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The FBI is definitely gonna apply SORNA on all state’s now after a CP investigation lead to 2 FBI agents getting shot and killed one of them worked with children on Safety and awareness of predators on the internet and ironically she was killed by one.
The feds ain’t gonna let this one slide for the next 10/20 years their gonna apply pressure on every sex offender in America and you know Kamala Harris AKA (top cop) is gonna signe and pass the new SORNA Laws for shore now.
This should be a wakeup call for the federal government everybody knows that being placed on International Megan’s Law is A death sentence and people rather die then to be placed on it.
Also knowing ether way you look at it your life is over people are gonna say phuckit and become hostile

Good luck

Since the Rein of Comey, MaCabe, and Wray the FBI has lost all public credibility. Public opinion and trust in them is at and all time low. There is no telling what really happened, and the media not revealing details of the person is more telling. They probably just said the CP thing in order to cover up what was really going on. True, the media sensationalizing this could increase public scrutiny towards us, but the comments I read show how skeptical the public is of anything the FBI says now.

I concur. The government and its propaganda arm, the MSM, cannot be trusted to provide any degree of truth. It’s not their business model.
We citizens are product to be manipulated at any and every level that suits their needs, not ours.The MSM keeps eyeballs on screens to sell advertising and spin the narrative of the powers that be. Plain and simple. Is what happened in Florida just what the they said happened? Maybe, but I doubt it.
Will they be trigger happy, nervous nellies the next time they serve a warrant? Little doubt about that.

@ C: “Trigger happy, nervous Nellies’? Well, maybe FBI & other LEOs should wise up and avoid video doorbells!! 🙄
(Apparently, the shooter used a video camera doorbell to see the FBI agents and then wait to blast through the front door with his assault rifle.)

If the FBI did that all the registrants would just start burning down police stations faster than they could rebuild them. It’d be nothing short of war.

Nice spiral into panic mode there. The person they were serving was a violent offender with a history of contact sexual abuse. This was not a minor offender. I can see why you might go there, though. Legal history isn’t on our side.

@areo, not true. The suspect in Florida was confirmed to have no criminal record.

Where are you getting your information?
According to the MSM, apart from some traffic violations, an eviction and a divorce, this guy hasn’t had much involvement with the legal system.

“Run of the mill CP operation” probably meant they baited and sent it to him.

In the news today against Donald Trump – “there is no constitutional right to incite violence”!
Hmmm… Legislators cannot claim they had no idea that sex offender registries would incite violence because most have actually included a vigilante section in the law! Wake up everyone!

FBI now stands for: forever being involved in lying

When I heard the news about what happened in Florida they mentioned cp. it wasn’t hysterical and I almost fell off my chair.

FBI Special Agents Killed….. Hmmm, should we start expecting SWAT teams to conduct compliance checks? 🤔

A few days ago the videos of last year’s conference were uploaded and now I can’t find them.

So, being tired of being cooped up and isolated, it was time to binge something uplifting, like “Oz.” For those unfamiliar with the HBO series, it is a relatively realistic soap opera about life and death and murder in a max security prison. The theme running through it is the competition over law enforcement ambitions. Everyone rats on everyone to everyone during the struggle over who is going to be the top dog lawmaker and law enforcement body, official and unofficial.

Anyone seen it?

…beware of unmarked glass jars, received in the mail room!

@ Chris, don’t think I got to that episode yet. Sounds fun.

It’s the series finale episode

@Chris Keller,

Yeah, just saw it tonight. Totally unexpected!

I watched an episode or two a few years ago. I know it’s a highly rated show, but I spent 8 years in the joint and anything reminiscent of that experience makes me look the other way.
A few years ago there was an epidemic of prison “reality” shows and I couldn’t change the channel fast enough.

@ C, yeah, I hear ya. The word “uplifting” was meant to be ironic.


I just wrapped binging Better Call Saul for the third time. I’m especially partial to Slippin’ Jimmy McGill/ Saul Goodman because I’m pretty sure he’d figure out a way to get me off the registry. 😉

Thank you, Texas! 🤣 A worthy tribute to the value of the Amber Alert system:

(How many of the alerts are due to “kidnapping” by “non-custodial parents”? 90%? 95%? 98%?
Or is it actually designed just to continue stoking “stranger danger” fears?? 🙄)

How lame was that? Some idiots were more concerned with being cute than doing their job professionally.
If my child was missing, God forbid, I’d take advantage of every possible media platform. Too bad juvenile government employee jack asses diminish the value the Amber Alert system by diluting it with custody battles and fictitious psychopathic dolls. I’m not so sure it reinforces the stranger-danger myth when so few take Amber Alerts seriously anymore.

Wait a minute all. I came back to ACSOL when this pandemic began and yes I am getting ready to leave it. Seems people on here don’t know what they are looking for at times. Giving reviews and insight, comments good or bad and even mind can take on another different dimension, thus putting the blame on something or others. Whether its government, prision unrest, women’s lib, as in women are better than men or who was deceived. Even this public safety sounds a bit one sided at times. Should it of been Adam being offered the temptation first or Eve?

Were not both mislead or misguided. Sure their is many things wrong with Government but when one is induced and seduced in much of this registry who’s to blame? Should we blame ourselves, our carnal nature, or this “top dog” as one has said. Either one gets over the “hump” or gets over the limp in one’s walk in life to make a better world for all.

Yes you can make a difference and I’m sure many have heard that on some cop show of the past but making a differnce in the right way is blessed. So who is enlightening who. This CP as some talk about shouldn’t be and yes many of you all shouldn’t have went to prison. And yes many of you all got down on me but I just take it with a grain of salt. So should we all “Erase the hate”, “Knock out injustice” or where is the common ground or does even church view’s play a part in many of these stumbling blocks.

@ Saddles, are you critiquing Poet?

Ditto while I don’t know your name or your fake sudo name on here it does matter ibut in law for any offense it does. Should one look at this registry in a gospel view, an insurrection view, or should one say In God we trust or everybody buy postage stamps or should one say war bonds.

Sure Janice is working in striving for those out in California and their are many in other states that see the pro’s and con’s of much of this registry. Seems like this is a forum to talk about prison experience, the unjust of all this scheme type ordeal that has caught many up in uch of all this abuse including you, me and many more whether justly or unjustly, so where is truth in American Justice or is it a Trump type ordeal of nobody tells me what to do ordeal in a round about way.

Who is at fault. So were is true Justice in America whether Christian or non-christian or who is making their own God to sacrifice to, or is the truth for that matter in this sudo play to win plea deal offer in much of this shame.

Is there any case law out there pertaining to constitutionality of LE collection of internet identifiers?

Doe vs Harris 772 F.3d 563 (9th Cir. 2014).

Does vs Marshall 11th Circuit District Court Alabama

Packingham vs North Carolina 582 US 2017

There’s more out there than this list.

Had to register moving (yay) and the station didn’t have a letter regarding tier via DOJ. The woman at the counter guessed after pulling up my record.

They’ve had 3 years to do this and they still cannot be bothered to look it up? It took my 10 minutes reading the bill to know I was tier 3. What a joke.

@ Resident,

Isn’t the Tier letter database separate and don’t they have to print it? Maybe some authorities don’t know where to find it.

Not the impression that I got from the conversation I had.

Cant say that I cared too much. I was a lifer at 20 and still the same at 30. At the rate this whole thing is going, it might be done away with in the next 10-20 years.

Right now every one of you all are in a unique position, and yes Janice, Catherine Carpenter, Boz and many more should be taking note also. Look at ths situation of Trump thats about to be played out in a court of law. Did his mouth or tongue get him in trouble. Sure I hate to say that but one reaps what they sow or who is sowing or who’s reaping?

Put this in prospective of the sex offender or where is the double indemnity clause in all this registry. This changing of laws, this tier registry, whether one is violent or crazy as a loon. Even my sister and her husband don’t even talk much after 40 yrs. And I’m sure its at times hard to live with a woman. Wonder why their are so many divorces today.

Sure its not easy in prison and yes kids are even on the registry for playing strip poker without a license. This getting entrapped via the internet is a bit much. Even the women caught in adultry can give examples so who is causing one to stumble by sending dirty pictures or by pushing one to come down to meet up for some sexual leaison with a teenage girl which is LE. Than if one has so many CP or other things on one’s computer one is in for a lifetime battle.

Hey one would of just been happy with 6 months in jail but no some LE want to make it lifetime or 20 or 30 yrs, So where does second chance come into play. So who is teaching who in all this pretense of LE playing the teenager. That is bearing the sword unworthy. Or who is evil today in much of this insurrection today… the one following the bouncing ball or the one that gets over the hump or the one still limping oe licking his or her wounds.

It is obvious that you have a lot to contribute, but do think it is possible to limit comments to 1 paragraph, or maybe 2.

I’m our of here, you all have a nice life, and may you find what your looking for but remember truth will set you free or are under or over the law of Justice.

@saddles dont let anyone discourage you every person has a right to post their comments on this platform if they dont like they can just scroll past to the next comment

@ Saddles and He Kool: Very true. Just scroll 📜 on. 👍

For those who live in SC, a number of registrant impacting bills have been filed in the current legislative session. Most of these bills have negative direct impacts, so stay informed and contact your representative to let them know your opinions….

House Bill 3334 Ban the Box Act
House Bill 3474 Criminal convictions (related to job applications)
House Bill 3052 Sex Offenders (Provide The Circumstance In Which A Sex Offender May Have Contact Or Custody With His Or Any Other Minor Child)
House Bill 3044 Sex Offenders (Petition for removal and max limit of 15 yrs)
House Bill 3215 Sex Offender Registry (Court discretion for 14 yo offenders, limits to public access)
House Bill 3158 Juvenille Sex Offenders (removal or addition to registry)
House Bill 3099 Sex Offender Registry (switch resp from sheriffs to dept. of PPP)

@James, I’m confused about negative impacts you are suggesting. Maybe I’m missing something. Just looking at these bills quickly, isn’t House Bill 3044 Sex Offenders (Petition for removal and max limit of 15 yrs) actually an improvement from the current law because it changes lifetime registration to 15 years. House Bill 3334 Ban the Box Act & House Bill 3474 Criminal convictions (related to job applications) removes the ability to ask about criminal convictions on a job application – another improvement. House Bill 3215 makes it so that court discretion can be used if someone under 14 commits a sex crime so they don’t have to be on a registry and if they are the information is not public – another improvement. House Bill 3158 is negative because it allows juveniles not currently on a registry to be added. Not sure of the impact of House Bill 3099. So please do explain what your concerns of are in the bills where I say they seem line an improvement and why instead they shouldn’t actually be supported?

MC, you’re right, when I originally found this information, I had only found a couple of bills, particularly H3052, which has a potential significant impact. Later, as I wrote my post, I found a lot more bills the second time around, not realizing my original statement at the beginning of the post would ultimately prove inaccurate. Thanks for pointing that out.

H3044 would be a great step in the right direction for us (a lifetime state for all registrants) and now with more and more evidence showing widespread desistance from offending by 15 years of living offense-free, the argument for passage of this bill becomes so much more compelling.

Wondering what travel within the USA is like once off of probation… I want to take a vacation soon. I know that each state has their own timing as to registering when visiting. My question is about my own state or jurisdiction that I live in… When I recently went to register and asked about giving a notice to the office, they acted like they were overwhelmed and didnt have much time for my questions. He stated just send an email to me and you should be fine. According to him if I leave for 3 days or 7 days I need to email and let them know whereabouts. The state law clearly says 7 days or more and also does the paper I sign. Do you think there would be ramifications if I don’t and something were to happen. I have no problem notifying after 7 days like the law says, but not 3 days because I don’t believe they get to just make shit up. And also has anybody had to just send email or does your state require in person notification when going on vacation. Just curious about your experience. Thanks my state is Louisiana

@ James, I think e-mail is great becasue you can CC back to yourself what ever you send them then you have proof. I had the similar situation, but I called the sheriffs to ask them about travel in the state and they over the phone that don’t worry I should be fine. Yeah, I should be fine. But I had nothing to verify what they said over the phone in case I wasn’t fine. So I would like the e-mail.

@Anon 22

Yes, LEOs can make shit up with the approval of SCOTUS. LEOs do not have to quote the law verbatim correctly, do not have to know the law correctly, and can misinform you without repercussions. I cannot cite the particular SCOTUS case at this writing, but we have discussed here their ability to do so with the court decision backing them (one of my previous postings cited the case).

Therefore, if they said three days, then they can get away with it. It is up to YOU to know better and that seven days is the actual amount (if it is for LA). Ignorance of the law as it is actually written is a trap for you. Know it and then use it back at them when questioned on it. (We have also discussed an affirmative defense of not knowing the law either when it changes without being specifically notified, but that is a different discussion altogether.)

I understand that it is up to me to know the law.

As an example.. I called Arkansas to double check. Their state law says must register after 5 days establishing a residence. The person said no worries if not staying longer than 5 days. I then called the registry office of the county I will be staying in. She said the same thing but would like a courtesy call when I enter the county for my vacation. What’s up with all these counties making up their own courtesy rules and what purpose does it serve. I can’t help but feel like it would only lead to more trouble by giving the courtesy calls then going on abiding by the law and enjoying my vacation. So not only does my jurisdiction want the “courtesy notification” but so does where I’m traveling to. Any experience with this?

Maybe I’m over thinking but so are they…

1. You don’t say your home state
2. You don’t seem like you know your state’s policies
3. You don’t seem like you want to accept the statement of an official.
4. You don’t seem to think there will be any repercussions for not following the advice.
5. Then why not ignore it, go travel around, and see what happens. We would all be interested in knowing.

.. I am fully aware of my state laws as well as the states I choose to travel to.

They are courtesy suggestions to help them save less work down the road if something were to happen.

The courtesy 3 day notice of vacation isn’t a law or on any paperwork that I have signed. I steady said the state law says 7 days. And they ask politely that you let them know if it for 3 or more days. Sounds fishy to me ..

So I guess no1 has any really experience with these “courtesy suggestion laws but not laws because there not on paper laws”…

Ok got it it’s just bull

I would suggest not following these rules if your are not on probation or parole. Essentially it gives them the power to create “more” of a registry without any backing of the law. Therefore no way to prosecute. If they ask for my left testicle as a courtesy I’d say no to that as well. But you may give up yours

A courtesy call is likely a time stamp so they can prove by your own admission when you arrived in their state, so they can count the days and hours when tabulating a violation.

Good for this guy whose crime was relatively minor and upon parole he won’t face a lifetime of public humiliation on the sex offender registry. It’s not like he was 18 and had consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend, or even worse, possessed an image of an unclothed human being under the age of 18, heaven forbid!

I am back but why is everyone so interested about the sex registry? or who is owning up to who for the next 10 yrs or more, slave or otherwise. Who is owning who. Sort of abusive isn’t it. Sure we heard of Derek’s little win but it wasn’t his forte he says. Yes Janice and so many can do just so much. Are we all looking for social change or trying to understand this two wrongs don’t make a right or who is killing who. So were does the good news come in. I guess it doesn’t matter on here. I guess Chance or others don’t even have a clue or where they imprisoned with many.

This e-mail I got several days ago from a lawyer that sums up much of what some are going thru :Mr. Townsend – the Virginia courts have had no trouble affirming the constitutionality of the Sex Offender Registry system. Although I personally think there are a lot of problems with the statutory scheme, the judges don’t agree with me. Sorry I can’t help you.

Is one wasting their time here. Some may say that also. Yes some of you have had to go thru prison and a lot more difficulties yet were is your faith, were is the truth, the true wisdom and understanding. May the answer is blowing in the wind. Seems repentance is out of the question and you all want it your way. Maybe it is time for me to leave or maybe we all should search our self and try and understand ourselves but that would be giving into self or who wants to be a macho man. Are three paragraphs are good enough for many on here.

And look I hate to say this to everyone but I believe its long over due. I don’t know any of you all on here. This guy that came on ACSOL one night and said he didn’t believe in God or the devil I’m sure was a bit troubled. Hey I’m not gonna force him or anyone to believe anything that they doesn’t want to believe in but I can or others can reason to him or tell him he or she is wrong. Its as if they didn’t understand themself in the frist place.

Are many on here like that and want it your way. Sure we are all in this whether one is free or still in bonds or slave to some paper, or master of one’s fate. Some of you all may not even watch some of Chances audio’s or cams on Redemption or second chance and yes thats a second chance term that counselors should use or should it go along with more. So who is blind. Ok so one still has to deal with their punishment.

I thought this forum was to talk about understanding this registry and the many loop holes it has to overcome another. Yes you all even talk about this tier level which is a bit one sided. A tier is man-made or what tier level is your Christiany if one has any? I hope I’m not making to many paragraphs or a 300 page journal as I’m sure that would be hard for the average person to read. I hope I’ not like Detroit or my friend Will Allen if thats Will’s name. Lets just all press on with these experiences and pick up the pieces.

Life has its ups and down’s and life’s journey isn’t easy. Even marriage can be rocky at times but one thing a little with righteousness goes a long ways and yes true Justice is always good if done correctly. I sometimes wonder why we even worry about it, guess its conscious or was the motive was a bit of a let down to all. And now we all ask questions to find the flaws.

Here’s a great example of more legislative garbage. You guessed it, outta Mississippi, making Alabama and Louisiana look good for 300 years. Here ya go:

(c) It is unlawful for a person required to register as a sex offender under Section 45-33-25 to register on a dating website or to attempt to pursue romantic or sexual interests using an online internet dating forum within ten (10) years of the date of conviction of an offense that triggers the registration requirement.


Even the Mississippi Legislature (which amend registry laws every year) didn’t pass it. It died in committee. Lord what’s next….

A glowing example of how these thoughtless, unimaginative, demagogues lay awake at night wondering how they can make a name for themselves. This is the best some absolute moron could come up with and, thankfully, his/her colleagues were just a tiny bit smarter and didn’t buy in.

Being as it originated in the southern Bible Belt, surprised that the bill didn’t include, “ No masturbation, touching of your private parts in any way except to urinate or deficate , and no loitering in that area for more than 10 seconds after the process is completed.”.

No doubt. Perhaps they’re finally seeing that they’ve crossed the line, although these pandering idiots bring forth more garbage every year.

Another bill that obligated parole board’s to have a larger vote census for an rso than any other person eligible for parole was shot down; either died or vetoed.

Mississippi did pass one that breaks up families. see link :

This state, along with other states actually do nothing in respect to repealing unconstitutional laws. I guess they just wait for court action. For example:

1) Internet identifiers and online screen name, user names reported every 90 days or update within 3 days. Unconstitutional per Packingham v. North Carolina, 582 U.S. (2017).

2) Text of a law there on the book for over 200 years: Every person who shall be convicted of the detestable and abominable crime against nature committed with mankind…., shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary for a term of not more than ten years. Unconstitutional per Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003). This law criminalizes consensual sex that’s not in the “traditional” way.

3) Drivers License stamped with big red letters “SEX OFFENDER”. Unconstitutional per Louisiana vs Hill No. 2020-KA-0323(La. 2020 denied Cert) and Does vs Marshall NO. 2:15-CV-606-WKW (Alabama 2019)

4) Random tiering, presence restrictions, residency restrictions. All retroactive ex post facto violations per Does v. Snyder, No. 15-1536 (6th Cir. 2016 denied cert)

If the Supreme Court denies certiorari from a Federal Circuit Court decision that should hold precedent in other circuits. As of now I guess it doesn’t but should be very persuasive in a federal action/injunction/summary relief.

Keep in mind, many of the internet dating sites already do background checks on those who are part of the population with profiles when subscriptions become paid for and can weed out those who they find on registries. They do have in the fine print those on a registry are not welcome there. This can be seen as not needing to duplicate the work the site does already as well as government overreach.

@ TS

Very true. The interesting piece included in that proposed legislation is the 10 year language.

Freudian slip?

I read a comment on a forum and it went like this.
“I was at a gun show and a lady that identified as a sex offender had purchased a handgun. i thought ALL SEX OFFENSES were FEDERAL crimes, so THEY couldn’t own a gun.”
I highlighted the problems that contribute to the misinformation we have to deal with.
1. All sex offenses are a federal crime. people have no idea what is actually considered a sex offense.
2.’They’, like we are some alien race come to wipe out the human race. although not the worst idea.

One of my favorite videos is on point.

Jan Kruska v. Petra Luna on ABC 20/20
•Mar 16, 2008

I wonder where that holier than thou attitude comes from with this type of person. Who died and made them the expert on all things involving the registry. Her statement about youth offenders is moronic.

18 years of being in a barn as a property slave because I can’t imagine being able to live any other way. Fortunate me. A new tenant comes on the property who hates men especially sex offender men who don’t piss in their pants at the thought of confronting a big boss bitch of a nurse who has no one left to boss around. She called 911 on me Saturday. Cop didn’t bother me at all while she ranted every nasty thing she could to get me strung up, he was very polite and left without any criticism of me, she became furious, stomping on the network cable I was running to second router kicked it, ground her feet in it. Bringing water bottles in threw them against my legs. Landlord and her live in the same house. Is there any magic I can get the body cam footage of the event before it’s purged as well as the 911 tape of the phone call to show my landlord? I already filed a request for public records, anything else I can do?

Does anybody in SoCal have a recommendation for an employment law lawyer who would be familiar with 290 discrimination in employment. Thank you

So lets go with Tim in WI with his preached data base theory or Trumps theory of creating an insurrection in an apoloclyps or even ths Bernie madoff or made-off that made off with millions, or this discrimination about jobs. One could also go with Nixon but he bowed out to avoid retribution. so were does that leave many in this sex offender ordeal. Guess none of those were that big of an offender were they.
No I can’t blame Janice, Chance, Ms. Carpenter or others fightening for truth, but I can blame myself for getting caught up in my little sex offender ordeal. Some have even said on here I didn’t have any porn pics on my computer but was still given jail time, probation or other. Yes one could talk about the physical aspects of many of these ordeals but its the searing of one’s conscious.

Myself I even wonder why I was given a proposition by the very person that induced me into this whole sex-capade by offering me a little plea deal (with a wink in his eyes). Yes I always thought that was to be worked out by the DA and the Public attorney guess I was wrong. Still we press on to end much of this registry.

Seems everyone struggles with this registery whether placed on supervised probation, incarcerated or otherwise. Sure one would question even one’s plea of guilty and the methods used. Sure those in Authority don’t care as they can call the shots anyway they want. Is it for their vanity, to give them a bragers rights, or to outdue the others, or maybe get more money for a stimulus package to fight this induced type crime.

I’m sure officers get paid well even doing monthly check ups by phone or however they do it today. So were do breaking the commandments come in. Nobody ever thinks of that in these ordeals. I’m sure they are still doing these internet sex things during this pandemic ordeal. Probably even more so than ever before. Than theirs’ the fines, sex classes, lie detector test, Driver license stigma, plus the stigma of the ordeal which amounts to $$$’s and worries.

Looking at one of my papers from 2014. they had an operation “porch lights out” for halloween and I was suppose to be home at 5 PM. Didn’t get home untill 6:45. A PB-15 warrant was issued that night. Yes they wanted me to go to jail but it was lifted, and that was lifted by the officer after I spoke up. So yes speaking is very good. I could of ask to speak after my guilty plea but it wasn’t the right time. I also knew Janice and a few other groups were working on things also.

Even this past year during this pandemic they came to the house knocked on the door with their surgical masks and yes I was even suprised than. So attempted indecnt Liberties, Solicitation and traveling all to prove a point that it wasn’t a teenage person. Its funny how authorities can write something in law that is so “vain” and fabricated to justify their own actions. Yes every case is a bit different.

Currently, France is going through a big public reaction to incest and sexual offenses against minors – especially highlighted by cases involving famous writers and intellectuals. I’m hoping France will have a reasonable and appropriate response (unlike the eternal mass hysteria from which America suffers.)

David, I wouldn’t count on it. The French have been plenty unhinged for a while now (since at least the Marc Dutrout murders in Belgium) even if they are not at the same level of hysteria as the U.S. and the Brits. I watch or listen to French news media to try to keep my language skills up and I’d say that they are pretty obsessive about anything having to do with kids and sex, like virtually all countries today. One difference, perhaps, is that the French have always been much more tolerant of man-girl or woman-boy activity; not so much of the men and boys variety. That’s changing, of course, and not to the benefit of the latter but to the increased intolerance to the former.

Hélas, la France m’a largué! Mais, je m’en fous plus!

I got my letter from the Dept.Of Justice . Tier 2 , I was 288(a) for 36 years !
Thank you Janice , With out your help this would not have happened.

Few questions for you guys…

What’s Wyoming like to live for us registrants? Owner of place I work at has a place out there and is wanting me to drive over and see how I like it. Might stay a couple of days. He might have a job for me there. I’m in California now.

Also, on the drive over I’d have to drive through Nevada, Utah, and possibly Idaho. Any gotchas about traveling through those places? I looked at the state matrix and it looks like Utah has a thing where I’d have to register there no matter how long I stay. The way I see it it’s too long of a drive to make in 1 day so I’d probably have to spend a night halfway through which means Utah. I wouldn’t want to fly for now with the covid thing still going on.

Also… just to confirm… there’s no way registrants can ever get a security clearance right? I keep seeing jobs where clearances are required or you’d have to get one soon after being hired. Just want to be sure I can ignore those.


I lost my Secret clearance when I was convicted. While there are exceptions under DoD policy for felons, and Courts have ruled in cases that an exception is warranted, the Courts have been powerless to force the SECDEF to actually issue exceptions. Those applications just sit on a desk forever.

I suggest if you are worried about registering, simply pull into a target parking lot and sleep in your car a few hrs. Or even a roadside truck stop. On a side note, does anyone else see the irony of a state that used to allow multiple wives and underage marriages to be judging others in regards to sex?
As far as clearances, it’s more up to the employer to decide based on their needs and attitude. Registrants are allowed clearances, but many employers use that as a crutch to reject applicants that don’t meet their ‘moral’ standards. Registration could raise a flag, but doesn’t necessarily prohibit the employer from hiring. I am sure the particular offense might be a consideration as well.
Hope this helps.

He’s talking about gov’t security clearance, not a regular background check.

Many DoD contractors will use this to discriminate. While you can technically get a waiver, in practice no one ever had gotten a waiver since 2000. I have worked for DoD contractors exclusively since my conviction. You just apply for the jobs that don’t require a clearance.

Also look at their perspective. If someone could be blackmailed into selling sensitive info, a registered person who could be “accused” as leverage by a foreign agent would be a security risk.

I understand his statement, thank you. It isn’t just DoD that do security clearance checks. Subcontractors as well as state health agencies do them as well. Even local security guard companies perform them.
And anyone can be ‘blackmailed’, that doesn’t even take using actual facts or proof.

JesusH ~ I would google Utah and visiting as a sex offender. I am getting information that you have to register if you stay longer than 14 days or 30 days within a year.

I lost the thread about U. S. Marshals and compliance checks, but here’s an article that mentions them:

Of course, they make a big deal out of “getting dangerous offenders off the streets”, but 7 of the 8 were busted for FTR, not for any new crime. Oh, here’s an even more sensational headline:

“Sweep of fugitive sex offenders in Indianapolis results in 8 arrests”

screw the US marshals , and the rest of LE , forcing their edict’s unconstitutionally on people that just want to be left alone , that are not harming anyone or stealing anyone’s stuff, no one has the right to tell another man/women what to do as long as they are not harming or stealing someones stuff , yet the edicts don’t apply to most of the “en>forcers” courts included ! for the most part they are (immune to the edict system ) they have created for us , time to change decks and dealers in this game They call law ! what ever happened to natural rights ? how come 18 us code 241 skates by them on this registry crap ?

I read the articles posted here about various states and municipalities introducing new legislation to increase challenges to registrants and I realize this is more of a chess match than a marathon race as some here have described our situation. At least in a race you have some idea if you are going to win or lose, but this chess match is always going to end in a draw. The other side waits for us to make a move and just takes action to block it.
We get housing restrictions removed and they impose visitation restrictions.
We get a tiered registry and they reclassify offenses to label them as tier 3, simply negating the purpose of the system.
We find countries that allow visitation and immigration, and they pressure those countries to reject us.
The actions of NARSOl, ACSOL, and FAC can be looked on as pawn moves. Our opponents aren’t worried about them because they have bigger pieces. They will be happy with getting a draw, because that’s a win for them.
We are the visiting team with no fans to support us. Even the referees won’t call penalties for us. Sorry to mix metaphors.

@way too long,

Could you imagine if these advocacy groups were around when the states and federal institutions were trying to implement the registry? We didn’t have any support back then like we are getting today. We could have had proper support in 2003 Smith v Doe to dispute the false “frightening and high” recidivism rates and cement into law that in-person re-registration is a disability at a minimum.

So far, Janice and team for California has proven residency and presence restrictions are unconstitutional, maintained that non-violent sex offenders are treated as non-violent offenders to be considered for early release under Prop 57, non-traditional sex acts with a minor are treated equally with traditional sex acts with a minor, and transitioned from a lifetime term only for sex offenders to a tiered-registry. All the support groups are slowly giving former offenders pieces of their humanity back, with hopes to regain their full humanity by becoming free citizens with full benefits of a free citizen.

You know I am so glad that police use deception in these internet sting operations otherwise they would not catch any victims on the internet. While we all know what the bible says about deception, but today it seems one in court can forget that as I doubt if its proper and acceptable to use it in a social society or even a government legal system today but their still may be some ethical understanding with good efforts that can be acceptable?

While deception, fraud, conspircy or this abrasive abuse who is the one that has blood on their hands? And yes moral and ethical behavior play an important part in American Justice. Do we all offend in thought and deed. Sure defending the poor, fatherless, or even the weak person in all this type of registry confusion takes a lot of effort and wisdom and understanding.

These reports of wrongdoing made with knowledge of their false justice system with willfull intent to deceive, snare, conspire, or disregard in the truth in these internet sex scandles should constitute misconduct, for which disciplinary measures should be imposed. Yes a scandal type of justice is just as bad as ones language. Who does a fire drill when their is no fire or who is tempting who in this craftiness. So one can either defend justice, correct oppression, or who’s doing this ordeal for ill gotten gain to prevent either or pervert.

New Person, this is an interesting phrase: “non-traditional sex acts with a minor are treated equally with traditional sex acts with a minor…” Are you referring to same-sex vs. opposite sex acts? Or are you referring to classical antiquity, i.e. Greek and Roman pederasty vs. all-American hetero sex acts? Just curious.


It’s same sex vs opposite sex, as that law passed in CA.

Yep, so basically you need to stop playing their game and read up on everything you can. You have to acknowledge at this point that this was never a fair game to begin with. They’re watching and laughing as people try to comprehend the maze they’ve fallen into. It’s a fight with the Minotaur in the maze, literally navigating their traps. But they could care less, they’re just counting down the days to payday. Every. Single. Day. A payday paid with your tax dollars, and traps that they can keep setting and resetting. Again, all paid with YOUR tax dollars.

The solution is to bring humanity back into the discussion and reduce the power of the words “sex offender”. And to reinforce the idea of letting people get back to productive lives. Of course, productive “too busy to care” people is how it got this far. Nobody cared, many people on here didn’t care…until it happened to them or their families. So you have to take what you’ve learned and apply it to all things, especially as an American. This country was built to give people 2nd chances and equal opportunities, that they can achieve when NOT hindered by oppressive government.

Unfortunately, some “rockstar” prosecutor types out there would rather they were that much closer to achieving higher conviction rates than to care to look into the long-term effects down the line. You have one now as vp, someone who played off the Trump hate last year and used the BLM movement to sway people. She put on a show, much like how a prosecutor usually does. It’s very telling too, something about these Kalifornia prosecutors not liking the constitution very much. And now being given the powers they lacked due to the coequal branch system of our government. Almost like they’ve now gotten their “man on the inside”…kind of fishy that it comes from the state with the highest concentration of democrat voters too. Almost like they might be using the state as a pathway of infiltration.


The US Marshall’s are known for playing dirty in the last 15 years they’ve specialized in catching sex offenders and I have to admit their pretty good at it.
I was reading and article yesterday about A sex offender from LA who was arrested as he was boarding A plane to Egypt he’s now facing 10/15 years in prison for trying to leave the country.
I guess every time A person buys A plane ticket the airline companys do background checks on everyone flying on their planes and notifies the Police Department that a sex offender is flying from point A to point B and if it’s A around trip ticket how long he/she will be out of state.
I wouldn’t be surprised if all Flight Attendants are notified that a sex offender is on board and to be cautious and keep A eye on that guy and make sure he’s not seated next to any children to avoid A lawsuit if he does something wrong .

Good luck

@ AERO1: I believe you are referring to IML (International Megan’s Law) which requires registered sex offenders to provide 21-day advance notice prior to international travel. This has been in place for a few years now. Also, all international flight passenger manifests are run through Department of Homeland Security (or the US Marshal Service) and that is probably what flagged the Egypt traveler’s name.

I live in another country and do not want to get cought up in the IML mess. Do you think the manifests of domestic travel in another country are ran through the DHS databases. I bet they are as you have to use your U.S. passport to get tickets.

Anonymous, regarding “Do you think the manifests of domestic travel in another country are ran through the DHS databases?” I don’t think that this is known with certainty but it was reported some years ago, not in regard to registrants in particular, but within the context of terrorism, that the U.S. may have access to passenger data (and passport numbers) for travel that occurred entirely outside of the U.S. I would not be surprised if this is so.

And then Enforcing a clearly unconstitutional edict like the registry , how do they keep getting away with this registry trash ?

Welcome to our fight, outsider!! Glad to have you joining the battle!

@ David who are we fighting against. Constitutional or unconstitutional Justice or True Justice. I’m still on probation as I’m sure we all are in some ways, means, and forms. Should everyone take a deep breathe and exhale slowly.

Janice’s book, Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up was in the top 50 in the Civil Rights Law category but it has dropped to 211.

Can we give it a boost again? Kindle or paperback.

I’m reading Janice’s book right now and even took notes on particular areas, so when I give it someone to read they can see the whole story. Hopefully another book is in the future with Janice’s journal, Professor Carpenter’s articles, Ira and his wife’s paper, and other facts for the misinformed.

I was thinking the same, Brandon. We need to keep buying to donate and boost the ratings at the same time. Making it #1 in Civil Rights Law would be awesome.

I recently obtained my cert of rehab, thanks to Chance. Is there a list, similar to the registration laws list, that tells what other states you can move to from California, without having to worry about registering in that new state? I’m no longer required to register here in Cali, but have been advised that some states may still require me to register in their state, despite my expungement and cert. of rehab. here in CA.

Or, anyone know from experience any states that would be registration free to move to? For instance, AZ, NV, etc…


Congrats on earning your CoR!

@new person…

Thank you! It’s been a long time coming. But, now I found out it may only help me be free in CA and if I move out of state I may need to register all over again in the new state. Doesn’t make any sense to me that if I have an expungement (essentially the crime is wiped away) and a CoR, why would another state even be able to require that.

I’m sure its time we all get to the bottom of all this registry issue stuff. Here is an article that may be of interest to all. As for myself I take a different view of all this entrapment issue but many others have suffered lomg enough. Its time to stand up, speak out and seek truth and justice. Some of you all might of read this link and some may want to refresh on it.

That article is 3 years old…… And 3 years later, here we are: no change at all. 😖😡

⭐⭐ PPP Small Business Loans ⭐⭐
The news just reported that the new PPP loan applications will be revised to remove many restrictions including felony convictions. Hopefully, this will free up some PPP loans for some registrants running their own small businesses.👍

Saw the headline and hoped they’d convert existing loans to a grant or, at least, streamline the forgiveness process which is a bit of a PITA.
The revision does widen the eligibility so any of you with a small business, no matter how small, should apply.

I have a felony and a RSO, my company received PPP and SBA loan here in CA since the beginning of the pandemic.

David how simple does the registry have to be or should we all say who invented plea deals and even plea barrgains can run amuck or were you thrown to some wind and the lion with your have your cake and eat it too emotion button type opportunity. Justice can be a slow process. Even back in the civil rights days was it always fair, or should should one go back to “The Fugitive”.

Should we ban the registry all together or say those without sin cast the first stone in many cases or who has a double jeapordy mentality for biblicial, civil, or even constutional justice. Maybe Will Alan has something with this stand up to big business bureaucracy .

“how simple does the registry have to be or should we all say who invented plea deals and even plea barrgains can run amuck or were you thrown to some wind and the lion with your have your cake and eat it too emotion button type opportunity.”
🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, alrighty then! Absolutely! Besides, who’s to say? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Today the Utah Senate Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee will hear and vote on SB 215, which will allow lifetime offenders to petition the court for removal 15 years. However, it comes with some pretty steep requirements that look like conditions for parole termination.

The bill passed committee. It does not apply to out-of-state offenders. For this reason (equal protection), and for the reason that it copies probation/parole to the tee in the way the Petition system works, I opposed it. I warned that the Senators that Utah has been moving the registry to be more like Probation/Parole 2.0 for nearly two decades and referenced Snyder as well as many other factors.

I even had the head of the Utah Sentencing Commission e-mail me to ask that I write in support. But, I had already written in opposition. The more they make it like probation/parole, the more cause we have to prove that it is punitive and an ex post facto law. Thus, I could not support the bill as written.

However, as of this moment, unless the full Senate or House shoots it down, “lifetime” offenders convicted under the jurisdiction of Utah can petition for removal 15-years after the expiration of their sentence, under conditions (no other convictions, even non-sex offense, restitution paid, treatment completed, and a current risk assessment matching that required for a termination of probation/parole). The burden of proof is on the offender under a clear and convincing standard.


This apply to civil Utah only and not federal UCMJ, location irrelevant?

The bill does not provide a petition for removal process for those required to register under 77-41-105(3)(b) which is anyone convicted outside of Utah (another state or fed).


Thanks for that info.

Please indulge me with this hypothetical scenario, and discuss if you would. I have a reason for posing this question.
Let’s say that i could get Medical Experts (Neurologist, Psychologists, Therapists) to testify in court, along with CT Scans and other Brain Imaging Evidence to the fact that the Sex Offender Registry is causing me verifiable “Physical Brain Damage” that is clearly shown on Imaging (similar to signs of Brain Cancer) , and that this Physical Brain Damage is causing me Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Severe PTSD, Relationship Issues, poor quality of life, limited ability to work, Etc.
Would a Judge, Court, or Jury, find this to be simply a collateral consequence of the Sex Offender Registry? Could they get away with saying in essence “tough luck for your Brain Damage, and everything else that comes from it?
If not, what might be the fallout, and or the remedy?

It likely wouldn’t matter. Laws aren’t required to use empirical evidence or even be logical. It’s why we have kids as young as 8 on the sex offender registry and charge teens for producing child porn because they took a nude picture of themselves and shared it with their like-aged partner (and too boot, they list the same teen as both the victim and abuser to themselves in the case).

In fact, I’m pretty sure there have already ruled that our families being negatively impacted was acceptable collateral damage in this.

All the courts largely care about is that the legislature had positive intent, even if the execution results in the polar opposite. That’s where the whole “this isn’t meant to be punitive” comes in. Because if they acknowledge it is supposed to be punitive, it couldn’t exist for anyone no longer on paper.

@SR What your saying might be true, but has it been thoroughly analyzed and challenged in a proper way. Has there been diagnosis’s rendered and testimony by medical doctors given, has there been any civil suits or class action suits ever filed in regards to the effects of the registry on a humans mental condition.
Your saying it doesn’t matter, but if you take my hypothetical of physical brain damage similar to brain cancer, are you still saying that it would be just ignored, or dismissed? To take it a step further, what if it caused death, would that too be ignored or dismissed?

Collateral – Don’t forget the family members of registrants. I am not a registrant, but my fiance is, and I think I am going through similar feelings of stress, anxiety and PTSD. So, it effects more than just the actual registrant.

@ Collateral Consequences: I think you would have a difficult legal case to argue. The question that immediately comes to mind is: If this brain damage is a direct result of the SOR, why isn’t every individual on the Registry suffering these same severe effects? It would be a tough case to prove.

@David So I will give you my reasoning for wording the hypothetical the way i did. What if I was to substitute the wording “Physical Brain Damage” with “Mental Brain Damage”? I believe that we are advanced enough to know that our mental health is as or more important than our physical health. I believe that there are thousands of us who as a direct result of the registry have developed similar symptoms; ptsd, depression, general anxiety, social anxiety disorder, avoidant personality disorder, sleep disorder, thoughts of suicide, anger, etc. I was diagnosed with severe ptsd for what i went through, and more importantly what i continue to go through because of the registry, and the continued persecution inflicted upon me. I believe that it would be very hard if not impossible for anyone to not have some similar symptoms after being placed on the registry. I don’t think it would be difficult to find a large amount of plaintiffs that would fit the bill, and i know that it would not be difficult to get experts that would testify to this, as we are being continually hunted and persecuted like modern day witches, or even as the Jews were persecuted. I am Jewish, and my relatives who lived in Poland were lucky enough to have escaped the Nazis, and i feel like i am being persecuted like them, and i feel like the State is sponsoring this hate and persecution, and severely disabling me, and that it is inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on me which is causing me severe mental brain damage.
Is it a novel idea, yes, would it be very expensive, yes, could it win, i don’t know, what would be the outcome if won, i don’t know. I have a hard time believing that any normal person would not expect to see these kinds of symptoms and problems for people that are on the registry, and i also know that many would not care in the slightest, but that doesn’t really matter. The question is could the case be won, and what is the remedy if it is?

Monsters do not feel.

That’s the threshold that anyone defending registrants must face. A person can be conversed with to show another person is a person. A people cannot be conversed with as it’s mob mentality. It’s easy for politicians and law enforcement to take the worst of the group to paint the worst to equate to the whole lot. Of course, it’s never true, but does it matter?

Nuance doesn’t exists if they are monsters. You cannot rehabilitate monsters. Until the courts sees us as actual humans with US citizenry rights, everything is moot. How else were the Jim Crow laws passed? It took a while to see the error of their ways.

Anyhow, we have movies like Clockwork orange and research how registrants are ostracized. Who will believe that we have PTSD and long term depression? People don’t care. You gotta start with a person. Convincing congressman Weiner to change law is one significant step. Going from lifetime to tiered registry is an ever bigger significant step.

I doubt there will be reparations until a court identifies the state has violated its own constitution. Federally, it won’t happen until more states identifies the registry as punishment.

@New Person I get what your saying, but things can change when your one on one with someone, or a jury is empaneled and they hear evidence from doctors and experts, and get to know plaintiffs or defendants. Same with some judges, they may be open to novel cases were the facts are overwhelming and irrefutable. They give great weight to experts and medical doctors, especially if they are in agreement with each other.

Interesting question. My guess would be 1. very expensive. 2. For it to have a wide effect, it would require multiple individuals tested. 3. There would have to be a control group, like convicted murderers. for comparison.

@ Collateral Consequences: I’m sorry, but I would also point out that it would be an extremely expensive legal battle. You would have difficulty finding an attorney who would take the case on because – even if successful – there would be no damages awarded in the end, so It couldn’t be paid on a contingency basis (as with a car accident or wrongful death case). So you would have to pay for that attorneys’ fees out of your own pocket. Additionally, the professional witnesses you would plan to call would also be very expensive and would also need to be paid out of pocket. 😕

How many of you with misdemeanor convictions have had residency checks? Just wondering since I have never had one other than my 1st yr of probation, and I think that was due to the probation officer assigned to me being new and never having done one. Her supervisor came with her and walked her through the whole process. I don’t expect to get one with the pandemic issues anyway, but was still wondering.

COR update: went today. DA (2nd delay) requested a 30 day extension? They haven’t done my reference check? (My counsel and him our friends?) I was informed they will run me (background) and he just wants a reference check? (My counsel stated they could request a static 99 test/psych evaluation/etc)? Has anyone heard of this? Then, my counsel asked if they could delay my request for the 2nd time for 30 days? A retired cop comes in once a week to call references? Then, she informed me I didn’t even need to show up in 30 days? She would handle it??? Oh, I was then informed I could simply come back after July to request removal because of the new law??

That’s just terrible news.

And no, I would not settle for acquiring the to get off the registry after Jun 30, 2020. The CoR carries far more weight than de-registering. It allows you to have more opportunities in terms of certification jobs as well as the bona fide title of a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

As for reference check, I had that done on me before when I applied for my 17B. Usually, that’s done by the probation department. I don’t know how it is with the CoR, though, but it should be similarly.

If anything, provided you’re a tier 1 or tier 2 and you’re in you have been out of custody for 24/25 years, then shouldn’t that already have been your “reference check”?

I do hope at the end of March that you do get rewarded the CoR!

I was convicted in 2004, served 14 years in prison, completed parole and am now discharged. I applied for a passport and have received BOTH the passport and the passport ID card. No markings are on it and I am assuming that I may not have to register for IML? Is this a mistake and what will happen now? Any advice would be helpful!

Thank you!

@ WanaBeTraveler: Congratulations on getting your passport and passport card! Now here’s some important information:
1. If you are convicted of a sexual offense involving a minor, yes, you must give 21-day advance notice prior to international travel.
2. Often individuals convicted of sexual offenses involving a minor and who apply for passports, will initially receive an unmarked passport (a passport that does not include a unique identifier specified by IML). However, after the individual has used the passport one or two times for international travel, he/she will most likely receive a revocation letter from the Department of State (DOS). Why? It is my belief that the DOS automatically issues regular passports without bothering about the IML unique identifier requirement. It is only after the individual has actually traveled internationally that the DOS bothers to revoke that regular passport to be replaced with an IML identified passport. DOS protocol seems to be “why bother going through the IML unique identifier route for all of those passports that will sit in a drawer somewhere never to be used.” DOS only bothers to go the IML passport route when the individual has shown that he/she actually does travel internationally.
3. But don’t let this hold your back from traveling internationally! Absolutely do it! Asia, the British Commonwealth (England, Canada, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), Mexico and others won’t allow you entry to their countries, but Europe is great and you should have no problem visiting any of the continental European (i.e., Schengen agreement) countries. (My favorite is France! 🇨🇵). Note: If you plan to visit Europe, make certain that your flight there does not stop, layover or transferring airplanes in one of the countries that bar you entry. Otherwise, you risk being turned around at that no-go airport and sent back to the US before even getting to Europe.).
Good luck and safe travels!! 👍


To add to what @David said, IIRC, should your passport be revoked for a marked passport, the passport card would possibly also be asked to be returned too and not reissued because the marking could not be applied to it.

@ WanaBeTraveler: Please note that there is a very informative “International Travel” section on this ACSOL website. Here’s the link:

There is a posting on this at the National Office’s website, but I took the time to read the article in full and think it is worthy of its own posting here because the discussion topic has been discussed in this forum previously with great content. I hope it would generate the same again. The comment at the bottom of the page is interesting by Rudy101 too.

Denver DA asks Supreme Court to resolve uncertainty of sex offender sentences

Looks like NY Governor Cuomo got hit by a second allegation of sexual harassment from a much younger female aide.

Just remember this is Cuomo 2 years ago:

I feel like I’ve seen so many cases like this, men who aggressive court the female vote and attack sex criminals and end up having very unsavory, predatory tendencies themselves. As far as I can tell it’s just a subtype of masculine tendencies where some men try to eliminate all competition to “save” the women for themselves. I know the media-friendly sheriff who staged my sting arrest later married a much younger woman whom he began dating when she was a student of his in some college law enforcement seminar.

Any legal minds know if this recent ruling by U.S. District Judge J. Campbell Barker could be used in the Federal registration situation? Seems like a similar Federal powers over states type thing. Here’s a link to the ruling:


I think the problem is that provided you remain within the borders of one state Federal SORNA doesnt apply but only the state’s laws. If the Feds tries to enforce something that involves someone who was not crossing the state lines then something here might apply. Either way this may be appealed and its not precedential.

@M C Yes, i agree, i did mean the feds trying to force states or registrants within their states to comply. Also, you’re right, it was appealed immediately, so we will have to wait and see how the appeal goes. It is on a fast track though so we won’t have to wait long to find out.
But i did want to know if this issue would be similar, and could apply to our issue, if so, this would be very important to the proposed rule changes that the previous A.G put forth.

This is a bit off topic so I’ll keep it short, but relates to the eviction moratorium – I wonder if a landlord couldn’t use the argument that the such a moratorium amounts to an unconstitutional government taking of property without just compensation. That is, the government interference in the property rights of the landlord to remove someone not paying rent – if they ultimately do not pay what is past due – amounts to a government taking of the property because the landlord effectively had to provide the property for free at the governments direction.

My, my, my… and the beat goes on. Either its federal or state but who’s bearing false wittness. One would guess nobody lies’ anymore in a court of law. Thats a new one on me and many. Sure we all lie but when those in authority lie than someone’s been smoking in the boys room. Much of what we all have been discussing on here should of never been. Courts making deals with plea deals or other measures to avoid the real truth of the sex registry stings.
Sure Janice is a constitutional lawyer but one wonders whats criminal today in justice. Seems that most on here should of solved that problem with the registry long ago. Even at times respect can go so far and judges seem to try to avoid issues when it comes to sex entrapment by this inducement. Stand your ground.

Don’t really know how to follow that , but here it goes……..

Is removal from the Ca Megans public site automatic upon a 17b, or do you still have to file the form. I have been told both. I want to address the listing on other sites and want to be sure I am on solid ground when asking for my name to be removed from places like ‘Homefacts’.

@Way too

Not sure which code you are referencing the 17b for … but here are my thoughts and experiences hope it helps.

To my knowledge/experience it is rarely automatic to get removal from Megan’s law. That said, check your court paperwork to see if the court directed your removal from the web page.

If the court did not order the removal, then proceed with filing out the paperwork and submitting what ever documents you need to include.

Hope you succeeded

From Florida Action Committee website: (VA) Win in Virginia as 4th Circuit reverses and remands ex-post-facto registration case.

Out of Virginia where an Ex-Post-Facto case was reversed and remanded after being dismissed by the trial court.

In 1994, Prynne was convicted and sentenced to probation for having sex with a 15-year old for which she served as the family nanny. The following year the Virginia registry was enacted, a few years later the length of time one had to register for was extended and over the course of 25 years since, the finish line kept moving for Ms. Prynne.

The court used the expression from the 6th Circuit, that Smith v. Doe should not be seen as a blank check for states to enact harsher and harsher registration requirements and that the Plaintiffs complaint alleged sufficient arguments to proceed and she should have her day in court.

Ensuing Enlightenment.

Not so enlightening. They only allowed her to proceed in those areas where VSOR exceeds SORNA.

Also concerning: “The lifetime
requirement that she register as a sex offender, she argues, is “irrational” because the registry does not actually achieve its purpose of preventing recidivism and because Prynne,
in particular, is “not a recidivism risk.” Appellant’s Br. 42–43. However, the Court is compelled “to accept a legislature’s generalizations” and finds the State’s contention that
VSOR protects the public by reducing sex offenses a “conceivable basis” for the law. Heller, 409 U.S. at 321; see also Smith, 538 U.S. at 102–03 (finding Alaska sex offender
registry served a legitimate purpose “by alerting the public to the risk of sex offenders in their communit[y]” (alteration in original)); Under Seal, 709 F.3d at 265. Indeed, in the
eyes of the legislators who enacted VSOR, that Prynne has lived “a model life” since her conviction, supports the conclusion that the registry helps prevent recidivism.”

So, the 4th Circuit also ruled here that the opinions of the legislators overrides empirical tangible evidence in a court of law. Not only that, but the Court accepts that recidivism is low because of the registry.

So, if we behave, the registry is working as intended. If we screw up, the registry is working as intended.

“That’s some catch, that Catch-22,” he observed.
“It’s the best there is,” Doc Daneeka agreed.

There is Due Process part of these court case that was not allowed to go forward either which I dropped off before publishing here (see the article via the link if you like). It is a fine line which she is being allowed to go forward with. May saner and more rational minds see the ex post facto for what it is in her case and stop the moving of goal posts (as they say) so she may live her life in peace for the rest of her days.