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CA DOJ Issues New Proof of Registration Form

Source: ACSOL

The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) has issued a new proof of registration form, Form CJIS 8050.  The new form is one page long and includes standard registration information such as name and address.  The new form also includes a registrant’s Tier Level.

“We do not yet know if this form must be filed along with an individual’s petition in order to be removed from the registry,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “At least one county this week required a registrant to request and obtain the form as a supplement to his petition.”

ACSOL has posed this question to CA DOJ earlier today, however, the agency has not yet provided an answer.

“In the meantime, we recommend that every person who goes to register this year asks for a copy of Form CJIS 8050 that has been filled out and signed by a Registration Officer,” stated Bellucci.

Traditional registration forms are six pages long and require registrants to initial each and every registration requirement as well as sign the form on the bottom of each page.  By comparison, the new form does not require a registrant’s initials or signature.

Download the form PDF:

Proof of Current Registration Form CJIS 8050


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It’s 2021. I can get almost any information I want via the internet within minutes from anywhere in the world. Why can’t the court verify all this information from other LE systems? Are they still communicating via carrier pigeon? (frustratingly joking at the ineptitude of the legal systems communication; anyone still awaiting the DOJ to catch up to the courts having released people from registering knows this)

Would using this new form waive any disagreement with the assigned Tier?

The actual form is 2 pages. This page says PAGE 1 of 2.

Does anyone have both pages?

I do. A detective brought the Proof of Registration form to my house the other day. He said I didn’t include one in my petition. Did tho, but he brought the new one so oh well. The 2nd page is a privacy waiver that I had to sign. He mailed me a copy.

I still think it could not be more hilarious that the criminal regime requires you to provide “Proof of Registration”. Is this some kind of comedy skit? Are we on some kind of hidden camera comedy show or something? The incompetence is stunning. I guess no one should be surprised, the criminal regimes either: a) believe that Oppression Lists “work” or b) lie that they “work”. Either way, they are incompetent, bureaucratic, emperor-has-no-clothes fools.

And a “privacy waiver”, LOL? Huh? Waive my privacy so that you can look at my Oppression List records? Or that you can harass my family to question them? Wow. Since when did the criminals need a privacy waiver?

I suppose they’ll use these “Proof of Registration” forms without trying to verify any of it, LOL? Aren’t they afraid people will counterfeit them? Sell them on the black market?

But sure, these are the people that I trust to keep a list of bad guys that I can read so I can protect my family.

@Will Allen, I believe that very few criminal regimes believe that oppression lists work. These lists and all the rules they keep making are self-serving. They like the oppression lists solely because they are either government officials and need to make sure they have votes for re-election, and/or they are interested in the money or funding it brings in to the system. Nobody likes a PFR so it’s easy to keep it going. It’s as simple as that. I’m willing to bet inwardly most who have seen enough data know these are lists useless but outwardly they still advocate or vote for them.

Here’s why I think this. So back when I had to go through a treatment program we got to have a quarterly “workshop” where the treatment provider would bring in a guest speaker to talk with us about various topics. On one of these occasions they brought in a state lawmaker who voted in favor of the state registry and various amendments that were made to the registry. He was brought to talk to us about the registry history, proposed registry changes etc. He did not author the bills for registry changes but sat on the committee which worked with these bills. He also answered some pretty tough questions, and I think pretty honestly at that. Essentially he admitted that he didn’t think the registry was useful and that personally he thought it should be relaxed or only applied to the worst offenders or perhaps even not at all. He claimed to be helping to tone down proposed changes a bit by those that wanted more radical changes but if he took the position he really believed in, he wouldn’t have his job for long and then he would likely be replaced by someone who didn’t share is view and that person would make changes that were more onerous.

So I think what you have are people like Chris Smith who don’t care about the facts, the science or the statistical data at all. And someone like Chris Smith probably actually believes what he’s selling and engages in confirmation bias towards what he is selling to justify the need for more of it. I think there are fewer politicians that believe what he is selling than you think but what are you going to do? If you go against what he’s selling this will be used against you at election time and you’ll lose and then you’ll be replaced by people that will more closely align with Smith’s view – or at least vote for it and laws will be the same as if you went against it in the end. In general, with few exceptions, the voting public will not tolerate people who are openly against the registry. Further, even outside of politics taking such a position against the registry as a public figure might blackball you from civil employment. They feel they have no choice but to vote for it.

While the right thing to do is actually try and make laws that work and have some sort of real data backing it up, what is done (and not just with sex offenses) is what the politician sees is best for their own future either in politics or in other future job roles.

More evidence of government incompetence. The California Department of Injustice fails to respond to a simple question regarding the bogus and unconstitutional Megan’s Law that it enforces, daily, like the Nazi and fascist organization it is. What a scam.

The public SERVANTS at the California Department of Injustice might as well don a swastika, put on a Hitler mustache, and yell “Heil Hitler!” as this eroding society begins to prepare for the next round of post-pandemic protests after the new strain of COVID takes ahold of this shit show of a country.

No wonder the California Department of Injustice has earned 1.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp. They, with former leader Kkkamala Harris, earned every bit of that 1.5 stars. If the California Department of Injustice was a restaurant, the Crooks at the California Department of Injustice would have been out of a job, and on food stamps, waiting for their next EBT payment to come in to blow at Walmart on shitty junk food, because no one would want the food they are serving at the California Department of Injustice Diner.

We should expect more from our public servants, especially when we, as “Registered Sex Offenders,” are paying the highest sales tax, highest income tax (if you are lucky enough to have a job in this Scam of an economy), and property tax (if you are lucky enough to own a place to live in this overpriced Scam of a state) in the United States of America.

Again, California has the HIGHEST tax rates in the country, and the fools in government can’t even do their jobs as public servants.

If we’re all paying premium on taxes, regardless of whether we are “Registered” Citizens, we must expect premium service from these scumbag public servants.

Government is a failure.

Last edited 5 months ago by Dean

I’m actually going to do my yearly registration Friday the 30th of July, 24 years now *PD*
(police) still very chill. informed me I’m tier 2 PD stated this should/will be my last year to register. I inquired if this is my last year why do I need to register? PD stated I will register like normal & will get paperwork with tier assignment, than will need to take that to the courthouse to information, pretty much *my opinion* will get confused well,,,, its a courthouse!?!?!? & im sure they are still not prepared, but I can be wrong. I inquired with PD if I needed to do livedcan & the answer was no, sooo I’m OK with that, PD stated within 3 months everything should be done & over. PD stated I still needed to register until the DOJ sends info to courthouse. courthouse than sends to local PD via email, im thinking either PD will either call me or I will get a letter pertaining to. PD is new to this de-registration & I’m the 1st of her registrants to do this so PD is still well,,, learning this step/process, I will find out more on Friday my dob is on 31 but that’s a Saturday, ahhhh no,,,!!! another day, I pass. will give more info as I also learn/share. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

Still no tier has been assigned.. been over a decade now.
I guess I will see this document next year

The district attorney office uses those forms with the initials on it in court to convict people of knowingly and willfully failing to to comply with all the terms and conditions of his/her 290 registration.
Here in long Beach they even make you initial by your phone# and home address.
I thought things were getting better but no things are getting worse especially for people who cant find a place to live because of 290 registration.
California has officially made homelessness illegal so 290 registrants will have to be designated to one specific location or area or be out of compliance.
This is the loophole LE has been crying about for years sex offender hiding amongst the homeless people to avoid detection.

Good luck

I never give these SOB’s my phone number EVER, it isnt a requirement ! (here in CA)
As it is REGISTRATION is ILLEGAL, they are FORCING you to SIGN and FILL IN FORMS, when you have the RIGHT to remain silent and you NEVER have to talk to a PIG EVER !

I GOT NEWS FOR YOU JEFF of a Diff County maybe AERO1 can attest to….Alameda, Contra Costa Marin and SF County require numbers or if it Does NOT Work or vm or answer when they call , swat gook squad will be at your door as the Registar or ID Tech puts in system NO GOOD can’t reach and they show.
BE AWARE other Counties. Jeff your Co. just isn’t as rough in requirements.

I’m pretty disgusted with the California Department of Injustice.

Let us remember that the Megan’s Law Scam originated as a registration scam that required gays to register as “offenders” in the first half of the 20th century. Yes, California once criminalized homosexuality, interracial marriages, and enforced racial segregation. When the government labels you as a “Registered Sex Offender,” just remember that our perverted “government” has done much worse than you, on a scale of epic proportion. Remember that this is the same California Department of Injustice that has placed innocent people on Death Row.

Let us remember the times we’ve wasted setting up appointments for these annual registration Scams, how we’re forced to fingerprint and initial six-plus pages of continuously changing forms, as well as how we are forced to communicate with shady law enforcement, even after we’ve paid our dues to society.

Let us remember how the DOJ continues to perpetuate the enforcement of the Megan’s Law Scam. At this point, unless the DOJ employees are complete buffoons, they must get the hint that they are enforcing crap laws that make ZERO common sense.

Our taxes fund these shit hole escapades and we’re relegated to third-class citizens, treated like crap by loser bureaucrats who couldn’t do anything in life other than rubber stamp crap policy and law!!!

Over 105,000 Registered Sex Offenders in California. About one million Registered Sex Offenders in the United States of America. This country seems like a House of Cards bound to collapse because of government incompetence.

Let’s remember the names of the corrupt government scumbags who enforced the Megan’s Law Scam when the check eventually comes due.

I will take it two steps further. Remember that most of the laws named after people involved cases where registration wouldn’t have stopped the offenses from occurring in the first place. Secondly in some high profile cases the victim was found dead or they are still missing. As bad as any sexual offense could be it’s more than a little insane to come up with solutions that don’t address the root cause of those acts to reduce the number of people getting to the point where they engage in them upfront. Less crime across the board equals less victims. Instead fools ignore certain elements of cases, pretend to know others, and believe after the fact measures are needed due to past conduct. Everything is ass backwards, inside out, and upside down. Yet year after magically the same conduct they want to deter keeps happening with mostly new people. What an epic failure indeed.

You are right.

But, Registry Supporters/Terrorists don’t want less crime.

Dean, just wait until Tier Three goes into affect and be more non-effective searching more homes/apts/homeless FOUR TIMES a year Registration here in CA and treated worse since we dont’ have two more additional Tiers bringing us to Five for the worst of the worst including murder of a minor or adult with sex crimes combo and other and four with lesser prob persons, and THREE the two eighty eight’s that are NOT severe just because of Oral or Anal due to being Gay or experimental at a bad time early in their Life as a latent teenager or college choosing the wrong age group. Why only three as their is seperation instead of all others two eighty eight and CP to THe WORSE of the Worse all lumped in Tier Three. Need changes. or it WILL BE CONTINUAL PUNISHMENT alike the homeless every month to go in and be searched outside in the streets what possessions they have left let alone a Tent if they own/rent.

People that work for the California Department of Justice were not good enough at smuggling drugs into prisons to work for CDCR, and lack foresight to work for the DMV. That’s why they ended up in the California Department of Justice.

America is a gigantic scam. I truly believe America will fail because the “people” in our government have failed to govern properly. In this regard I completely agree with my boyfriend!

The way the government has failed to manage Megan’s Law, and how it has skyrocketed to a million “sex offenders” in the entire country, is just a microcosm of everything gone wrong with the United States.

I have absolutely zero confidence in the United Scams of America. America is the land of scams, not land of the free. It’s led by the land of COWARDS… not the “home of the brave.” The “American Dream” has turned to the American Nightmare and American Scam. We have and will always be lied to by our government and mainstream news.

America is completely overrated. Even some third-world nations rank better than America when it comes to things like quality of life and life expectancy. And if you work hard, you’ll be taxed like shit for third-rate government services.

All the United States is good for is producing bullies, war machines, selfish coward politicians and laws, greedy corporations, and the most incarcerated per capita population compared to even China, Russia, and North Korea. Then America has the audacity to bully other countries, act as the “world police,” and wage war or start theatrics when it can’t even take care of its own shit. American arrogance.

”God bless America?” Nah.

Shame on America. Shame.

1. These DOJ idiots were given months to correct all the errors in the Registry and never did it.
2. They were given a year+ (plus 60+ new hires!) to prepare for the Tiered Registry and provide each Registrant with their Tier level and were unable to do it. And…..
3. Now these j*ck*sses NEED PROOF that somebody is ON their Registry?? WTF!!?? 😡😡😡

Their incompetence is hilarious. Pretty amazing that they can’t run a simple list of information. If they can’t handle trivial, insignificant nonsense like the Oppression Lists, it makes you wonder if they can do anything intelligent with something important like a criminal investigation. Yeah, I’m totally going to trust them to tell me who the dangerous people were, decades ago. Totally. I trust my family’s safety in their hands.

A paper form showing “proof” of Registration is extra hilarious. I haven’t seen it but I bet anything it could easily be forged by any semi-competent high school student. So much for “proof”. I guess they’ll need to double-check it.

Instead of a form, in the courtroom, perhaps they should use a computer to do what they lie the general public needs to do to “protect” children – pull up their glorious Oppression Lists online and see your beautiful face and all the awesome “identifying” information.

*UPDATE* went to PD to register, this time no picture was taken simply filled out the paperwork (initials & sign) I got my paperwork, has file control #, has cii #, of course my info & where it say *registrant status* TIER 2, second page also states the doj has designated me as a tier 2, this page also has a fcn #, PD stated I simply go to court, go to information center, petetion/file, PD says after I file I wait for documentation from court, I will receive something in the mail, than I contact my local PD, serve my document(s) there’s also a # if you would like to review/receive your criminal history *GOOD LUCK TO ALL*

when I registered this year *24 years* on registry, normally I would get that tiny receipt, since this was/is my last year its a full complete page stating on top *proof of current registration*

Registered today(Annual) w my local Police Dept.(26th year now) Officer handed me the 6 pages(Form CJIS 8102S) that had my name, date of birth & a few other boxes already filled in only . Informed me I needed to fill in ALL the rest myself for “auditing” reasons. They no longer pre-fill them in. When I shared w him about the “new” form he was not interested(Form CJIS 8050).
When the other form was completed; I thumb printed ALL 6 pages & he gave me a copy to take w me. He also took several photos.

God willing this will be my last time. Tier 2 here.

that’s different from mine, I only signed 4 papers *on the bottom* & that 1 page with initial signing, all my information was already pre-set, I had appointment at 8:30am, PD even called me at 8:20am & inquired *just wondering* about my estimate time of arrival, which this time I honestly didn’t mind, unfortunate that you had that cop with an attitude, but after 26 years, i dont know u personally. but hopefully you have no problems & de-register with ease, I want to go to court house & turn my paperwork in but been getting home from work 4-5 am 13-14 hours daily *GOOD LUCK TO ALL*

*UPDATE* so went to courthouse to file/petition 8/5/21 clerk had no idea ? he told me u need to petition *ahhh yeah * I told clerk PD ask me to come to courthouse & petition, in which clerk had my paperwork, so he asked fellow clerk, clerk came back with 10 papers but 7 of them were me to fill in, clerk also gave me a public defenders # to help with paperwork, so I called all 4 numbers & know couldn’t help? I’m just a little curious so next week I will go to a different courthouse & see what type of response I will get * GOOD LUCK TO ALL *

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