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NJ: Senate Bill Would Reform Chiropractor Board, Ban Sex Offenders from All Health Care Positions

[ – 5/13/21]

Acting in response to the “irresponsible” action by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners in renewing the professional license of a convicted child sex offender, a Senate committee today approved legislation authored by Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and Senator Joe Vitale that would reform the board and prohibit the licensing of any health care worker convicted of a sex offense.

The bill, S-3494, would add two public members to the 11-person chiropractic board and expand its responsibilities in reviewing the qualifications of applicants for new or renewed licenses. The legislation would also ban anyone convicted of a felony sexual offense from being licensed as a health care professional, including as a chiropractor.

“Giving a convicted sex offender the sanctioned permission to return to the practice was irresponsible and illogical,” said Senator Sweeney. “Reforms are obviously needed to make sure the board makes the health and safety of the people of New Jersey its top priority. More public members will bring additional oversight and more rigorous background checks will help prevent this from happening again.”

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Do they have similar limitations for other crimes involving victims?

Most states wont let sex offenders be a licensed contractor for construction

So here we go again! Lumping all ex-offenders into one category. Will this ban extend to ALL people on the list? So what is left for us to do? Work in space??

Know what would be really great poetic justice? If for some bizarre reason there was a situation where the country needed the help of a person to stop a major catastrophe that would take the lives of millions, and that person happened to be a registrant. If it was me , I wouldn’t hesitate to tell the powers that be to take a flying f*k and let the nation suffer. I think I could even manage a smile while telling them.

The country does need the help of people, every day. A healthy country has all citizens engaged and caring about each other and the country. Remember when someone said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”? That’s a joke. How many people in America care nothing about others? How many are freeloaders? How many are consumed by hate?

For me personally, the Hit Lists have turned me into someone who doesn’t care. Pre-Hit List, I was a very engaged, caring, helpful citizen. Not since, for over 2 decades. I’ve stopped all activities that could conceivably help anyone I don’t know. Even giving blood. I used to give blood as often as I was able, but I haven’t for decades. I’ve completely checked out. I certainly won’t be helping charities or anything like that. I’ll only help people I know who hate the Hit Lists and big government.

You can’t impact millions of families with a Hit List and not expect it to have a negative impact on the whole country. America can burn in hell.

People who live in America want to permanently “cancel” anyone who ever does anything bad regarding sex, but nothing else apparently. So I’m going to go ahead and cancel all of them in advance. I cancel people as the default, until/unless I learn someone doesn’t deserve it.

“A healthy country has all citizens engaged and caring about each other and the country.” So fight our fight but do not fight against those who haven’t dis-serviced us.

Last edited 1 year ago by LPH

It is too difficult to identify “those who haven’t dis-serviced us”. Also, how do we tell about the people who stand by silently? To what extent does their silence support it? Plenty. So nah, I’d rather throw everyone into the same bucket and treat them all the same. No one gets any benefit of doubt. That should sound familiar.

Additionally, it is just like why the Hit Lists are worthless. If I see a person is a PFR, then I know they are a child molester. If I see a person is who is not a PFR, are they a child molester? I have no idea and that is why the Hit Lists are worthless. If I care about public safety or protecting children, I can’t treat non-PFRs any differently than PFRs.

If I see a person screaming “sex offender” then I know they are a POS. But what about the person who isn’t screaming?

As soon as I was listed on the Hit Lists, I started to become radicalized. It didn’t take that long and there were literally hundreds of triggers. But a key one that I remember is some charity (believe it was in Texas) was repairing the homes of old, poor people. They replaced the roof of a guy and then people found out he was a PFR and lost their little minds. The charity promised they would put procedures in place to make sure it didn’t happen again. So I decided that I won’t be caught helping Registry Supporters/Terrorists ever again. That means I can’t help charities, do volunteer work, donate my organs, donate blood, or do anything else for just anyone/randos. I have to target the people I help. I’ve been practicing for a couple of decades and became very capable and very good at it.

And lastly, perhaps hate, chaos, and dysfunction is exactly what America deserves? Americans seem to love hate. These past few years of our crazy governments and the people supporting them (or not), along with our ridiculous COVID response, confirmed for me that the people who live in America are exactly what I think they are. Hit Lists are perfectly on-brand for America.

I love that scenario.
Flight attendant: “Senator DeBag is having a heart attack! Is there a doctor in the house?”
Former doctor: “I’d love to help, but my medical license was revoked. Sooooorry.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“DeBag” That’s hilarious. But maybe it should be “DBag”?

“Reforms are obviously needed to make sure the board makes the health and safety of the people of New Jersey its top priority.” How about we just make laws that prevent any and all touching of others illegal?

Something to think about: we have Ca medical Dr’s convicted of molesting patients, one was arrested for 1st degree murder (plead to manslaughter/wife) and the list goes on and on. They retained their license. I was an RN convicted of battery on a masseuse. Revoked! I just obtained a COR and applying for reinstatement. If he has been practicing without any further issues, let him be.

Acting in a responsible fashion to another citizen with nothing better to do than complain, the legislator told his constituent that you’re wasting our time with this nonsense.

Wouldn’t it great if that was the first sentence of an article?

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