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FL: Congratulations Derek! Florida Supreme Court WIN

[ – 1/27/21]

That’s it. The Florida Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of Derek Logue and against Senator Lauren Book, declining to hear the case and stating that no motions for rehearing will be entertained.

Today was a great day for the First Amendment and an individual’s right to peacefully petition and protest against politicians. Lauren Book and Derek Logue are on two completely opposite sides of the sex offender registry debate. However, when Derek didn’t shy away from making his voice heard, Ms. Book filed a restraining order against him. The restraining order was originally granted (says something about her influence in Broward County), but the 4th District Court of Appeals sided with Derek and the Supreme Court did too.

Read the full article and download the order






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While I hope it is the end of this farce, I’m sure Senator Book will find some other way to inconvenience me. She has a deep-seeded hatred of registered persons no matter who they are, and wants to do everything in her power to cause all of us harm.

I was convicted of sex offenses in 1999. I was released from prison in 2017. During my time in prison, I was a model inmate, earned numerous certificates, was the leader in several clubs (Toastmasters, Vets Incarcerated, Catholic Men’s Fellowship, Jaycees, Walk Talk), was The Walk Talk editor until my release, served as a tutor in the education department, while earning two degrees from Louisiana Technical College (now Baton Rouge Community College), earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, and earned trustee status.
Since my release from prison, I have held the same job, earning six raises, have followed all the rules and regulations that apply to me as a previous sex offender, always paid my fees as required, and have not had any problems with Parole. I still maintain my membership in Toastmasters and the American Legion.
I decided to move to Mississippi, and I filed an Interstate Compact and after three months, on December 4, 2020, the house that I bought (for $250,000) was approved by Mississippi Parole. When I went to register at the Harrison County Sheriff’s office, Agent Handler, who handled the sex offender registration ran my address again, and she said I was approved. After my registration there, I went to the DMV (that is where they do registration), registered, got my identification card required of me by the Parole office here, went and registered with Parole, and have since lived a quiet life working and living life as a citizen should.
Yesterday, I received a letter from Harrison County Sheriff’s office saying that they found “a playground” in the back of the subdivision and that I had 30 days to move since I cannot live within 3,000 square feet from a playground. I explained that both Probation and Parole and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office approved this house before I actually bought it. I then asked them to explain to me where this playground was so I could go and check it out. Sir, this “playground is literally a jungle gym set that you buy from Lowes and a gazebo. There is a house that is literally butt up against this “playground. No fence separating the house from the “playground.” There is no signage, no liability warnings, nothing. I will include pictures to show you.
I am praying for some help as I was convicted in Jefferson Parish and I have reached out to Cedric Richmond, but I know he is busy with federal stuff, so there is no telling how long it will take him to reach back. After being approved by two legal agencies, bought a $250,000 house, lived here for two months, problem free, and two months later, they come back and say, “Never mind. You are no longer approved.” I have cried more than I have tears for. I don’t know where else to turn to and despite me doing my damnest to live as a successful citizen, buying my first house, I am not being told that I have 30 days to evacuate it.
Please, if there is anything, anything anyone can do to help, I would forever be in your debt. I know that may not mean a whole lot, but I am desperate.
Thank you for your time in reading this. I pray you can assist is some way.

@ Jason

Take it to court immediately and file injunction , rule 65, Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure. Get an immediate stay and follow up when you get a court date.

You have documentation? If not, subpoena to court the officials that gave you the ok on house location.

Rob Mcduff is the best in Mississippi. He just removed 30 residents from Mississippi registry in Does vs Hood, federal district court.

@ Jason

More info. In Mississippi it’s called a temporary restraining order, not a stay. My mistake.

Also, this is state law there that prohibits some nimby soccer mom from setting up a “playground ” in an effort to force you out.

Universal Citation: MS Code § 45-33-25 (2019)

(4)(c) A person residing within three thousand (3,000) feet of the real property comprising a residential child-caring agency, a children’s group care home or any playground, ballpark or other recreational facility utilized by persons under the age of eighteen (18) years does not commit a violation of this subsection if any of the following apply:

(ii) The residential child-caring agency, children’s group care home, playground, ballpark or other recreational facility utilized by persons under the age of eighteen (18) years is established within three thousand (3,000) feet of the person’s residence subsequent to the date the person established residency.

All the best bro-

This is great news politicians love throwing rocks and hiding their hands.
It’s easy to pass unconstitutional laws and apply lifetime punishment and shaming and createing second class citizen behind closed doors.
For the last 20 years the Department of Justice and the federal government have used local police Departments in America to police sex offenders and they have been doing so with an iron fist.
The way America treats people convicted of sex crimes is way out of control already and unconstitutional who are these politicians that pass these crazy laws in America.
It’s not surprising Ms Lauren Book tried to get a restraining order to block one individual’s right to protest against her she’s lucky it wasn’t 500 people that’s alot of restraining orders.
We need to start holding these politicians and District Attorney’s accountable for their actions and decisions they make against people forced to register.
I remember some years back the district attorney that was on my case was on the TV show Survivor she eventually ended up becoming the chief deputy of Riverside County District Attorney office later on she got busted for thousands of illegal wiretaps on people with no search warrants.
It was all over the news when contacted by the Press Enterprise for a comment on the situation she replied the fact that you even have my phone number is harassment and I’m filing a restraining order

Good luck

I’m confused. What did he win? What was the restraining order for?

That’s easy. Lauren Book filed a restraining order against me because I had protested her in 2015 and had planned on a future protest against her. She claimed that my public criticism of her efforts to force Registered Persons into a unique homeless crisis in Miami amounted to “violent stalking” and tried comparing me to the Parkland school shooter.

She initially got her “protection order” but it was easily overturned on appeal (before a 3 jusge panel) because public criticism is 1st Amendment. That, and in order to be considered a stalker, you actually have to engage in stalking behavior. I had engaged in a peaceful protest in 2015 and I had never sent her a direct message. There were no grounds to show a “pattern” of stalking because there was none. Saying mean things about her is not stalking or threatening, wither. Had that standard held, Book herself would have been viewed a stalker.

Book then requested a full appeals court review, which I won 8-3. She then appealed to the State Supreme Court, and they denied her a review. So that’s three victories against a state senator who made it her mission to ruin the lives of registered persons.

So now, she’s exhausted all state courts. I’m currently looking at whether she can be sued for damages caused by 3 1/2 years of false allegations by a state senator who blatantly lied to the courts and abused her power. She needs to be held accountable for her disgusting actions.

Congratulations and I do hope you win your future suit on the basis of false allegations and abuse of power! Would it be under libel of the defamation of character path?

Civil stuff isn’t my forte. Unfortunately, from what little I’ve read, the odds are against me getting anything out of all this. Maybe some civil attorney passing by could elaborate.

It was a false report/ SLAPP suit where it was admitted in court she only filed the RO because she knew I wouldn’t fear being sued for money, she made statements comparing me to the Parkland shooter, and her daddy called my registration office to try to get me in trouble. Surely there’s something in all that, but I look at the few lawsuits registrants have been involved in and saw where they got the shaft. I imagine the Books know this. And I don’t have the money to sue so I’d have to find someone willing to work with the risk of getting nothing for all their hard work.

Sweet. Congrats.

My guess is you could file a federal civil rights law suit if no one will charge her criminally for perjury – lying on court documents to get what you want is a crime…

Congrats Derek for knocking Lauren Book off her pedestal. Derek has done rallies in Tally, which hurt Lauren’s feelings. Derek has done more for the registrants at Bookville in Miami then Miami Homeless Chair. I’m tired of her and her daddy, Ron, making registrants lives harder because of her dad’s incompetence. Just hope Lauren Book never becomes Governor or seeks higher office.

Derek, what can I say. Sure this is not my forte. And yes we all can or could say this is not my forte but Justice is. One wonders does self-governing one’s self have any meaning today with the insurrection we just witnessed. Sure many are caught up in this vain type of registry, even some on this forum talking about different tiers in all this violence. One wonders if the definition of violent behavior has anything to do with the out come or the income.

Yes Derek you did a good job to help in this struggle that many face or who wants to banish or lock up someone with this abusive violent and abusive act in much of this sex registry riff. Is much of this registry a one night stand or were are the Abe Lincoln’s today in the halls of Justice.

While we can all show respect in many ways this registry is more and abusive than F-troop calling out little big horn for sending up to many smoke signals. So Derek we all have a battle to fight for justice for all. We all have to give a thumbs up to those that strive in these efforts.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Derek, he is a very nice person willing to help anyone who is in contact with him. You can email him out of the blue, and he will answer very quickly – he just wants to be there for you. He has an amazing amount of information at his fingertips; and if he doesn’t know something, he’s humble enough to tell you he doesn’t know – but will give you suggestions on where to look.

Hey their Jason. I wasn’t going to comment but reading the review of the matter at hand seems like you have did good. While I don’t subscribe to a particular religion as a religion could be any. The word is a much better way to view enlightenment. Those playgrounds or jungle gym sets are all over the states today. It would seem that one is walking a sort of “tight rope” with this sex offender ordeal. While Derek had his little ordeal with this Book person that is itself is each person’s individual ordeal or battle.

Remember we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood but principals & principalities. Seems like a redress of grivance is at hand in your ordeal as in many in this registry romp. While one can call much of this sex registry unconstitutional or constitutional who is flipping the coin or who is serving two masters. Stand up for justice best you can. Seek out a constitutional lawyer in your area or some brothers that understand your situation. Every situation is different. Justice denied is justice delayed or do we all go on vain babblings of the just. Hope this helps.

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