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PA: What protections are in place to stop repeat sexual offenders FOX43 Reveals

[ – 5/2/21]

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Most registered sex offenders are well within their rights to live close to a school or daycare—and many do. FOX43 Reveals how often it is happening and what protections are in place to stop repeat offenders.

Each month, daycare supervisor Karla Rivero gets a new batch of mugshots of registered sex offenders that live near her work: Busy Bees Child Care Center in Lancaster.

“If I could tell you the amount of papers we receive in a month, it’s ridiculous,” Rivero said.

Megan’s Law does not restrict where a registered sex offender can live once he or she completes parole or probation, including near daycares or schools.

“It’s definitely uncomfortable and very alarming simply because we can’t control it,” added Rivero. “We have no way of fighting it.”

FOX43 Reveals that 25 registered sex offenders live within a half mile of Busy Bees Child Care and 76 are living with a one-mile radius of the center. Daycare providers, like Rivero, said they want better protections for their facilities.

“There’s people that change. I’m not saying that’s not possible, but we do know that there are people who relapse and are capable of, you know, committing this crime again. So definitely we would want to know more information other than a picture and how many miles away they are,” said Rivero.

Jim Willshier from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) believes education and awareness can be more impactful than any law.

Rachel Yonkunas: Are there enough protections in place to prevent repeat offenders?

Jim Willshier: That’s hard to answer. I don’t know if Megan’s Law is able to do that in itself.

Read the full article


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Hysteria alert! They want guarantees that no registrant will reoffend. Of course, the low rate is shrugged off with various excuses.

Imagine their heart attacks if they could see every crime of every kind offender in the area around them, including non-sex offenses!

This is a war of fear, not logic.

You know, every time I see a report like this I wonder if we maybe aren’t doing something wrong. Yes we should continue to fight against the registry but shouldn’t we also advocate for registries for those who commit burglary, DUI, drug, Domestic Violence offences, etc. I believe this may assist us in at least two instances: 1) How many of those offenders would fight the registry and we could use those rulings/logic to our advantage, and 2) Maybe if these registries existed, people like Karla Rivero would have more to worry about than SO’s being so close to her business. Wouldn’t she be surprised to see someone she knew on one of those new registries, maybe even an employee?????? Just a thought.

The premise of registries is fundamentally wrong and illiberal and so to argue for them is to further erode societal respect for individual liberty. You never get to “free” by arguing for oppression. Even as a strategic mechanism, it is bad and worse than ineffective. It’s playing with fire.

That’s true.

However, at the very least we should at least be pointing out that those other Hit Lists do not exist. I honestly cannot see how anyone with a functioning brain can believe that there should be a Sex Offense Registry but not a Gun Offense Registry. It’s illogical. Further, if “sex offenders” shouldn’t be living near schools then “gun offenders” sure as hell should not be. Certainly not be in schools either. That is all the proof that has ever been needed that the Hit Lists aren’t really for public safety, protecting children, or the rest of their lies. I’ve been pointing that out for multiple decades. People just shrug their shoulders and say “buT SEx OfFenDErs!!!”

It is only fair that if crimes are meant to follow people around for their entire lives then that must be done to everyone. There are actually no excuses not to have that. Except that it’s not really for public safety or protecting children. That is the excuse and reason.

Personally, it is completely offensive and indefensible that I am listed on a Hit List and yet lifelong gang bangers are not. Nor are all people who have spent over a year in prison. Indefensible and stupid.

Lastly, I think ultimately it would be a good thing if 5+ million people in America were Registered. We need to spread the rampant hate around. We need more chaos and dysfunction. That would help. I want the criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals to have huge problems on their hands. Real issues that they can’t handle. I feel like one of the reasons that there are SORs and not others is that most of the people listed on the SORs are generally good and peaceful people. I think they are afraid of other Registries. I want them to have to live it.

“ Each month Karla _______ gets a new batch of mugshots of sex offenders that live near her……..”
My god! How many sex offenders are there in that area that they can add new faces monthly. Talk about sensational journalism. Makes it sound like they are just hanging out near day cares all day. What a crock of shit!

When is the last time a stranger walked into a daycare and diddled a pre-schooler? When is the last time a repeat offense occurred by a registrant violating a tyke at a daycare or any school, for that matter?
Now, when is the last time it happened by a staff member?
The real danger to little Timmy and Suzy are the employees and the family and friends back at home, not registrants.

You are attempting to use logic against folks who don’t recognize it.

Two things the reporter probably found but didn’t include:

1. The number of new sex crimes committed by the 25 registrants who reside within a half mile radius and 75 within one mile of the day care center, be it against the children at their center or otherwise.

2. Though pointing two different registrants charged with a new sex crimes, they don’t mention if that was near a park, school, church, day care center, or whatever else. In one of those it mentioned that the alleged assault took place a block from his house, but neither suggested that where the defendants resided was a factor in their new crimes.

I’m also curious about the rest of the conversation with the guy from PCAR that said Megan’s Law doesn’t prevent repeat offenders.

Guessing all of the above don’t contribute to the fear mongering.

I would like to know if the reporter reported to Karla that she is in the 95% of people who possibly are first time offenders with minors since she is in an education position and a position of trust with them. How would that make her feel knowing she is a possible offender with those two data points?! Maybe she can share with the parents they are in the same 95% since they are parents to the minors?! They can all get together and commiserate!

November, February, and May = sweeps months = BULLSHIT Television.

How many people are committing crimes now that people don’t know about? Stop with the emotional hysteria for your 15 minutes of fame. We have to do something just look these people are coming into our community. We must protect our children and end sexual violence. Well you can write all the laws you want; however you can’t legislate a person’s intent or heart. Put down Chicken Little and use logic based on reality.

How many miles away would they consider acceptable?

Probably in someone else’s backyard, town, and state. Point at them, but don’t look at what’s in my closet. Sad when people judge others from what happened in their past. We all have a past some are worse than others; however it doesn’t define us today.

I believe that Karla Rivero of the Busy Bees Child Care Center in Lancaster is more of a danger to children than any PFR that lives near there. She will not be able to convince me otherwise. What she and her ilk need to do is to watch themselves since I think that is nearly always where the danger lies. They need to mind their own business and stop looking at other people who have nothing to do with them. They need to live their lives and stop trying to harass other people.

The article had a couple other of the usual annoyances, including the statement that W.A.R. works to “remove the stigma around what they believe is a misunderstood subset of society.” That doesn’t seem exactly accurate. The “stigma” is caused by the Hit Lists. Big government has instructed everyone that they must stigmatize certain people, treat them differently, ostracize them, and harass them. That is the constant message, backed by billions of wasted dollars. Otherwise, PFRs would be just like all the other people who committed a crime decades ago – severely, and likely overly, punished – yet punishment completed and paid and living a normal life.

The article also said W.A.R. is “fighting to secure a path back to society for those convicted of a sex crime.” Again, the problem is the Hit Lists. Further, I don’t need a path back to society. I’m in society. I am society. If I’m not “accepted in” by Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts), that is good. Those are not “people” that I want to associate with or have around me in any way. They always have problems well beyond just being aholes. I will marginalize and ostracize them.

Just because the Hit Lists exist, I’m going to be around children all the time. RS/Ts would lose their little minds if they knew how I live. Some have and I’ve always enjoyed it.

They need to stop leaving these kids unsupervised so a predator can come along and kidnap one of the kids. Bring your lunch people–don’t leave the kids alone while you get your KFC on.
Seriously, what is a registrant going to do in broad daylight? Climb the fence to their playground and sneak in the back door. These people are nuts.

I wish fox43 cameras could catch a glimpse of the 75 registrants in question, should those 75 ever decide to line up 40 yards in front of the Busy Bee Daycare Center to do the can-can.

i guess people really believe sex offenders are sitting back waiting for the perfect time to jump the fence into a daycare in broad daylight and start chasing children around the playground grabs one throws it over the fence then jumps back over the fence picks the kid up takes off running to a getaway car where ALPR’s scand his every move in real time i feel sorry for Karla Rivero it sounds like Megan’s law is a pain in her ass too we should invite her to a ACSOL meeting

Good luck ✌😎

While staring intently at flyers of RSO’s Karla’s is oblivious of actual perpetrators living and working right besides her everyday like teachers, cops, pastors, coaches, janitors, and so on because they are not on the Registry…


Why list all those professions as if they’re the only ones who commit these crimes?

Generally, my response is “you should be wary of those not on the registry like your husband, father, brother, an in-law, best friends, or even your own son because your child is more likely to be placed on the registry than to be assaulted by a person on it.” That usually hits closer to home and gives food for thought.

Real shiit tho 🤔

How poor is the English language used in the title?
Journalists do not even bother using question marks anymore.

The author reported both sides of the story. All the promulgation of the registry did was increase distrust and fear in and among the community, rather than decreasing recidivism. It was ALWAYS more about potential uses of the database. Electronic domestic surveillance.

My thing is that doesn’t matter where RSO lives, what needs to be DONE IS THE RSO’S NEED TO BAN TOGETHER and do our own interview to Fox43 and show them what we are actually doing and not doing….. All this is HATE…..

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