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CA: La Crescenta residents protest possible release of person convicted of a sex offense

[ – 6/5/21]

Protesters gathered along Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta Saturday as they fight to keep a person convicted of a sexual offense from being moved into their neighborhood.

Video Transcript
– Protesters in La Crescenta sending a message to a judge trying to prevent a person convicted of a sexual offense from being released in their community.

– Eyewitness News Reporter Leanne Suter is live in La Crescenta, where neighbors gather to express their outrage over the possible release of that man, Leanne.

LEANNE SUTER: Veronica and Jory, the proposed home for Calvin Grassmier would be just a couple of blocks away from this park. And residents say it would put dozens of children at risk. Protesters rallying along Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta as they fight to keep a person with a sex offense conviction from being moved into their neighborhood.

EMILY VINCENT: There’s more children than homes in this area. There’s schools, nearby parks. People walk their dogs. People walk their kids. This is not a place for someone of this degree of a criminal.

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“HARRY LEON: This area is close to less than two miles away from two schools, less than two miles away from a park, less than two miles away from churches.”

Are you kidding me?! How the heck do these people feel that this guy will be a threat to any public safety AT ALL living almost two miles away FROM ANYTHING much less a church, school or playground.

Any would-be sexual predator who wants to take advantage of a child is not going to let a mile or two of distance stop them. Just living further than a required buffer-zone does not prevent anyone from traveling closer (inside) the buffer zone. This is nonsense beyond all logic. Remember, 95% of assaults on children are committed by persons known to the child/family. So now they are only protecting the balance of the 5% maybe??

This is all “Not in my neighborhood” and “I better cover my a$$” kind of thing – along with a “Hey, I’m running for office and I care about your family (all of a sudden) – well heck, what else was I going to run on? I got nothing more!”.

Last edited 4 months ago by NorthEastPA

I am on the fence about this article. The residents do have a valid point, although the man has been released and is to be considered “free” for purposes of the law. Of course the slippery slope argument comes into play. If they can stop him from moving there, then how long until they stop anyone they deem as unfit by their standards,

Do they have a valid point? They are using the registry to prevent someone who has served their time from living their life. The registry is just to “identify” registrants and not to use the registry in any other shape or form. In this situation, it’s to prevent residency, which is a form of banning a person from their area. This is called retribution. Banning a person and retribution are traits of punishment. Is a person “free” after one has served their time to society or is it okay to continue the punishment, which implies that person isn’t free at all.

It is this line of think that Chief Justice Roberts cites the registry is just a “membership” and nothing more. Yet, people can use the registry to prevent residency, travel, job placement, or as a kill list. The registry is supposed to only be about awareness, but it’s current use is activism.

I am not looking at this as a registration issue but beyond that. I agree that a person has the right to live within a community. I also see that his specific residence is in a location that raises issues. There is a point where even we as registrants can see where there might be a problem. I am a registrant, but still would have concerns with a serial rapist moving in next door. I think that is human nature to be protective of your own. Is the community over reacting, probably. But look at what started this whole mess. A non disclosed sexual predator living across the street from the Walsh family and abducting their son. While 90% of us are suffering for the other 10% of offenders, I can’t support that 10%. Sorry.

Sorry, but when is the last time you heard about a “serial rapist” being released from prison? Not me. Someone who is a serial rapist is either serving a life sentence, or won’t be released until their too old to be able to get around without a walker.
There’s also a HUGE difference between a sexual predator and someone who had a lapse in judgment years ago.
Sounds like you support the hit lists.

You said, “There is a point where even we as registrants can see where there might be a problem.” I don’t see a problem. We have people living all around us who are dangerous. If a person is released from prison it is none of our business where he or she might live.

You said, “I am a registrant, but still would have concerns with a serial rapist moving in next door.” I would as well. However, I don’t have any need to know about the serial rapist and I certainly have no right to know. I have a lot of people living near me who seem very nice but any one of them might be a serial rapist. I certainly make no assumption that they are not. Do you think serial rapists typically target their neighbors or people who live elsewhere?

You said, “But look at what started this whole mess. A non disclosed sexual predator living across the street from the Walsh family and abducting their son.” I think you have your events messed up. But regardless, yes, the original lies used to create the Hit Lists were that people just needed to be “informed” about any former sex criminals living around them. In retrospect, we see how outrageous those lies were.

You said, “While 90% of us are suffering for the other 10% of offenders, I can’t support that 10%.” Not sure what that means. Personally, I can’t support what nearly 100% of what PFRs did to get them listed. Almost everyone. But I can support anyone who was punished for whatever they did and is now committed to being a good person. America imprisons people for too long. Once a person gets out, they have a right to live without harassment from the general public. The Hit Lists shouldn’t exist.

A true crime author has books out on the Walsh story. He interviewed a man who believes he’s real identity is Adam Walsh. Wouldn’t that be something if the boy used to passed punitive laws was alive the whole time.

All the major stories used to terrify parents of strangers are sketchy. The details of the Walsh kidnapping, as per the Wikipedia page, are bizarre, and a registry would have done nothing to prevent it (and the police clearly let Otis take the blame
for many crimes just to close cases). Jessica Lundsford? Supposedly the police checked the mobile home near her house where her alleged killer was staying—and with her, supposedly alive and captured, there as well—and didn’t suspect anything talking to her killer’s sister (who was never charged). Jessica was supposedly buried within sight of her own home while the massive search was ongoing. A year or two later CP, if I recall correctly, was found on Jessica’s fathers or a relatives computer. Don’t get me started on Elizabeth Smart (supposedly her little sister spontaneously remembered the voice of the kidnapper months later, and he was immediately found). I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I think that sometimes, sadly, strangers do harm children, but so many of the high profile, high impact cases make you think someone is hiding something, and that they weren’t as random as we’d been led to believe.

Eric O. I think you’re thinking of Megan Kanka, not Adam Walsh. She was killed by a repeat offender who lived in the neighborhood. Obviously the family claims this would’ve been prevented had the current system been in place, but that’s very doubtful given how people use this info and the fact that even fewer actually talk to their children about it who are as young as she was.

I stand corrected, thx

I’m an ex offender/no longer required to register. The registry creates hysteria. Evil! Pedophile! How would the neighbors feel if a gang member? Drug dealer? Murderer? Moved in? Drive by shooter? How about a Muslim Jhiad? Or, how about 63 thousand illegal immigrants coming across the border? (Many with multiple felony convictions?) How about that? How about a guy with (1) 17b, expunged and a COR who is no longer required to register? Ex offender????

I’ll bet a million dollars this guy gets dumped in a low income neighborhood.
People who live in poor neighborhoods that support the registry don’t even know that their supporting SVP’S being dumped in their backyards.

Good luck 🤬

You are probably right, AERO1. Individuals living in low-income areas who earning low incomes and are likely to have more exhausting jobs with longer hours leaving them little time and energy to be actively involved in their community and aware of what is going on in it. Not to mention, they will be less likely to vote and are, therefore, more likely to be ignored by their political representatives who will cater to the wealthier, campaign-donating, voter class.

You forget that low income housing areas often have other felons living there and don’t want attention drawn to them. They are usually continuing their criminal lifestyles and assume that anyone else moving in is one of them.

Interesting, I thought when this news report first came out the news was reporting the SVP was getting a humanitarian release due to terminal illness.

@ KHW: You’re being funny, right? 🤨

Nope. Seriously. Heard some news station say it when I first heard the story. Then it disappeared. Or, I’m just losing it and thought that’s what I heard, lol.

Btw, also heard news station say the owners couldn’t rent the place so decided to allow the placement. If this guy gets allowed to live there I can imagine the neighbors making his life a hell worse then incarnation.

So these people are saying , they are in argument with the fact that he fulfilled his obilgation/deal with the state ?

Wouldn’t be a issue if politicians didn’t make it one? Sex crimes have always occurred and a hit list won’t stop it. Restrictions on free citizens causes more problems for the community and country. Politicians will never admit the failure of these unjustified laws.

[ACSOL Moderators edited out racist comment] Yet, we are just worrying about 1 guy! What about people who drive drunk? Drug dealers? We have illegal massage parlors throughout our state (many located near schools/residential areas) who are actually brothels? Gang members? Pimps? Murderers? Wife beaters! I’m now off the registers (thanks to Janice’s advice) and live a simple life: Leave the guy alone!

A community hearing is concluding on WebEx right now. One really good thing: protesters were quickly schooled at the start about their speculative misinformation regarding Mr. Grassmier’s convictions, which were in actually in 1988, and did NOT involve any minors. He had self-committed to a mental hospital in Coalinga in 2007 upon his prison release for those convictions and there have been no further sexual offenses.
Prior to this hearing on the suitability of his placement in La Crescenta, there had been 400+ hysterical and venomous emails sent to the District DA from the community about how their young children would not be safe if he were released in their neighborhood.
Mr. Grassmier is present and looks clean and in his right mind, not like his creepy Meagan Mug Shot, and his Doctor stated that after 33 years of custody, he has made tremendous progress, and is deemed ready to start his new life under the stringent monitoring of conditional release. Only 50 SVPs have been given this opportunity so far.
Poor Police and Fire Emergency response time is now the “con” focus, since there are some winding roads and poor cel phone/ GPS signals in the foothills; and also that there are so many adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the area. Also that a lot of young children in the area means young mothers, and they could be victims.

I feel as though I am the only crazy person that would be more worried about the repeated DUI/drug addict/thief or mentally parolees being released into my neighborhood? Especially since I most likely would not be informed prior to their release.

Nope, anyone with a brain is more worried about those people you listed than nearly anyone listed on the Hit Lists. For me personally, I’ve always had children living with me and still do, but I’ve never used the Hit Lists for “protection”. Not once. I wouldn’t be worried at all about a convicted child molester moving in next door. Nearly all of them are harmless if you just supervise your children. Further, I may have un-convicted child molesters already living near me and perhaps even in my life. So I know I have to watch everyone.

I’m a lot more concerned about people who are actually dangerous to their neighbors. For example, I don’t think ANY drug should be illegal but I would not want a drug addict living next door to me. I don’t want people who have shot people with guns to live next door to me. Or violent drunks. Or an anti-American, Registry-loving, criminal politician. The list is long.

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