NC: Pasquotank Co Sheriff’s Office partnered with U.S. Marshals to conduct sex offender operation

[ – 3/18/21]

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – On Monday the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the United States Marshals Service to conduct a Sex Offender Enforcement and Compliance Operation.

According to authorities, the purpose of the operation was to ensure that the eighty registered sex offenders in Pasquotank County were in compliance with state laws, and the Adam Walsh Act.

The Adam Walsh Act is intended to help to protect children from sexual exploitation and
violent crime.

The compliance investigations included confirming the residency of each registered sex offender, confirming personal information about each registered sex offender, and serving outstanding warrants on each offender.

In addition, the operation helped to locate any sex offenders who have avoided arrest.

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And 100 trafficked children were rescued, or would have been if these individuals were as dangerous as the non-punitive regulations assume. Sarcasm aside, no children were harmed in the making of this propaganda campaign.

Failing to Register (Multiple Counts)
Failing to Notify of a Change of Address (Multiple Counts)
Failing to Report Online Identifiers (Multiple Counts)
Sex Offender Unlawfully on Premises
Falsification of Verification (Multiple Counts)
Residential Restriction; Residing too Close to a School or Daycare

Wow, good thing they spent all that time, money and resources on this venture.

I don’t see one charge of any actual crime committed – only registration violations for whatever reasons.

Well at least this venture saved 100’s of children from violent crimes – NOT!!

Oh wait, they succeeded in doing one thing – getting Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office in the news. I guess they feel really good about themselves now. Wonder how many real crimes were committed during this idiotic venture that they missed while working on this?

Surprised they don’t announce these operations on their website or FaceCrock. Come to our area to commit as much crime; while we make sure registrants have their papers match our Nazi regime’s hit list!! These operations are a huge waste of resources for overpaid criminals in law enforcement themselves.

If something happened to a kid during these operations I wonder what the headlines would be.

So the Sheriff’s department is so small/pathetic they needed the Marshall’s service to check on 80 people?
As I’ve discovered, most of the Sheriff’s in NC are incorrectly enforcing the premise restrictions, so I wonder if some of these charges are even valid.

Glad to know they solved all the murders, assaults and robberies and have time for trivial bullshit like this.

BTW – what’s the point in registering if they can so easily find us?

“The Adam Walsh Act is intended to help to protect children from sexual exploitation and
violent crime.”

That’s cute and noble, except memorial laws never pass the smell test – they’re passed on emotion.

Using a kid that’s been dead for 40 years to promote child safety rhetoric and fear propaganda.

Stay classy, America.

Where the “targets” still on paper? If their sentences have been fully satisfied, then what’s going on here.

When we get these stories here, everyone need to take the time to find the source of the abuse.this time it was the sheriff. Then you simply find their email and send them your opinion on their actions. I sometimes even get a response back. Mostly it is a sarcastic ,” thx for your feedback , and have a nice day”. But at least it means they are reading them. Enough sent and who knows, although I would rather be walking into their office armed with a Louisville Slugger. I have to settle for an electronic tongue lashing.

“Failing to report online identifiers?” How is this legal in other parts of the country? This can definitely be abused by government and also used to chill free speech!

If you want to reach a wider audience you can search for another outlet that allows comments on the same story. Like this one

Pasquotank Co Sheriff’s Office partnered with U.S. Marshals to conduct sex offender operation

The right-wing Free Republic used to, and probably still does, ask its members to Freep a poll up or down and post comments to sway the readers at various news sites. Maybe we could have an ongoing “Freep” thread. There are ways to make it easy to register to post a comment if need be.

I am confused. Why would anybody get arrested for something that is just administrative? Like paying a late fee if you failed to pay a bill on time, etc. If the registration is just regulatory, then give them a fix-it ticket if needed. So, how can they justify this again??? It IS punitive. Why can’t they just man up to it and say it like it is rather than hiding behind absurd lies nobody believes, including the people claiming it is not punitive. Let’s get real here.

90% of theses compliance checks are done on people on parole or probation every time theses taskforces are formed it’s to hunt people for FTR it’s the only power they have to send sex offenders to prison.
No matter what your living situation is make sure you register your address and if your homeless just go in there once a month and tell them where outside your sleeping because every Law Enforcement agency that encounters a sex offender is secretly trying to build a case against them for FTR.
Never answer any of there questions if your not sure why their asking them be polite give them your ID and answer all their questions with yes or no answers because you dont know if they’ve been watching you for the last couple of days and if they can get you on record lying it makes it easier for the FTR charge to stick in a court

Good luck

My concern here is we see the enormous police state we live in full bloom.
Here we’ve 2 agencies from separate jurisdictions, 1 fed + 1 state, doing the same job upon the singular citizen. This is the epitome of government waste for mutual piggy gratification. Both agencies get the credit tor essentially benign activity with respect to actually diminishing attack.

“the operation helped to locate any sex offenders who have avoided arrest.” Well, since it is frequently said that many or most sex crimes go unreported, were the LEOs checking their owns ranks as well as going house to house seeking “any sex offenders who have avoided arrest”?? Did they interview parents, children, uncle’s, grandparents, siblings, teachers, clergy, youth sports coaches, etc. as they tried “to locate any sex offenders who have avoided arrest”?? Did they search all the computers and cellphones in the County??
There are likely plenty of sex offenders out there. So stop harassing those who’ve previously been convicted – go find the ones who have, so far, “avoided arrest.” That’s too much like real work, huh?