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CA: East County neighbors angered over plan to house sex offender

[ – 4/2/21]

EL CAJON, Calif. – Residents in unincorporated El Cajon are pushing back ahead of a hearing this month that could place a man convicted of multiple sexual assaults in a supervised home in their neighborhood.

A hearing will be held next month to determine whether to place Douglas ____, a 78-year-old man convicted of several sexual assaults, in a supervised home in unincorporated El Cajon. (Provided)

The hearing is scheduled for April 20 after California’s Department of State Hospitals recommended 78-year-old Douglas ____placed in a home on Horizon Hills Drive. Douglas ____, was convicted of sexually assaulting male hitchhikers dating back to the mid-1970s, according to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

His crimes span five separate counties, including San Diego County, the office said.

Neighbors found out about the hearing this week and some already are making their positions known with signs posted outside which read, “Predators not welcome.”

“It’s crazy,” said Kelley Deriemer, who lives across the street from the proposed placement site. “Kind of blindsided everybody in the neighborhood.”

Deriemer says nobody lives at the home now and that the owner lives out of state.

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Sounds to me like the neighbors in El Cajon deserve some payback.

Angered and unreasonable, just the kind of voters that helped to build this big angry and unreasonable green blob that lives in the 290 area code.

Betcha all these “concerned” people are just social media trolls angering themselves and each other. “Pffff, whattt?! A person is trying to live like a normal human being??!?! Next to me???”

(this same person doesn’t seem to mind the freeway is full of “potential murderers”)

For crying out loud, the man is 78 years old. What do they seriously expect him to do?

We must monitor the people who have been through the system; while being in the dark about the people who haven’t been caught. These people will crucify anyone or anything to make their fragile selfs feel good.

I happen to live here in El Cajon, That area is somewhat the border of el cajon and Mt Helix area (La Mesa)…. That area is nothing but stuck up snobs… Think their shit doesnt stink…. For the NEIGHBORS in this are to have know someone (SD SHERIFF PIGS) have had to gone door to door…. as this is a hilly area and sparsely populated.

Some one friggen 78 years old is of NO harm…. Not sure why he would be placed here as even this is a little bit of a ways off from public transp. O wait.. I know why he was placed here.. LAME GOVERNMENT ! Ill bet Parole is footing the bill for the house which will NOT be cheap (Probably upwards of 2K a month or more)….

Every time i hear stories about sex offenders moving into peoples neighborhoods and causing a big Community uproar i just laugh that’s what the community gets and SD county sheriffs office can deal with this problem i know they say to them selfies daam IML isn’t making are job any easier as it was supposed to where the hell can we put this 78 year old man without people knowing he’s there

Good luck✌😬

You mask your distain for sex offenders with comments such as this. Easy to read between the lines on your comments and see you are a troll. Go somewhere else.

where’s the meeting location

Redwood City did get this man blocked, 40 years in a correctional institution and they felt he wasn’t corrected. Shows they have no faith in the justice system’s ability to correct people.

Not the Justice system’s job to correct people. I point to the recidivism rate of most crime. Rehabilitation programs through “the system” is a myth , manufactured to do two things,
1. Give health care workers a job
2. Meet the requirements put on the prison system by politicians and the public to keep communities safer.
Prisons know all too well that the people they release ( for majority of crimes ) will return within 2 yrs. we as registrants are the exception. But that will never be their position.

This is an interesting comment. I never served time in prison, but from the outside my impression jives with Eric. I have a family member serving time for an armed robbery, and I believe he spends his time giving tattoos with homemade instruments and watching reality shows about making blacksmithing weapons. I have no real beef with these activities, but how are they geared toward repentance, life
improvement, or victim reparations? It seems like a factory for making better criminals. It’s as if our leaders read One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and A Clockwork Orange in the 60s and concluded “behavior modification is evil” and gave up trying to turn people
around in any meaningful way—which is why we defunded mental hospitals in the 80s and focused instead on paying pharmaceuticals to drug

Hell animals are treated better than someone with a sex offense no matter how long ago. Are people still wearing their chicken little costume all year round? The sky isn’t falling; yet your projected fear makes you look like a dumb cluck.

It’s embarrassing that registrants continue to get this undue focus while, all around America, non-registered men recently released from prison or simply out on bond for various violent (and non-sexual) offenses have been contributing to a near record level of violence in this country, notably against Asian-Americans. Just two days ago an Asian woman was stabbed to death in this very same state (California) by a man out on bond for another violent assault:

Asian woman stabbed to death in attack in California (

Even the New York Times has had to address the issue, it’s gotten so bad in NYC:

The New York Times on Twitter: “Many of the people charged recently with anti-Asian attacks in New York City have also had a history of mental health episodes, arrests and homelessness. The overlapping issues are complicating the city’s search for an effective response.” / Twitter

I don’t particularly want to throw other felons under the bus, but I also want to do the best for registrants and our families, and I don’t think we can break the illusion of the “particularly dangerous sex offender” until we set the public straight on the true recidivism statistics of other criminals and put pressure on the police to either start monitoring ALL SERIOUS FELONS–which would require an actual sensible strategy–or force them to admit that maybe the whole enterprise is unconstitutional and immoral.

Wait, so it says, “sexually assaulting male hitchhikers.” Minors or adults? Why wouldn’t a news article clarify this? If the victims were adults, why the hell would parents be concerned? (they shouldn’t even be concerned if it was minors..he’s 78 years old!) Especially when his crimes were so long ago. Oh wait, I forgot. Doesn’t matter how long ago a sexually-based offense occurred because the label never goes away.

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