend to believe this registry can be taken to far but I am glad some are waking up and I don’t mean just the one’s on the registry. I grew up with many different races even the girl that use to come over to my house she was dating a black person so if its discrimination well than authorities need to lean as well for understanding.

Sure anyone can make rational or racist statements to sound like they have some understanding or wisdom or hasn’t anyone ever heard the pharse black is beautiful. This sexual type situation voices volumes in many area’s. For instance the black person and the white girl, or the italian girl, Chinese or other that are caught up in this. Who is just as guilty if one’s mother decides did her daughter was take advanage of you at say some party.

Now via the internet can’ one judge or discern who is taking advanage of who. Is it the black cop the White Cop,, the grengo cop or the chech and chong cop, or who’s getting out of touch with reality in all this hipocritical madness.

This idea is so absurd, I’m not certain whether or not the proposal is tongue-in-cheek. If the proposal is serious, would someone land on the registry for insinuating that I have “white privilege”? Caucasians are definitely in the minority globally, if not always locally. Also who is to decide whether a racial affront is egregious enough to land one on the registry? At least the SO registry is governed by statutes, as absurd as they may be.

I personally don’t even believe that races exist–except in peoples’ minds. There is no genetic justification when one considers that only a small percentage of DNA separates humans from chimpanzees or bonobos. So how much difference is there between individual humans? A few bits flipped here and there. Also consider that there is 15 times as much genetic diversity within racial groups as between racial groups. For example, what was originally termed the “Negroid” race has both the tallest and the shortest people.

While races are a fiction and don’t exist, the fiction of racism exists in small minds. The only way we can get rid of racism is to get over the concept of races.


Race is just Tribalism. We’re all part of different races. It’s religion and how we all interpret things differently that’s a bitch. We’re all about pointing fingers and shaming everyone off a cliff these days. Have to wonder where this will take us.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt

Good luck

I’m all for it. I want there to be tons of registries to include burglar, speeding as well. The more nonsense they create, the more people will feel the injustice and demand a change for the better!!

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