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NC: Person convicted of sex offense arrested for failing to report online identifiers

Source: 7/4/21

Murphy, NC— Sheriff Derrick Palmer announced the July 01, 2021 arrest of Anthony ____, a 44-year-old male who listed a Murphy, North Carolina address, for violations of the Sex Offense Registry.

In March 2021, Anthony reported in person to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to register as a person convicted of a sex offense. During the registration process, it was found that Anthony had been convicted for Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree and Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor Second Degree in Anderson County South Carolina in 1998. Due to the nature of the violations, Anthony was classified as an “Aggravated Sex Offender”.

During the registration process of people convicted of a sex offense, they are required to report any Online Identifiers, i.e. social media accounts, email addresses, etc., to the registering Sheriff. At the time of registration, Anthony completed an affidavit indicating that he had no Online Identifiers.

In June 2021, Anthony reported in person to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office during the verification process Anthony again completed an affidavit indicating that he had no online identifiers.

Shortly after Anthony had reported he did not maintain any On-Line identifiers information was made known to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office that Anthony had at least one or two accounts on the social media site After confirming the existence of the accounts warrants were obtained and Anthony was arrested at his registered residence.

Anthony is currently incarcerated in the Cherokee County Detention Center under a $20,000.00 secure bond and has a July 15, 2021, Cherokee County District Court date.

Sheriff Derrick Palmer stated “We continually receive reports of our youth being exploited by individuals and continue to encourage our community to be an extra set of eyes and ears in our fight. We thank our concerned citizens for their support and encourage continued reporting of this and all crimes.”

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This is a wake-up call for all registrants nationwide. We know internet identifier laws are petty, and pretty much useless at stopping crimes. BUT that fact won’t stop law enforcement from locking us up with glee if we fail to disclose them when required by our individual state laws and/or parole/probation.

Don’t play games with disclosure. We don’t want any more of us locked up for this.

Let’s fight unjust internet disclosure requirements! Nobody is going to do this for us. Donate and take an active part in national and local registrant support groups!

And watch for bad bills in your own state that add more requirements on you! Write and call!


If disclosure is applicable under the law to do so. Not everyone must. They’re usually offense dependent and most often involve a minor. Don’t provide more info than what’s required by law, not by what LE says. They’ll take it if ignorantly provided and not required. Do your research as needed!

I disagree. The only way to kill these nonsensical and over-broad laws is to get arrested for them and then Fight Fight Fight.

“Don’t play games with disclosure. We don’t want any more of us locked up for this.”

Yeah, just plead the 5th on everything they ask.

Meanwhile Facebook and zuckerberg are becoming the leading connection to sex trafficking as the DOJ turns a blind eye.

This guy sounds like he was not able to or simply didn’t want follow simple protocol. I do not feel any empathy towards those that skirt the law and make the rest of our lives more difficult. To fight laws is one thing, but to be militant, resistive and deceptive about your situation only makes society more resistant to changes needed.

I have complete empathy for such people. Further, I celebrate them.

I fail to see how them breaking the law makes the rest of our lives more difficult though. Just give law enforcement what you are forced to and tell them to go f*ck themselves. Keep them away from you. What else are they going to do? It is not like they are cutting you some slack now, right? Letting you not follow some of their BS “laws”, right?

I think strictly following all their BS “laws” and pretending like they are legitimate encourages them to do more. Every inch you surrender to the criminals emboldens them.

I think hundreds of thousands of people breaking these BS “laws” would be great. They deserve complete contempt and disrespect.

I’d be up for breaking the laws but I’m not accepting any consequences. Plus, I have to retaliate for everything that they do to my family so it would be an ugly cycle. If they were smart, they’d end their Hit Lists today. But they aren’t smart, they don’t actually want to improve public safety, and they are arrogant. So chaos and destruction must reign.

Hey Will,
Isn’t it odd that some reformed registrants just play along with criminal enterprise known as SOR. Suddenly, not a drop in criminality left in their system. Let that type embrace their slavery and complain about it. Me, I will continue to put it to a jury of my peers in the felony FTR context. I’m 7-1 and getting more effective each time. I’ve been hanging around the victim’s stance of perpetrators long enough.

How do you find these stories (actually a LE press release)? Are they QAnon based? Wait, am I a conspiracy nut now? Oh, no!

But wait! Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after us. links to

Check it out:

So is some kind of big money funding these little local news outlets?

Crafting midterm message, Republicans seize on crime spikes

Fun fact about this sheriff. His jail is under numerous lawsuits for abuse of inmates. His wife was in charge of DSS( child protective services) she was charged and lost a lawsuit for illegal actions. And Murphy is currently under a lawsuit directed at palmer for overstepping his bounds to people convicted of sex offenses. He really hates us. Claims to be a christian and all that. But he hates us. Google the lawsuit by people convicted of a sex offense against him.

The sheriff made a statement at the end of the article.” We continually receive reports of youth be exploited and encourage community to be the extra eyes and ears in our fight”
So :

  1. What kind of local environment is happening in this area that the sheriff dept is inundated with reports of youth exploitation. Sounds out of control to me.
  2. Do you put this much effort into the “fight” against DUIs, domestic abuse, etc. (doubtful)

Youth being exploited and someone failing to disclose online account information are similar in the same way that snow tires and peanut butter are similar.

But for law enforcement trying to pander for $$$$$$$$$ and votes, they are exactly the same thing. They are liars after all.

I would never be able to report everything if they had me. All my emails/social media accounts for 20 years, im lucky if i even know 25 % of them lol

I thought we all had a 1st Amendment right to anonymous speech. I thought this was litigated. What’s the deal???

What happens if someone knows your email and sets up an account that you never created because your on the hit list?

If law enforcement were skilled and cared about doing useful work they would investigate it and discover that it was not yours or, in the worse case, that they could never prove it was yours, and thus ignore it and close the investigation. That is what should happen, but we all know most LE is stupid and lazy so they just arrest people if they can get away with it.

So perhaps you would be arrested. But obviously they could never prove in court that you had violated any law.

If they ever even speak to me of such a thing, I will retaliate. I will for every inconvenience, no matter how trivial.

I don’t know why this guy wanted to be on social media so bad people back in the day had no problems with socializing before the internet was invited.
Now look at him he thought he was slick and know he’s on his way to prison for something corny as a Facebook profile name this could of easily been avoided

You’re focusing on the wrong thing. It’s your kind of attitude that allowed for things to come this far. Give them abd inch and they will take a mile.

Reckless Disclosure is what’s up!

I have it on good authority that facebook contacted the sheriffs dept. and thats how he got in trouble. Seems antagonistic on facebooks part to do such a thing. Clearly facebook has no vested interest in doing something like that Maybe this is a chance to challenge online identifiers. Nothing i could find suggested his facebook accounts were created for nefarious purposes like sheriff implied….

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