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IL: Illinois House bill would change sex offender residence requirements

[ – 3/18/21]

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A bill moving through the Illinois House of Representatives would change how close a registered sex offender could live to a school, playground, or childcare facility.

HB3913 would amend the Unified Code of Correction and allow a registered sex offender to reside within 250 feet of any the restricted facilities. State law currently requires they live 500 feet.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Camille Lilly and Rep. Kelly Cassidy would also remove a weekly requirement that a registered sex offender must register their address if they lack a fixed residence.

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Read the bill

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Seems like Adelle’s activities are working in Illinois. Residence restrictions serve as the traditional punishment of incarceration. That is keeping offenders outside of the community.

I admit I didn’t read the bill but I don’t think it affects offenders at all. It says above that it affects PFRs.

I read the article, and what stood out to me is that they actually have a sub committee on sex offenses and registration. What other crime has its own state congressional subcommittee. That would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculously pathetic.

Isn’t that what CA CASOMB is? Maybe that’s their version of it.

And CASOMB has absolutely no bearing to any legislation. CASOMB is a bunch of smoke and mirrors just so the state can say they’re doing studies. None of those studies are ever solidified to reveal the low recidivism rates for quite some time now. WAR compiled a study from CASOMB’s info between 1997-2008 that recidivism rate of sex offenders is 3.38%. (Link to WAR/CASOMB 10-year study: )

We are in 2021. We CASOMB has recorded recidivism rates to under 1% once Failure to Register (FTR) was removed from the recidivism category. (Link to under 1% recidivism rate: )
Here’s a quote from that link, which was shared here on ACSOL:
The new CDCR report states that the rate of re-offense for registrants on parole was .6 percent in 2015. That rate compares to CDCR reported rates of .8 percent in 2014, 1.8 percent in 2013 and 1.9 percent in 2012.

“The CDCR reports debunk the myth that registrants have a high rate of re-offense,” stated ACSOL President Janice Bellucci. “The fact is that very few registrants commit a subsequent sex offense.”


We have ample study and recordings all the way back from 1997 (3.38%) to 2015 (under 1% recidivism rate). Yet, here we are, still propped up like an irredeemable monster despite the state sanctioned CASOMB (California Sex Offender Management Board) research work.

Why the California courts won’t accept CASOMB reports means CASOMB is a waste of time along with monies and a joke of an organization whose work carries no scientific validity. Why did California even create this organization? It’s a farce. CASOMB proves the low recidivism rates, but CA court system and legislature won’t accept it. Smoke and mirrors. Gotta keep the monster appearance going.

250ft or 500ft what’s the difference your still living by a school people just wanna point their fingers and whisper to each outher how much better of a person they are then the sex offender guy living down the street.
Honestly after 10-20 years of being labeled a scary monster it starts to take a toll on you the hopeles feeling of constant shame and sadness mixed with loneliness is A deadly cocktail for suicide

Good luck

According to the registration form we sign in Illinois “temporary absences of more than 3 days in a calendar year require you to register your new address”.This law is beyond idiotic and a nightmare to follow—or implement. 

To make this more complicated and impossible to comply with, in Chicago you now have to make an appointment to register. I called on Feb 10 to make an appointment for my annual renewal on March 2, and was told that the earliest date I could get an appointment was May 4,which I accepted.

I asked if I should be worried about missing my March 2 annual registration date, and was told by the officer on the phone that she didn’t know if I should be worried but that the Chicago Police was “not issuing warrants at this time”.  

Now, it used to be that if I were going to be away a week or more, I would go down to the 35th Street CPD headquarters exactly 3 days before leaving and sit in the holding pen with the many homeless weekly registrants for several hours to report my upcoming “absence” — recorded as a “change of address,” and then return exactly three days after arriving home to report my “new address” (really my permanent home). Most of us only do this for a lengthy absence. They ignore a weekend trip rather than waste two days out and back in. 

Now, it would seem that will be impossible, because I would have to make an appointment to report three or months before leaving and then I don’t know how I would report my return three days after arriving home, maybe make another appointment three months ahead. And, time the two appointments to exactly three days before and after.

So, once again, it seems to me like this is unquestionably punishment, effectively being unable to legally leave our homes for more than three days. And, in my case that’s after 15 unblemished years following the end of probation, almost 20 years after my conviction.

That is completely unacceptable nonsense. Further, I don’t care if people call it “punishment”, “public safety”, “bing bong”, or whatever the f*ck else they care to, that isn’t relevant. It is just unacceptable. End of story. It is harassment. It is an act of war. It is nothing more than criminal scumbags harassing other people. Just as all terrible people have done throughout ALL of human history. It’s harassment.

Further, how incompetent can the law enforcement criminals (LECs) be? What is the actual bottom level of their incompetency? The Hit Lists have been around forever. This “reporting” idiocy ought to be so simple and routine now that grade schoolers could run it. But can LECs do it efficiently?! What a joke.

Dumbass LECs should not be paying people much money to do this clerical work either. They should have an army of clerical workers hired to handle any number of people who simply walk into their office to fill out paperwork. Their incompetence is truly just stupefying to me. Only big government could get away with it. Anyone else would be run out of business.

Regarding missing your annual registration date – that certainly should not be your problem or worry. It is not your fault that they are pathetic and incompetent. Show up at their registration office before you need to and attempt to register. Record it all. If there is a problem, you can certainly say you were there and ready to register. They were too incompetent to deal with it. They want this stupidity, they should have to handle it.

Also, as I’ve said 1 billion times, it does not make ANY sense to have to tell a criminal regime when you are going to be away from your residence. No sense at all. Supposedly the Hit Lists exist to inform people that you are around. When you Register your residence, that has been accomplished. Your nosy, busybody “neighbors” have no business or need to know when you are NOT there. Because they’ve been told that you live there and might be there. So they should always beware! Same with the LECs. There is no public safety component to that in any way. They require it because they are lazy and enjoy the harassment.

All of this “reporting absences” and other idiocy are perfect reasons why no PFR should EVER allow LECs to do “compliance checks”. LECs should never expect to come to your home and expect you to respond. Not ever. If they want to play their BS games, then make them suffer.

Lastly, I pray that tens of millions of people see the danger that LECs and our out-of-control big governments are. I pray that people are taking steps daily to control the criminals, shrink them, defund them, and ensure they are too busy dealing with their huge, constant dysfunction to be able to harass law abiding citizens. My plan is to always ensure that big government has too many real problems to deal with so they can’t harass me.

One in every 212 men in Illinois is listed on the sex offense registry. One in every 147 men in Illinois is listed on a public conviction registry.

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