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This was posted on my neighborhood’s NextDoor app: “Database Map of Local Registered Sex Offenders: Might be worthwhile to check the database to see who your neighbors are, especially if you have kids. Kind of horrifying. 

It’s inaccurate. It does not include me.

Link doesn’t exist anymore.

There are some extra characters in the original URL posted. Try this:

@ Jason: I just used the link that I posted and it worked fine. I just had to enter a zip code. Then you can tap on the little map pins and it will show a person’s photo & information.

Nothing screams Orwell’s dystopia more than these maps.
It looks like parts of Los Angeles have a registered person in every street corner.

Good. The more of us there are, the more trivial that information becomes. Eventually it will become white noise.

I thought if you were taken off the public registry, these sites weren’t allowed to post either.

1. Is there any update on the american law institute? If I remember some months ago they where deciding on things like cp charges and if the registry should be public.
2. Are their any cases challenging the registry heading to the supreme court by any chance? Or any in the work?
If so do they need support or how could we support them, rather with letters or financially?

If I remember correctly, the ALI meeting is in June.

@ Anklebiter: There was something posted on this website about ALI about a month ago. But now I can’t find it. Sorry. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@David/Anklebiter/Ed C

May 17-18 and Jun 7-8

Has any one got threatening phone calls lately . I recived a call , yesterday , from a man saying he was from a agencey that was up-dating my sex offender regerstration . I don’t hear well , so I always have the phone on speaker , and I was in Cosco , And the guy had a mexican acceny ,So I did’nt hear everything he said. I went out side , and ask who he was , I didn’t understand what he said, but Soon told him he was full of shit , He says I’m being watched as… Read more »

Every form of imaginable scam is on the phone, scum bags selling phone lists back and forth. I’ve gotten numerous calls from bogus IRS, detectives and such, but never concerning the registry. None of these legitimate organizations are going to contact you by phone like that. Hang up, block the number. Since he threatened you I would give the number to police. I think there is a web link for abusive calls, maybe ask Janice, but don’t let it bother you, this is the new age of the open information. It is amazing how the feds can track down an… Read more »

There have been reported incidents of registrants getting calls from the “police” in regards to their registrations and all of them are scams to get money. The actual police will never ask for money over the phone – just so you know.

Don’t worry, it was pure bullshit. I’ve gotten those calls, too, and even my elderly father got one a couple of years ago about me. Worried he’d get scammed out of a few thousand bucks by these pieces of shit, I called the phone company and had them block all numbers except a list of family and friends. I remember within the last couple of years the cops arrested some people for running the phone scam on registrants. It was posted here but I can’t find the article anymore. Anyway, check out YouTube for some awesome videos of hackers who… Read more »

I got a scam call last month. Caller identified himself as a law enforcement officer…needed a DNA sample… didn’t I get the summons they sent me?, blah, blah, blah.
He was fake, but BEWARE – he sounded very authentic. He wasn’t genuine, but he was very convincing. Probably a flunky ex-LEO!

Got the same call…twice. The guy sounds very legit and does not back down. First clue it was a scam, he tries to keep you on the phone and engaged. I put him on hold and called my P.O. The P.O. had me tie him into the call.. P.O. asked him who he worked for and had him give an email address. He spewed out Orange County Sheriff. The email address did not end with “.gov”. That’s how he knew the guy was a scammer. The guy was very bold and did not scare by talking to the P.O. Pretty… Read more »

Next time, tell him you gave his mother “DNA sample” last night. He can get it from her.

Hey, oooooh…! <rim shot>

I’ll show myself out, thanks.

We need to be involved in groups working to change the criminal justice system, like Critical Resistance and DSA, to be sure their efforts include RSOs.

Different buy similar.
I found an email in my spam from someone whose name I know asking if I had some girl, with a link. The email address was sketchy, so I did not click. Nope, not falling for that one.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the feds trying to lure you in.

Only time I got a call from the sheriff’s office it was during COVID to register over the phone. Otherwise if I don’t recognize a number I don’t answer. I thought it was against the law to pose as a cop; yet it’s okay when you try to scam a PFR. If you do you get a warning from the cops, what a crock!!

No, it’s not okay and yes, it is against the law! They need to bust these scumbags!? 😡

57 days left until SB384 takes affect the district attorney’s office and the public defenders office are gearing up getting ready for battle the district attorney’s office has alot of power but so does the public defenders office in the fact that the DA has to prove the petitioner is a threat to society. Meanwhile Janice Bellucci and ACSOL will be fileing hella lawsuits challenging the tiered registry perversion. Unfortunately my bday is before July 1st so I can’t participate in this shiit show until next year but it’s all good ima just sit back with a bag of popcorn… Read more »

July 1st should mean you’re good to go this year! It’s anyone who’s birthday is prior to July 1st who must wait until after their next b-day to file.

@ Aero1: My sympathies. My BD is also just before July 1st. HOWEVER, to the best of my knowledge, CADOJ still hasn’t finalized their form that’s needed in order to petition for removal and July 1st is less than two months away.

Talk about government and bureaucrats hard at work. Laurel and Hardy would do better jobs than these people. Probably waiting for time to pass; so people will have to wait to petition next year.

Was wondering if this would be a good angle to fight the registry Or possibly another Avenue to prove it is punitive. Since studied and discovered doctors, nasa, Olympic trainers, military, have all used heart rate variability(HRV) to test a persons stress levels. And how the body experiences recovery from many different types of physical and physiological stresses. It is a physical measurement of a person reaction to a stressor and their recovery. Could we prove it to the courts that all these restrictions and the chaotic environment they have created for us to try and maze around is punishment.… Read more »

Good Luck!

One small issue……..THEY DON’T CARE!

If we can document any negative health or mental health consequences of what is specifically denied to be a punishment, that should matter. Obviously, the difficulty is proving that it is a result of the registry, not our arrest and prosecution, but we should be able to achieve that by using a comparable population from a country without a public registry. That sort of study costs money, but not a lot.

I’m sorry, Literally Nobody, but if judges and CASOMB and lawmakers all don’t give a hoot about USDOJ crime statistics that clearly state that people convicted of sexual offenses have VERY low recidivism rates, why would you waste any time or money on such a study?? We already have the research findings & statistics – but judge’s, lawmakers, etc. choose to ignore facts because the facts don’t benefit their agendas.

@David: Recidivism statistics show the registry isn’t useful, but laws don’t have to be useful. If laws are harmful, I think that could change things. Maybe sue states for harassment, and cite pain and suffering for damages? Cyberstalking? People are succeeding in suing various levels of government for all sorts of things, and the law recognizes mental health harm. Sex offenders may be more unpopular than ever, but lawyers seem to be pretty successful in getting massive settlements from governments for harm their policies cause citizens. We might have to think outside the box a bit, but documenting actual, not… Read more »

You do have a point. 👍

I learned today that, shockingly, I’m a Level Two. I’m not sure how that happened but thank goodness. Nevertheless, I’m clearly not a candidate under current criteria for removal (my friends were under fourteen) but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ll take it. Are they factoring in time under registration crime-free?

I think all 40,000 of us that are 288(a) have friends that were under 14, but we should all be Tier 2 if nothing else is involved. Are you under a different code?

Glad to hear you caught a break, amigo. Let’s hope this is a trend.

“Two nurses went to the hospital on Monday after opening a letter… A Charlotte County hazmat team tested the letter and did not find anything suspicious, according to officials. Both nurses were released from the hospital later in the afternoon.”

Maybe they had paper cuts.

Well, they have gone and done it now. They have almost achieved their ultimate goal of stripping me of any semblance love, happiness and normalcy… I was accused in 2007, signed a plea in 2009, got out May 15th 2010, and met the woman who would become my wife on June 29th 2010. We were married on 12/10/10 and filed our first adjustment of status application at the end of January 2011 because my wife is still a Chinese citizen. We had never heard of the AWA and tried to do the application ourselves. They dragged the process out for… Read more »

When you saw CPS was on you guys like that why didn’t you get out of dodge the only power CPS had over your wife and child was you being around her and the baby so az a man in this phuct up situation we’re in you should of disappeared for a while phuckit file for a divorce and sign off all your parental rights and obligations and separated for a lilittle while you guys could’ve met up later in another county or state. It’s almost impossible for CPS to take a sex offenders child I mean you had to… Read more »

@Aero1 If you had read any of my previous posts on other articles you would have read that I did dissappear and was living my my car for months while my wife and daughter were at our home. We couldn’t file for divorce because my wife’s immigration application relies on our marriage. The CPS officer was way over zealous and was stalking our home and driving by where I was registered to be sleeping in my car. This was her first case and she was determined to “make her bones” so to speak. There is little doubt in my mind… Read more »

This is tragic and my heart goes out to you and your wife and baby.
How did the government come to know that you’re married and had a child?

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to… Read more »

I previously posted a response to Jon’s message but the moderators rejected it. I guess it was too militant. Your response is great. That quote really hits home and I believe it. But I prefer guerilla war. I declared war on Registry Supporters/Terrorists long ago and I’ve been defeating them ever since. They’ll continue to suffer hugely disproportionate causalities compared to the harm they are causing my family. As long as the Hit Lists exist. It is pathetic that the Hit Lists get them off so much that they will sacrifice public safety, peace, goodwill, and so many other good… Read more »

I am liking this. It seems to be more up to date than Rtag

Should pop this new matrix over to the international travel thread for safe keeping

Its not totally up to date because I know for a fact that both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have visa free programs now.

I’ve visited both countries, I’m hopefully I can visit this year once covid is not an issue anymore. No trouble getting in and out, visa process is very simple online normally get it back in 5 days. I’ve traveled there through Turkey before and after my conviction in 2016, anyways, it’s an amazing place, awesome culture.

That answered a lot of questions for me,
but does the red, yellow, green colors have any significance?

I agree that it may be more up to date than Rtag and appears to be more comprehensive. Kudos to whoever spent the time it took to create this. What both this matrix and Rtag need is to split refused entry into three columns: 1) Refused entry by air 2) Refused entry by sea 3) Refused entry by land I have been to many of the countries with a “Y” in the refused entry column, but I didn’t arrive by air. Also, I have transited through both the UK and Canada, but maybe I was just lucky. Actually, I have… Read more »

I may have missed this website before, but the overall website Just Facts, Not Fear (Working to protect the human rights of, and create a positive future for, those forced to register) seems to be decent with the info provided for those who would read this forum and others similar to.

I think the owner of the site is the same guy that successfully moved to Germany.

I have been off the sex offender list in Pennsylvania for four years. Two years ago I applied for a new passport. It is not restricted. In September I will be taking a river cruise through Schengen countries. My only concern is that on my flight home from Switzerland I will have a connecting flight in London. I know London denies entry to registered sex offenders. Since I am not a registered sex offender will I have any trouble once I arrive at Heathrow airport to wait for my connecting flight to Philadelphia? My research has indicated that I am… Read more »

May i ask how are the laws PA if you are a RC? My husband is registered here in NV and we are thinking about moving to PA

If things were done right by our government, you should be fine.

This should be in the international thread. It is not recommended to attempt to transit the UK however if you are not having to or able to report on a 21 day notice that you are transiting the UK and are only attempting to transit it on the way home they would really only be able to deport you back to your home country from there anyway and that’s where your flight transiting back is going so I’m not sure they would be able to do too much other than hold you until your flight and make sure you get… Read more »

With all the news going on has any organization done anything with the use of STINGS to get people to become sex offenders? Seems that with the focus on drugs maybe this could be another step to freedom.

I have been off the Pennsylvania sex offender list for four years. Once I was removed from the list my research indicated that I did not appear on any state or national database. I obtained a renewed passport two years ago and it is not restricted. I have traveled through Schengen countries several times over the last 10 years and have not had a problem at all, other than returning through customs at my home airport in Philadelphia while I was still on the list. In September I will be taking a river cruise from Amsterdam to Switzerland. During this… Read more »

Absolutely you have reason to be concerned about transiting through the U.K. Don’t do it! There have been many people returned involuntarily to the U.S. for transiting through Heathrow. They weren’t staying in the U.K., they were just intending to change planes with onwards to the EU. They were NOT allowed to go to Europe and had to pay for the return trip.

Like the article says, nobody is taking responsibility,,,
hold their feet to the fire of truth!

@ C: I believe you’re mistaken in your presumption. The fault does not lie with the FBI – the fault lies with Alabama law enforcement:
“Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the state police, told AP that it conducted a “full and thorough” investigation into Bauer’s background….”. With that statement, it appears the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency/Alabama State Police is misleading the public, not the FBI.

Biden is trying to lift patent restrictions on Covid vaccine to save all those sex offenders in other countries. Meanwhile his DOJ (actually he inherited this crap from the previous admin) is doing everything they can kill every registrant in the U.S.


“Biden is trying to lift patent restrictions on Covid vaccine to save all those sex offenders in other countries.” Huh? “Sex offenders” are people too and can transmit this virus. Biden is trying to get vaccines to other countries as appaently the people in the US are weary of the vaccine. Vaccine rates have been dropping and only 30% of the US has been fully vaccinated. I say if we have an abundance of vaccines get them to other countries. Even if the patent is “lifted”, will those countries have the chemicals and equipment to produce a vaccine?

It was sarcastic

I didn’t see it as sarcastic. I saw it as misinformed.

Oh, well. Sigh…………

Seems coincidental that This Duggar C.P. Story is getting so much attention at the same time the SORNA regulations are being set to implement. Like the Feds are feeding info to the press to bolster their position and get the public behind them.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they could have arrested him a yr ago , but held off to coincide with the new SORNA.

This is a man they believe is so dangerous that they are arguing before a judge that he should not be allowed out of pre-trial detention to live with two adults with dial-up internet access and no minor children (friends of his father, who have experience ministering to inmates), even while is subjected to ankle-monitoring under a $250,000 bond. And yet, regardless of why, they let him live with a family full of children and zero monitoring for well over a year before they decided to indict him over 200 deleted images that they surely found less than 24 hours… Read more »

Similar thing happened to a guy in our therapy group. He was charged and latter convicted of 647.6 misdemeanor. The whole court thing took a year or so to do. During that year, no one batted an eye that he was living with his children. Then, during his first meeting with his PO post conviction, he was instantly threatened with imprisonment if he didn’t instantly move out. For the safety of his children, of course.

Its not the system, its the human beings that run it. The human scum prosecutors, the fascist pig cops and judges.

The grassroots = the foundation.

Many arrests are timed to coincide with other related issues. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more of these as SORNA reg deadline gets closer.

Just a general question;

In the legal section of this website under registration rules for the 50 states, it lists California as keeping everyone registered once you are on the list. ( ” Per Rolfe Survey, visiting Registrants are placed on state’s website and not removed.”)

If a visitor stays in Ca. for more than 5 working days and registers are they stuck on the list like Florida? I seem to recall on an ACSOL call that it is not the case. Any help?

I’m confused on this as well. Janett says CA removes people once they provide notification that they’re permanently leaving CA. But, as you said, the matrix on this site seems to indicate otherwise. And it’s the same language on the Matrix that’s used for other states like Florida and NY who we know for sure doesn’t deregister anyone, even after death.

Pigs claim to be “protecting children”. This is how they actually treat children, and the government, supreme court, and police unions all applaud.

“Investigators Probe Cause Of Fire At Controversial Englewood Building That Houses 60 Registered Sex Offenders” Great line from this story: “Former resident Jasmine Tinsley said the landlord didn’t even tell her about the former offenders until she moved in – while pregnant with her 6-year-old.” That is one l-o-n-g pregnancy and borderline child abuse!

Gee, I wonder why there was a fire?

This headline, alone, is a real keeper: “Minnesota Psychologist Charged With Having Sex With Sex Offenders”

Perhaps a new, more esoteric registry for this class of offenders is needed?

This doesn’t, however, quite rise to the level of California’s Coalinga State Hospital for the Criminally Sexually Insane having an actual prostitution ring composed of state employees to service the needs of hosprisoners (for those who somehow found these staffers sufficiently attractive). And yes, that really happened.

“Sex offenders sue state after being denied leftovers from their Satanic feast” Fresh from the Corn-and-Hog State, there’s this bit of agitprop/civil disobedience theater staged by Iowa’s civilly detained. This is a good start.

This is a question for any US Permanent Residents that are RSO’s. Are you out there? Is there any? I’m was convicted for CP, did my time, I was due to be deported, but at the last minute ICE removed my detainer and let me stay. First off, I really don’t want to, but being on supervised release makes international travel hard, if not impossible. Is it possible to leave the US for good while on? I am a RSO, but I do not have a US passport, so no markings. Just trying to clarify things, figure out when I… Read more »

“Is it possible to leave the US for good while on? I am a RSO, but I do not have a US passport, so no markings.” Use whatever passport or means you have and leave then. Without details, and I’m not asking for any, it’s hard to help/advise.

I reread my post and you’re right, not enough info! ‘Is is possible to leave the US while on supervised release?’. If not, I just have to wait the 2 more years for my supervised release to be finished. ‘If I travel on a non US passport, will there be any flags travelling to another country? Once I’m gone from the US, and after giving my 21 day notice, that’s it I’m not coming back. I understand that I do have to give the feds my passport number, but, I can always get a new one in my home country… Read more »

So my reduction/removal petition went to the board and the ADA. They are moving to deny it due to not showing enough proof that I have changed since my original offense in 2007 in a different state. They acknowledged that they made my level higher than it should have been at my initial hearing as their points were based on fabrications that were proven to be so at that time. They even had the guff to say that they didn’t know if I completely the second offense therapy even though it was part of my condition for even being let… Read more »

So in other words, being crime free for 13 years isn’t enough proof that you’ve learned your lesson…..

Apparently 30 years of crime free living is not enough

34 years of clean livin’ ain’t enough either.
They won’t accept you’re rehabilitated until you die w/out reoffending. Kinda like cancer: you don’t know you’re 100% cured until you grow old and die of something else.

Mike What do they say is “…enough proof that I have changed…”? I don’t know where you are but can the tests to show “I am not a violent drug addict with a drinking problem” be done remotely or arranged to be done locally as you can’t travel more than 10km (about 6 miles)?

And why does it matter if you are still on NY hit list? I forgot or missed something sorry.

> Right now if you travel more than 10km here without police permission it straight to jail 😅

Could you explain this? Afaik new york does not force you to alert people when moving except for when it is across state lines.

You completed “second offense therapy”? Seems like you haven’t explained your situation very well. If you have had a second offense, then it makes sense that they want more proof you won’t reoffend.

Apologies I was typing in the middle of the night and it auto corrected. I meant sex offender therapy. There was no second offense. as for the other questions, I can get a drug test at any police station or hospital and a mental evaluation at any hospital. for police record I can apply online and pick it up at any police station here. as for being on the NY hit list, because google could destroy the life and reputation I have built here. I’ve been increasingly becoming more of a public figure here and if it ever comes to… Read more »

Don’t worry, because you are now able to live near parks, and isn’t that what really counts in our lives.

@John Doe Utah

In reading the Endicott, NY case and comparing it to Utah State law (, it appears Utah also requires all online/email identifiers regardless of the age of the alleged victim. Is that correct?

I am familiar with another state where they are only provided if the age of the alleged victim was a minor.

Can you provide some clarification on that please?

Yes. I fought it in 2008 and got an injunction against the law.

Utah amended the law to no longer require passwords (yes, they wanted passwords to access communications) and to make identifiers protected records (not public). And asked the judge to vacate the injunction, she did.

I fought the case from there to the 10th Cir. (lost) and SCOTUS wouldn’t take the case.

So yes in Utah you have to give them everything for all people, but the are private records.

Thx @JDUtah. Seems to me they are characterizing all PFRs as potential perpetrators with Minors regardless of the matter they were convicted of initially (no Minors involved) since the only logical reason they want that info is to save children. Therefore, that to me would mean they’ve assessed someone already without facts into a characterization or profile unjustly, which doesn’t do a thing to help public safety, but gives the state info they don’t have a need for realistically based upon a false presumption, IMO. My thinking here make sense?

Here’s a novel thought. How about publishing a positive story concerning registrants. Good luck trying to find one of those.

Okay, here’s a positive story👍:

(Sorry, I couldn’t find the one I was looking for: “Registrant saves 20 children from burning school bus teetering off collapsing bridge” I did look for it. 🤷🏻‍♂️)

[Wait, am I a tractor 🚜 again?]

Great. A guy with low or no income can move in with someone else with low or no income. I feel better already. Guess I set my standards for “positive” a little higher than many. Everything is relative.


If new SORNA guidelines are enacted, and they supersede State guidelines, does that mean the Fed tier system supersedes the state tier system. Because Ca says CP misdemeanor is tier 3, but Fed says tier 1. Or am I completely off the reservation on how I am understanding this.

The feds see their guidelines as a “floor and not a ceiling.” Therefore, they have no issues with State going above and beyond what SORNA requires. So, CP would still be Tier III in CA.

Figures. No matter what jurisdiction has the worst , then that is what will be applied. So Janice, what’s the latest on the tier law suits, or is there a park that some guy can’t walk in that is more important, or easier to settle.

They won’t supersede and it is speculation until approved. The most likely course is that it will give states an opportunity to pass laws that delegate to the federal sorna. If you have a state only conviction then I think they will be hard pressed to do anything outside of that due to not having jurisdiction. People with federal or military convictions will be under their jurisdiction so who the hell knows for them.

Eric O.

Where are you getting that in CA CP misdemeanor is tier 3? I had my CP charge reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor via 17B and I confirmed with my “Registering Office” – LAPD that I am Tier 1. I do not appear on the Megan’s List website either.

When did you confirm this.

My friend from group had 311.11(a) felony. Three years ago he had it reduced to a misdemeanor via 17b. He was confirmed this year to be tier 1.

I think you’re mixing up a couple of things.

CA misdemeanor CP is Tier 1 (311.11(a)). Felony of this is Tier 3.

Federally under SORNA, anything that has a maximum sentence of up to a year on paper (not how much you were actually told to serve) is considered a “misdemeanor” are all Tier 1. So regardless of whether you have a felony or misdemeanor in CA, under SORNA you’re Tier 1 based on that time guideline.

The British media is memorializing one of its own, a Sun reporter named John Kay.

Seems like a good dude, but consult his Wikipedia page and you’ll find he drowned his wife in the 1970s, was found not guilty by reason of insanity, then rejoined the Sun’s newsroom and made quite a name for himself (even remarried). I feel like the insanity of the 1960s and 1970s led to this complete reversal of attitudes in the 1990s and draconian punishments to make up for a collective naïveté in the age of free love, and we’re paying the price.

Saw someone posted asking for positive news…I was convicted in another state under a 10 year registration requirement in that state while vacationing there. When I originally registered in California I received a letter from DOJ stating they would review my case when I registration requirement expired in that State. I just received a letter last week from the DOJ “re: California Sex Offender Registration no longer required” stating they had reviewed my case and determined I no longer have to register in California. While I’m relieved to allegedly be off the California registry and I know this forum isn’t… Read more »

@relievedinca You have a lot of questions there. I was relieved of being forced to register almost 16 months ago, and so will tell you what I have learned. You have the letter from the DoJ. I received a phone call and requested a letter for my records. I immediately requested a family member (actually 3) to check the Megan’s law page for me. I expect with the letter you are ok, but I felt better safe then sorry. The hardest part for me to accept is that California relieving me does not impact other state requirements. Meaning if you… Read more »

It is truly remarkable the level of cruelty the registry applies to those of us forced to register. This fall I begin the tenth year as a registered citizen. The friends and family I have lost, the classes I have been asked to withdraw from, the lack of employment and stunning vacuum of zero purpose or hope has left me with an indescribable emptiness. I am isolated, depressed and without motivation. I manage to discover amazing single women using my wit and intelligence only to lose them once I divulge my past. I am running through what little retirement savings… Read more »

I see your pain and raise you a family including a wife who is under constant pressure to protect herself and our school-age kids from my past. It is soul crushing.
Having to manage this for myself is one thing, but managing everything for them as though they’re hiding a fugitive in their basement increases the difficulty and stress by an order of magnitude.
If nothing is keeping you here and you have a marketable skill, leave the country. That’s what I plan to do once certain stars align.

@Warpath. Reading your post reminds me of where my head was when I got sentenced in 2005. I feel you. Life seemed to be over, and it certainly was. At least life as I knew it. It took me a few years to crawl out from that massive bolder of shame, hopelessness and despair, but at some point I had to shift my perspective and change the meaning I am giving this. One of the main messages that got me out of this funk was “If I give in and give up, then they will have won?” Initially that was… Read more »

I’d sure hate to see something like this happen to the public registry, except not held for ransom, just crypto-locked. Forever.

So update from last month about getting permission to attend my kid’s high school graduation on campus here in California…. Quick recap, I emailed the school principal 2 weeks ago. He referred me to the ‘school district official who handles these matters’. It took a week to hear from that person. They asked me when my offense was, got contact info and said they would get back to me. A week later they called me and said they had a letter ready and said he wasn’t able to find me on the megan site. I told him I’m not listed.… Read more »

They are playing both ends. They don’t want to say yes and circumvent the system. That would have their jobs at stake. They also don’t see the problem with you coming on campus. In their view no harm , no foul. This is how landlords, employers, and anybody else that has authority treats this. It’s two faced and hypocritical, but what’s new about that.

Yeah I think you’re right. Got the impression from talking to him that it’s totally ok but since the letter is on paper then they have to cover their butts.

@ JesusH:. Just email back to him and say that the letter seems unclear so do you… Or do you not… Have authorization to be on the school’s property for your son’s graduation. Write your email in such a way that he has to be clear with “yes” or “no”. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Then print out the email and take that with you.
Note: I prefer the word “authorization”, (rather than permission).

I’m just going to email the principal and ask him for a simple yes or no. Then I’ll print that out and take it with me. The law says it needs to be an official of the school anyway, not the district. What I need is a ‘get out of jail free’ card. What they gave me is totally the opposite, it literally says that it’s not permission and that according to the law being on campus without permission is a crime!

Here’s a sample for you:. Good morning, Principal Jones. My name is David xxxxxx. I am a homeowner/resident in Pasadena and am actively involved in the Ft. Smith community. I am contacting you today because I am required to receive authorization in order to attend an event in your school’s campus (specifically, in the gymnasium). I will explain. I have been invited by the City to attend the Mayor’s “State of the City” Address on the evening of the January 31st. I would like to attend this event but I am required to received authorization from the school principal in… Read more »

Another local LEOs and U.S. Marshal’s harassment sweep leading to arrests:

What is the equipment the county needs to complete the SO mission the USMS is giving them money for? Keyboards? Monitors? USMS coffee cups?

Anyone been to Mumbai India? Anything to share?

I love Mumbai and have been there five times. I much prefer it to Delhi which is a pretty scary place, at least in my experience. Both are absolutely enormous with about 20 million people each but Mumbai is much more comfortable and the people more civilized and sophisticated and far more ethnically tolerant. Great things to see there, fabulous food and music and I always enjoy it thoroughly. You have to be at ease with Asian mega-cities, though. It did take some getting used to jumping on to trains that never completely stop but once you get the hang… Read more »

Thanks. I meant is India on a watch list. can SOs travel there?

Let me add that I used to visit my customers in Bollywood (I was in the film/video equipment sector) where I got to sit in on a number of film and t.v. productions. That was a real hoot, too! The musical numbers are just incredible to watch being filmed. That was a real privilege.

A search of Google News for sex offender doesn’t return pretty results. Those newspapers are what inculcate the grassroots across the nation. One surprise was the number of RC’s arrested for felon with a firearm. That didn’t used to be, or it wasn’t reported in the news. Maybe there is a war going on.

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Yes! I just said the same thing last night. Its as if this is purposely being done! I’ve never seen so many headlines like this ever!

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Just want to congratulate Homeland Security on a successful two year operation to take down public enemy number one Josh Duggar, even if that meant completing failing to stop the biggest infrastructure attack in American history and creating a massive fuel crisis for a huge swath of America. You guys deserve medals for this historic mission.

I’m detecting a hint of sarcasm.

Between mis-placed efforts like this and woke government preoccupation with pronouns (“birthing people” WTF?) China and Russia must be quaking in their slave labor-made boots.

We are collapsing from within, attacking each other and gnawing away at the fabric of society.
How very sad.

2021-05-12, Las Vegas Sun
Sex crime arrests are far too common among Border Patrol agents

We here all know who commit sex crimes… 95+% NOT on the registry. I see it everyday in the news. It gets overwhelming and has basically become moot to me.

If anyone is applying for a conviction charge reduction (17b) and is wanting to submit a letter to the presiding judge, I have a copy of mine I can forward to you. Both my counsel and Judge said it was the most honest and best written they had ever seen.
I would of course omit the particulars about my case, but it is a good template to use.
You could either just fill in your particulars or use it as a format.

Would you mind posting your redacted copy here?

Something odd hit me the other day when I made an inquiry call to the county court system. I gave them my file number and the receptionist told me my case was closed. There were other things discussed, but she kept telling me my case was closed. How can my case be closed when it’s being used live for the registry? This duality doesn’t make any sense, especially when 1203.4 stated the courts “shall” dismiss the accusation/information and the Ca Constitution cites specifically the “right to pursue and obtain privacy.” This circumvention needs to be addressed because you cannot have… Read more »

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