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CA: Public Defender Offices Available to Assist Registrants Petition for Removal

Twenty public defender offices have made resources available to help registrants petition for removal from the registry.  Below is a link to a list of those offices.  Missing from the list is Los Angeles County, however, both San Diego and San Francisco counties are included on the list.

Click here to see the list. This will also be available in the Resources menu


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This CA petition removal process is a joke and a cover that makes it appear that CA is conducting risk assessment hearings when it is in fact NOT!!! CA needs to be sued to follow in line with the Alaska SC, Hawaii SC, and now the South Carolina SC which require actual risk assessments based on risk factors and not conviction codes. If ACSOL or someone else fails to file such a case soon I will be filing by August.

Here we go the California SB384 is only 2weeks away people in California can actually petition the court’s to be relieved of their duty to register I never thought I live to see this day thank GOD I never gave up on myself and didn’t commit suicide under all the pressure Megan’s law has put on me and my family.
This is gonna change the lives of tier 1&2 sex offenders living in California especially for the guys who been registering for 25+ years I know their anxiously waiting to petition the courts so they can finally get on with their lives.

Good luck 🥶

@Mike R – ACSOL will not be filing the type of lawsuit you have described. We wish you great success in your lawsuit.

Will there be a place to contact for Los Angeles County in the future?

Risk Assessment means absolutely squat in my book.

When I was released on parole back in 2010 I had to be assessed by a doctor/psychiatrist on the outside to see if follow up s$x offender treatment was necessary. I had the full course while in prison just soon before that. It lasted over one year.

The psychiatrist/treatment provider in prison told me I would not need further treatment when I am released on parole.

The doctor/psychiatrist that did the assessment after I was released sat with me. Asked me a few questions, make a few notes on a piece of paper and then told me I would require further treatment. No explanation at all. So I wondered why there was such a difference in opinion from the two psychiatrists. The one in prison knew me for over a year and said I would not need further treatment. The one that just met me and interviewed me stated I needed further treatment. Made absolutely no sense to me. Treatment sessions would cost me $40 a week which I really count not afford.

So why did this psychiatrist that just met me and spoke with me for just a few minutes feel I needed further treatment? Come to find out this doctor/psychiatrist worked for the dam treatment provider I was to be “treated” by. Can we call this a conflict of interest? So of course this doctor will say I need further treatment – it means more money to the company he works for. The first group session the socalled therapist told me that I would be in group for as long as I was on parole – no chance to graduate etc. So this told me that this treatment provider was holding my freedom (if I did not attend group I would be violated) at ransom to the tune of $40 per week for the next 4 years. I think that is called a guaranteed income for that company.

So assessments in my book are garbage!!

How is anyone going to get a non-biased assessment?! It won’t happen so no one will end up coming off the list.

I was surprised and now pleased to see my county is one of those who offers help in the process. I don’t get to apply until November after 35 years on the registry. Can’t wait to start hearing the stories about applying for removal and what results!

I filed my COR in LA last year. Super easy. The deadline was July 1st! Granted/off registry. I only submitted 4-5 letters of support, wrote a letter to the court and put a nice packet together. The lawyer (law firm) has lawyers who have established relationships with the DA’s (multiple counties) and he provided me a 90% guarantee. I had a 17b/expungement and my request was granted! The COR with bold letters stated no longer required to register pursuant to 290! I received a letter from the DOJ 3 weeks thereafter/confirming this. The LA paralegals working for the county didn’t even know the SB384 was going into affect July 1st! In summary, if my COR had been granted after July 1st, I would still be on the registry and I would have to file via the tier law. Be prepared for court Delays and submit your documents stat. I believe LA with the new DA will be very fair, unless you have multiple background issues. I never submitted a psych evaluation, no saratso score (my counsel noted the DA could’ve requested this). I know they ran a background check. If you read the LA county procedure for COR, they might visit your location if you have multiple issues, but I’m not aware if they came to my home? None of my references where called? 243.4 a – 17b expunged summary probation/clean record. The LA county paralegals weren’t aware of the time lines or really aware of SB384. My counsel for a COR cost 1200

I received a letter from the DOJ about 2 weeks after receiving my COR. It states I’m no longer required to register. Thereafter, I received a letter from the Prisons & Parole Board, informing me this is also an automatic application for a Pardon.

Silly question probably, but where exactly does it say under PC1203.4 that it does not relieve you of the duty to register? I see that it says it does not permit you to own a firearm, run for public office or apply for a State License, but I don’t see the actual verbiage of the “does not relieve of duty to register”. Even if it says it, and I missed it, where does it say it can not be considered for Tier Assignment?

Legislation addressing the tiered registry clearly states, in no uncertain terms, that the use of the SARATSO tools must be in accordance with the Coding Rules. For the Static-99R, the Coding Rules states, in no uncertain terms, that “[s]tatic risk assessments estimate the likelihood of recidivism at the time of release and we expect they would be valid for approximately two years. For offenders released for longer than two years and who have remained sex offence free, consider their overall behaviour and factors external to Static-99R in your overall risk assessment.” Pg. 13.

Understand that the Static-99R is purportedly a snapshot from release; it is not a dynamic test that revaluates every moment, and certainly not every year, or even decade, that a person has been offense-free in the community.

Also keep in mind, at the end of the day, this stuff is Minority Report “science.” It’s a similar type of risk assessment to those used in California’s new no bail initiatives that a lot of scholars and civil rights advocates cry afoul to. Yet when similarly flawed assessments are used for “sex offenders,” said assessments get a free pass.

Anyway, I listened to the past ACSOL phone calls in which people cite the Static-99R only being valid for 10 years.


If you read the Coding Rules, it clearly states that the Static-99R is only valid for “approximately two years.” It does not deserve 5x validation, especially in light I bet that the two year validation is already packed with conflicts-of-interests by its own “validators.”

The fact the legislature gave the Static-99R essentially a lifetime, or 20 year, validation — depending on what crime you committed — is just pure insane.

The justice system is just a huge joke. Faith in government is ZERO.

Let me ad: if you have a wobbler, get a 17b. A Judge won’t always grant one. They may only grant a pc 1203.4. If a 17b is granted, you can obtain a gun. I filed a 17b -granted and then a pc1203.4a. Then, I did a pc 851.8 (non factual/detained in LB). Thereafter, I later filed a COR and it was granted! The COR won’t relieve everyone. Plus, the deadline was July 1st! Thereafter, the tier law comes into affect and it won’t relieve anyone. I’m no longer required to register! If I was on the registry, I would move fast and try to obtain both a 17b and expungement. It will look better if you attempt to get off the registry at a later point. Best of luck

With registered persons being excluded from everything else, I’m surprised this headline didn’t read “PUBLIC DEFENDER OFFICES AVAILABLE TO ASSIST REGISTRANTS PETITION FOR REMOVAL, EXCEPT FOR THOSE CONVICTED OF A SEX CRIME”.

I have another question on expungement and/or COR. It says, if you went to prison, you can’t get an expungement and would need a COR. Yet, a felony that received probation needs to be expunged first. That seem illogical to me. So, the person receiving has to pay for the expungement and then again for the COR and the person going to prison would only have to pay for the COR? Is that another money making thing?

Bottom line: certain offenders could get off the registry if they obtained a COR by June 30th! Otherwise, I would highly recommend obtaining both a 17b and expungement ASAP! You must obtain (it’s right on my document) a expungement prior to filing a COR. I’m signing off and moving forward. Wishing everyone the best

I live in orange county. I was wondering if I should apply for the tier registry to be relived of my registration duties

ok I contacted the in San Bernardino They call me back 3 days later And Asked me if I was to intrested Heck yes I’m intrestedAsked A few questions Asked me Give them proof I was currently registered No problem and my tear letter Which turned out to be difficult I contacted the local LAW office where I have to register at And ask Tear letter And they gave me dirty looks and told me I could not have it until the 1st of July And I would have to make appointment to get it so, The next day I drove to San Bernardino About 2 hours away Records division They gave me my tear later without a problem Handed them my ID and that was it I obtained all the paperwork they needed so they seemed to be on the ball Wait and see what happens got my fingers crossed

is there any word when Los Angeles County would have a place to contact?

Just spoke with the Alameda County Public Defenders office. The process there begins with:

Wow! I’m a little surprised such discussions are taking place. This law was passed over 2 years ago? For myself, I ran/sprinted to LA when I saw how liberal the DA was. I 17b/expunged my records years ago. Plus, I even did a 858.1 years ago as well. We just saw a virus disrupt everything and while it has caused delays within the courts, this was the time to get things done with all this down time. I was granted a COR (removed from the registry) months ago and it was almost too simple. I’ve had LE, LA County paralegals (they provided me incorrect info/can’t be done) and even a DA and several lawyers tell me I missed the cutoff date of January 1st, when it was July 1st. I’m clear. Get moving guys. If it’s a wobbler, get a 17b or expungement. Don’t walk, run. Wishing everyone the best. I’m off/expunged and hope I can help one person. My COR cost $1350!

So how many of you were sweating the Tiers and where you might land like I was? Turns out, it was settled months ago. There was no need to guess and fret.

Great info! What do you do if your charges have been expunged, a judge has granted you a COR and your no longer on the registry? Please advise

I could not find the tread, however, I got tear letter, today, and it is #2 and my birthday is December 30 and I been on the registry for 32 years.

I’m surprised the Static 99 is even relevant because it’s probably one of the worst (if not THE WORST) thing about this new law. I remember reading a university paper that said the Static’s authors didn’t believe United States APA ethics codes applied to any of the Static 99 risk assessments because they, the authors, are Canadian. That was a danger flag right there and left a bad taste for me personally, at least in regard to the Static 99, since then.

I just don’t understand how a risk assessment is given tons of power with this new law. To my uneducated and layman mind, so much of the Static 99 doesn’t make sense and appears completely contrary to logic. Non violent? Add a point. Have a male victim (which essentially implies you’re being punished for being gay)? Add a point. And so on…

Just a gut feeling that the Static 99 is probably the worst thing about the Tiered Registry, in the same junk science category as the polygraphs, crystal balls, and tarot cards.

Someone prove me wrong.

I obtained my COR prior to July 1st. I’m off and I never walked into court/saw the DA – other then walk by and I never saw the Judge! I obtained this in LA. Dept 100! If you write a letter taking accountability/if required/working hard/clear record/no further arrests/you might be able to get away with a few minor offenses, you should be good! LA is now very liberal. My neighbor walks his dog right (no joke) by my house every night. He is the DA for (supervisor/LA county city). His comment: he shook his head. Unless they find something serious, your good. OC is another story. I filed the same COR in OC! The DA /and investigator where liars, manipulated the truth, stared me down and did whatever they could to get my straightforward request denied. The Judge responded: I can’t see one reason to deny it; but it’s not enough? Well, I’m off?

Wrong! I obtained a COR before the July 1st deadline! I was on pins and needles. The so called 2 amazing LA County Paralegals didn’t even know the law! I had hired a private attorney who has contacts (lawyers) In several different courts and he didn’t know! Depending upon your case/conviction, a Judge in my case granted the COR! Thereafter, a COR is printed out and in bold letters at the bottom, descendent is no longer required to register pursuant to 290.05! I have it/copies at home: So, I got an original and this is also documented on the minute order! A copy is sent to the DOJ and (in my case) in 2-3 weeks I received a copy from the DOJ/sex offender registration unit stating I’m no longer required to register, but if (I have to look at the wording) I get convicted of another offense I could be required to register again! No joke. I was informed the DOJ then sends a copy to the registering LE! It takes (online) 30-60 days for the DOJ to update their system: I was never contacted by either (I was registering at 2 locations) police department. I called both and they where wondering if I had petitioned via the néw law? Both admin people pulled me (congrats) up via their system and stated, registration terminated! No police officer has contacted me! Lol. I obtained a née visa a few months later/travelled abroad and unlike being detained/stopped while re-entering the US, I walked in. I obviously have copies of my documents and I’m now re-applying for a professional license. I’ve not been visited for a compliance check and if I was (I would have) somehow mistakenly placed on the Megan’s law in January by mistake, I will sue!

Janice, you can add kern county to your list of public defenders that are helping registrants to petitioning the courts! They are doing all the leg work

To my shock, during my Oct. 2021, I was notified that I’m tier 3! I was looking forward to completing my 10-year registration penalty and getting off this month. I think that must be a mistake. For one thing, the form the cop gave me had the wrong name on it (changed name in 2014). Is there any recourse for me?

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