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NJ is shutting down its only women’ prison due to rampant sexual abuse by the guards and staff,N.J.,abusive%20incidents%2C%22%20he%20said

So I was watching the movie FELON

and happened to be reading “An explication of Nietzsche’s views on punishment.”

And the two intersect somewhere that I’m still trying to figure out. Both are time well spent, that much I know.

More profound, perhaps, is the mystery of why sometimes we can highlight and link and sometimes not. Where did the comment toolbar go?

I’ll mention it when not available, like in the above post but it is working in this one if I had a link to include.

Vigilante Group that Removed Kids from ‘Sexually Abusive Parents’ to Stand Trial

The syndicate, run by an Australian doctor, is accused of abducting children from their custodial fathers and unlawfully returning them to their mothers.

Hey all, my daughter is going to be starting preschool (held on a K-12 campus) this fall, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to approach the principal about being able to be on campus to drop off and pick her up. Should I call first and follow up in writing? Is email good enough or does it have to be snail mail?

Things this sensitive to them are best done in person. I would call the principal, ask for a mtg with them and the superintendent. Principals seldom make these kind of decisions, and like to pass the buck to a higher authority. They will probably not research anything about you and just rely on the sex offender label to make their decision. Much harder for them to say “No Way” to your face. I suggest you go with a game plan and constructive suggestions. Maybe they allow a teacher to accompany your daughter to and from your car if they have issues with you “ Roaming the grounds looking for victims” . If a positive decision is made, make sure you get it signed in writing. Nothing worse than them back peddling to save their own asses. Be ready for a disappointing decision though. Just saying.

I would go with the route of a ePaper-trail right from the start. Put your request in writing. Email should be used. I would suggest email because the email would reside on the school’s own computer network. If you are granted permission to be on the school grounds and then somehow someone says you were not allowed on school grounds the emails which are school property can be used to prove that you were allowed to be on school grounds. if you do it with snail-mail any of those physical letters/correspondence can be easily misplaced on the school’s end. Emails can’t be deleted so easily legally without serious consequences plus you’ll have your copies of the emails from the school as proof.

My suggestion is “DON’T” it’s not that serious
Long as your not on school campus being a weirdo causing A bunch of unwanted attention to yourself you should be fine.
Remember once you contact the school about being on campus for whatever reasons your sex offender status along with your mugshot will follow her through every school she attends in that county.
Another thing if you tell the school about being a sex offender they could easily call CPS on you one day to make sure you child is safe.
Teacher’s do it all the time in fact their trained to contact CPS if they think any child is possibly in danger

D’s comment was posted in general comments as original. Without specifics, who knows what is best?

Put her in a private school that doesn’t answer to the state, but answers to your wallet. Then you have the power.

If you’re on probation or parole I’d put the question to your agent.
If not on P&P, I’d exercise my parental right as I saw fit without notice.
Picking a child up from school as a parent is mandatory but rarely required entering the building. Standing on the sidewalk adjacent is also lawful. Most of All confront those who’d object outside of the earshot of your kid.

@ D: School visits? I usually send an email to the school’s principal with the simple subject line
Then in the email I write something like this:

Good morning, Principal Mercer.

My name is _______. I am a homeowner/resident in Podunk and am actively involved in the Podunk community.  
I am contacting you today because I am required to receive authorization in order to attend an event in your school’s campus (specifically, in the gymnasium).

I will explain. I have been invited by the City to attend the Mayor’s “State of the Podunk” Address on the evening of the January 31st. 
I would like to attend this event but I am required to received authorization from the school principal in order to do so because I was convicted of a felony sexual offense more than 20 years ago.

Please keep in mind that the event is scheduled for the evening hours and is likely to have very few, if any, children in attendance (and will probably be attended by numerous City of Podunk police officers and staff.)

I would ask that you please consider this request and advise me of your decision at your earliest opportunity.
Thank you in advance for your time.


I hope this is helpful to you.

NOTE: I have requested such permission, via email, on several occasions and have only been denied once – and that was by a private school, not a public school.
Good luck.

BTW, you may need to send a couple follow-up emails before you get a reply. Be patient and remain courteous & professional. 👍🏻

Thanks everyone for the replies. It would oy be on the rare emergency where I would have to pick her up since my wife would normally be the one doing it. But they require ID to for anyone picking up, so I would definitely have to go “onto” campus and couldnt just wait at the car.

I’m not on paper, so no issue there. Also pretty close to the end of what would be my tier, so I don’t want to do anything that would make it easier for them to deny me.

I wonder if children that age may walk to and from school? We used to be able to do so.

If they can, I would be completely tempted just to have my child walk the 1,000 feet or however far was necessary to be “away” from the school and off the campus. Just pick up and drop off there. F**k those assholes. I would sit in a car that far away and watch all the children going by.

I’ve said it 1,000 times – if these dipshit schools actually protected the children there, they’d have less than zero “need” to prevent anyone from being there. So to me this is all just proof that they actually aren’t capable of protecting the students. They keep maybe 20 parents away from the school and pretend they are protecting someone. Idiots. At least the shooters won’t be deterred.

So basically the question is a mute point. There really are no actual issues here. O.k.

(Eric, I think you mean “a moot point”.) 👍🏻

Wow, just saw this. Being forced to go on campus seems like constitutional violations, maybe free speech by being forced to apply or freedom from assembly by being forced to go on campus with the other parents and kids, etc. Grrrr.

In CA, I just never went on campus and stayed on the public street. You don’t say how old but the two I had to pick up or drop off on occasion were in middle and elementary schools. No need during the pandemic lock down. The issue for me was avoiding the notification to prevent any possible bullying of the two girls. Doing it this way limited participation in after school functions, but given the pros and cons, this was best for me and they had support from their parents for those events.

It’s a preschool and she’s only 3, so no walking out on her own.

Normally in CA, preschools don’t require you to get permission, but since this one is on the same campus as a K-12, I’m pretty sure I do.

Does anyone know what’s going on with the premise restriction lawsuit in NC? Narsol nor Ncrsol have posed about it in over a year.
I can’t find anything online about it. Narsol has the case listed as pending. It was filed back in 2017.

NCRSOL v. Stein, Case No. 1:18-cv-597

Here’s the only case PACER returns with that case number for NC Federal Courts:

Case Title: NC RSOL et al v. NODALSKI et al
Case Number: 1:2018cv00597
Court: North Carolina Middle District Court
Date Filed: 07/06/2018
Date Closed: 12/16/2019

The last Document in the case was a “Notice of Voluntary Dismissal” on 12/16/2019. The case was dismissed because one of the Plaintiffs (the RC) was permanently removed from NC’s ML and because the other Plaintiff (NC RSOL) was pendent to the claims of RC Plaintiff.

In short, if this is the case you are asking about, it appears it’s over and done with because the Plaintiff is no longer a RC.

So the Director of the Utah Sentencing Commission, who helped push through the law this last year that allows lifetime offenders to petition for removal after 20-years (was 15-years prior to floor amendment and who released a study in Utah showing a recidivism rate of 2% has been sidelined and silenced.

After this session she was appointed to and confirmed as a Juvenile Court Judge. This is the second attorney in my area who was making positive change on offender laws who were subsequently appointed to bench.

Shut them up by “kicking them upstairs”, as the saying goes. Give them something that looks like a promotion in order for them to go away. Is that an accurate description? Just wondering.

@Will Allen:

A “friend” recently did some things that are right out of your playbook and probably will warm your heart.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my “friend” rented a car, didn’t register the car, crossed state lines, hung out in a tourist trap–including where minors congregate, drove onto Tribal Lands, and generally lived the life of a “normal” person. My “friend” reports that not one thing went awry, nobody was alerted to her/his presence, and the Tribal Lands seem to have survived invasion by someone guilty of moral turpitude.

Somehow thousands of people managed to avoid the trauma of being around my “friend” and apparently none herded their wee ones away.

Thanks for the anecdote. I love reading when any PFR ensures that the Hit Lists are worthless. I think that should be the goal of every single PFR every day. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend breaking any law, but of course I don’t care at all if anyone does. It is quite easy to follow every dumb Hit List law and still make sure it is all useless. The laws do nothing but harass.

Personally, I have a great social life. I’m around people, families, and children all the time. Most of my close friends know that I’m listed on the Hit Lists. But it is extremely easy for me to be around and alone with children at any time, whether any involved (adults or children) knows I am listed or not. Trivial. Of course that doesn’t matter at all, because I’m less of a danger to children than are the vast majority of people living in America. I protect children while they fantasize that Hit Lists do. But, it is still interesting that while I am doing whatever I want, I do try to figure out how Registry Supporters/Terrorists fantasize that their Hit Lists “protect” anyone. I think the answer is that they are ignorant and just believe fantasies.

As long as the Hit Lists exist I will ensure they are not just worthless, but much, much worse. The consequences will continue.

I was in Minnesota and North Dakota last weekend without having to register. I was children all weekend. Do people seriously think that they are safer because they know I’m in the region?

I’m not willing to be imprisoned for up to 30 years for that though. Sorry.

Personally, if I’m even arrested, let alone put on trial, for any Hit List infraction, I’m going to be the judge, jury, and jailer. I’ve promised myself, so it will happen.

If Registry Supporters/Terrorists think I’m dangerous because of a sex crime from decades ago, I’ve got some REALLY bad news for them. They are too stupid to know it and too arrogant to care.

I will be required to travel to Kentucky for a week (5 business days) as a business trip and I am nervous since I have been avoiding traveling to any state so that I don’t trigger a registration requirement in more than one place. I have heard that I will not be required to register in Kentucky if I am only visiting, I tried to look this up but found contradicting information.

Can anyone help with a link confirming which is true?

I am also on probation so I will need to ask for permission though my probation officer has been very helpful and is not strict as others are. If anyone has any other advice or recommendations on what I should lookout for or research please let me know, I have high anxiety just thinking about it but I will have to figure this out somehow.

AJP – Have you looked on this website in the LAW section for registration requirements for all States? If that is still up to date, it says visitors don’t have to register unless they are staying 14 consecutive days or 30 days within a year. Maybe someone from ACSOL can chime in to see if that list is still current.

I believe it is 14 days but maybe someone else can weigh in on this.

This is another reason the registry is punishment and nothing can convince me otherwise. The right to travel is taken away. Sure, you can travel, they say, but if your job requires you to go to a convention, etc for longer than that State allows, you really can’t travel. End of story. This goes for wanting to go on a 3 week vacation, too. Why again can the PUNISHMENT part not be addressed again? It is plain as day! This has to be revisited with all the reasons why the registry is NOT just administrative.

Here’s the URL for the KY Statute dealing with it:

From my layman’s reading of it, you have 5 working days to register if employed or registered for school in KY. However, “employment” is defined as a period of 14 days or an aggregate of 30 days in a calendar year. Based on this convoluted language, it would appear you are not required to register because you won’t be there for 14 days or a cumulative 30 days. This is similar to what MN does, though they don’t delineate employment or schooling. With MN, you have 5 days to figure out if you’ll be there more than 15 (or is it 14?) days in a row or 30 days aggregate in a calendar year.

Anyway, it would appear you’re safe as long as you exit KY by 11:59:59PM on Day 5. One could argue you’re safe through the weekend but let’s not tempt fate that much! Were I you, I would also look into the possibility of there being a State or Federal Holiday in KY while you’re there, which would alter the working day calculations.

If your PO is really accommodating and you’re in a border region, consider changing hotels to a neighboring State for one night. Of course your PO may not be too keen on possibly being complicit in evading the spirit of KY’s ML laws.


In recent years several states have made an effort to protect the public from “sexual psychopaths” (“persons with criminal propensities to the commission of sex offenses”) by authorizing their commitment to mental institutions.” Implicit in these laws is an ideology which has been made explicit in an extensive popular literature.2 This ideology contains the following propositions:

1. Women and children are in great danger in American society because serious sex crimes are very prevalent and are increasing more rapidly than any other type of crime. J. Edgar Hoover wrote, “The most rapidly increasing type of crime is that perpetrated by degenerate sex offenders …. (It) is taking its toll at the rate of a criminal assault every 43minutes, day and night, in the United States.”

2. Practically all of these serious sex crimes are committed by “degenerates,” “sex fiends,” or “sexual psychopaths.” Wittels wrote, “Most of the so-called sex killers are psychopathic personalities …. No one knows or can even closely estimate how many such creatures there are, but at least tens of thousands of them are loose in the country today.”

3. These sexual psychopaths continue to commit serious sex crimes throughout life because they have no control over their sexual impulses; they have a mental malady and are not responsible for their behavior.

4. A sexual psychopath can be identified with a high degree of precision even before he has committed any sex crimes.

5. A society which punishes sex criminals, even with severe penalties, and then releases them to prey again upon women and children is failing in its duty.

6. Laws should be enacted to segregate such persons, preferably before but at least after their sex crimes, and to keep them confined as irresponsible patients until their malady has been completely and permanently cured.

7. Since sexual psychopathy is a mental malady, the professional advice as to the diagnosis, the treatment, and the release of patients as cured should come exclusively from psychiatrists.

All of these propositions, which are implicit in the laws and explicit in the popular literature, are either false or question-able. Some of the errors in these propositions will be indicated.

Footnotes excluded.

Cannot highlight and link.

@ Ditto: Are you really referencing a journal article from 1950?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
…. 70+ YEARS AGO??? 🤨


This is actually an interesting article. Sexual pychopath laws started in the 30’s and had run their course by the 80’s. And of course we know hat happened in the 90’s.

The article was an immediate, fact based reaction to the beginning of the moral panic and coincides with the passing of PC 290, which became law in 1949, the year before. The stats then were the same as the stats now. Another old book was Convicting the Innocent, published in 1932, that found the same reasons for wrongful convictions that we are “discovering” now. In other words, it wasn’t any secret that the government operated on bullshit for the past 70 years at least. We all have every right to be mad as hell.

Janice, as things are starting to open up is there any hope for in person ACSOL meetings starting up latter this year? I really miss them.

21 days until the California tier law goes into effect it’s kinda hard to believe after being told by Law Enforcement for 21 years that I would have to register till the day I die.
There’s 100.000 sex offenders living in California that’s not including the one’s incarcerated.
If people in California really wanted to dismantle IML website all they need to do is start organizing, Lobbying, protesting and speaking out.
If just 500 people in California showed up at the state Capitol in peaceful protest that would literally scare the Hell out of these politicians here in California. California politicians, District Attorneys and Law Enforcement agencies have no respect for people on IML but I’m not surprised you can’t just go around demanding respect from people you have to earn it and sex offenders in California are to scared to stand up for themselves so they get no respect

Good luck ✌😎

Says the guy sitting in the cheap seats.

You are 100% correct. 100,000 people on California’s registry and you can’t get 500 registrants, their family and friends to show up at the state capitol. 99% of registrants are perfectly fine with registration while 1% are actively challenging these laws. Good luck even getting 50 registrants to show up in Sacramento. California registrants aren’t simply angry enough.

In other news: SC supreme court rules lifetime registration without judicial review is unconstitutional.

I doubt it is a matter of demanding respect. More likely it is a matter of not knowing where and how to fight. Patients can become quicksand and having a plan for too long without implementation can sink a person. There is also the matter of trust. My candlelight vigil idea for the murdered didn’t go very far, probably because showing up is outing ourselves and in a way agreeing with the registry database in the sense it opens the door to being labeled and tracked. Is that surrender or wisdom? If enough rebels could get pulled out of the quicksand and learn to stand in an effective way, they could stand up on their own and join the bigger fight (which to me is what the movie FELON is about.) Consider a site with registered members who joined for the purpose of organization and tactics. Half would be FBI and half vigilante trolls, and the rest would be rebels. Got a solution?

On the other hand, it could be the majority just want to lay low and are not interested in the bigger picture when it comes to the criminal justice system. There are far greater problems than the registry and does anyone here care? If we want allies, be an ally.

where did you get that 21 days, it’s already in effect.
and most changes related will happen on jan 1, 2022

Last edited 13 days ago by jc

@ JC: Starting July 1st, Registrants will be able to apply to be removed from the Registry.

AJ and Others – Just saw this on another site. Can someone read through this case: Powell vs Keel. Does it look like the S.C Supreme Court ruled lifetime registration and Internet Disclosure unconstitutional?? I will read through it later myself, but I am caught up with another task at the moment.

@someone who cares:
Looks like you’ve been over to FAC’s site. 😉

To answer your question: yes, and no.

Yes, SC SC did rule lifetime registration violates the 8th Amdt. for Cruel & Unusual and the 14th Amdt. for Due Process by not providing any means to petition for removal. (When I read that part of the Opinion, I immediately thought of Humphries v. LA County (the 9th Circuit decision (, not the SCOTUS one which covered a different element of the same case.))

No, SC SC did not strike the Internet Disclosure provision, which the lower court had. SC SC found the language ambiguous but after digging into legislative records determined Internet Disclosure stands.

Can anyone explain to me how this man’s previous sex offense conviction has anything to do with his lousy driving skills??

Just using that “sex offender” label to get eyeballs, I guess!! 😡

Well isn’t it obvious? We need to have our driving privileges revoked.

Or, at the very least, have “Sex Offender” emblazoned across our Drivers Licenses, right? Oh wait, Florida and Louisiana already do that, don’t they?? 🤔

(I wonder if my past S.O. conviction will now raise my auto insurance rates? 🤔)

I look for the authors of these reports, in this case John McKay, find his email like I did since it was so easy, and shoot him off an email telling him how pathetically stupid his reporting is. Then I shoot an email to his bosses at the station suggesting a lawsuit for character defamation. We need to shame these people and put them on notice.
I personally encountered one of these hoohaws at a coffee house and stood in front of them and told them how bad they were at their jobs. This guy tried to get in my face and bully me until the person who I was with stepped in and told him what I used to do for a living. He reconsidered and decided to walk away. Some others there just laughed at him. Like I said, shame the bastards like they try to do us.

Ok, I’ll bite. What did used to do for a living?

Click bait. This was a slow news day at KFLD in the Tri-Cities that day (Kennewick, Richland, & Pasco, WA) and thus they needed to do something to alert the masses a Level 3 was sleeping in his vehicle in the local area. The Tri-Cities are also just down the way from Mesa, WA where the lady a few years ago made a ruckus about Level 1 not being listed publicly and she was determined to list them all. The desert heat must be getting to the people.

@ Eric, “C”, and “TS”: For what it’s worth, I emailed the author, John McKay, about the article. To my surprise, we actually had about 6 emails back and forth. He explained that the S.O. description was provided by the police and that the area “has had problems recently with [Registrants] living out of their cars and staying overnight in parking lots”. He was civil and not defensive and actually responded to my arguments about common myths and truths about registered persons. 🤷🏻‍♂️


But what’s the problem of his living in his vehicle if that’s all he has? That’s rhetorical.

Understand the reporter was repeating what KPD was saying but if that’s his roof and he is quiet without issue…

@ TS: I agree with you. Let him live his life. And stop bringing up his past all the time. He’s done his time – leave him alone. 👍🏻

Facebook is a hub of sex trafficking recruitment in the US, report says

But how can that be? Registrants aren’t allowed on, and of course everyone knows we are the main source of sex trafficking. Could it be that there are those NOT on the registry that are doing this?
Here’s a better idea. Make social sites restricted to 21+. That way if a minor is on the sight, they are there under false information and can be held accountable.

So he’s being charged with not registering his Jeep…. But the article states that the officer knew the Jeep was his. So if they have redundant records – other ways of tying a vehicle to a registrant, why is it necessary for a register to register a vehicle which they apparently already know about? 🤔
Again, if registries are non-criminal and non-punitive, why isn’t he simply being given a fine for failing to provide the information? I think a $500 fine would certainly drive the point home – without getting the entire prosecutorial-judicial-carceral system involved to charge him with another felony.

It’s incredibly frustrating that efforts are made to find alternatives to incarceration for all other offenders – drug offenders, DUI drivers, etc.- but no such efforts are made for registration violations, many of which may be simple oversights or errors.

Am I the only registrant in So. Cal that has not received any notification on their place in the tier system?

Last edited 10 days ago by KP

If you’re waiting for it to come in the mail, it’s not. You have to call your registration office to get it. If you mean you’ve been placed into TBD, then you might not know for up to two years

I don’t believe you will receive it automatically. I had to request it from my registering LEO agency.

Quandary – a 16 yr old female teen and her male 18 year old lover are charged with murdering her father in NV. However, a therapist says they may not know what the consequences were due to social media influence (
That’s a new defense tactic.

So, can minors or young adults (till say 26) use that when they’re busted for taking racy selfies or other sexually related legally problematic issues? Their brains are not mature so this works too? Combo defense?

Don’t you know it’s all situational and subjective? 16yo’s are claiming they are mature enough to vote (i.e. understand civil consequences) but apparently cannot understand criminal consequences. One becomes an adult at 18 and can join the military, but heaven forbid if caught drinking or smoking under 21! And then there’s Obamacare where one can be on the parents’ insurance policy until 25 (26?).

It’s all about what works best to scam the system. That’s the American Dream anymore: “How do I get mine?”

Isn’t that the truth @AJ

When I think of my time in college many years ago, one lecture in one class always comes to the forefront of my mind. The class was Sociology 101. The lecture talked about the decriminalization of possession of marijuana laws and increased the amount of marijuana to one ounce needed for a felony possession. The reason for the change in Utah law was upper middle class and upper class members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (this demographic is mostly wealthy white people) were getting arrested for possessing In addition to the recent SC Supreme Court ruling and the ALI to the model penal code, the recent plea deal of Joel Greenberg could also be a catalyst to change the registrant laws because now you have a family with tens of millions of dollars and political connections that will likely lobby for changes in the law in Florida when they begin to realize the impact Florida’s sex offender laws have on their son after his incarceration. If Matt Gaetz is charged and found guilty after his due process, it will be one more wealthy and politically connected family that will likely lobby against Florida’s laws too. Hopefully the laws will change much sooner than it takes for these two scenarios to play out.

It doesn’t matter what state you live in if your controlling case resulted in a felony conviction then your FTR charge will also result in A felony conviction.
Every sex offender living in America are scared as HELL of catching a FTR charge because they know a charge like that would definitely send them to the Slaughter house.
And if they do make it out of prison they still gotta deal with probation/parole and GPS ankle monitors for 5 years.
When the feds passed the Adam Walsh act making FTR charges a felony Law Enforcement agencies went crazy rounding up sex offenders through out the whole country it was a modern day wich hunt.
So I’m not surprised the new California teir Law has more punishment in it for people with FTR charges I think its 3 more years on IML for felony FTR and 1 more year for misdemeanor FTR.
Can you imagine how many sex offenders in California have been convicted for FTR between 2006 and 2021 I bet is a lot

Good luck 🥱

This is an interesting idea: if you are hassled by neighbors and are concerned they may vandalize your property, put some cheap potted plants (repurposed weeds?) in plastic pots in your front yard on an old bench. Maybe vandals will take out their aggression on worthless plants instead of your house!


I recall a story about an old fart that planted cactus all over his property to keep the kids off his lawn. Worked like a charm.
I also enjoy videos of porch pirate that snapped her ankle when running off with a package. [Moderators edited out political party comment]
My house has been heavily egged twice on July 4th and Halloween and have been contemplating the beat way to retaliate without catching a new beef. 🤔

The FBI has released a memo warning of Q anon extremists targeting Democrats and perceived enemies with violence. Please be aware of this. We qualify as those “Perceived enemies” since Q anon members hold as their one of their core beliefs a world wide cabal of child traffickers and Pedophiles.
We are much easier to approach than elected officials since we have no real protection from law enforcement or the justice system. Actually, L.E.O.s have shown to be involved in Q anon and as such are not to be trusted.
The world has become a much more dangerous place over the last 20 yrs., and even more so for those on the public registry. Please be careful and safe.

365 birthdays in a year

There are 251 working days in 2021, with 10 public holidays, 104 weekend days for a total of 365 days in 2021.

There are 46 Courts in Los Angeles County

251 + 46 * y = equal average number of courts receiving petitions per day.

Every court day there will be y number of eligible to petition in LA County.

Solve for y.

Or fix the equation so it is solvable. 🙂

Google said I did it wrong.

At least 40,000 will petition. *

There are 1,800 judges in California

40,000/1,800 = 22.2 (if every judge received a petition they each would receive only 22.)

Of course, not every judge will get a petition. Let’s say one judge in every county would be designated to take care of the petitions.

40,000/ 58 (counties) = 689 petitions per county. One judge in each county would get 689 filed petitions (on average.)

Divide that by the number of days in a year

689/210 = 3.2 petitions per day over the year.

Where’s my mistake.

  • SENATE THIRD READINGSB 384(Wiener and Anderson)

I filled out two applications in the last two months for volunteer emergency response ( firefighting) and county rescue recovery diver . With my “particular set of skills” ( haha movie reference) I am actually over qualified for both ( contra costa and L.A. county sheriff tried to hire me straight out of military for S.W.A.T. ) yet Both apps have been “Thank you”ed due to my misdemeanor conviction.
I guess with all this hot weather, I will just have to enjoy watching the Bay Area burn to the ground while sipping Tea from my patio.

It’s more important that their homes go up in flames or children drown in the ocean than a registrant wield a fire hose or administer life-saving CPR.
That’s usually the first question people ask when being rescued from certain doom: “You’re not a registered sex offender, are you?”


I would NEVER take the chance that I might save a Registry Supporter/Terrorist’s home from burning down.

I signed a decent size contract ($120K) over the weekend with a company that I have done little business with prior. I made sure I had a discussion with the company owner first regarding his attitudes about the Hit Lists. I try to not pay any Registry Supporter/Terrorist even $1. I’d encourage all people to do that. Find companies, service providers, etc. that hire and/or help People Forced to Register (PFRs). Help them instead of others.

What did they think you would do assault a fire hose or an organ? If people aren’t going to give you a chance because of your past. They aren’t to be trusted and have more skeletons in their closet than a graveyard.

Do any one know who is Amanda Meek is?

I give. Who is Amanda Meek?
My Rectangle of Knowledge returns a lot of people with that name.

I received a mailer from for removal services from the CA-SOR, she is from Hollywood. I actually through the thing away, when she said she needed $1200.

Today California has officially reopened but unfortunately for sex offenders California will remain closed.
Even though the pandemic proved that in person registration is unnecessary Long Beach police department still wants me to come down to the station and register like I’m on probation or parole for something that happened 21 years ago.
When I called to make an appointment the registering officer tryd to schedule my appointment date 5 days after my birthday I said hold on bro isn’t that kinda pushing it he replied you have a 10 day grace period I said yeah 5 days before and 5 days after my birthday i don’t feel comfortable with that date and made him change it to 3 days before my birthday.
At the end of the day It’s up to you to know the sex offender laws in your state this cop was definitely trying to set me up for failure he knows anything could happen that day resulting in me not being able to make it to my appointment.
He knows even if I called the station to reschedule a new appointment at midnight i would be out of compliance and a arrest warrant for FTR would automatically be issued.
Of course my public defender could argue extreme circumstances
Kept me from being able to make it to my appointment but unless I was hospitalized the DA ain’t going for it their gonna want jail time and they wouldn’t hesitate to use the 3strike law to enhance my sentence I’d be looking at 10-15 years in prison all because this cop scheduled my appointment 5 days after my birthday

Good luck 🥶

Real positive person, aren’t you. Nothing like finding every conceivable worst case scenario to feel uplifted. Did you get the date you wanted? Then why are you whining about stuff that isn’t going to happen.

I try to be but after 21 years on the registery worst case scenarios have
become away of life.
A lot of people are new to Megan’s law they haven’t been registering for decades like alot people who come on this website there’s still a lot people out there that don’t know about Janice Bellucci or ACSOL there’s still alot people out there that would let a 21 year old cop schedule A SORNA requirement on the 10th day of their 10 day grace period.
I know alot of keyboard warriors out there are forced to register for life because of the types of crimes they committed and are angry and frustrated about it but I’m not surprised to see that misery loves company

Good luck 😈

When it comes to banning individuals from electronic media platforms the people had no complaints about sex offenders being banned. So politicians followed up and encouraged these firms to make it part of company policy. Everyone applauded.

They did applaud, but now they’re being impacted as are other countries. Do two wrongs make it right?

Didn’t twitter say it was a human right to have this speech available? Of course, twitter did ban a President of the USA.

Elderly Asian man stabbed by man wearing ankle monitor for robbery conviction. The SOR is for fools who know nothing about crime.

Whaaat?? New Jersey police officer arrested for child sexual assault?? 😳
Alternate link to avoid supporting patch:

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AND he wasn’t on the registry, which only validates what has been proven over and over again. Registered persons are NOT the ones out there committing sex crimes. Its people who are NOT on the registry.

We should all be reminded that the policeman is NOT anyone’s friend . I don’t think we should link Patch articles here and drive traffic to their site. Every Halloween they promote registrant hysteria with with links to our public profiles. They don’t deserve any help to generate ad revenue.
Here’s an alternate link to the story.

Does anybody know what factors are used to determine your tier level or how they came up with? I am totally shocked that I am a tier 3 lifetime.

MC – I have researched until I was blue in the face. We were also shocked that we got Tier 3, expecting Tier 1, and I am building our case. It says you can challenge your Tier assignment in court. What was your charge? Maybe, I can try and look into it more deeply. First off, look at your Tier letter and see the reason or Code they are stating for the determination. It should start with 290(?) or something.

Internet sex crimes, sex crimes committed by force, sex crimes involving a minor under 13, CP convictions, being more than 5 years older then a victim under the age of 14, people with multiple sex offenses, SVP’S, sex crimes committed by a person in a position of trust or power.
I’m pretty shore there’s alot more but these are some that come to mind.

Good luck 👊😎

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SCOTUS question: Just curious, if the question of sex offender registries eventually gets to Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court, is the Chief Justice required to recuse himself since he was an active attorney in the Smith v. Doe case? 🤔


Janice answered this recently and said he would have to, if I recall correctly.

I believe he’s not required to do anything. He’s the chief justice of the Supreme Court after-all. Prescedence would suggest he would recuse himself on that basis especially if asked but if he refused to do so what would there be in place to enforce this?

@M C:
Being Chief Justice is more akin to being the supervisory Justice, as a lot of what the title brings is administrative authority. He still must follow the Rules of the Court, one of which says he must recuse due to his prior involvement in the topic.

Yes, he would have to. It would be a conflict of interest, and if he did hear a case about the registry, no matter how he would rule, it would be bias.

Question about renting an apartment.

Hi everyone — maybe someone here can help me. I’ve been searching for an apartment in Long Beach, CA over the last few months and I can never get passed the criminal background check. I’m fortunate enough to have a good income, amazing credit and an extensive savings but none of these factors seem to help me in the application process.

Have any of you been successful at renting? How do you get around this elephant in the room?? My current living situation is changing and I’m afraid I’m going to be homeless due to this discrimination. So frustrating considering I’m financially sound!

Mike – I found that renting from a private owner is usually better than renting an apartment, and the rent is typically cheaper on a Condo, too. If you can find a private owner and tell them you have good credit and Income, they often don’t even run a background check, just a credit check. Heck, you can even bring them a copy of a credit report to save them time. Oftentimes, they are just happy to find a renter who can pay the rent. Can you get a reference from your current landlord who can attest that you have paid rent on time and anything else showing that you are good tenant? Otherwise, if you have savings and good income, why not purchase a place?

I agree that the best would be to rent from a private landlord that is how im currently living now renting a 2 bedroom place with a private landlord and its much cheaper than other apartments I’ve checked. Right now my landlord has a spot available its a one bedroom but its in the Torrance area a few miles from Long Beach.

Mike, I agree with “someone” and AJP. Try to find an owner/landlord.
And sincere best wishes for success! (At my last apartment, I explained my situation to the resident manager……so he doctored a bogus criminal background check and submitted it to the management company! They never knew! And he only told me about it years later! ROFL 🤣
It worked!

Hi David, would you happen to have the apartment listing on hand? Torrance isn’t too far and I would consider it if I can’t find anything local.

Also, Thanks to all of you that replied. You really gave me some hope…

Finding a private landlord is always the best idea. I rent a house from a private landlord and she does not even understand what the registry is, nor does she care. (she’s Arabic).
My rent is always paid on time, and normally at least a week before the due date. She owns several properties and continually tells me I’m her best tenant because I’m never late on rent, and the couple times she’s been at my house she has commented how neat and clean I keep it. She always tells me how beautiful the yard and landscaping looks.
The house has a really nice finished basement and I asked her a couple years ago if I could do some minor remodeling to make my man cave. I build a really nice home theater room and covered the walls with some nice rustic looking reclaimed wood and cedar slats on the ceiling. She’s seen it and always comments on my good taste in decor. She insisted that I give her the receipts for the material I bought but I refused, saying its my gift to her for giving me such a beautiful house to live in, so for 5 months straight I noticed on my bank statements that she didn’t deposit the rent checks. A couple of my friends told me I shouldn’t offer to pay for things I do to the house, but I really haven’t done anything major or spent a lot of money, and whenever i think about doing something I always get her permission first. She tells me to do what I want because its “my house”.
I’ve been here 19 years now and she has never raised my rent and tells me she won’t. I’ll never move either because she told me she’s thinking about leaving me the house in her will. I couldn’t ask for a better landlady.
From my experience, money talks. Find a private landlord, build up a friendly relationship, and pay your rent on time, and early whenever you can.

@disgusted in Michigan, I also have a private landlord. I’ve lived here for 11 years now. When I first moved in the landlord come by a couple days later to talk to me, I thought she knows. Well come to find out one of the other tenants did did open their mouth, but she said don’t worry you are not going anywhere, if the other tenants don’t like it they can leave. Then my second year her husband asked if I would mow the grass during the spring and summer months so I said sure, ever since then I get $60 off my rent during the spring and summer months. They also pay for heat and water for all ten apartments. They also own a little store with 4 big apartments above the store. The store reminds me of the old tv show petticoat junction. They are awesome landlords.

Its nice to have a landlord like that. My landlady never comes over to check the house. The only time she’s here is once a year with a furnace tech to clean and check the furnace if I’m not home, and once every 3 years with a city inspector for her certificate of habitation. Basically preventative maintenance to check the electrical outlets, fuse panel, and such. Its never about snooping around, its to make sure everything is still up to code and nothing needs to be repaired. I’ve told her over and over that she’s welcome to come inspect the house any time she wants because she put a lot of money into it when she first bought it and remodeled it, but she’s always, “oh no, dear, that’s YOUR house”. After 19 years, it still looks the same as the day I moved in other than a couple small remodeling projects I did. Other than that, she always stops by a few days before Thanksgiving to bring me and my family a turkey, and on Christmas she always brings us a small gift. When I go to her house to pay rent, she would always invite me in for a snack and to sit and chat for a while, but due to covid, that hasn’t happened in a while.
Its a 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom 3000 square foot house and my rent is still $900 a month when she could easily get $2000.
Shortly after I moved in, one of her other renters I know told me that someone told her about my registry status. I didn’t know what to think, so when I went to her house to pay rent that month I started to explain and she told me none of that mattered to her. She says as far as her and I are concerned, I’m a decent and respectful guy who always pays rent on time and everyone makes mistakes.
My birthday was the 18th and like she’s done for the past 15 years, she gave me half off June’s rent for a birthday present.
She’s the nicest lady in the world who doesn’t care who you were, but who you are now.
If only other people would see things the way she does, it would be such a better world.

@Janice…I know Michigan isn’t your area of expertise but what could the Judge be waiting for from a legal standpoint in your opinion? The last of the COVID restrictions are being canceled in Michigan on Tuesday and I imagine that the emergency injunction has to end at some point as well.

This makes sense, I guess I was hesitant about private landlords as this would essentially put someone’s house on the hit list.

I’m just apprehensive about that due to obvious reasons. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I live in Long beach I rent from private property owners too

Good luck 🗣

This is a new video posted on YouTube that may be of interest to others.

This is exactly what happened to me. I was a “hang out” at a bike club and some of the guys and myself were having some drinks. One of the guys in the club I was friends with had a daughter and she had her eyes on me. She and her father BOTH told me she was 19, and she certainly looked and acted like she was.
He father told me he did not care what we did, as long as I treated her right. A few months later I was asked to join the club, but I was not interested in being a prospect or a patched member. I just liked hanging out and talking about bikes. The girl’s mother, who was divorced from the girl’s father, but on good terms with him, found out what was going on and told me she was only 15. I asked her father why he told me she was 19 and he only said that I was a decent guy and knew I would treat her right.
The mother informed the police and filed a report. Several weeks later, her parents tried to drop the charge but it was too late because the State would not allow it and proceeded to prosecute me. Neither the girl or her parents wanted to see me go to jail but it was too late. Me being young and dumb, I ended up taking a no contest plea and here I am today.
I look back on it all and realize I probably should have taken a jury trial because I would have had at least a 50-50 chance of beating the rap.
You can’t always determine a girl’s age by looking at her. Especially some Asian girls because they hold their age so well. They could be in their early 20s but not look a day over 14. And some girls who are only 14 or 15 can look like they’re 20. I honestly believed the girl was 19, because why would her own father lie about it? She even looked like she was 19.
I was hit with a 5-15 and ended up maxing out because I refused to attend sex offender therapy in prison. I refused to say I was a “predator” or a “monster” who was attracted to underage girls. I refused to admit to things that never happened. Thats the way it was in prison therapy. The therapists had the mentality that all offenders had done it before, but this was just the first time they got caught. They had the mentality that if an older guy thought an underage girl was pretty or cute, it means you’re a pedophile. That’s just plain nonsense. I’m not at all attracted to underage girls, and just because I might think to myself one is pretty or cute, does not mean I’m a danger to her. I don’t go out in public looking to interact with girls, nor do I lustfully look and an underage girl who I may think is pretty. I’m not going to say that a pretty girl is ugly. That’s not how the human brain works. A man’s brain is wired to be attracted to a pretty girl for the purpose of procreation. Its whether or not you act upon it that defines who a man is, and I’m not that kind of guy.

Attorney General Bonta formally launches new Regional Human Trafficking and Sexual Predator Apprehension Teams

California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Friday formally launched new regional Human Trafficking and Sexual Predator Apprehension Teams, or HT/SPAT, within the California Department of Justice and is encouraging law enforcement partners in the state to reach out to the new program.

Progressively stepping up their efforts since last year, the teams — one covering Northern California and another covering Southern California — are now nearly fully staffed and have already taken action across the state to support law enforcement partners in disrupting and dismantling human trafficking and the criminal exploitation of children.

Full Story:

Happy Father’s Day!
In spite of the BS challenges we face, I hope you’re able to spend a wonderful day with your offspring, not just today, but every day.

Happy Father’s Day, C. Have an awesome day man.

Hi all, just sent a comment to to express my concerns about how they are trying to instill fear by using the term “sex offender ” during their coverage of the border crisis. I encourage everyone here to do the same (respectfully). We have to push back against the spread of disinformation because nobody else is going to do it for us. I have been as guilty as anyone of sitting silently on the sidelines but I’m tired and not getting any younger. I recently lost my father to covid and had to put my wife in a nursing home with Alzheimers and am now living alone. I do, however, have 3 children and 3 (so far) grandkids who shouldn’t have to suffer for a crime I committed over a decade ago. Peace be with you.

And here you have it – someone who reached the end of his tolerance for all the BS that Florida puts registrants through:

Okay, Florida, you are bringing this on yourselves! 😡

He’s described as a “sex
offender” for statutory rape in 2008 when he was 21, but I’m guaranteeing a guy known to the
community as “Crazy Joe” has a longer rap sheet for more relevant crimes.

Awesome and cathartic. Just a shame he didn’t target cops, prosecutors, and registry supporters. The hate and violence needs to be reflected back to the right people.

That is a crazy site. How did you run across it?

“DailyRidge.Com originated in 2007 by two friends who felt the Polk County Ridge Area had a serious lack of news.”

I would guess 2 friends with connections to the police. Crime all the time.

Yup, really run by two people.

I can’t figure this out. I’ve read through it and am unsure what it means

maybe July 12th judge Cleland is going to have something to say about Michigan’s SORA,,,,,
Thank you for posting this!

It basically means that nothing has really changed. We are still subject to the retroactive life sentences we received in 2011. I could give a crap about the school safety zones, email addresses, internet identifiers, etc. There was NO registry when I was convicted, yet I was placed on it anyway for 25 years, then it was changed to life in 2011.
If Michigan wants to continue to do crap like this, then EVERY new law that is enacted should be made retroactive to EVERYONE who has ever done something in violation of the new law. If a new law is written that changes a fine for failure to yield at a red light and the new law states the fine is now $1000, then EVERYONE who has ever gotten a ticket for that should be forced to pay the new $1000 fine. Tell me the difference. I’m listening.

Basically, the ACLU wants the defendants to provide a list of everyone on both the public and non public registries, along with contact information and conviction details so they can determine who is in what subclass, and notify us all accordingly as to how the new law affects us.
The defendants wanted Cleland to delay his final judgment due to the Betts case in the Supreme Court, but the Judge said the issues in that case have no bearing on the Does II case.
Judge Cleland said the suit has gone on long enough, and understands there may be new litigation filed, but that its time to enter his final judgment.
Michigan has 3 weeks to provide the requested registry information to the ACLU and then Judge Cleland will enter his final order, thus bringing the suit to an end.
The only thing I’m wondering now is where is that Detroit guy who kept trying to give everyone false hope by saying everyone who was convicted prior to 2006 and 2011 will be coming off the registry or have their lifetime registration changed back to 25 years. That’s not going to happen now because the legislature ignored Cleland’s order when they wrote the new B.S. law.
Where are you “Detroit”? What do you have to say now? I TOLD you that you were full of s***.

Of 101 compliance checks conducted, one (1) individual was arrested (that’s less than 1%). But here’s the headline:

So “Compliance Checks” are now conducted as “sweeps”?? Six law enforcement agencies involved to “send a strong message to sex offenders”. Sorry – what exactly was that message? “We need all these otherwise useless LEOs to harrass you law abiding citizens who have already paid your debts to society.”?? Is that the message?? Seems to be!
What a load of BS!! 😡

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