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WA: Change in legal ruling creates stricter rules for Washington sex offenders

The laws just got a little stricter for Washington sex offenders after a recent state Supreme Court ruling that applies to offenders from out of state who move here.  Full Article


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Unconstitutional with a capital U. Hope v IDOC (7th Cir., 2021).

I think that the new Biden administration will put a stop to all of this inequality geared toward Sex Offenders.

I seriously doubt that they would start to remove RSO’s Twitter accounts.

@PK, you can’t be serious?! You do know that Biden pretty much authored the current federal SORNA laws right?

I wouldn’t move to Washington- or most states for that matter- if they paid me a million dollars.

“Now the King County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with contacting people they already deregistered and telling them they need to re-register as a sex offender.”

That sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

Anyone got a copy of the ruling? Did they use SORNA as justification?


Here is a link to the ruling:

Ok so he appealed on delegation of powers, ex post facto, due process, and equal protection.

However, the Appeals court only ruled on delegation. The Supreme Court disagreed and remanded back to the appeals court to rule on the other issues.

So he could still win on say equal protection grounds.

This seems to run counter to the recent federal CoA ruling in Indiana that ACSOL linked to last week:

It’s slightly different, because it’s about the timing of the offense vs. Indiana’s SORA legislation, but this feels the same to me, in principle? I’m not a lawyer though, and as my name indicates, I simply can’t wrap my head around these sex offender rules.

That is a federal court of appeals, relying on federal constitutional law, in a different circuit. This is based on WA state law.

@Confused Man and others – There is a good reason that you are confused. Every state can and does create and enforce its own sex offender laws. That is why a person convicted in State A might not need to register if he visits or moves permanently to State B. The reverse can also be true in that a person convicted in State A who is no longer required to register in that state may be required to register in State C if he visits or moves there permanently. The bottom line is that every registrant (and former registrant) must research the laws in the state where he plans to visit or move before going there. If he does not do this, there is a potential harsh penalty, conviction for failure to register, waiting for him.

How have the courts not ruled against this in general when doing such research is next to impossible? Even ACSOL often times doesn’t have the best available information when creating that travel list, and you guys are all lawyers. No one can think it’s reasonable that a registrant, who many not even have to register, would have research the laws down to the city level of any place they may travel through.

…or her or them, but not just him.

Since states have this control what is governor newsome’s stance on the laws concerning RSO’s.
Can we see him as an ally in the coming years or a follower of the traditional treatment we receive?
What is the feeling in sacramento?

Newsom will bow to whatever the police and prosecutors want. All they have to do is mention the phrases “child molestor” “victim’s rights” or the classic “sex offender”. He’s going to face the same problem they all do: risk your career to be the change that’s needed or get that nice square butt from being comfortable for 3 or 4 terms and not bucking the system.

Now that they’ve created the Kalifornia combo of bad laws and corruption they want it to spread to the other states and the people bought into it with the black lives matter emergency fundraiser for the democrats.

Confused Man:
You aren’t confused. You are absolutely right. This is the case I alluded to in my previous post. I don’t know how to post a link.
The good thing is that Washington is in the 9th Circuit. Registrants have a better chance of prevailing in the 9th than the 7th.

But @Detroit, this is WSSC and thus any appeals from it go to SCOTUS directly not the Fed Appeals Circuit, if I read what you wrote correctly. Good thing the WSSC ruled the WA Appeals court must rule on the remaining items as noted above.

@TS. I’m not a theology major just a common people like yourself & Detroit and my state of VA is SORNA and who knows how these packet bundles are expidited or put together. S.O.N.R.A. is only initials, some buy into it some don’t, or were is the true value in this AMERICA. Sure one should be proud to even have constutitional lawyers for each state trying to figure all this registry out and believe me its not easy.

Even my dad when he worked for a utility company had to know a bunch of utility laws to present cases in court and yes he got sick of going to court all the time, Water leaks, gas leaks in other folks yards, pipe lines, etc. Even upsetting the flow of traffic at times. I’m sure one gets the picture. So even a bit of law comes in handy.

Seems everybody wants to sue someone today. I’ll just be glad its all over for many. Hey if some of the folks I knew in VA had a chance to be party goers out in CA their wouldn’t be two many left at a class reunion. Course that was many years ago. Yes one can be a sex offender or other offender. What do you think this Presidental issue is all about or these people that are gun ho for who know’s what. sort of sicking that government has fallen this far.

You want to avoid these crazy laws and live out the remainder of your life in relative peace? Move to another country. Otherwise, you are stuck with it.

@ Way to long. You know this is Martin Luther King day and yes he was a good man that said, and change is going to come, and we all should remember another document .. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men were created equal that they are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights and I’m sure all can fill in the rest of this understanding. So should we all talk about wisdom than or this fraud on many or this deception or should we all just play house party and just leave it alone.

Now if one is dedicated to a cause than one should press forward as many in different states and yes stand up and speak up. Who ever likes playing dirty pool in much of this. So with a bit of wisdom and understanding and faith I’m sure we can all press on in true understanding of this registry.

Hey this is still a beginning of a new year. A lot of things can be accomplish or has just run its course.

I’m sorry that was unalienable right in the Declearation of Independence and yes I’ve been to Jefferson’s Home several times, and this the pursuit of happiness is for many in this sex stigma/ordeal. Sure we can all wait it out, go back to incarcerating oneself, making oneself missrible, or maybe helping others. Yes we can all stand up and write letters or whatever. Hey if the pilgrims weren’t bold they would of never found America and as far as faith all one needs is a little mustard seed faith and yes even that goes a long way.

We may call people lazy but getting something done with the right measure is always good and yes I’m been down in the dungeon before and having one’s father see you behind bar’s isn’t a pretty picture and is sort of depressing. This in no way could compare to a small drug, DUI charge or even stealing from a store if thats the case. Now I grant you that their is more dubious cases so thats why we should all come together from state to state on this and get much of this registry eliminated in an orderly fashion.

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