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NY: Endicott Sex Offender Fails to Register Email Accounts

[ – 5/7/21]

An Endicott man is facing up to ten years in prison after he admitted failing to register his email accounts as a convicted sex offender.

72-year-old Thomas ____ was convicted in 2004 of child pornography and crossing a state line to engage in sex with a child under the age of 12.

He was required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and report personal identifying information, including email accounts.

Officials with the U-S Attorney Northern District say ____ failed to register three email accounts in spite of being fully aware he was required to do so.

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This is a preview of our possible futures if we don’t defeat SORNA enhancements!

10 or less years + $250,000 (or less) for 3 emails = outrageous

****lowers shaking head****

The idiot police have arrested me and brought indictments more than once on this charge, and after months of “status hearings” the prosecutors office has always dropped the charges after they get all of the discovery from police and learn that I had covered my a** when I supplied the police with comprehensive and massive computer printouts of “every domain and email account that I use or plan to use” at every one of my last 23 annual registrations. And they realize that I left no possible email address not covered by those printouts. See, the law requires me to supply  “every domain and email account that I use or plan to use”, but it does not require me to explain to police what all that information means or why it is included on the annual registration. My policy is to not answer any questions that police ask, unless answers to those exact questions are required in the law. The law does not require me to say what each email address is for or what each domain is for or what the meaning of well established standard notation of such things means. I choose to remain silent, because I know that anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law, and nothing I say can be used in my defense in a court of law. Why is it that incriminating hearsay is admissible but exculpatory hearsay is not admissible in court? But that is the way it is. Please watch this video:

And you have not sued yet for false arrest, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and other goodies?

When I reported my Gmail and a few subsequent Gmail and Yahoo email addresses to New York, I included the terms: Used for Gmail and all web-based partners, associated websites and applications used by Google now and in the future.

I did this because as a Gmail registrant, I am automatically enrolled in new crap they develop and eventually shutdown, like Hangouts. I did the same with Yahoo during my ESTOP update.

I also wrote a stern letter to the Rapist Governor after he did a press conference bragging about releasing our information to Classmates. Classmates was not on the list of reportable websites as they required users to be 18, as does Google. (I only reported my Gmail because I do not know if Google owns or will own an app or website that allows minors and wanted to be covered). After they signed for my letter, the press release was deleted from the website for the Rapist Governor.

Then I donated money to his campaign and told the press that he accepts money from sex offenders. They ignored me.

If you are a New York registrant, you are always going to be a New York registrant, even if you leave the country and renounce your citizenship. You should have a spreadsheet and make sure you keep VERY accurate records of your email addresses and any websites you join that permit minors. I report ALL websites that I join, even those I am not required to report. I believe that if we all over comply, we should keep ourselves relatively safe.

I too own many domain names which comes with an unlimited number of email addresses with each domain name. So what was your printout that you submitted filled with? How many email addresses did you submit? Over the last 30 years, I’ve used more email addresses than I could ever remember. Many of which I no longer remember how to log on to.

I thought the First Amendment includes the right to anonymous free speech. The mandate that requires ‘internet identifier’ reporting seems aimed to chill free speech. Also, what if a person forgets to list and report an internet identifier? Does that open him/her to prosecution solely because of bad memory?

The flag doesn’t stand for freedom any more.

And what about those internet identifiers which we did not create? For example, I have an AT&T account and they automatically created an email address for me. I suspect my cell phone carrier has also created one for me. I think I might even have one with my power utility company? How am I to know these? I never use them. And yet, am I to be responsible when these are created on my behalf by some commercial business in their efforts to further customer service?? Will they be “customer servicing” me right into prison??

That’s a very good question. Many places like my cable company automatically assigns me an email address I’ve never wanted or used.

Your comment assumes we are still covered by the constitution and the Bill of Rights. They took that away from us yrs ago.

See this bugs me in NC it says only internet identitifiers. Yet my registration office requires each site I register or use that identifier with…. I’m like uhh a lot.. and is that a legal requirement? They always want more than is required by law. Makes me mad.

NC also. Not sure what my reg office will ask when I reregister. Does everything include your utility bill, internet provider, paypal account? The joke of the day email? Newsletters I sign up for? Where would it stop? And what’s the point?

10 years in prison for failing to disclose your email and the hit list isn’t punishment. The country has gone mad with rabid politicians making names from themselves. Authoritarianism has landed on our shores from sea to shining sea; from Mexico to the Canadian border; and our territories. These people continue to violate human and civil rights because they can’t handle the truth about their beloved registry. Continue to enhance the prison industrial complex for the almighty dollar.

But don’t worry, because we can still live close to schools and parks. Yippie!

Can’t these be challenged as cruel and unsual punishment…? He’s not the only one.. a lot of registry violations get years of prison.. how can not submitting an email(that’s already public domain, look at background checks,) count for 10 years… That’s not right.. this is not right.. I knew a baby killer that got 8years.. child abusers that got probation, and the public one of the cop that walked into the wrong apartment and murdered the dude who got 10 years…how is not registering an email worst than strangling your own kid, hitting kids, and murder… This is not good..

Anklebiter, I completely agree with you!! These many years punishment for registration violations is absurd. Absolutely cruel and unusual! Whoever heard of anyone else getting such punishments??
Domestic violence perpetrators?? Stalkers?? Violent assault felons?? Drug dealers?? Convicted gang members??
Don’t these individuals need to be surveilled – especially since they all have higher recidivism rates than registrants???? 😡😡😡😡.

[Okay, yes, I AM a tractor!! But not a robot tractor.]

This guy got 10 years in prison for trying to comply with registration requirements that are nearly impossible to comply with if I was required to give my internet information to law enforcement I wouldn’t even bother going online because this particular registration requirement is literally a set up.

Good luck 😬👌


A lot of these FTR’s are dismissed after defendants demand jury trials. These guys taking pleas make it more difficult to get an appellate decision on the constitutionality of these laws.

This is utterly absurd! He’s 72 years old! Please explain to me again how this is NOT punishment that he is facing 10 years imprisonment for not registering email addresses! Email addresses!!! Ridiculous!!! 😡😡😡

[I’m not a robot. I’m a taxi…or a bridge…or a crosswalk.🤗🥳👏]

Federal prison and possible $250,000 fine for not telling big brother you have an email. Wouldn’t it be easier to just behead him and drag his body through the streets so people could spit on him and throw rocks at his genitalia? Oh, wait. That is for the second violation.

A bit confused why he’s facing federal prison, since there’s no (AFAIK) federal internet identifier requirement. This is probably a situation where he was prosecuted at the Federal level and has long term or lifelong probation? So this isn’t so much a registry issue as it is a probation / parole issue? Could be wrong. I’m not saying it’s okay that he’s facing ten years for undisclosed email addresses, just that these questions of constitutionality don’t really apply to that sort of supervision. We had internet identifier disclosure in Michigan for over a decade until it was recently rescinded, and I don’t recall hearing of much prosecution for FTR due to identifiers, or was ever pressed by registering officers
to provide more Internet info than I had when the law initially passed.

it’s very unclear. agree NYS you must disclose all email accounts. how did they find out he had three undisclosed? I’m curious. need to access court records

All activity on your computer leads to your DNS address assigned through your internet provider. There are lots of ways this DNS location data can be gathered and compared with other data to disclose everything you do on your computer. – Police reports will not likely tell you how they found your data because information about their methods of gathering data is largely exempt from disclosure (it’s a complex subject).

The hypocrisy of it all dumbfounds me.
The DOJ is currently in deep shit for tapping journalists emails and phones, a clear violation of 1st amendment. Yet they can watch ours even though 90% of us are yrs removed from any offense, and even fewer of us ever used our emails to commit our offenses.
People are up in arms about police reacting with force to a criminal, but seem to cheer when a registrant is killed, even though they have zero info about that registrant’s offense or current life. They just assume that they were deserving because of the label.
I will someday be past this physically. I have a misdemeanor offense, and enough savings and education to make a new life in a new country.I likely would have left already if not for the pandemic. What I will never get past is the emotional toll it has taken on me. I no longer trust people. I avoid mtg others and flat refuse to even attempt a relationship. I keep to myself and wear a hat and glasses when leaving the house out for fear of some crackpot recognizing me. Paranoia is my new way of living.
Now with the possibility of the new SORNA regs, it will be like my 1st month of probation every damn day. At least in the Bay Area local cops were to undermanned and busy with actual crime to bother with people like me. But Feds make promotions by harassing us. They have nothing better to do. Sucks!

Be patient, Eric O., those punishments are indeed reserved for 2nd offenses. But the good news is the Courts have ruled that “double jeopardy”doesn’t apply to sexual offenders, so he’ll get the rocks-to-the-genitals when they retry him again for these same offenses.

[I’m a tractor! 🚜]


Since you’re a tractor hit the base of the pedestals of these holier than thou projectionists. I don’t care if they land face or butt first.

Is it still legal for Registrants to send a letter or postcard without including a return address? Probably a violation of some statute somewhere, right?
(I’m wondering how long it will be before some asshat creates a techno-tag that automatically affixes to all our emails, “Beware: Email sent by Registered Sex Offender.” – just like one currently receives those warnings: “Phishing Alert: Don’t open if you don’t know Sender.” Is that why they want our email addresses??🤔)

I researched this case, suggest you all do the same. Some very serious stuff and no doubt they were watching him and he was, if guilty, playing with fire, sad.

Yes, and the slope gets slippery fast when the registry is involved. Aren’t we already grouped in to one lot. The worst are no different than the best of us when the scarlet “R” is involved.

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