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OR: Former Oregon Democrat House Majority Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Trafficking

[ – 5/3/21]

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt has been arrested and charged by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation.

Hunt, a Democrat, voted for the 2011 bill that he is charged under.

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Look up bad sex-related bills in your state so you can fight them!(select your state and type “sex” in the search)


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Here is the interesting question: what percentage of politicians need to be snared by their flood of sex-offense hysteria bills before they back off?

Answer: 100%.
Ain’t karma a bitch? I love it 😀

Well, if they get Trump (civil suit – rape defamation case), Gaetz (sex trafficking), his buddy Greenberg
(also sex trafficking)…. Well, that’s a good start, I think! 👍


Crazy and we are the ones to be monitored, projection much azzhats!!

To coin an old phrase…. I love it when the roosters come home to roost. The reputation that politicians have as being lying, manipulative, deceitful, agenda driven, greedy, low life, unethical and immoral people, tells us that the majority of politicians just haven’t been caught yet. They cover for one another until they piss off the wrong person then they are thrown to the wolves. They created this mess now they can just wallow in it….

Do I sound bitter?

Nothing will happen to him. He will plead to some misdemeanor and get off without having to register.

Let’s put this in perspective. What he actually did was electronically sign up and request the services of an ‘escort’ aka prostitute. Now, this is not the crime of the century. Nor of the past 8000 years (the world’s oldest profession). I, for one, am not passing moral judgment on him nor anyone else.

And we all admittedly do not know if said ‘escort’ was ‘human trafficked’ a phrase that implies it is against her (or his) will. I will assume that in this politician’s case, he was not seeking to employ someone who has been forcibly conscripted.

In the past, our hero would have been called a “john” and would be ordered to pay a small fine and the matter dropped. In such cases, being classified as a sex offender and having to register is not the appropriate penalty.

The new phrase for the world’s oldest profession is now “human trafficking”, as marketed by our friendly federal government through and by our outstanding elected officials. The phrase ‘human trafficking’ was intentionally designed to send shivers down the spines of every member of the moral majority. Of course, there are victims of real human trafficking wherein the victim IS forced against their will, and certainly, such crimes should be punished swiftly and severely. But we do not know if that is the case here.

If he basically was looking for an “escort,” and that’s called “human trafficking,” then it reduces the suffering of those who are truly being “trafficked.” Slavery is still happening, and the phrase “human trafficking” shouldn’t be for trying to find a prostitute.
However, he was for the law that got him into hot water. Maybe he should have read the fine print.

Yep. And America’s criminal governments continually try to make everything sound worse than it is so they can grow their incarceration business. It’s disgusting that they cannot be honest. They can’t stop running propaganda campaigns. They need to prop themselves up all the time and constantly try to grow bigger. Some people think bigger government is the answer for everything.

If an adult wants to pay another adult for sex, it is no one else’s business. America has a GIGANTIC problem with self-righteous, self-entitled people who are incapable of simply minding their own business and not harassing other people. That is why America is not a free country and never will be in my lifetime. It’s why we have Hit Lists. People don’t care that they aren’t needed or useful. They are just nosey and glad to be able to harass someone.

Sure sounds to me like a bunch of you like soiliciting women. Paying for sex is trafficking. Plain and simple. You can paint it any way you want to, but it is what it is.

Well, he didn’t say that he liked “soliciting women,” he defended the right of individuals to make choices as if individual liberty matters and exists, liberty for the woman (or man) to choose to earn a living in ways which might not be to the liking of other people who don’t respect their rights and the rights of men (or women) who freely pay for their services. “Trafficking” is the term used by busybody scolds who lie to themselves about their impulses to control the lives of others, congratulating themselves that they are working for the betterment of society. They are not. You either believe in freedom for others or you don’t.

Husband to wife: I’m in the mood for sex.
Wife to husband: I have a headache. BTW, can we get a new living room set?

(or the other way around or between same sexes)

Or he can move to California and be placed onto Tier 3 because California just LOVES to place misdemeanor registrants onto to Tier 3 apparently.

While this politician can go f himself while embracing the suck of poetic justice, the bigger issue, IMHO, is that the government and cops, who should be clearing the Portland streets of ANTIFA douche bags, are instead wasting tax dollars on sting operations for misdemeanors. What are they going to so next, put out fake fire hydrants and write tickets on those who park in front of them?

Those who shout the loudest, usually have the most to hide.

“Reaction Formation” is the term used to describe those people.

This reminds me of what happened in the City of Santa Ana a few years ago. ACSOL watched as the Santa Ana City Council adopted an ordinance that would prohibit registrants from visiting the city’s parks. The City Council did so even after we warned them that their ordinance was unconstitutional. Later one member of that City Council was charged with and convicted of several felony sex offenses. Too bad he couldn’t legally visit the city’s parks……until ACSOL saved the day by successfully challenging the city’s ordinance. Now he and all registrants can visit Santa Ana’s parks.

Interesting…. and here one thought that it was Scott van Camp and the Orange County Public Defenders Office who “saved the day” by successfully litigating Nguyen (Godinez?) all the way to the California Court of Appeal….. you learn something new every day!

I will celebrate when I am standing on friendly soil, with people who care about me and the U.S. is behind me. Until then, city parks are where I let my dog crap.

What about Jim Jordan for failure to report sexual assault while at Ohio State? What about Weiner, Hastert, Foley and others that have committed sex crimes? However we are the ones that need to monitored and harassed while the foxes guard the hen house!!

I have noticed that law enforcement , judicial appointees and politicians often get the option of resigning rather than facing charges. They can often continue their occupations in another jurisdiction without recourse.
I had a misdemeanor charge and had my state license revoked immediately, before I was even convicted 6months later. I am still trying to get it back 6 yrs later. I have over 20 letters from business leaders and local / national politicians stating their support of my reinstatement and am having difficulty getting a hearing in front of the board.
Meanwhile people like this man will get a pass by his ‘brethren’ because of political favors he has done for them in the past.
Dishonesty is rewarded while honesty in the face of a moment of moral slippage is punished for life.

The registry is just a way of creating two Different systems one for the everyday folks like us and the one for them to be above,we all know who them is. All very subtle to the unknowing . I have learned alot from this register not my brothers and sister on it but about those who impose it.

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