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CA: ‘Nobody cares about sex offenders.’ COVID deaths spike at state hospital in Fresno County

[ – 2/15/21]

A spike in coronavirus-related deaths at a state-run psychiatric hospital in Fresno County has angered and alarmed patients, who blame hospital staff for a massive outbreak that infected hundreds and killed more than a dozen patients over the past six months.

One patient who spoke with The Bee said he struggled to bring attention to the outbreak at Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno County. He said he’s been “ignored” and “neglected” for one simple reason — most of the patients in Coalinga are rapists, child molesters, and sexually violent predators.

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And all of the pro-life people are silent.

I’m pro life and registered on the hit list. But I’m silent for different reasons. Once you become vocal, you become a target. My buddy not a an SO. But a kidnapper from 20 years ago. Well a few years back, a few church people(it’s always the christians) decided to make a huge deal about his past. His family had to leave the church, his wife got fired from her job, and his reputation just dragged back in the mud. This was 10 years after his conviction. Why? Why was the wife fired? Why did the church persecute a man who was already judged and punished years prior? Why does society hate? I don’t fully understand the reasons, but I do know that’s what keeps me silent. It’s not the system we are up against. It’s society. we had a war on alcohol. We had a war on rock music. We had a war on drugs. We are the new target now that the war on drugs has ended. Every generation needs a witch to burn. Until society finds something else to hate, we might as well stand in front of a firing line. -pessimistic, but in reality its real. Every murderer who kills an SO is cheered. Every SO attacked is cheered. Every SO exiled or ostracized is celebrated. Welcome to the burning stake my fellow witches.

No one cares about SVP at least I don’t they can lock them up and throw away the key.
Whether they deserve A second chance thats up to GOD the DOJ and the state California that’s none of my business

Good luck

Of course there are some people who care about SVP. So that makes you a liar.

I don’t trust big government to say who is and isn’t an “SVP” either. So I’m not going to rely on them to inform me about who I should ignore dying and who I shouldn’t. I’d be an idiot to believe big governments’ opinions or judgements. Overall, they are immoral.

What I don’t care about is people who don’t care about other people. I make that matter in real life. Real actions that affect real people. People all over America are suffering and I don’t have to care or help most of them. Have you noticed how hateful, disgusting, and exploitative our country is? How’s that working out for you? None of us have to care about anyone else. The Hit Lists fully indoctrinated that for me.

F luck, I’ll make my own.

@ AERO1:

And since when does the government have the ability to determine who SVPs are? An old registrant neighbor of mine was designated SVP because his conviction was from another state and he was homeless the year they tiered him. How is that predatory?

What about the guy in Iowa in the other story posted at ACSOL? Is he an SVP? One offense, served his time, hasn’t bothered anyone since. Yet the former state senator in the story wants to classify him one because of a historically repeat offender’s alleged crime 7 years ago where the only thing they have in common is registration and age range.

CP offenders are designated SVPs. Why? We had a few of those in the stupid “treatment” group I had to go to. For the most part, they were very socially awkward, very uncomfortable around others, and didn’t have the vaguest hint of the assertiveness an actual predator would have. If they lived vicariously online and avoided people in general, how in God’s name are they “predators”?

Yes, there are some genuinely sick bastards in the world. I don’t deny that. But registration isn’t the means to deal with them. Those inclined to be repeat offenders will remain so no matter what laws or rules are imposed on them. Imposing those laws on the 99% who are not so inclined serves no legitimate purpose whatsoever.

I really don’t believe there are any smart, informed, normal people who thinks Hit Lists are a good idea. I certainly haven’t seen one. I don’t think they exist.

If a person is on probation or parole, it seems as if Registration is exceptionally dumb. Are they not be supervised? From what I’ve heard, if a probation/parole officer thinks that a person is a danger or problem, they can practically live on the person’s body. What extra “protection” are the Registries supposed to add to that? And an officer could even tell neighbors about the person if they wanted.

If a person is not on probation or parole, then of course no decent person thinks Registration is acceptable or legal.

No one should mistake what the Hit Lists are really about. They exist for harassment. They are championed by little “people” who are not able to simply mind their own business or leave other families alone. They are harassers and a danger to an actual free country. As long as America has Hit Lists, it will never be a free country.

Did someone on here use the word God. Well at least someone have some scruples, or who can serve God and mammon. Saying nobody cares well that seems to be an understatment or should one wear a mask even in prison. Sure like Anklebiter said why does everybody hate. Even Detroit says to be silent. And AERO1 says no one cares about the SVP. So is talk cheap.

Well one should ask these why questions first don’t you think. Such as why were you born, or why did you learn to ride a bicycle and move up to cars or go to college. Why did some get on the internet and get involved in this. Why was one tricked by this craftiness, or why did some go to jail and some didn’t, or even why we are wearing a face mask today. I’m just glad I’m not right on here or have any complain’s like many on here or are we all born into trouble, and for that matter of fact are we all borned naked or who seeks wisdom and understanding today.

Sure their are people who care. Look at Janice and her team. Don’t they care. From many points of view’s on here are we “the sex offender” the throw away crowd. So were does redemption or even forgiveness come in. Well Chance talked a bit about redemption. Forgiveness well man seldom’ forgives and thats just a fact of life. Sure we all care but its Standing UP and Speaking out that motivates one and yes it can bring about true justice or do we just give up and give in and just be silent whether out in CA or VA or any other state.

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