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TX: Austin man to use backyard as homeless encampment site [EXCEPT FOR…]

Source: 7/6/21

AUSTIN, Texas — Josiah Ingalls isn’t giving up on his plan to use private land as an encampment for people experiencing homelessness.

“Whenever you talk about housing and the homeless and that it’s not the government’s job and how people should do it and people should put them in their own backyard, well that’s what we are literally doing here,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls is in the process of forming a nonprofit called Camp Haven Sanctuary, a temporary homeless encampment aimed at addressing the homelessness crisis in Austin.

Camp Haven Sanctuary will be located at Ingalls’ home and will include RVs, designated camping areas, porta-potties, a playground and even livestock on 10 acres of land.

“Their existence on public space anywhere is going to be a crime and that means there is no other option but private land and that was the moment when I said OK, we’re going to do this and there’s no turning back,” Ingalls said.

Ingalls says he’s working with homeless advocacy groups to provide resources at the site to help folks get back into society. He also plans to open the camp in phases starting with a limited number of people, depending on what resources will be available.

Ingalls went on to say that people who come to the property can’t have a violent criminal history or be a registered sex offender and must adhere to Camp Haven Sanctuary’s no-drug policy.

The City of Austin reinstated the “No Sit/No Lie” ordinance back in May of this year, prohibiting camping in public areas.

With the Texas Legislature passing a statewide ban, Ingalls believes people are going to be out of options with nowhere to go. He tells us the ban prompted him to take action to create a safe haven by literally bringing the fight home to his backyard.

“I want this to be their safe haven while they’re transitioning from homelessness to being a productive person in a home or an apartment with a job or whatever life they can put together,” he said.

We first talked to Ingalls last month about a property in the Hornsby Glen subdivision in Austin. It’s privately owned land Ingalls plans to use as a camping site for unhoused individuals.

Ingalls says that when the idea came up to use the property in the subdivision he was also moving forward with plans to use land at his home as an encampment.

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Exclusion of registrants from various public or charitable services is depressingly common, almost ubiquitous. If the goal is to reduce homelessness and to “to help folks get back into society,” eliminating the registry would promote both those goals.


This is one more step towards a “ Utopian “ society. When is mankind going to realize that perfection is un achievable

What about the 97 homeless people listed on the registry that live in Austin Texas where they gonna go back to prison?

Still a good idea. Any private citizen willing to help the homeless is doing a good thing. I can understand (not accept) their not wanting certain populations. It is private property and there could be issues among those using it. The liability might get his homeowner’s insurance cancelled or worse, they might be held responsible/ liable for any act of violence against another person on their property. No good deed goes unpunished.

Still a good idea to dehumanize and banish “certain populations?” Do you actually think this fake “good” Samaritan is doing the Lord’s work? This trailer park owner is the poster child for selective altruism, if anything. He’s a fake humanitarian doing this to feel better about himself.

  1. No such thing as ‘God’s work’. Load of crap.
  2. His property he can do what he wants as ling as he’s not breaking any laws
  3. You are being just as ‘selective’ as you think he is. If he wants to help a group that needs it, more power to him. As a private citizen he can pick and choose as he sees fit. If he feels good doing it , fine. He isn’t ‘banishing anybody. Private businesses set boundaries and guidelines all the time.

It would be great if everyone saw a person as an individual and not as a group, but that isn’t reality now, is it. If you want the truth, I would set limits for renters if I owned that type of property, too. I understand not every person is a problem, but say a repeat offender of any crime applies. You telling me you wouldn’t consider rejecting their application. You say no and you’re a damn liar.

You may not like that he’s excluding a certain group of people, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s still helping many people with what he’s doing. That doesn’t exactly scream “fake” good Samaritan. It costing him time, money, inconveniences, etc…Perhaps, he’s bought into the hype, but he’s still doing good for a lot of people. His property, his rules. Why don’t you open up a shelter in whatever dwelling you reside at and be the example that shows others that it can be done without excluding certain groups.

So does that mean that nobody with a violent past can change or that a person with a past sex offense cant change or any crime and some are innocent. Me and my wife came with the same idea to help the homeless and we see it like this, God will forgive everyone if they ask for it and mean it. If God can forgive like this we can too. It doesn’t matter if the person has a violent past what matters is if he/she is trying to change there way. Everybody needs to lose the idea of more punishment more prisons, oh crime has gone up more punishment more prisons We need to help them get electrician certification or welding certification, ect . then they’re less likely to commit another crime and that is what everybody wants.

Preaching to the choir, dude. As I see this , The guy is a private citizen attempting to do a charitable thing for the community. If he only wants to helps a select group , fine by me. Myself, I only help animal organizations, ecological foundations and populations of foreign countries . The U.S. as a whole can go f*** themselves in regards to helping the population as far as I’m concerned. Don’t care who they are or what citizens group they represent. This country had multiple chances to do it right by its own and dropped the ball every time.

I agree with your premise…problem is, it’s not like this man will personally know every homeless person in order to determine if they’re really looking to change their ways. My guess is, not all of them really are and are just needing a place to live. Case in point, my client, a large rescue mission, houses and feeds thousands of people a year. They have rules they set in order to stay there and a large percentage of the homeless who stay there get kicked out for not following simple rules, such as curfew or no drugs. As much as you’d like to think a person wants to change, doesn’t mean they actually want to change. I’m sure there are many registrants that are good people and looking to put their indiscretion behind them, but just like with any group of offenders, there’s always going to be those who don’t respect the laws or have impulses they can’t control and will reoffend without hesitation. Thus, he’s excluding the group(s) that he thinks will impose the most issues for him and/or the rest of the population living on his property.

F*k that guy. [MODERATORS COMMENT: Reminder to everyone to star out extreme swear words like F*k. Please don’t make us spend time doing it for you]
Anyone who buys into the fact that big government has a list of people that you should just automatically exclude is lost. He should exclude anyone who works in big government.

I don’t respect laws. The Hit Lists have ensured that and confirmed for me that is the moral choice. I’m more moral than anyone who thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable.

I don’t let people judge whether or not I will commit a crime. I took that away from them. This guy won’t be judging or excluding me from anything. None of his ilk will. I’ve neutralized them.

You sound like a very angry man. Whether you agree or not, hes helping a number of people. Is it right that hes excluding certain people? Well, that’s his right as its his property. He could say that hes only allowing people with purple hair and while its excluding many, it would still be helping a lot more people than most do. It’s not exactly common for people to open shelters on their property to help out strangers.

“Very angry” is a considerable understatement.

But anyway, sure, he’s helping people. I don’t care. If he is excluding PFRs then he is a piece of garbage. If he is helping pro-Registry scum then I don’t want him on Earth. Simple. He might as well be saying something like he is only going to allow white people to live there. Just as palatable.

Nowhere does it say he’s helping pro registry people. And if you notice, he’s also excluding violent offenders, as well…not just registrants. The guy is trying to help people and has to have some sort of boundaries to keep it safe as best as he can. Real shelter’s have a number of workers who are able to monitor activity, behaviors, etc…they have the resources to intervene if something doesn’t look right. They’re the one’s who shouldn’t have exclusions. This guy, unless I’m mistaking, is just allowing people to setup residence on his property without the luxury of a staff being able to monitor things. He absolutely has to take precautions. It’s obviously your prerogative to hate anyone who doesnt accept registrants, but maybe an open mind would at least shed a little bit of understanding towards the situation.

I’m against the registry, as well, but I’m also willing to be open minded about things. Good luck, I hope you find peace, because this may not end during our lifetimes.

I don’t expect the Hit Lists to end any time soon. America must oppress, that is what we have always done.

I’m not looking for peace. It’s worked very well for me. As long as the Hit Lists exist there must be war.

Since when does ACSOL not allow “extreme swear words”? Nothing in the posting rules mention that or are you using “Your submission will be reviewed by one of our volunteer moderators. Moderating decisions may be subjective.” to do as you see fit?

I I get that many of you have “FOUND GOD” but please stop trying to force those of us who have found that god is only a construct to oppress week-minded people into going along with perceived societal values, which is why we’re in this fucking mess.
For those who feel you must “live the word” please do so and “turn the other cheak” if my words offend you and don’t try to silence my opinion because it is not what you want others to read.
We have enough of that coming from those who endorse the HIT LIST!

@Michael W:
So to summarize, you insist others hear your viewpoint but you don’t want to hear theirs. Got it. I so love intolerant tolerants.

I have to say, I’ve never noticed anyone on here evangelizing. That someone share’s their belief system, as you just have, is neither here nor there in my book.

Hello this is to the moderator who approves or denies comments, you denied 3 comments i tried to post and i never received any answer of why, the last post had nothing that breaks your rules for posting, why were they not approved

None of your posts made in July 2021 have been denied. Posts are not approved instantly. Sometimes it happens in minutes, sometimes in hours. When there are higher volumes of comments, like today, it does take longer to review them.

Ingalls went on to say that people who come to the property can’t have a violent criminal history or be a registered sex offender and must adhere to Camp Haven Sanctuary’s no-drug policy.

I don’t comprehend the hate on this private citizen trying to do some good here. If you read the whole sentence, then you can spot the classification of a registrant is that of a violent criminal. That classification is set by the state/DOJ.

Also, there is a no drug policy in place.

This is a private citizen trying to do some good, not a public entity, which registrants do pay into.

Blame the state for giving registrants the label and high level threat assessment. Notice that low level non-registrant offenders are allowed.

I read some of these comments as , “What have you done for me” in their tenor. If the guy doesn’t want certain peoples on his property, then fine by me. Not everyone gets invited to the party.
As a registrant, expect and accept the door to be slammed in your face. No good getting angry about it. You already know you are S*****d, F****d! and every other ***** you can think of. ( Is that acceptable to the moderators? )

“Ingalls went on to say that people who come to the property can’t have a violent criminal history or be a registered sex offender and must adhere to Camp Haven Sanctuary’s no-drug policy.” With this statement Mr. Ingalls makes it sounds to me as though 99% of homeless will remain homeless.

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